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  • Updated 05/26/2014
  • Created 07/15/2011
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  • Newest File: v1.38
Support development! **

About ReforgeLite


ReforgeLite is a lightweight reforging calculator that helps you figure out the optimal strategy to reforge your gear given your stat weights and caps without leaving the game.

The addon now has its own project page, located at
Downloads are still only available through Curse page.

What to do if you're not happy with the results

The quickest way to get response is to e-mail me directly at [email protected]
Please describe your problem, and, most importantly, attach a debug log that you can find by scrolling to the bottom of the main UI window (the "Debug" button inside settings section).

How to use it

To open the addon window, type /reforge or talk to the reforging master. On the left half of the window you can see your current item stats for reference.
On the right side you can set up stat weights/caps, or select an existing preset (presets are regularly updated from, which in turn gets its information from Elitist Jerks).
In the simplified mode, you can specify the stat priority, along with up to two capped stats (each capped stats can have an arbitrary number of breakpoints). If you want more control, you can go into advanced mode and enter the exact stats specific for your gear, obtained from a tool such as SimulationCraft.
Behind the hood, simplified mode sets the lowest stat to a weight of 100, and each next stat adds 20. When you switch between the two modes, ReforgeLite converts your current weights to the other format.

When you're done setting up weights/caps, press Calculate. The calculations are fairly memory/time intensive, so ReforgeLite might trade some precision for speed, though the losses should be minimal. You can press the Calculate button a few times if you want to try getting a better result, the output will always display the best result so far.

Once the calculation finishes, you will see a section with your stats after reforging, and the difference from your current stats. Click on the Show button to see which items should be reforged.
If the reforging UI is open, you can click on the Reforge button to automatically reforge all items in the selected way. Do not interfere in the process (clicking the cancel button or closing the reforging UI is fine). Caution: I'm only human, so while I try my best, I can not guarantee that this process is absolutely bug free, so its recommended to watch over the process. If you leave to make some tea and come back to find it spending thousands of gold reforging your boots over and over again, don't tell me I didn't warn you.

FAQ: The results seem incorrect. I'm getting too much/too little hit/expertise/etc.

First of all, with Mists of Pandaria, expertise now affects spell hit, so it is not uncommon for casters to reforge into some expertise (on items that already have hit) to reach the cap, especially at lower gear levels. Note that ReforgeLite directly adds your expertise rating to hit rating, which is not the way it is displayed in the game, but it is more convenient when verifying the result.
Also, keep in mind that ReforgeLite uses your currently active spec to decide which stat conversions are in place, so if you're a Paladin trying to reforge your Protection gear while in Holy spec, you will likely get very little hit because it thinks you get enough from expertise.

If you are still not satisfied with the results, feel free to e-mail me (at [email protected]) with a brief description of the problem and a debug log (found at the bottom of the scrollable arera, in the options category).

FAQ: I'm using certain items for my off-spec and I don't want their reforge changed.

Simply click on an item icon in the large stats table, this will lock the item's reforge.

FAQ: More caps?

This is a very popular demand, and I'm sorry to tell you that it is not possible with the algorithm I'm currently using. I'm fairly sure the only other way to go is a brute force approach, which is simply way too slow to work in a Lua environment. There are plenty of external tools that employ it, such as I will be adding an import option in the near future to make it easier to use their results.

FAQ: Decimal weights?

You might notice that you can't enter anything besides digits in the weight boxes. This was done for simplicity's sake, and it does not limit you at all - you can multiply all your weights by a 100 (or whatever you prefer) to make them integers, and that would not affect the result at all.

FAQ: My reforge/results window isn't showing up. What do?

There are a few possible reasons.
First, ensure that the addon is enabled (and not marked as outdated if you haven't checked the box to load out-of-date addons). If the addon isn't loaded, you should get an error when trying to type /reforge in chat.
Second, try enabling Lua errors in the game options. If this causes error messages to show up when you try to open the reforge window, then send me the text of the error and I'll figure something out.
Third, it is possible that you accidentally moved the window off-screen. The easiest way to fix this is by deleting the addon config file located at <game folder>/WTF/Account/<your account>/SavedVariables/ReforgeLite.lua - this should reset the addon settings to default (make sure you're in game when doing that, or the file will simply reappear). This will also delete your custom weight and reforge presets - if you want to avoid that, you can try editing the said file, by changing the values of variables "windowX", "windowY", "methodWindowX" and "methodWindowY". Values such as 100 for X and 500 for Y should make the window(s) visible at least.

