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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 2,404,269 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/10/2014
  • Created 10/22/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v2.4.2
Support development! **

About Reforgenator


V2.4.1 has been released.

There are still a few outstanding issues that need to be aderesed but overall there is functionality for wow 5.4

I have added a few models and wll continue to tweak them when they need it.

The next update (2.4.1) should help with hit caps across the board.

Justice point


This addon attempts to inspects your class, spec, weapons, and stats to construct a priority list of stats and caps. With this model and your currently-equipped gear, this addon determines the most efficient way to reach the relevant caps for each stat.

At this time, at least one reforging scheme is supported for each class/spec.

If you find your class/spec isn't recognized and an appropriate reforging scheme recommended for you, please open a ticket and let me know.

The reforging window has three dropdown boxes to set relevant parameters for reforging:

  • Spec to reforge for
  • reforge existing or leave them how they are
  • reforge for Heroic 5 mans or for raiding.

The first dropdown displays all the models defined for your class. The first time you run Reforgenator for any character, it will guess which model to use based on your class and spec. After the first time, it will choose the same model your character used last time.

The second dropdown box lets you choose between "consider reforging anything" and "leave reforged gear alone".

If you choose "consider reforging anything" then the addon calculates what your stats your character would have if you undid all of your existing reforges and started over.

After figuring out what it wants to reforge, it will display those items that are different than what they are currently; this likely means undoing and redoing some existing reforges on your gear.

If you don't want to undo and redo reforgings, then set the dropdown box to "leave reforged gear alone" and the addon won't attempt to change any of it.

The third dropdown box lets you choose between reforging for heroic 5-man instances and reforging for raid instances.

Finally, there is a checkbox in the settings to emit verbose information about the reforging decisions to the chat frame.

If you get odd results from the reforging, please turn on the checkbox and run Reforgenator again. If the explanation doesn't make sense, please comment on or open a ticket. If you can copy-paste the explanation as well, that would be much appreciated.

An armory link for your toon would also be helpful, as this will help us determine what you currently had equipped.

tag v2.4.2
dnewell <>
2014-03-07 10:36:05 -0500

Tagging as v2.4.2


    - bumping rev to 2.4.2


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  • #802

    it is a change that was made in 5.0 

    Expertise now counts 1:1 for hit for several classes not just locks.

    I am starting to think that they neglected to make this fact more well know as it seems to be a common question.

    just as a side note caps for locks while leveling are off quite a bit so you will want to watch your as the addon will currently tell you to put way more than you actually need.

    just something to watch for.


  • #803

    thx just a lil odd to use a melee stat on a caster lol

  • #799

    hi just wanted to ask a question i curently have a lvl 90 warlock (demonology) and use a lvl 87 Dk (Frost), ive just installed your addon hopfully to help get up to spec, i currently play PVE on my 2 mains and noticed on your addon you only have raiding/heroics and pvp is there one of these that you would recomend for a pve build?

    ive never done raiding/heroics or pvp never felt the need to. anyway any help greatly appreciated.

  • #800

    hmm im not sure I quite understand your question. 

    Heroics and raiding are forms of PVE.  This addon is geared more towards raiding than anything else.  It is useful for heroics as well if you are having issues.

    I have not actually given much thought to the pvp portion of it in quite a while as I am still fixing the rading portion.

    Thank you 


  • #798

    I don't want to sound too critical...but....right now it's really difficult to use this addon with any success given the problems it's having with hit rating.  I stopped using the built in hit cap calculations a week or two ago because they were wrong, and instead used a fixed value.  Setting a fixed value for hit rating seems to only include hit from hit, and doesn't consider other sources like exp and spi when setting a target rating.

    I would very much like to use this addon beyond just trying to reach hit cap, and really fine tune my gear using stat weights.  It occured to me the other day while using a different reforging tool..that I could get more crit out of my gear and still remain hit capped by forging hit > crit on certain pieces of gear that had more hit that any other stat and forging other stats > hit to make up for the loss.  As long as I've used reforgenator, I've never seen it suggest something like that.  Reforgenator seems to only consider increasing hit as long as it's under cap, and never reducing it at the same time in consideration of the next rule or stat weights.


