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  • Supports: 5.4.8
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  • Updated 09/07/2014
  • Created 09/22/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Rematch 3.0.11

About Rematch

Rematch is an addon to help manage battle pet teams and pets.

Its primary purpose is to store and recall battle pet teams for targets. For instance:

- When you target Aki the Chosen, bring up the Rematch window and hit Save, you can save in her name the pets you have out.
- When you return to Aki another day, you can target her, bring up the window and it will offer you those saved pets to load.

For the Warlords of Draenor beta, the WoD version of Rematch can be found on wowinterface.

New in 3.0.11

  • Options dialog reworked:
    • Instead of a popup dialog, options now use the same space as the pets/teams tabs so you can stretch the list to see more.
    • New options have a yellow ! beside their name to make them stand out.
    • Instead of showing each option's description in a window below the list, the descriptions are a more proper tooltip beside each option.
    • New option Hide Tooltips -> Even Options will hide this new tooltip.
  • Search bar added to teams tab.
  • New option Reverse Dialog Direction to make the popup dialog appear towards the edge of the screen instead of towards the center.
  • New option Larger List Text to make the text in the scrollable lists (pets, teams, options) a little bigger.
  • New pet browser filter: Miscellaneous -> In A Team/Not In A Team will filter pets depending on whether they're in a Rematch team.

How to Use

You can summon the Rematch window several ways:
- Set a key binding from options.
- /rematch command.
- The Rematch button at the bottom of the pet journal.
- 'Use Minimap Button' in options will create a minimap button.
- From its LDB button if you use a Broker infobar addon.
- Have 'Auto Show' checked in options and target something for which you have a saved team that's not already loaded.

Saving a Team

As mentioned at the top, this addon's primary purpose is to save for targets. Target an NPC, click Save, and you will be prompted to save in their name.

If you choose to keep the target's name for the team, then you'll be offered that team to load when you return to it another day. Within options you can choose to make Rematch automatically pop up when you return to that target, or you can make the team load immediately without messing around with the addon at all.

When a team is saved with an NPC targeted, or when saving over an existing team that was initially created at the target, the team's name will be white and it will react only to that specific instance of the NPC.

If you manually name a team named after an NPC without it targeted, or you got the team from elsewhere without targeting information saved, its name will be gold and it will react to any copies of that NPC you run across in the world.

You're also free to save without regard for target. Name your team anything you want and you can return to the teams tab later to load it back from the Teams tab.


When teams are saved, they're stored in the Teams tab.
- To load a team manually, double click it.
- You can create up to 7 additional tabs in addition to the default General team tab.
- When a team is saved, it will go to the current tab. You can change the current tab while saving at the bottom of the save dialog.
- All team names are unique, even across tabs. If you have "Aki the Chosen" in a tab named "Dailies", and you save "Aki the Chosen" in General, it will move that team to General and save it there. (But don't worry, if the teams are sufficiently different, it will ask for confirmation first).
- Right-click a tab to change its name or icon, delete it (or re-order tabs if you've created more than one).
- When a tab is deleted, all teams within the tab are moved to the General tab.
- You can right-click a team to do various things as well, such as renaming, deleting or sharing it.
- You can bind a key to open the Teams tab directly.


The Pets tab contains a pet browser and a leveling queue.

Just about anyplace you see a pet, you can double-click it to summon the pet, or dismiss it if it was already out.

The "tooltip" for pets is a pet card with stats:
- Hold Alt to flip the card over for more about your pet.
- Click the pet to lock the card in place so you can mouseover abilities.
- When the card is locked it has a wooden frame around it. You can unlock it several ways: clicking one of the little screws in a corner, clicking the pet again from where you locked it, hitting ESCape or any other major interaction with the addon.
- You can shift+click pets and abilities to chat.

Some advantages the built-in pet browser has over the default pet journal:
- You can search the names of abilities or text within abilities.
- You can search for level and stat ranges.
- In addition to filtering pets by type, you can filter by 'Strong vs': if you filter Strong vs Dragonkin, it will list all pets with Magic attacks.
- You can also filter to pets that are Tough vs a type of attack: filtering Tough vs Elemental will list all critters.
- A 'Type Bar' to filter by the various types without going through the dropdown menus.
- A counter at the bottom of the browser tells you how many pets are listed: search level=25 and you'll see how many level 25 pets you own.