** v1.38

- Updated PvP item level cap to 550
- Added support for 4/4 upgrades (thanks Dridzt)

** v1.37

- Fixed a typo

** v1.36

- Fixed new trinkets with % stat bonuses (hopefully)
- Reduced memory footprint

** v1.35

- Really updated item upgrade data

** v1.34

- Added support for new trinkets with % stat bonuses
- Updated item upgrade data

** v1.33

- Updated TOC
- Updated stat presets
- Fixed PvP item scaling
- Note that new trinkets that provide a % stat increase are not supported yet; expect a fix soon

** v1.32

- Added a missing Parsers.lua file
- Import button no longer shows a dropdown, because all popular calculators use the same format

** v1.31

- Added option to downscale items to 496 for PvP
- Fixed Stance of the Wise Serpent haste bonus for Mistweaver Monks
- Added an option to import reforges (currently only supports

** v1.30

- Updated all presets, again
- Fixed & improved item stat calculation (via a giant table)
- Simple mode now makes it clear that only two caps are allowed

** v1.29

- Fixed a typo

** v1.28

- Improved previous upgrade algorithm instead of tooltip parsing

** v1.27

- Hotfix tooltip parsing

** v1.26

- Item upgrades should work correctly now
- Updated a couple presets
- Maybe fixed expertise-to-hit

** v1.25

- Updated item scaling
- Updated TOC line to 5.3

** v1.24

- Updated all presets
- Updated TOC line

** v1.23

- Fixed a typo that caused an error

** v1.22

- Fixed a bug with expertise for casters

** v1.21

- Fixed 25-man item upgrades (Asian version)
- Fixed expertise for Dwarf hunters
- Slightly reduced the default calculation speed; slider isn't back yet
- Fixed a bug that was preventing the addon from loading on certain characters

** v1.20

- Updated to work with item upgrades

** v1.19

- Fixed a couple lua errors reported earlier
- Fixed a couple settings not getting saved as reported by Tharai

** v1.18

- Fixed a critical bug that caused reforging to get stuck reforging the same item
- Expertise to hit should be working now

** v1.17

- Fixed bugs in ReforgeLite.lua:1257 and ReforgeEngine.lua:44

** v1.16

- Fixed some more bugs, this time I actually did some testing and it seems to be working fine

** v1.15

- Fixed another small bug..

** v1.14

- Fixed a small bug in 1.13 that prevented loading presets

** v1.13

- Partially reworked interface, removed unneeded buttons.
 Speed slider is gone (optimal speed is automatically determinted), saved result section is gone
 (main result area now shows the best overall result).
- Tanking mode was removed as CTC cap is gone and tanks will be more interested in other stats now
- Added priority mode for more user friendly configuration
- Updated all presets
- Fixed some taint issues (hopefully?)

** v1.12

- Now automatically deletes relic reforge data
- Only presets for your class are now listed
- Changed supported game version to 5.0.4

** v1.11

- Updated for MoP (currently works with both live and beta)
- Moved target level to weights section to avoid confusion
- Added reforge saving options
- Some bug fixes

** v1.10

- Fixed some presets
- Tanking calculations now correctly handle items like Resolve of Undying

** v1.09

- Redid all presets based on EJ threads
- "Open window when reforging" now also closes the window when reforge UI is closed
- Tanking model reworked. It only appears for paladins/warriors/deathknights (druids don't need to balance dodge/parry/block).
 Additionally, it gives you an option to simulate buffs such as Kings, Str/Agi, flasks and food in order to correctly reforge
 to block cap.
- Added Reset button to show current stats (mostly so tanks can see their current CTC easily)
- Added Debug button at the buttom of Settings: if you think that something is wrong, e-mail the dump provided by this
 option to so I can find the problem.

