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  • Updated 05/25/2014
  • Created 10/22/2010
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v2.4.3
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About Reforgenator

This project is no longer a viable product as they have removed reforging from the game I will leave it here as a reference for those if you that want to learn from it.

Thank you


V2.4.3 has been released.

There are still many Issues that need addressing but i figured i would push a couple updates that I have made.

I have started to go through all of the models and update them where needed.

I am aware of the expertise not counting as hit issue and am working to resolve it.

If you know of any other calcualtions that are not correct please let me know and i will work to fix them.

I have quite a bit of re-writing to do to cleanup alot of messy code.

If anyone is interested in helping out please let me know.


This addon attempts to inspects your class, spec, weapons, and stats to construct a priority list of stats and caps. With this model and your currently-equipped gear, this addon determines the most efficient way to reach the relevant caps for each stat.

At this time, at least one reforging scheme is supported for each class/spec.

If you find your class/spec isn't recognized and an appropriate reforging scheme recommended for you, please open a ticket and let me know.

The reforging window has three dropdown boxes to set relevant parameters for reforging:

  • Spec to reforge for
  • reforge existing or leave them how they are
  • reforge for Heroic 5 mans or for raiding.

The first dropdown displays all the models defined for your class. The first time you run Reforgenator for any character, it will guess which model to use based on your class and spec. After the first time, it will choose the same model your character used last time.

The second dropdown box lets you choose between "consider reforging anything" and "leave reforged gear alone".

If you choose "consider reforging anything" then the addon calculates what your stats your character would have if you undid all of your existing reforges and started over.

After figuring out what it wants to reforge, it will display those items that are different than what they are currently; this likely means undoing and redoing some existing reforges on your gear.

If you don't want to undo and redo reforgings, then set the dropdown box to "leave reforged gear alone" and the addon won't attempt to change any of it.

The third dropdown box lets you choose between reforging for heroic 5-man instances and reforging for raid instances.

Finally, there is a checkbox in the settings to emit verbose information about the reforging decisions to the chat frame.

If you get odd results from the reforging, please turn on the checkbox and run Reforgenator again. If the explanation doesn't make sense, please comment on or open a ticket. If you can copy-paste the explanation as well, that would be much appreciated.

An armory link for your toon would also be helpful, as this will help us determine what you currently had equipped.

tag v2.4.3
dnewell <>
2014-05-25 12:03:34 -0400

Tagging as v2.4.3


    - Cleanup  bit and stared to rework a few things
    - updated Warlock models
    - bumped r3evision to 2.4.3
    - Formatting Cleanup
    - updated DW Frost DK


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  • #480

    yea sorry this is getting fixed.

    I am not sure why the previous person who was working on this addon chose maimize haste but I will be releasing a new version today fixing a number of items..



    Last edited by ducky12432 on 2/1/2012 6:45:34 PM
  • #475

    One thing I'd really like to see is an info pane alongside the items to be reforged. In this info pane it would show the stat priority being used for the current model, along with the total cost for reforging, and any other relavant info (such as final stat values after reforging). I feel like I have to check each model, every time, before I reforge to assure the stat priority is set correctly and I don't waste time/gold at the reforger. It'd be nice to know what the program is doing, before I blindly follow its instructions (without having to go into the config). This info pane could be minimized for anyone who felt it too cumbersome.

    Also, why not allow people to set their own values for "cap"? For example, sometimes it's nice to hit a soft haste cap before maxing out other stats, which can be different for each class. If I could select haste as the stat, and instead of selecting "MaximumPossible" or w/e other hardcoded option for the cap, I could select "UserDefinedValue" and I could put in my own value in a separate field to use as the cap. This would make the mod a lot more modular and useful for testing custom stat configurations.

    Also, I notice sometimes it won't put me at the spell hit cap when I tell it to. It'll usually put me within .2% (plus or minus) but I'll have to reforge a wand or something myself to fix it. I'll see if I can reproduce this more specifically. This may have been fixed in one of the recent updates. I noticed in the model config that it differentiates between spell and melee hit/crit/haste which I didn't think the game did any more. Perhaps this could be the issue.