To clear filters, you can click the little X button in the search box or the type bar, or you can click the X along the bottom when filters are applied. You can also click 'Reset All' within the filters menu.


In the search bar of the pet browser, you can not only search for names of pets and their source, but you can also search for:

- Names of abilities ("Call Lightning")
- Text within abilities ("Bleed")
- Level ranges ("level=25" or "level>10" or "level=8-13")
- Stat ranges ("health>700" or "speed=250-350" or "power>=276")


- Searches are not case sensitive. "Bleed" will work just as well as "bleed" or "BLEED".
- You can hit "Fill" on the leveling queue to add one of each species from your search results to the leveling queue.
- When you look at the pet card, abilities that contain the search text will be marked with a gold ring.
- You can also search levels, stats and text simultaneously:
"bleed health>700 level<25" : Pets with Bleed in text that have over 700hp and are under 25.
"level<25 bleed health>700" : Same thing. The order of search isn't important.
"health>700 <25 bleed" : Same again. If a stat doesn't appear with a < > or =, it assumes level.

Leveling Pets

Thanks to suggestions from Behub, Aloek and others, Rematch has a robust system to make leveling pets easy.

In the Pets tab there is a leveling slot with a shiny gold border. You can drag a pet here to mark it as your leveling pet. (You can also right-click a pet elsewhere like in the journal and choose 'Start Leveling')

- Any teams saved with a leveling pet will reserve that pet's slot for future leveling pets.
- When you see a shiny gold border around a pet anywhere in Rematch, it means that is a leveling pet.

So if you save teams for various tamers with the leveling pet loaded, when you return to those tamers later with a different leveling pet, it will load that new leveling pet in their saved places.

The Leveling Queue

In addition to the gold-bordered leveling slot, there is a leveling queue you can store any number of pets that you intend to level.

As soon as your current leveling pet reaches 25 (grats!), if there are any leveling pets waiting it will swap the top-most pet in the queue to the leveling slot.

From the gear button to the right of the leveling slot you can:
- Sort the queue by level: Ascending (level 1 to 25), Descending (25 to 1) or Median (closest to level 10.5).
- Create your own order by dragging pets around and inserting them between other pets, or by right-clicking a pet and choosing the move options.
- Use the Auto Rotate option to move to a new pet in the queue after each successful pet battle.
- Fill the queue from pets in the browser. For instance, search "21-24", filter for Rare and hit Fill to add 21-24 rare pets to the leveling queue.
- Empty the queue. It will ask for confirmation before clearing the queue.
- If you want to switch to another pet for one fight without changing the order, double-click the pet in the queue. You can drag it to the leveling slot or right-click the pet and choose Start Leveling.
- If the current leveling pet is loaded, you can navigate around the queue with previous/next buttons when you mouseover the leveling pet.

Sharing Teams

There are two ways to share battle pet teams when you right-click it in the Teams tab:

Send will send a team to someone online on your faction.
- When a user receives a team that you Send, they'll receive a popup displaying the team with the option to save it. If they're in combat or they have another team waiting (or a similar dialog up) it will inform you that they're busy and you should try again later.
- To send a team cross-realm, include their name, such as Gello-Hyjal.
- In options you can choose to block incoming pets if you'd like.

Export will create a WeakAuras-like text string that you can copy to the clipboard.
- You can paste the team anywhere else: in an email, on forums, in a text file, etc.
- Any other Rematch user can use this string to Import the same team. The Import button is in the bottomright of the main window.

If you receive or import a team that includes pets you don't have, that's fine. They'll be greyed out and only the pets you have will attempt to load. You can keep the team as is for the day when you get the pet, or you can choose to save over it if you find a suitable substitute for the missing pet.

Note: and RealID are not totally supported yet. At present there's a test mode you can try if you'd like. If both you and your friend have the option enabled, it will attempt to send via the team via

Also, there's a known issue with the first Send sometimes failing if you haven't been in direct /whispers with a far-away/cross-realm player. If a recipient fails to receive a team the first time you've tried, try again. It should work for the rest of the session.

Other Addons

A major goal with this addon was to make it behave well regardless of what other battle pet addons you're using.

