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  • Supports: 5.4.2
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  • Updated 03/10/2014
  • Created 10/22/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v2.4.2
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About Reforgenator


V2.4.1 has been released.

There are still a few outstanding issues that need to be aderesed but overall there is functionality for wow 5.4

I have added a few models and wll continue to tweak them when they need it.

The next update (2.4.1) should help with hit caps across the board.

Justice point


This addon attempts to inspects your class, spec, weapons, and stats to construct a priority list of stats and caps. With this model and your currently-equipped gear, this addon determines the most efficient way to reach the relevant caps for each stat.

At this time, at least one reforging scheme is supported for each class/spec.

If you find your class/spec isn't recognized and an appropriate reforging scheme recommended for you, please open a ticket and let me know.

The reforging window has three dropdown boxes to set relevant parameters for reforging:

  • Spec to reforge for
  • reforge existing or leave them how they are
  • reforge for Heroic 5 mans or for raiding.

The first dropdown displays all the models defined for your class. The first time you run Reforgenator for any character, it will guess which model to use based on your class and spec. After the first time, it will choose the same model your character used last time.

The second dropdown box lets you choose between "consider reforging anything" and "leave reforged gear alone".

If you choose "consider reforging anything" then the addon calculates what your stats your character would have if you undid all of your existing reforges and started over.

After figuring out what it wants to reforge, it will display those items that are different than what they are currently; this likely means undoing and redoing some existing reforges on your gear.

If you don't want to undo and redo reforgings, then set the dropdown box to "leave reforged gear alone" and the addon won't attempt to change any of it.

The third dropdown box lets you choose between reforging for heroic 5-man instances and reforging for raid instances.

Finally, there is a checkbox in the settings to emit verbose information about the reforging decisions to the chat frame.

If you get odd results from the reforging, please turn on the checkbox and run Reforgenator again. If the explanation doesn't make sense, please comment on or open a ticket. If you can copy-paste the explanation as well, that would be much appreciated.

An armory link for your toon would also be helpful, as this will help us determine what you currently had equipped.

tag v2.4.2
dnewell <>
2014-03-07 10:36:05 -0500

Tagging as v2.4.2


    - bumping rev to 2.4.2


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  • #299
    Seems to me that it doesn't matter what weight you assign to a stat if you set the "maximum possible" rule to it. Removing these from the crit and mastery rules should allow it to reforge crit and mastery based on weights assigned?
    leaving your rules at:
    Spell Hit Rating - SpellHitCap - Force Greater Than - Prefer Spirit
    Spell Haste Rating - MaximumPossible

    it would then reforge out of crit/mastery according to weights with mastery being reforged less then crit?
  • #301
    Nope. Tried that one. I've tried every possible settings. It keeps reforging haste to hit/spirit.
  • #302
    The rules layed out will tell it to reforge for hit cap first and foremost which means it will reforge whatever it feels will give biggest bang for buck as it were (atleast thats my understanding). This means that if you need alot of hit and the cap can only be reached by reforging haste it will reforge haste to reach that cap.
    So this may be a gear problem?