** v1.08

- Don't remember what I fixed, but uploading anyway so the latest fix isn't marked as beta

** v1.07-fix
   M /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua

- Fixed tanking reforge

** v1.07
   M /trunk/Presets.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.toc
- Added an option to display reforged stats in item tooltips
- Should no longer freeze when preset button is clicked with Pawn installed
- Few minor bug fixes and improvements

** v1.06
   M /trunk/GUI.lua
   M /trunk/Presets.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.toc
- Fixed and improved calculation algorithms (hopefully)
- Spirit-to-hit no longer disables second stat cap; it should now prefer spirit over hit whenever possible
- Tanking mode added, allowing tanks to maximize total avoidance and/or block
- Individual items can be locked by clicking on their icons in the stats table
- If Pawn is installed, its scales will be available in Presets dropdown

** v1.05
   M /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua

- Enhance with Primal Precision (and Feral with Balance of Power) no longer blocks second cap. Spirit-to-hit conversion is ignored
 for now
- Fixed a couple typos

** v1.04
   M /trunk/Presets.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.toc

- Fixed and improved spirit-to-hit option. It now automatically detects spirit-to-hit talents, and only allows using one stat cap.
- Output window now uses checkboxes, so users can select which items they want to skip reforging. Also, irrelevant reforges aren't
- Reforging is now a bit faster and makes a lot less noise, but users shouldn't interfere in the process, otherwise results are

** v1.03
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/GUI.lua
   M /trunk/Localization.lua
   A /trunk/Presets.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.toc

- Marking as release
- Added weight presets for all classes/specs.
- Added Pawn import.
- Result stats table now updates as stats/weights change, instead of being computed once.
- Lots of fixes and improvements.

** v1.02 Beta
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/.pkgmeta
   A /trunk/GUI.lua
   A /trunk/Localization.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.toc

- Recoded stat caps. It is now possible to set multiple cap values for the same stat (barely affecting performance). For example,
 fury warriors can set multiple soft caps for hit rating.
- It is now possible to use preset values for stat caps, e.g. Melee hit cap.
- Some settings added at the bottom of the scroll frame.
- Minor fixes and improvements.

** v1.01 Beta
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua
   M /trunk/ReforgeLite.toc

- Added Reforge button to output window that reforges all items in the specified way (only works when reforging UI is open).
- Few minor fixes.

** v1.00 Beta
Changed paths:
   A /trunk/ReforgeEngine.lua
   A /trunk/ReforgeLite.lua
   A /trunk/ReforgeLite.toc
   A /trunk/textures
   A /trunk/textures/frameborder.tga
   A /trunk/textures/leftgrip.tga
   A /trunk/textures/rightgrip.tga

- Submitting initial version.


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  • #719

    Oh right, my bad then.

  • #712

    For some reason reforge lite doesnt work on my priest. But works on my DK...


    Message: integer overflow attempting to store 4822152440
    Time: 12/18/12 21:10:08
    Count: 2
    Stack: [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `format'
    Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:632: in function <Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:620>
    Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1214: in function `RefreshMethodStats'
    Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1286: in function `UpdateItems'
    Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1680: in function <Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1669>
    [C]: in function `TurnOrActionStop'
    [string "TURNORACTION"]:4: in function <[string "TURNORACTION"]:1>


  • #716

    This isn't the first report of this happening. I've looked through the relevant code over and over again and can't see why this would happen, unless your profile somehow got bugged. Could you please send me your WTF/Account/<name>/SavedVariables/ReforgeLite.lua - I suspect there might be something wrong with it.

    Also, if you delete that file it should (temporarily) fix the problem, but I'd still like to know the cause.

  • #708

    Hello there.

    Have a lilttle problem. i'm protpaladin with haste/mastery build, when i try to set cap for haste at 5700 and reforge - addon reforge all what he can in hast and dont stop at needed limit. Thx for support and sorry for my bad english.

  • #715

    See the post below. You can't have more than two caps, though the current interface doesn't make it clear enough.

