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  • Updated 10/20/2014
  • Created 03/14/2009
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  • Newest File: 1.17

About Reflux

Reflux is a small lightweight profile manager. With the coming of dual specs, and people building UI compilations. I built this little manager. Its goal it to allow you to quickly switch all your addon profiles in one fair swoop. For addons that don't support profiles it emulates a profile. All emulations are done by the user and none come pre-configured out of the box. The user chooses if he/she wishes to emulate a profile for any addon. Emulation is not needed for any addon that uses Ace2/3DB as profiles are built in.

Example of usage

This example assumes your setting up a brand new profile.

/reflux create MyProfile

This will switch all current Acedb based addons to this profile and setup the emulation profile.

Now i configure a bunch of stuff and notice my unit frames don't have support for profiles... Well i can fix that! First i need to check the .toc for my unit frames in this case StufUnitFrames. I find the #SavedVariables: StufDB line in the toc indication that is where it saves its configuration information. So now in game I simply add that saved variable to reflux

/reflux add StuffDB

Now reflux will emulate a profile for Stuff. I finish up configuring my UI. I'm pretty happy with it. Now that I'm done I need to save the emulated profile

/reflux save

Now my emulated profile has been saved. Lets do a quick reload to ensure our data is saved to disk.

We are done! Now my UI is setup with my new profile. Lets go create another profile for my alt.

/reflux create MyAltProfile

My screen is now back to initial state all unconfigured. My alt is a different class so this isn't a big deal. (Future enhancement will be to copy a profile set so you can create a base config then tweak). Now i do more work...

What about stuff? Do i need to add it again? Nope its already been emulated so no need to add it again.

Now I save my new profile

/reflux save

Now I switch my main back to its original profile.

/reflux switch MyProfile

Bingo my UI is now all set back up.

I log into my alt and type

/reflux switch MyAltProfile

And now my alts UI is all setup.

If you want to clear out all your reflux data /reflux cleardb and bingo its all gone. You ace profiles are still there, but the emulated profiles will be cleared.

Other Commands

/reflux addons [profile] Switch addon set to what was saved in the profile. Due to technical reason you need to switch afterwards

/reflux save now optionally takes an 'addons' flag to store addon state so /reflux save addons will save current addon list in the emulated profile.

/reflux copy [target profile] will attempt to copy the target profile into your current profile. this will reload the UI when complete.

/reflux delete [profile] will delete a profile. Please note you can NOT delete the current active profile.

/reflux snapshot [profile] will scan your addons creating a new profile, based off of each addons current settings

Type /reflux to see a list of commands.

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updated for 6.0


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  • #95

    Wait, I think I get it.  I've already done all the UI setup I want to do on one character.

    So, in this case I would:

    /reflux snapshot MyBadassUISetup

    /reflux add nonAceDBprofiles

    /reflux save

    [log in to alt]

    /reflux switch MyBaddassUISetup

    does this work? Or should I create a new profile on my alt and the copy MyBaddassUISetup into the alt profile?

  • #94

    Huh?  I want to use this, but I'm confused.  If I create a new profile it resets my UI?  I want to create a new profile for all of my current settings, and then import those settings to each alt.  90% of my settings are not class related, so I don't care about making a few tweeks here and there.  I just want the bulk of my settings to get copied onto each alt.

  • #101

    your supposed to use snapshot prior to setting up your profile

  • #93

    Please make it write a feedback like "Saved to "Global"" Whenever I type "/Reflux save". I'm quite pissed that I cant figure out where I saved my addons.


  • #91

    Hi, i've downloaded an addon pack ( and the saved profile in a zip that comes with it. I've unzipped it into my WTF folder and typed "/Reflux copy Cessidy" as the author of the pack suggest but nothing happens, my UI really doesn't look like his.
    So try to type "/Reflux show" to see if the profile is active and it is but i also get "nothing is being emulated" and "addon state is not being saved".
    I'm pretty new at tuning my UI so if you can help me out, i would be really thankful.

  • #88

    Honestly, every time I try this I regret it. Please remove this destructive piece of software from the site, if you at all value your fellow player. It breaks addons and destroys setups. And before you get condescending, yes, I've read all directions, your software just sucks. To those considering it, I say simply, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. It's more of a waste of time than simply setting up your addons manually for each character.

  • #90

    I applaud your bravery in making this post and declaring to the internet how slow you are :D

    Reflux is a powerful tool, and wasn't designed to be idiot-proof in the slightest. Much like a table saw, Reflux can allow great power in shaping your interface. It can also lop off all your fingers if you're a moron.

  • #89

    This addon is great and a real time saver CarpaNoctum215 what problem are you having?

  • #87

    Doesnt work with clcPaladinPowerBar :(

    Also would be nice feature to preserve keybidings for each profile. 

    Last edited by Zahnee on 10/22/2012 3:33:11 PM
  • #85

    Works perfect

    /reflux switch TheNameIGaveMyProfiles and i can load all profiles with 1 line except Perl Classic Unit Frames :/

  • #84
    Need more instructions

    As the author of an addon that could potentially wipe people's every addon setting without notifying them, you should really add CLEAR instructions as to how to undo that mistake. I.e., how to undo if people accidentally did /reflux create the first time they use it. I personally tried /reflux snapshot [name] and /reflux switch [name] they restored nothing. I have to reconfig all my addons due to your lack of instruction.

    Also, realistically very few people are going to do /reflux create and reconfigure everything. What most people will do is snapshot their current profile. Please change your instructions to that.

    It's like I don't care how good this phone if it has the possibility to explode in my hand when I press the wrong buttons. I do not recommend using this addon until you're completely sure you have understood everything and willing to risk reconfiguring your entire UI.

    Last edited by flyallen7777 on 9/28/2012 11:26:48 PM
  • #92

    I actually totally agree with you.  I've spend the night configuring my UI, then decided to give a try at Reflux to save the UI and re-use it for my alts.  Well, using the reflux create command just reset my UI to the default, meaning I lost all my settings.  This is not what I expected and after spending many hours setting up a UI, seeing it destroyed within seconds is really painfull.

     To me it's a bad decision from the addon creator to not save all your settings when you create a profile.  Isn't it what creating a profile is about ? Saving your settings, not setting them back to default ?

  • #86

    Nightly backups do wonders when messing with your UI.

  • #82

    Love this addon. It makes setting up an alt all the easier. I've also used it to send my UI configuration to friends who like it.

    I'm just having trouble setting up SexyMap and Gnosis profile emulation. Do I need to re-do all the configuration once I add their databases? It doesn't appear to reset them to allow them to be re-configured. I can only assume I'm doing something wrong with using the profile emulation. I am making sure to save after I've added them so I'm not quite certain.

  • #74

    you didnt lose anything it just switched your profiles, just switch them back. or read the above description about snapshot

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