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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 02/26/2015
  • Created 09/22/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Rematch 3.3.6

About Rematch

Rematch is a pet journal alternative to help manage battle pet teams and pets.

Its primary purpose is to store and recall battle pet teams for targets. For instance:

- When you target Aki the Chosen, bring up the Rematch window and hit Save, you can save in her name the pets you have out.
- When you return to Aki another day, you can target her, bring up the window and it will offer you those saved pets to load.

Note: Some parts of the addon description below have been udpated for the 3.2 update. They're worth a read if you want more details. Especially regarding leveling pets/queue/preferences and future plans.

How to Use

You can summon the Rematch window several ways:

  • Set a key binding from options.
  • /rematch command.
  • The Rematch button at the bottom of the pet journal.
  • 'Use Minimap Button' in options will create a minimap button.
  • From its LDB button if you use a Broker infobar addon.
  • Have 'Auto Show' checked in options and target something for which you have a saved team that's not already loaded.

Saving a Team

As mentioned at the top, this addon's primary purpose is to save for targets. Target an NPC, click Save, and you will be prompted to save in their name.

If you choose to keep the target's name for the team, then you'll be offered that team to load when you return to it another day. Within options you can choose to make Rematch automatically pop up when you return to that target, or you can make the team load immediately without messing around with the addon at all.

When a team is saved with an NPC targeted, or when saving over an existing team that was initially created at the target, the team's name will be white and it will react only to that specific instance of the NPC.

If you manually name a team named after an NPC without it targeted, or you got the team from elsewhere without targeting information saved, its name will be gold and it will react to any copies of that NPC you run across in the world.

You're also free to save without regard for target. Name your team anything you want and you can return to the teams tab later to load it back from the Teams tab.


When teams are saved, they're stored in the Teams tab.

  • To load a team manually, double click it.
  • You can create up to 15 additional tabs in addition to the default General team tab.
  • When a team is saved, it will go to the current tab. You can change the current tab while saving at the bottom of the save dialog.
  • All team names are unique, even across tabs. If you have "Aki the Chosen" in a tab named "Dailies", and you save "Aki the Chosen" in General, it will move that team to General and save it there. (But don't worry, if the teams are sufficiently different, it will ask for confirmation first).
  • Right-click a tab to change its name or icon, delete it (or re-order tabs if you've created more than one).
  • When a tab is deleted, all teams within the tab are moved to the General tab.
  • You can right-click a team to do various things as well, such as renaming, deleting or sharing it.
  • You can bind a key to open the Teams tab directly.
  • Searches in the team searchbox will look for matches in team names, team notes and any pet names.


The Pets tab contains a pet browser and a leveling queue.

Just about anyplace you see a pet, you can double-click it to summon the pet, or dismiss it if it was already out.

The "tooltip" for pets is a pet card with stats:

  • Hold Alt to flip the card over for more about your pet.
  • Click the pet to lock the card in place so you can mouseover abilities.
  • When the card is locked it has a wooden frame around it. You can unlock it several ways: clicking one of the little screws in a corner, clicking the pet again from where you locked it, hitting ESCape or any other major interaction with the addon.
  • You can shift+click pets and abilities to chat.

Some advantages the built-in pet browser has over the default pet journal:

  • You can search the names of abilities or text within abilities.
  • You can search for level and stat ranges.
  • In addition to filtering pets by type, you can filter by 'Strong vs': if you filter Strong vs Dragonkin, it will list all pets with Magic attacks.
  • You can also filter to pets that are Tough vs a type of attack: filtering Tough vs Elemental will list all critters.
  • A 'Type Bar' to filter by the various types without going through the dropdown menus.
  • A counter at the bottom of the browser tells you how many pets are listed: search level=25 and you'll see how many level 25 pets you own.

To clear filters, you can click the little X button in the search box or the type bar, or you can click the X along the bottom when filters are applied. You can also click 'Reset All' within the filters menu.


In the search bar of the pet browser, you can not only search for names of pets and their source, but you can also search for:

  • Names of abilities ("Call Lightning")
  • Text within abilities ("Bleed")
  • Level ranges ("level=25" or "level>10" or "level=8-13")
  • Stat ranges ("health>700" or "speed=250-350" or "power>=276")


  • Searches are not case sensitive. "Bleed" will work just as well as "bleed" or "BLEED".
  • You can hit "Fill" on the leveling queue to add one of each species from your search results to the leveling queue.
  • When you look at the pet card, abilities that contain the search text will be marked with a gold ring.
  • You can also search levels, stats and text simultaneously:
    "bleed health>700 level<25" : Pets with Bleed in text that have over 700hp and are under 25.
    "level<25 bleed health>700" : Same thing. The order of search isn't important.
    "health>700 <25 bleed" : Same again. If a stat doesn't appear with a < > or =, it assumes level.