    HAT = 600 hit, 400 Mastery

    My rules: 1. Hit to cap, 2. Crit maximum possible

    Reforgenator will probably see that big chunk of hit and think it's great and leave it..then on rule #2 it will see that mastery and forge 160 of it into crit.  Given that rule #2 is crit max possible, it would really make more sense to forge hit into 240 crit assuming we can still reach hit cap using less valuable stats on other gear.  In my case I still had gear with crit and mastery or crit and haste that were not being considered for reforging into hit becasue that cap had already been achieved.

    What if the rules are reversed?  (1. Crit Maximum Possible, 2. Hit to cap)  Will reforgenator maximize crit on all pieces, but then still have the option of changing any of those items again in consideration of the second rule if there is no other way to reach hit cap?  I could be wrong but I don't think it will consider changing a piece of gear thats already slated for a change.

    I think the goal is not just achieve hit cap, but to do it in the most effective way possible so you can maximize your more valuable secondary stats while reducing your less valuable stats.

  • #796
    Hit caps are incorrect for rogues also

    The addon appears to be working just fine, it's just using cap values that are too high. The caps for hit and expertise should be 2550 to hit 7.5%.  In the log we see "calculated target spell hit rating = 4080".  Hope this helps!

    Your current spec: Assassination
    Your current spec tab: 1
    Reforgenator: ===== Begin =====
    Reforgenator: level=90
    Reforgenator: className=ROGUE
    Reforgenator: primaryTab=1
    Reforgenator: race=NightElf
    Reforgenator: mainHandWeaponType=Daggers
    Reforgenator: spiritHitConversionRate=nil
    Reforgenator: expHitConversionRate=nil
    Reforgenator: useSandbox = "true",
    Reforgenator: "true",
    Reforgenator: targetLevelSelection = Reforge for heroics
    Reforgenator: Player stats as calculated before reforging:
    Reforgenator:   melee hit = 2241
    Reforgenator:   melee crit = 5018
    Reforgenator:   melee haste = 1934
    Reforgenator:   expertise = 1784
    Reforgenator:   ranged hit = 2241
    Reforgenator:   ranged crit = 5018
    Reforgenator:   ranged haste = 1934
    Reforgenator:   spell hit = 2241
    Reforgenator:   spell crit = 5018
    Reforgenator:   spell haste = 1934
    Reforgenator:   dodge = 0
    Reforgenator:   parry = 0
    Reforgenator:   mastery = 4085
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: base spell hit rating = 4080
    Reforgenator: calculated target spell hit rating = 4080
    Reforgenator: reforging for Spell Hit Rating, starting at 2241
    Reforgenator: prefer spirit = nil
    Reforgenator: desired value is 4080
    Reforgenator: ending up at 4060
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: base expertise rating required = 2040
    Reforgenator: expertise rating modification = 0
    Reforgenator: target expertise rating = 2040
    Reforgenator: reforging for Expertise Rating, starting at 1570
    Reforgenator: desired value is 2040
    Reforgenator: ending up at 2019
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: reforging for Mastery Rating, starting at 4085
    Reforgenator: desired value is 9999
    Reforgenator: ending up at 4085
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: reforging for Melee Crit Rating, starting at 3386
    Reforgenator: desired value is 9999
    Reforgenator: ending up at 3447
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: reforging for Melee Haste Rating, starting at 1451
    Reforgenator: desired value is 9999
    Reforgenator: ending up at 1451
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: Player stats as calculated after reforging:
    Reforgenator:   melee hit = 4060
    Reforgenator:   melee crit = 3447
    Reforgenator:   melee haste = 1451
    Reforgenator:   expertise = 2019
    Reforgenator:   ranged hit = 4060
    Reforgenator:   ranged crit = 3447
    Reforgenator:   ranged haste = 1451
    Reforgenator:   spell hit = 4060
    Reforgenator:   spell crit = 3447
    Reforgenator:   spell haste = 1451
    Reforgenator:   dodge = 0
    Reforgenator:   parry = 0
    Reforgenator:   mastery = 4085
    Reforgenator: -----

  • #797

    thanks for the log i will take a look and redo some of the calculations.

    I am still trusting the calculations i did over 3 months ago to be accurate. (they were done in beta)

    thanks again for the log sometimes it helps to see what someone else is getting. the ptr is only as useful as the gear that you have available on a premade.