    To stop that i would assume you could reverse the hit/haste rules so that max haste is its top priority and hit 2nd. This is not necessarily ideal but would eliminate haste getting reforged to hit? It would not however stop hit/spirit being reforged to haste although most times,unless your gear has no hit or spirit on it, this won't be an issue.
  • #303
    I said already that I can reach hitcap without reforging haste. And I tried to make first rule maxing haste. It makes max haste with 15,5% hit. So there is no gear problem. The problem clearly is in reforging to hit without looking in stat weights. I don't even see stat weights working. It just follows the rules.
  • #304
    sounds quite odd..ive used it on 6 toons so far and never had it not acheive a hit cap. And i tend to agree that it may default to rules before weights. Haven't tried it on a boomkin yet though. Could you post your verbose so i could compare mine to yours and see if its doing same thing?
  • #309
    Tell me a way to copy it. My prat can copy only a small amout of text. And try it on boomkin please. And maybe we can talk somewhere else?
  • #298
    gunboat if you have skype/ICQ I would like to talk about this problem.
  • #296
    I'm Having problems with Blood dk tanks stats. It wants me to reforge hit and exp but that has a lower value ompared to mastery. How cani fix that.
  • #293
    Are you going to add DW unholy DK? Or could you plz post stat weights I should be using?
  • #292
    post 4.0.6, the following rules are for fury ;
    ["reforgeOrder"] = {
    ["cap"] = "MeleeHitCap",
    ["rating"] = 6,
    }, -- [1]
    ["cap"] = "ExpertiseSoftCap",
    ["rating"] = 24,
    }, -- [2]
    ["cap"] = "MaximumPossible",
    ["rating"] = 9,
    }, -- [3]
    ["cap"] = "MaximumPossible",
    ["rating"] = 26,
    }, -- [4]
    ["cap"] = "DWHitCap",
    ["rating"] = 6,
    }, -- [5]

    Mastery/Crit, the mod was telling me to unforge it until I added mastery to the reforge order even though I gave haste a value of 10 and mastery a value of 85.

    I treated the stat values as a priority list instead of a strict scale and wound up with:
    crit 100
    mastery 75
    hit 50
    haste 25
    expertise 1

    I get fine results with these values, I'm not really sure how your mod uses them. These are the stat priorities after any reforge rules are applied.
  • #314
    Can you please set the addon to stop or allow us to stop reforging Hit into Spirit for Enhancment Shaman for a cleaner build. This only happens with the use of Elemental Persision talent.

    Thanks again for the nice addon
  • #291
    Just grabbed this and gave it a shot. Works well and was a great help in making reforging much simpler.

    One thing that would be great if you could add it as a feature is to model the +10 expertise that ret paladins get from using glyphed Seal of Truth. As it stands I was getting reforge suggestions to reforge to expertise when I was already over the cap thanks to the glyph which is used for the majority of raiding.

    Other than that minor issue, really solid mod!
  • #288
    After the 1.3.6 update the addon isnt fetching the stats of my character correctly.

    This is what im gettin:

    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: ===== Begin =====
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: level=85
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: className=PALADIN
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: primaryTab=3
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: race=Tauren
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: mainHandWeaponType=Two-Handed Maces
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: talent points in Enlightened Judgements=0
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: spiritHitConversionRate=nil
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: useSandbox = "true",
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: targetLevelSelection = Reforge for raiding
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: Player stats as calculated before reforging:
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: melee hit = 208
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: melee crit = 1053
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: melee haste = 894
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: expertise = 925
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: ranged hit = 208
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: ranged crit = 1053
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: ranged haste = 894
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: spell hit = 208
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: spell crit = 1053
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: spell haste = 894
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: dodge = 0
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: parry = 1265
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: mastery = 1877
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: -----
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: hit cap = 960.872
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: hit rating modification = 0
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: calculated target hit rating = 961
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: reforging for Melee Hit Rating, starting at 208
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: desired value is 961
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: ending up at 961
    [20:40:42] Reforgenator: -----

    It says I only have 208 Hitrating, that is wrong. I have 948 atm.
    Same with Haste, Crit and Mastery they does not add up with the charactersheet.
  • #287
    Beautiful addon. Just want to say thanks! Easy to use, and saves me TONS of mathing on my gear haha.
  • #286
    I have just downloaded the latest Reforgenator through the Curse Client.

    Reforgenator has no cognizance of diminishing returns on parry vs. dodge. After reforging all gear for raiding exactly per Reforgenator's suggestions, I manually went through all my gear with parry/mastery on it and reforged the parry into dodge rating for a net gain of 0.2% avoidance over Reforgenator's suggestions.

    It would be nice if Reforgenator could check character stats, determine if the player has more dodge or parry rating, then weight the rating suffering from harsher diminishing returns lower than the other rating. Or something. So I could blindly follow the tool like a lemming again and be assured of optimal reforgings.
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