    Another final suggestion, although I'm not sure if it's possible and definately not neccesary. When I have your mod open and I'm using it to guide my reforges, when I click "reforge" at the reforger's GUI, if this mod could register that action, check the item that was reforged, and clear it from the list of items to be reforged, that would be really really nice.

    Thanks for a great addon. Saves me a ton of time with my alts =).

    Last edited by Bormes11 on 1/28/2012 12:52:43 PM
  • #476

    Hmm i like the idea.

    It will take some time to do this but i believe it all can eventually be done.




  • #474

    Just a few things about Feral Cats. Actually Mastery, Haste and Crit have almost the same value, although to my personal experience Haste->Crit->Mastery seemed to be the one with the best results. They should still have the same coefficient, but Haste should be the 1st priority, then Crit and finally Mastery (I think it is already with the current addon patch?).

    About Hit/Expertise Caps, they sure help with our Swipe so reaching a cap that at least allows us to hit lvl 87 adds is always useful. What I'm not sure is if it's better to reach the 8% Hit/26 Exp caps or just enough for lvl 87 adds.


    Here I post a link that says so

    Last edited by lonelywolf23 on 1/26/2012 2:07:39 PM
  • #469

    found out what was wrong with feral dps

    the order of the rules were the wrong was around

    i.e. haste was rule #1 and exp cap last rule, 

    so i just swapped it the othe way and it's back to normal

  • #470

    Hey I just recently started working on this project but the information for feral dps was taken from

    If that is truly incorrect please inform me and I will fix the issue.

    I will continue to investigate this further to see if i can find an explanation.

    Thank you,



  • #473

    Ok the link you provided doesn't prioritize EXP/hit before either. In fact it says "On any gear with Expertise or Hit, reforge them into Mastery, Haste or Crit. "


    So I guess i am confused as to eactly what the order should actually be. 


    I have re-ordered them to be Mastery > Crit > Haste > EXP > Hit which is the order the link you posted says but I believe what you are telling me is (Exp => Hit) >  Mastery > Crit > Haste.


    I am just trying to make sure this is correct so please tell me if I am wrong.



  • #472

    Hey thanks for claifying this.

    The peope that have worked on this in the past were using elitist jerks for their info but I have talked to a few friends and they also pointed me to the link you posted. 

    I will be submitting a few changes this week after I have had them tested by a few people.

    Its actually a fairly simple code change to implement it but there are still a couple of classes that have been reported to be incorrect so i am looking into fiing them as well.



  • #471

    hi, i look at mostly

    the thing about your link is it doesn't really prioritise and not sure how the coding or whatever works but the current model doesn't prioritize the hit/exp caps before moving onto the other stats (for raiding)


  • #468

    druid feral dps for raiding - hit and exp cap are not being reached after the release of new update..... and the built-in models.. there's only one set for each, how does it differentiated between pve heroic/raid pvp?

    anyways.. now i have to manually reforge again...

  • #466

    almost all dps classes sems to be in wrong order on caps, the only one that acctuly i got improved on was my BM hunter, the rest was crap, like a feral druid (cat) should aim for haste and crit before hit and expertise. LOL

  • #467

    Thank you for your In put it has been noted and I am looking into all of the different Class/Specs and modifying a few things.

    I am shooting for an update this week that will hopefully fi the Class/Spec issues that have been noted.


  • #465

    i just downloaded the lastest version and it had me reforge all my gear. and I ended up with a hit of 4.25% when I cap at 8. WTF! You were fine this morning reforgenator but now you just wasted my gold. have to look elsewhere for help


  • #464

    for me on my arms dps spec it is listing in the verbose reforging that it needs to be expertise capped yet it makes me reforge out of most of my expertise and im only like halfway to the expertise cap

  • #463

    I hope this gets updated. I had the same issue with my mage and shaman.

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