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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 2,403,635 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/10/2014
  • Created 10/22/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v2.4.2
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About Reforgenator


V2.4.1 has been released.

There are still a few outstanding issues that need to be aderesed but overall there is functionality for wow 5.4

I have added a few models and wll continue to tweak them when they need it.

The next update (2.4.1) should help with hit caps across the board.

Justice point


This addon attempts to inspects your class, spec, weapons, and stats to construct a priority list of stats and caps. With this model and your currently-equipped gear, this addon determines the most efficient way to reach the relevant caps for each stat.

At this time, at least one reforging scheme is supported for each class/spec.

If you find your class/spec isn't recognized and an appropriate reforging scheme recommended for you, please open a ticket and let me know.

The reforging window has three dropdown boxes to set relevant parameters for reforging:

  • Spec to reforge for
  • reforge existing or leave them how they are
  • reforge for Heroic 5 mans or for raiding.

The first dropdown displays all the models defined for your class. The first time you run Reforgenator for any character, it will guess which model to use based on your class and spec. After the first time, it will choose the same model your character used last time.

The second dropdown box lets you choose between "consider reforging anything" and "leave reforged gear alone".

If you choose "consider reforging anything" then the addon calculates what your stats your character would have if you undid all of your existing reforges and started over.

After figuring out what it wants to reforge, it will display those items that are different than what they are currently; this likely means undoing and redoing some existing reforges on your gear.

If you don't want to undo and redo reforgings, then set the dropdown box to "leave reforged gear alone" and the addon won't attempt to change any of it.

The third dropdown box lets you choose between reforging for heroic 5-man instances and reforging for raid instances.

Finally, there is a checkbox in the settings to emit verbose information about the reforging decisions to the chat frame.

If you get odd results from the reforging, please turn on the checkbox and run Reforgenator again. If the explanation doesn't make sense, please comment on or open a ticket. If you can copy-paste the explanation as well, that would be much appreciated.

An armory link for your toon would also be helpful, as this will help us determine what you currently had equipped.

tag v2.4.2
dnewell <>
2014-03-07 10:36:05 -0500

Tagging as v2.4.2


    - bumping rev to 2.4.2


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  • #878

    The addon is currently giving me some strange results on my Demo Warlock.  It is trying to reforge hit rating higher then I really need it .  Turning on verbose the issue seems to be that the addon is not seeing my correct current hit rating.  My char screen says I have 4665 while the addon says 3572.  Looks like it is missing something.

  • #879

    yea Ive been testing this out and came across the same thing 

    Ill take a look and see what i can come up with  been pretty busy at work lately so havent had alot of time to work on this.



  • #877

    I have uploaded a few improvements that I had made a while ago 

    I also updated the version to use the 5.4 client 

    there are still many changes that i know need to be made but hopefully this will help some 



  • #876
    My deepest apologies,

    All I apologize for essentially abandoning this addon for over a year.

    After a while you essentially completely forget about something being around at all especially when you work the hours that I do.  

    I would like to start working on and complete the rewrite that I had started over a year ago, however I am so far removed from the current state of reforging that it will take some time to understand the new nuances that have been put into place.

    If there is anyone out there that is interested in lending a hand with some of the testing and gear checking it would be greatly appreciated.

    I understand that there are still some people that this is still useful for and there are quite a few defects that can be fairly easily take care of given that I am able to obtain the proper test gear ( something that at this point would be nearly impossible for me to do)

    If there is any interest at all in reviving this project please let me know.



  • #875

    I use it on my druid and monk and my warrior just fine. For other classes I would not know. However, for those 3 I have had absolutely no issues and/or errors. So people crying for it to be updated or removed. It still works. So hush.

  • #874

    Обновите аддон до 5.4.2 плиз

  • #873

    Please up date This makes things so much easer with reforging for your speck 

  • #872

    Don't bother with this one folks, a worthwhile addon that recieves no support whatsoever. Unfortunately i would suggest looking for an alternative addon for your reforging needs.

  • #870

    For healing palla you can change this function to get it to work again.....

    function Reforgenator:CalculateMaximumValue(playerModel)     return 99999 end

  • #869

    Disappointed that this, one of my favorite addons, can't get any attention from it's developer.  It's been months since it's been updated.  At what point does it get removed from the Curse Client as spam???

  • #867

    lol what a moder...update plz

  • #865

    Pls Update for Patch 5.3

  • #866
    Quote from Skorgos »

    Pls Update for Patch 5.3


  • #871

    Plz get ready to update for 5.4

  • #864

    Addon is broken for me. Can not select any of the 'cap' values nor can I create a new model as when I go to create it, my model name is removed. Otherwise, this is a good addon.

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