Leveling Pets

Thanks to suggestions from Behub, Aloek and others, Rematch has a robust system to make leveling pets easy.

In the Pets tab there is a leveling slot with a shiny gold border. You can drag a pet there to mark it as your leveling pet. (You can also right-click a pet elsewhere like in the journal and choose 'Start Leveling')

  • Any teams saved with pets from the leveling pet will reserve those pets' slots for future leveling pets.
  • When you see a shiny gold border around a pet anywhere in Rematch, it means that is a leveling pet.

So if you save teams for various tamers with a leveling pet, when you return to those tamers later with a different leveling pet, it will load that new leveling pet in their saved places.

The Leveling Queue

In addition to the gold-bordered leveling slot, there is a leveling queue beneath the slot where you can store any number of pets you intend to level.

  • The top-most pet in the queue will always be the same pet that's in leveling slot. Always.
  • You can double-click any pet in the queue to move it up to the leveling slot, making it your active leveling pet.
  • You can also re-order pets in the queue by dragging them around or by right-clicking a pet and using the move options.
  • As soon as a leveling pet reaches 25 (grats!) it will leave the queue. If there are any leveling pets waiting, it will swap the top-most pet into the leveling slot.
  • If a team is saved with more than one leveling pet, the top-most pets will be loaded for those slots.

From the gear button to the right of the leveling slot you can:

  • Sort the queue by level: Ascending (level 1 to 25), Median (closest to level 10.5), Descending (25 to 1) or Type (Humanoid then Dragonkin etc).
  • While the queue is sorted, all pets except the top-most pet are sorted. This allows sorting the queue and still keeping an active leveling pet at the top you're working on.
  • If Full Sort is enabled, then even the top pet is included in the sort and it can change as pets gain xp or get added to the queue.
  • You can also fill the queue from pets in the browser. For instance, search "21-24", filter for Rare and hit Fill Queue to add 21-24 rare pets to the leveling queue.
  • Empty the queue. It will ask for confirmation before clearing the queue.

Leveling Pet Preferences

The queue is also able to prefer some pets over others.

  • If a queued pet is one your character can't load (like a wrong-factioned Moonkin Hatchling), it will skip over that pet and prefer pets you can load.
  • In the queue menu you can check "Prefer Live Pets." This will make living pets load before any dead ones.
  • Pets that are not preferred will be darkened in the queue.
  • If preferred pets can't be found to fill all leveling slots, the top-most pets in the queue not already chosen will be used to fill the remaining slots.
  • You can globally disable preferences from checking 'No Preferences' in the queue menu.

You can also save teams with some leveling pet preferences that are active only while that team is loaded.

  • When saving a team with a leveling pet, a button in the lower left will allow you to expand the window to assign leveling pet preferences. These include:
    • Minimum Health: Any pets with at least this much maximum health will be preferred. (Injured pets will use their maximum health for consideration)
    • or any Magic & Mechanical: These two types can survive one hit. For opponents that would only get one swipe at your leveling pet, this option will allow all magic and mechanical pets to be preferred.
    • Maximum Level: Any pets above this level will be skipped, to save from lost xp. Note that the level can be a partial amount: 23.45 is level 23 and 45% towards the next level.
  • To change the leveling preferences of an existing team, right-click a team that contains a leveling pet and choose 'Leveling Preferences'.
  • Teams with a preference will have a leveling icon to the right of their name. Mouseover of this button will show the preferences in a tooltip. Clicking the button will summon a dialog to change preferences.

Sharing Teams

There are two ways to share battle pet teams when you right-click it in the Teams tab:

Send will send a team to someone online on your faction.

  • When a user receives a team that you Send, they'll receive a popup displaying the team with the option to save it. If they're in combat or they have another team waiting (or a similar dialog up) it will inform you that they're busy and you should try again later.
  • To send a team cross-realm, include their name, such as Gello-Hyjal.
  • In options you can choose to block incoming pets if you'd like.