  • #794

    Hunter Stats are wrong, it keeps doing expertise.


    Caps are 7.5 and 7.5  EXp and Hit. Unsure if its me or the things wrong, I actually was at 12% exp when i didnt notice LOL


    many thanks great tool

  • #795

    ok i will take a look

  • #792

    Still having issues on my affliction warlock.  I'm currently at 15.15% hit chance, 4527 hit and 624 expertise (totaling 5151).  When I run reforgenator right now it has me adding hit and expertise and removing none.  I'm using the consider reforging everything option.

    I run reforgenator and I get these results.

    Reforgenator: ===== Begin =====
    Reforgenator: level=90
    Reforgenator: className=WARLOCK
    Reforgenator: primaryTab=1
    Reforgenator: race=Scourge
    Reforgenator: mainHandWeaponType=Staves
    Reforgenator: spiritHitConversionRate=nil
    Reforgenator: expHitConversionRate=1
    Reforgenator: useSandbox = "true",
    Reforgenator: targetLevelSelection = Reforge for raiding
    Reforgenator: Player stats as calculated before reforging:
    Reforgenator:   melee hit = 3043
    Reforgenator:   melee crit = 2691
    Reforgenator:   melee haste = 4349
    Reforgenator:   expertise = 0
    Reforgenator:   ranged hit = 3043
    Reforgenator:   ranged crit = 2691
    Reforgenator:   ranged haste = 4349
    Reforgenator:   spell hit = 3043
    Reforgenator:   spell crit = 2691
    Reforgenator:   spell haste = 4349
    Reforgenator:   dodge = 0
    Reforgenator:   parry = 0
    Reforgenator:   mastery = 3297
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: reforging for Spell Hit Rating, starting at 3043
    Reforgenator: prefer spirit = nil
    Reforgenator: desired value is 5100
    Reforgenator: ending up at 5081
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: reforging for Spell Haste Rating, starting at 3580
    Reforgenator: desired value is 9999
    Reforgenator: ending up at 3973
    Reforgenator: -----
    Reforgenator: Player stats as calculated after reforging:
    Reforgenator:   melee hit = 5081
    Reforgenator:   melee crit = 1771
    Reforgenator:   melee haste = 3973
    Reforgenator:   expertise = 998
    Reforgenator:   ranged hit = 5081
    Reforgenator:   ranged crit = 1771
    Reforgenator:   ranged haste = 3973
    Reforgenator:   spell hit = 5081
    Reforgenator:   spell crit = 1771
    Reforgenator:   spell haste = 3973
    Reforgenator:   dodge = 0
    Reforgenator:   parry = 0
    Reforgenator:   mastery = 2555
    Reforgenator: -----

    This would put me at 998 expertise and 5081 hit with a total of 6079 when the target total should be 5100 right?

  • #793

    yes the target shoudl be 5100...

    thanks btw for the verbose output it really helps.

    I will take a look at it and get back to you.

    thanks again


  • #786

    Not sure but could it be that v2.2 has an old toc which lets wow think it is an old addon?

  • #787

    no I test it on the ptr and was using the 4.1 interface number (so it didnt say it was out of date)

    since it is not the same version it just defaults to out of date.

    until i do that all you have to do is check the load out of date box


    Last edited by ducky12432 on 11/8/2012 7:15:50 PM
  • #785

    what has been done so far in this new update for v2.2 release ? iv looked on project site and seen nothing just that you released it . btw im still looking forward to seeing resto druid. not sure if ya done it yet .also want to say great job on this addon and keep the good work up :)

  • #788;t1:changes

    it was an update for expertise to hit mainly

    I also reworked monks a bit more haste on mistweaver is still messed up but its better 

    I may have inadvertantly messed up the 1 sec GCD calculations so i need to take a look when i get time to work on it .

    as for resto druid that is actually my main, It should have been fixed in the last release (2.1.1) 

    as i said the haste calculations are still way off sometimes so i need to look at 1sec GCD and the only resto model I have is to stack spirit to max possible then haste,

    I am working on a different model that caps spirit and goes to haste to 1sec GCD then mastery.

    I still dont have good numbers for a spirit cap yet so i need to work on that a little more.

    If you have any input I would really appreciate it.

    doing the healing specs is always a bit of a toss up for spirit as we all use it up a bit differently.  



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