In some cases, it even takes advantage of the awesome addons others have created. For instance:
- If you have the addon Battle Pet Breed ID enabled, pets will display breed information. If you click a pet and mouseover its stats, you can see all possible breeds for the pet.
- If you have the addon Pet Battle Teams enabled, there will be a button at the end of options to import your teams from PBT.
- If you choose to continue using PBT alongside Rematch (many do!), make sure you lock your PBT teams or auto save in PBT is disabled. The default behavior of PBT is to change the pets in your currently-selected team to whatever is loaded.
- If you have a Broker infobar addon, it will create a button on your bars to toggle Rematch.

If you have any comments, suggestions or bugs to report feel free to post them here in the comments. Thanks!

Special thanks to those providing translations to other clients!
deDE: Tonyleila at wowinterface (Leilameda at EU-Anetheron)
zhCN: Zkpjy at wowinterface
zhTW: Leg883 at curse
esES and esMX: Phanx at curse

09/07/2014 3.0.11 options reworked, search bar added to teams tab, new options Reverse Dialog Direction, Larget list Text, browser filters In A Team/Not In A Team
09/01/2014 3.0.10 show on injured for 100% or below, bug fix type bar buttons, bug fix scrollbar inactive at end of lists, new option Auto Show->Stay after loading, new option Auto Load->Show after loading, esES and esMX localization
08/19/2014 3.0.9 toc reverted to 50400 for MoP, WoD-only bug fix for npc id recognition, new option "Show dialogs at side"
08/13/2014 3.0.8 bug fix for slots emptied if leveling queue is empty and loaded team contains a leveling pet, zhTW and zhCN localizaion update.
08/09/2014 3.0.7 bug fix for leveling pets causing window to show on load, missing pet popup dialog, DontWarnMissing option to turn off dialog, zhCN localization, localization template now includes new/depreciated strings
08/07/2014 3.0.6 WoD support, revoked pets are treated as missing pets
08/06/2014 3.0.5 Auto Load will only load on first interaction with a saved target, further interactions will prompt for load
08/05/2014 3.0.4 "new" options Jump To Key, Auto Load-> On Target Only, Always Show or Load, dialogs no longer overlap, ESC bug fixes, auto-shown windows dismiss when team loads, zhTW localization, removed lastOffered system
08/01/2014 3.0.3 reworked esc system (removed uispecialframe handling); window will reappear after a pet battle only if it was up when battle started; removed StayOnTarget option; zhCN localization
07/30/2014 3.0.2 auto load/auto show disabled during pet battles, attempting to load a team during combat or pet battle will wait until afterwards
07/28/2014 3.0.1 fix for team loading when window hidden, fix for dead pets not loading
07/28/2014 3.0.0 rewritten UI, Pets and Teams tab, resize grip for window, many other changes
07/02/2014 2.4.9 zhTW and zhCN update, Rebuild Teams button added, removed team validation on login
06/16/2014 2.4.8 enable Auto Rotate auto-selects topmost leveling pet, some tweaks to how moving pets in the queue work, new browser filter Only Tradable.
06/05/2014 2.4.7 localization updates for zhTW and zhCN.
06/02/2014 2.4.6 ability tooltips now look more like pet cards, new options Larger Pet Cards and Show on Injured, show window if a pet is missing when team loads, update for zhTW, zhCN
05/29/2014 2.4.5 import PBT team button, localization method reworked, updates for zhTW and zhCN.
05/27/2014 2.4.4 only battle pets option added for real
05/26/2014 2.4.3 level internally classified as a stat for more standard behavior, ability to search for text+stats together, browser options: wide search bar, use type bar, only battle pets, update for zhTW locale
05/24/2014 2.4.2 journal button now attaches to chain of anchors ending at the find battle button, zhTW localization by leg883, hide journal option, minimap button, key binding option button, find battle button
05/18/2014 2.4.1 zhCN localization, show on any pets dead after load complete, added stat compare search, added xp bar on pets with partial levels in queue
05/16/2014 2.4.0 leveling queue revamp, tooltips added, LDB support, pet card health shows health/max when hurt
04/06/2014 2.3.8 localization updates for zhTW, zhCN and deDE clients
04/03/2014 2.3.7 new OnlyLeveling filter option, new Close Pet Journal option, sort order saved to savedvar
03/30/2014 2.3.6 zhTW localization, fix for current zone in kun-lai summit
03/29/2014 2.3.5 options panel changed to scrollable list, deDE localization, zhCN localization
03/21/2014 2.3.4 strings separated out to localization files
03/17/2014 2.3.3 search hits highlights on pet card, typebar radio buttons turned to tabs, all three type modes can be filtered simultaneously, dropdown type menu behavior made same as typebar, fix for non-battle pets having wrong damage taken for their type, strong/tough searches no longer include non-battle pets, buttons added to browser scrollbar to scroll to top and bottom
03/09/2014 2.3.2 fix for 'start leveling' in pet journal, double-click in browser to summon/dismiss pets, browser pets marked if dead, possible fix for a scrollframe bug (when scrollbar disabled move offset to 0 if not already there)
03/08/2014 2.3.1 removed portrait mask for ability icons on default ability tooltip, jump to key only if no modifier down, added link to chat for browser pets, browser opens back up after journal closes (if it was up before), favorite filter turned into a soft filter