Export will create a WeakAuras-like text string that you can copy to the clipboard.

  • You can paste the team anywhere else: in an email, on forums, in a text file, etc.
  • Any other Rematch user can use this string to Import the same team. The Import button is in the bottomright of the main window.

If you receive or import a team that includes pets you don't have, that's fine. They'll be greyed out and only the pets you have will attempt to load. You can keep the team as is for the day when you get the pet, or you can choose to save over it if you find a suitable substitute for the missing pet.

Note: and RealID are not totally supported yet. At present there's a test mode you can try if you'd like. If both you and your friend have the option enabled, it will attempt to send via the team via

Other Addons

A major goal with this addon was to make it behave well regardless of what other battle pet addons you're using.

In some cases, it even takes advantage of the awesome addons others have created. For instance:

  • If you have the addon Battle Pet Breed ID enabled, pets will display breed information. If you click a pet and mouseover its stats, you can see all possible breeds for the pet.
  • If you have the addon Pet Battle Teams enabled, there will be a button at the end of options to import your teams from PBT.
  • If you choose to continue using PBT alongside Rematch (many do!), make sure you lock your PBT teams or auto save in PBT is disabled. The default behavior of PBT is to change the pets in your currently-selected team to whatever is loaded.
  • If you have a Broker infobar addon, it will create a button on your bars to toggle Rematch.

Future Plans

My addon-writing time should be picking up again now that holidays are passing. The present plans for Rematch are listed below, loosely grouped into three priorities.

Short term:

  • Look for multiple sources for breed data.
  • Queue recovery in the event of a server mass petID reassignment.
  • Custom sorting of pets: by power, speed, favorites mixed with rest, reverse sort, etc.
  • Additional leveling pet preferences: vulnerable pet types, maybe resistant types.
  • Mass Export/Import of teams.
  • Somehow save for challenge posts (prompt to save after a successful battle with a non-wild pet?)
  • Allow the window to be resized horizontally the way it can be resized vertically now.

Mid term:

  • Allow re-ordering teams into an arbitrary order within a group.
  • Re-evaluate UI:
    • See about making the UI less "dense".
    • The small square buttons could afford to be wider.
    • An alternate view of current pets that stacks them vertically.
  • Pet Treat, Lesser Pet Treat and Safari Hat buttons in the collapsed view, with cooldown spinners on the treats to tell how much time is left on the buff.
  • Some alternate method of tagging pets. A "second" favorites at least.
  • A way to pick a new leveling pet while the window is collapsed.
  • A "favorite filters" system.

Long term:

  • Rework the pet card to get more information on the card, such as breeds owned.
  • Rematch journal companion: maybe throw in the towel and integrate Rematch into the journal.
  • Understudy pet slot on the pet card for loading an alternate pet if that pet is dead or injured.
  • Possibly some method of choosing alternate teams if the saved team has dead or injured pets.

If you have any comments, suggestions or bugs to report feel free to post them here in the comments. Thanks!

Special thanks to those providing translations to other clients!
deDE: Tonyleila at wowinterface (Leilameda at EU-Anetheron) and Zreptil at curse
zhCN: Zkpjy at wowinterface
zhTW: Leg883 at curse
esES and esMX: Phanx at curse

02/24/2015 version 3.3.6
- Fix for journal interaction when other addons load the journal during their loading process.

02/24/2015 version 3.3.5
- Fixed Rematch's interaction with default Pet Journal and patch 6.1.
- Importing PetBattleTeam teams will attempt to reconstruct the team as it imports if the petIDs are bad.
- deDE localization updated by Zreptil at

02/24/2015 version 3.3.4
- New leveling pet preference 'Expected damage taken' adjusts minimum health by the type of damage the leveling pet is expected to endure. For instance: if expecting a dragonkin attack the minimum health of magic pets is increased 50% and the minimum health of undead pets is decreased by 33%.
- Loaded teams with a leveling preference active will have an icon beside their name in the titlebar at the top of the window.
- Added 'Leveling Preference' to the right-click menu on the titlebar if a team is loaded with a leveling pet.
- The Rematch window can now only be moved with the left mouse button.
- New option 'Show after pet battle' to automatically show the Rematch window when leaving a pet battle.
- New option group 'Battle Options' includes the above option and a few other pre-existing battle-related options.
- Slotted pets that are injured have a faint red tint around edges of their icon.
- Fixed bug where 'Prefer live pets' option was active when 'No Preferences' also active.
- Fixed bug where choosing a sort in the default journal wouldn't be remembered on next login.
- Fixed bug causing 'Unload Team' to show up in right-click menu of notes in the team list.
- deDE localization updated by Zreptil at
- toc updated for 6.1 patch.

