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  • Updated 05/25/2014
  • Created 10/22/2010
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  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v2.4.3
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About Reforgenator


V2.4.3 has been released.

There are still many Issues that need addressing but i figured i would push a couple updates that I have made.

I have started to go through all of the models and update them where needed.

I am aware of the expertise not counting as hit issue and am working to resolve it.

If you know of any other calcualtions that are not correct please let me know and i will work to fix them.

I have quite a bit of re-writing to do to cleanup alot of messy code.

If anyone is interested in helping out please let me know.


This addon attempts to inspects your class, spec, weapons, and stats to construct a priority list of stats and caps. With this model and your currently-equipped gear, this addon determines the most efficient way to reach the relevant caps for each stat.

At this time, at least one reforging scheme is supported for each class/spec.

If you find your class/spec isn't recognized and an appropriate reforging scheme recommended for you, please open a ticket and let me know.

The reforging window has three dropdown boxes to set relevant parameters for reforging:

  • Spec to reforge for
  • reforge existing or leave them how they are
  • reforge for Heroic 5 mans or for raiding.

The first dropdown displays all the models defined for your class. The first time you run Reforgenator for any character, it will guess which model to use based on your class and spec. After the first time, it will choose the same model your character used last time.

The second dropdown box lets you choose between "consider reforging anything" and "leave reforged gear alone".

If you choose "consider reforging anything" then the addon calculates what your stats your character would have if you undid all of your existing reforges and started over.

After figuring out what it wants to reforge, it will display those items that are different than what they are currently; this likely means undoing and redoing some existing reforges on your gear.

If you don't want to undo and redo reforgings, then set the dropdown box to "leave reforged gear alone" and the addon won't attempt to change any of it.

The third dropdown box lets you choose between reforging for heroic 5-man instances and reforging for raid instances.

Finally, there is a checkbox in the settings to emit verbose information about the reforging decisions to the chat frame.

If you get odd results from the reforging, please turn on the checkbox and run Reforgenator again. If the explanation doesn't make sense, please comment on or open a ticket. If you can copy-paste the explanation as well, that would be much appreciated.

An armory link for your toon would also be helpful, as this will help us determine what you currently had equipped.

tag v2.4.3
dnewell <>
2014-05-25 12:03:34 -0400

Tagging as v2.4.3


    - Cleanup  bit and stared to rework a few things
    - updated Warlock models
    - bumped r3evision to 2.4.3
    - Formatting Cleanup
    - updated DW Frost DK


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  • #742

    Any chance you could update the current version of this for SV and BM hunters rather than MM. No one is playing MM anymore in a raiding spec. 




  • #746

    there are sv and bm models to use.

    are they not showing up for you?

    They were working for me on the PTR just before i pushed the update.


  • #740

    You have lost CR_AGILITY for WindWalkerMonkModel 

    The WindWalker will got error

    Thank you for updateSmile

  • #741

    yea monks are by no means in any way completely working.  however it should be complete enough if you wanted to make a custom model and copy that over


  • #739

    No more log off and in to update  stats from armory to ask mr. robot or wowreforge, its genius addon and ty very much for it, keep the good work. Cheers

  • #738

    2.1 has been released

    Monks should no longer throw lua errors but are still not entirely working

    fury warriors should now achieve the proper hit 

    Epertise to hit conversions have been added

    Spirit to hit conversions should now work properly.

    With all of the changes there will most likely be a bug or two they will be dealy with until they are fixed but overall most classes should be at least somewhere close to working properly. 

    There may still be issues with healer specs in general as they are just about the hardest to get stat weights for and healing is very much a situational experience that may change based on others in your group and their actions, 

    so trying to balance base needs with what the average healer wants can become tricky.

    just a bit of an eplanation as to why it is taking so long for healers in general.


    Thanks again 


  • #736

    Class Warrior.. Fury

    Version v2.0.1

    why does it drop my hit below cap when i tell it to max my hit it puts me under 4% hit and im missing all the time .

    is this a bug or does the hitreally need to be that low ? im missing and glacing alot

  • #737

    no it is a known bug. It is affecting almost every class and has to do with a couple of the variables that are used to calculate hit.

    EDIT: Update incomming that whould fix your issue, however in this update I also started exp to hit conversion so that may throw off some things but I seem to be getting fairly good reforges on the ptr with fury warriors so hopefully its fixed.


    Last edited by ducky12432 on 10/29/2012 8:31:39 AM
  • #733


    Version: v2.0 ~ v2.0.1

    when i click the minimap button then show the error

    Error:  attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value)
    AddOn: Reforgenator
    File: Reforgenator.lua
    Line: 2660
    Count: 1

    Only Monk

    Last edited by jerry99spkk on 10/28/2012 12:45:00 PM
  • #735

    Did you update to 2.0.1?

    1. That shoukd have been fixed in that update (the main reason for the update)
  • #732

    Have monks been added to your addon ?

    I see its been crossed off on your list but im not sure weather that means it has been done or not.

    But when i use it all i get in my chatbox is

    Your current spec:Brewmaster

    Your current spec:Tab 1


    Is this right ?

  • #731


    I am currently on the PTR working on ironing out all of the classes.

    Assuming I get the free time needed expect another update sometime this week(end) dealing with at least a couple of classes.

    Spirit -> Hit work is also in progress as well as Exp -> Hit.  

    For those that have racial modifirers etc.. please have patience 

    There is other work to be done as well but almost all of the classes should be at least somewhat close to ballpark.  im my initial rundown I didnot see any class that was off by more than 5% so it should be down to tweaking.

    oh and on a side note yes I know that the resto druid spec is broken. no i am not ignoring it (my main is a resto druid)  its just that getting solid numbers for healers in general is just more difficult as it is almost impossible to simulate because healing is almost 100% situational and everyone will take a different approach to the same situation.

    there are other issues that affect tanks an healers.  for tanks there is threat generations vs. staying alive, healers is either you dont have enough mana or you have too much, again for both this is situational, (although easier for tanks)  

    sorry for the wall but there have been some questions lately and I hope this atempts to clarify them, and no i am not ignoring your pm's I do read them I just usually dont respond to ETA unless there is also something constructive included.  that being said I do appreciate the communication and support as I find it does spur me to work more. (dont flood my inbox please)  

    ok thats it for now 


  • #730

    Hit for most specs/classes doesnt seem to be calculating right, mages need 15% but even when I select reforge for raiding, the most the default models will reforge me to is ~10%. Similar things happen for hunters where we need 7.5% hit/expertise. Ideally if you couldn't reach the cap, it would reforge so that both were as high as they can be, right now it will reforge Hit as high as it can then reforge expertise a bit, and then reforger the other stats.

  • #729

    Prior to MoP, I used Reforgenator along with ReforgeAuto. I'd go to the reforger and interact with him and the Reforgenator window would pop up and i'd be able to reforge quick and easy. Since MoP hit, I knew there was a problem with Monks not being added and that you were working on fixing it. With your newest update, I see that Monks were indeed added to the models however there are no stat conversions (for windwalkers atleast). Even after throwing in some numbers, the window does not pop up for me. In chat, the addon will announce the "Tab" but that is the extent of the addon working for me. There are no errors ingame. 

    I removed the addon + lua/bak files for a completely fresh reinstall but that did nothing and here I am.

  • #725

    Fire mage is fucked up

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