03/07/2014 2.3.0 new pet browser, pet card lock/mouseover mechanism, SmartAnchor system references the main window instead of relativeTo, Jump to Team changed to Jump to Key, species aren't filled when when caging a species that has multiples in a saved team, fix for abilities not linking from current pets
02/22/2014 2.2.9 new option StayForBattle, added "weak vs" row to hints window, SmartAnchor system for pet card and tooltips, reworked dropdown menu build to make options more consistent, added Swap with Next in Queue to dropdown, added pullout side panel for leveling pet/queue auto load, added option ShowSidePanel to enable side panel
02/19/2014 2.2.8 window hides when a battle starts/returns after, fix for 5.4.7 patch and revoked pets
02/11/2014 2.2.7 fix for pet names on leveling slot/queue right-click menu, pets in the journal show an icon if they're a leveling pet, leveling icon changed, when queue is empty 'Put Leveling Pet Here' still given as an option but disabled, removed highlight texture from saved pets
02/01/2014 2.2.6 when pets are loaded, there is no longer an effort to have loaded teams move into first slots, but instead to the slots they were saved, fix for dead X icon persisting on empty slots, auto load only fires once per encounter with a saved target, added AutoLoad->AutoLoadAlways option, added AutoLoad->EmptyMissing option, fixed minor xml errors, fix for current header not being draggable, pet loading more rigorous (checks if pet/ability needs loading, verifies it loaded, sets up a reload in 0.3 seconds or after battle if failed), /rematch import converts empty slots to leveling pets and turns on 'Empty Missing', /rematch import over to overwrite existing teams, /rematch help
01/29/2014 2.2.5 fix for right-click menu on leveling slot
01/29/2014 2.2.4 species ID is saved with teams and used when the pet ID is no longer valid, 'Send to End of Queue' option added for current leveling pets, full support for empty slots, petload process changed from OnUpdate one swap per frame to all swaps at once
01/25/2014 2.2.3 rename/send/export/delete moved to right-click of a team; fix for current team title not updating if pets don't change, fix for ESC sometimes failing with unexpected UISpecialFrame entry, possible fix for pet loading issue
01/18/2014 2.2.2 ESC system switched from UISpecialFrames to propagated keys, "Current Battle Pets" header will show last loaded team (if current pets are still last loaded team), teams can be renamed, hitting a letter over teams will jump to a team that begins with that letter, new toggle auto load binding
01/10/2014 2.2.1 changed 'frame' to 'rematch' in RematchSharedDropDown CreateFrame
01/10/2014 2.2.0 code restructured, UI/ESCable system reworked, saved pet section collapses, Lock Drawer option, esc clears selected team, auto-show/load will not dismiss the window if it was up already, 'Use Leveling Pet' added to right-click menu of current pets that can't level, save button is 'Save As' when it will ask for a name, help button and help plates
12/14/2013 2.1.5a fix for ability icons made too big from today's update oops
12/14/2013 2.1.5 'Add to Leveling Queue' option added for journal pet menus to send to end of queue, removed 5.4.1 taint bug fix, queue only processes when out of combat/pet battle
12/06/2013 2.1.4 auto upgrade (aka best of species) option added
11/29/2013 2.1.3 leveling queue system, right-click menus added to journal current pets and leveling pets, level displayed on current pets under 25
11/07/2013 2.1.2 confirmation on save/import/receive over existing teams, confirmation on delete, option to disable confirmations, changed icon of the pullout button, new option: Auto Load->On Mouseover to auto load teams on mouseover instead of target
11/04/2013 2.1.1 caged pets replaced by their species in saved teams, fix for auto load preventing opening window, petsNeedLoading will take leveling pets into account
11/03/2013 2.1.0 removed lock system, replaced with leveling slot system; pet journal onshow HookScript instead of SetScript; removed requirement for selected team to be scrolled in to save/delete; saveAs will allow saving over a team with same name
10/29/2013 2.0.10 fix for taint issue with microbuttons: setfenv onshow to empty UpdateMicroButtons()
10/28/2013 2.0.9 removed visibility requirement to update pet journal loadouts
10/27/2013 2.0.8 fix for disconnect bug when dragging pets to a saved slot; PetBattleTeam migration moved to /rematch migrate
10/27/2013 2.0.7 rematch button on pet journal will move based on the existence of other buttons along the bottom
10/24/2013 2.0.6 if 'Auto Show' and 'Lock Window' are both checked, window will remain after pets load; all three slots can be locked; auto show/load trigger more intelligently with locked pets; added Rematch button to pet journal; ability tooltip mouse disabled; holding Shift will let you move the window while it's locked; 'Keep Companion' system reworked around UNIT_PET with a timeout
10/18/2013 2.0.5 fix for saving low level pets caused by fix from last update
10/18/2013 2.0.4 low level pets with abilities higher than they can use will load the lower tier ability instead, low level current pets only show abilities they can use, team loads taking too long will stop trying, BAG_UPDATE throttled
10/18/2013 2.0.3 rewrite: new UI, new options, custom teams, send/import/export teams
09/11/2013 1.0.5 toc update for 5.4
08/06/2013 1.0.4 fix for saved pets caged or missing
05/21/2013 1.0.3 toc update for 5.3
03/16/2013 1.0.2 added 'Auto Show' option, changed UI a bit
03/13/2013 1.0.1 initial release