  • #706

    Do you have any plans to allow more than 2 caps? I need to set 3 caps for my mage in PvP (spell hit, haste breakpoints, crit cap), and unfortunately I can't do that with ReforgeLite, which is quite sad as I've been using it since MoP and it served me well up until now :<

  • #707
    Quote from Futeko »

    Do you have any plans to allow more than 2 caps? I need to set 3 caps for my mage in PvP (spell hit, haste breakpoints, crit cap), and unfortunately I can't do that with ReforgeLite, which is quite sad as I've been using it since MoP and it served me well up until now :<

    This would be lovely. Hit and expertise already take the 2 caps for me so would really love to be able to have a third one.

  • #714

    I know the computation gets exponentially slower for each constraint you add, but for my part I don't mind waiting even a few minutes for a result. I mean, there is no workaround - I need more than two caps, and if RL doesn't allow more than two, then I can't use it. I would much rather wait a few minutes to have a result with RL than use an external website for my reforges :). And I believe I'm not outspeaking myself when I say that many people probably feel the same.

    It's your choice, of course - but if the only thing that's stopping you from doing it is because it'll take more time, you can do it without any remorse: it won't affect people that don't need more than two caps, and people who need more than two will understand that it'll make the computation take much more time - it's already the case with external tools anyway :)

  • #713

    I explained this multiple times already, the current algorithm can't allow third cap due to memory and time constraints. Websites that allow more caps (such as wowreforge) use brute force methods that are simply not possible in a lua engine.

  • #710

    I need to throw a hat in for this also. Playing a BrM Monk, I want to be able to use advanced mode for reforging, but need Hit, Expertise and Haste caps to set which I currently cannot do. 

    Please allow more caps in advanced mode! 

  • #704

    I think I've narrowed down the problem as to why people have to reforge multiple times. The addon is not recognizing spirit as hit properly, now I don't mean it does not count it towards your total hit rating - because it does, but rather it forgets that spirit is hit when looking to maximize your stats.

    Here is an example: I have 300 too much hit. I get 800 of my 5400 hit from spirit. Reforgelite asks me to reforge out of 300 hit as well as all the spirit it can, because it knows haste is greater than spirit. Unfortunately it does not seem to take into account these effects on hit rating.

    Here is a screenshot:

  • #705

    I don't think that is the case here - it wants you to reforge to 4770 hit including the loss of spirit, which is what you wanted. There might be a problem with expertise reforging because it works differently, but not with spirit.

  • #709

    Maybe, but I only have 1% expertise (from racial passive) and it is suggesting I lose about 2.5%. So whether you include or exclude the 1% expertise I have there is no explanation, you would be under hit cap either way. Unless expertise causes some more obscure bug rather than a logical adding bug.

    Since hit cap would be very close to 14% with just the hit pieces change and NOT the additional spirit piece changes I think it is not recognizing it properly. I could be missing something but I really don't see any expertise explanation other than something obscure and therefore less obvious.

  • #702

    When selecting among presets in standard mode (for Hunter, at least), the interface swaps the stat names correctly. However, opening the drop-downs after several such selections sometimes reveal that more than one of the underlying radio button will be selected. This causes the interface to behave erratically. For example, when the drop-down displaying, "Expertise" has both its Exp & Mastery radio buttons selected, changes made to settings in the actual "Mastery" line are sometimes mirrored in the Expertise line. This is very repeatable.

    Last edited by RicochetRita on 12/16/2012 7:46:49 PM
  • #701

    I'm getting super frustrated, I can still not use the addon on at least one of my characters. I'm not really sure how to report specific logs or bugs, nor do I know what this stuff means, but this is what I got from the LUA message. I really need a fix. It's super irritating.

    I hope you can help!

    Message: integer overflow attempting to store 3070038050 Time: 12/16/12 15:02:23 Count: 1 Stack: [C]: ? [C]: in function `format' Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:632: in function <Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:620> Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1214: in function `RefreshMethodStats' Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1187: in function `UpdateMethodCategory' Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1003: in function `CreateOptionList' Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:837: in function `CreateFrame' Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1678: in function <Interface\AddOns\ReforgeLite\ReforgeLite.lua:1669> [C]: in function `TurnOrActionStop' [string "TURNORACTION"]:4: in function <[string "TURNORACTION"]:1>


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