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  • #111

    Thank you so much for this excellent add-on!

    One suggestion, for a very minor quality-of-life improvement: "Warn When Not-Rare Leveling Pet Has Reached 14" ... Why? Because I'm stingy with my battle-stones, but I'd still like to give them all a chance to show their stuff.

    Yes, it's easy enough to just keep an eye on leveling pets' progress, but I'm one of those lazy "if a computer could be made to do it, then a computer should be made to do it" types.

    Mind you, if implementing such a feature takes time away from the other improvements you've got in the works... never mind. Who, me? I didn't say anything.

  • #105

    This may seem like an odd thing, but it seems that the way the team to be loaded and the current team are displayed has changed.  I could swear that the team to be loaded used to be on the bottom... as in:

    Do you want to replace this team:  (Current team)

    With this team?  (Team to be loaded)

    Anyway, I find myself automatically looking for the button to click to load the team on the bottom of the Rematch window when it is in the top half and it is rather frustrating to have to search for where I need to click to load the team.  Now I can understand if some people prefer to have the teams the way they are currently displayed, so I wonder if maybe you could make it an option.

  • #106

    Sorry I didn't get back to this earlier. You're not imagining things.  In 2.x it looked like this:

    Rematch 2.x

    One of the goals of the 3.0 redesign was to make the addon more intuitive to use.  Its ease of use has probably been this addon's biggest flaw.  One bit to help was to remove the perception of those slots as something you can drag pets to.  Making the collapsed window collapse again when the slots were empty helped a bit.  But it was maybe too similar in place/appearance, and the slots were always there empty or not when the window was expanded.  In addition to the code saved by reusing the common dialog for the load popup, it's also sufficiently different in looks so that there's no question those are slots pets can be dragged to, and it's something different than your current pets. If that made any sense.

    That said, I'm not totally opposed to more options in how the window looks.  I have some pretty cool plans for the current pets area.  I'll consider ways to re-integrate the "load this team?" dialog into that area again as an option.

    Last edited by Gello on 9/1/2014 10:41:58 AM
  • #110

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It was driving me nuts!  The change to the Lua file worked great (fortunately it was at the end of the file and not in the middle somewhere or I would not have been comfortable messing with it).

  • #109

    @Maizing: If you drag the rematch window to the top half of the screen, the load dialog appears exactly like your suggestion.  The dialogs and tooltips take into account what part of the screen the window exists so stuff that appears adjacent to the window don't run off the edge of the screen.

    An option to reverse the direction the dialog appears is trivial.  I'll mark that for next update.

    In the meantime if you're comfortable editing text files, the last few lines of dialog.lua is:

    elseif rematch.inBottomHalf then

    If you insert a not just after that elseif, it will reverse the direction it pops out:

    elseif not rematch.inBottomHalf then


  • #108

    Well, the dialog would be nice, but the issue I am having can be summed up in the following picture:

    As you can see, I just cut out the window with the team to be loaded and moved it under the window with the current team.  I find the current visual (with the team to be loaded on top instead of on the bottom) to be very user unfriendly.  I am about ready to try uninstalling the current build and going back to the last build (which I am sure had the teams displayed the way they are on the right side of the image as I only started having this issue when I installed the current build).

    When I go to click on the button to load the team, I keep trying to go to the bottom of the two windows.  If I don't want to change teams at all, I try to click on the top right corner of the top team to just close the windows.  Neither of those work since the teams are displayed in the reverse order.

    As I said in my first post about this, I can understand if some other people prefer to have the team order as it currently is, so if it is possible to make it an option which window is located at the top, or better yet, a button that can be clicked to "unlock" the window so it can be moved to where the user wants it to be, and then "locked" so it stays in that relative location for that person, that would be great!

  • #102

    Maybe this is just me, but it would be amazing if there were a way to right click and have a small text box to save notes for the battles?  Sometimes I forget what moves I used successfully.  Right now I have a text file, but it would be nice to have it in game. 


    Last edited by jademermaid on 8/27/2014 10:21:18 PM
  • #104

    It's in the works.  The plan is when you save/edit a team, that window will have a textbox you can type notes into.  Teams with notes will have a button in the current pets area.  Mouseover of the button will show a tooltip with the team's notes, and clicking will lock the notes in place (just like clicking a pet or team locks its pet/team card in place) so they can stay up during a fight.

    The past two weeks I've been working on another addon but it's nearly done so I'll be focused back on Rematch starting this weekend.

  • #101

    Something is messed up now. It used to be when I moused over a trainer, or anyone even wild pets I use for leveling the window would come up, stay up and didnt ask to swap pets. Now I cant get window to appear on mouseover but if I mouse over then click my minimap button to make window appear now there is dialog asking if i want swap. Then if I approve said team swap the window goes away. So I guess basically Its not showing when I mouseover and not staying up when or after i approve pet team swap. I've literally tried every combonation of targeting options nothing makes it work like it used to.

  • #107

    So I've dug into this a bit more.

    The behavior of the window going away after loading a team (if it the window wasn't visible when it loaded) is relatively "new" intended behavior.  (It was actually old behavior that didn't continue in 3.0, and was put back in for 3.0.4)

    However, it's trivial to add an option to make the window stay after a team loads.  That will be in next update.

    The essential problem is Auto Load doesn't appear to be working for you.  It seems to be recognizing the team and the mouseover (since it offers to load the team when you toggle the window), but it's not actually loading.  I'm not sure what could cause that yet.  Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

  • #103

    I'll look into it this weekend.  I can't think what could cause that behavior, but I'll look for possible causes.

  • #99

    I have installed & uninstalled Rematch serveral times but cannot get it to work. When I look on my WOW addons it shows that Rematch is "out of date".  It was working fine last week, what happend?

  • #100

    It's because its version number was increased to match WoD so it'd work on the beta.

    I really didn't want to upload four different copies every time I made an update from now until the pre-patch in October, but I'll go back and remove the WoD version number and just keep a WoD version on wowinterface. That will be three uploads.

    3.0.9 (when approved) will not be out-of-date on MoP clients.

    Last edited by Gello on 8/19/2014 7:50:20 AM
  • #96

    auto- loading for beast of fable is not working for me? is it supposed to be?


  • #98

    It should yeah.

    I flew around to test a bit and found one legendary didn't auto load which was very curious.  However once at the npc it was autoloading ok.  I'll dig into this more.  Does it happen a lot for you?

    edit: I couldn't duplicate the failed auto load again.  Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

    edit2: I did find one potential cause of this in the code.  Not a guarantee fix since I can't reproduce it, but hopefully auto load will be reliable.

    Last edited by Gello on 8/19/2014 7:09:10 AM
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