02/20/2015 version 3.3.3
- Actual fix for stack overflow error caused by "Keep current pet on new sort" option - thanks Zreptil!

02/19/2015 version 3.3.2
- Fix for queue sort by time not "forgetting" pets removed from the queue.
- Potential fix for a stack overflow error in leveling.lua:832
- deDE localization updated by Zreptil at

02/18/2015 version 3.3.1
- The queue behavior is simplified and made less aggressive:
  - There is no longer an "unsorted" order of pets. When pets are sorted, that's their new order until you move them around or sort them again.
  - The "keep all but top-most pet sorted" concept is gone, except for 'Keep current pet on new sort' in options.
  - Sorting pets is a one-time action. You can drag pets around to any order after sorting.
  - 'Full Sort' is gone and replaced with 'Active Sort'.
  - The order of pets during an Active Sort can change as they gain xp or get added/removed from the queue.
  - You cannot rearrange or move pets around while Active Sort is enabled.
  - When a user manually slots a pet from deeper in the queue, the queue will now leave it alone. Specifically:
  - Manually slotted pets from the queue will have a silver border (instead of gold) to mark their left-alone status.
  - When a team is saved or loaded, silver-bordered pets will return to gold-bordered and the queue will resume control of the affected pets/slots.
- New queue sort order: Time, to sort pets in the order they were added to the queue.
- 'Find Similar' added to more pet menus.
- When a team is loaded, right-click on the team name at the top of window to set notes, delete notes or unload the loaded team.
- Removed sub-option 'Even alerts' under 'Hide tooltip'.
- Removed option 'Keep sort when emptied'.
- Moved 'Prefer Live Pets' from queue menu to options panel.
- Queue pet menu items 'Move To Top' and 'Move To End' no longer dismisses the menu.
- Start Leveling added back to the queue pet menu.
- Potential fix for ruRU text on back of pet cards.
- Fix for lua error when loading an old team with empty slots.
- Fix for lua error while moveset pet filter enabled.
- Fix for possible lua error relating to the safari hat.
- deDE localization updated by Zreptil at

02/04/2015 version 3.3.0
- The Rematch window can now be resized horizontally.
- A new button to open/close a sidebar added to the main window.
- More buttons! Safari Hat, Lesser Pet Treats and Pet Treats added to the sidebar.
- Find Battle button moved to the sidebar.
- 'Find Similar' pet menu item will clear all filters first.
- Double-clicking an ability anywhere in Rematch will switch to the pet browser and list all pets with that ability.
- Pet spell and item tooltips update in realtime.
- Size of text from 'Larger list text' option increased slightly.
- Leveling indicators in pet browser and journal have a new icon.
- Potential fix for ruRU text issues.
- deDE localization updated by Zreptil at
- ruRU localization by Himeric at

01/27/2015 version 3.2.7
- New "Find Similar" option in browser pet menu to list all pets, owned or not, with at least three of the same abilities.
- Double-clicking an ability on a pet card while the pet browser is open will list all pets, owned or not, that share that ability.
- New key binding to show/hide the current team's notes.
- New option under 'Show notes in battle' -> 'Only once per team' to show notes only the first time entering a battle after loading (or reloading) a team.
- When the notes editbox has focus, a save button will appear to save changes and clear the focus.
- New option 'Show ability numbers' to show the 1 and 2 numbers on the ability flyout.
- Ability buttons and flyout made a little bigger.
- deDE localization updated by Zreptil at

01/18/2015 version 3.2.6
- Added new sort options to the pet browser filter: Health, Power, Speed, Reverse Sort and Favorites First.
- When a non-standard sort is active, Sort is included in the filter reset button at the bottom of the pet browser.
- Added new option 'Don't reset sort with filters' to not reset the sort when the aforemention reset button is clicked.
- New pet filter 'Moveset Not At 25' under Miscellaneous to list pets that don't share the moveset of a pet already at max level. (credit: Zarbuta at
- Changed 'Strong Vs' filter to require a pet to have a strong attack vs all chosen types instead of any.
- Added new option 'Inclusive "Strong Vs" filter' for anyone who wants the old 'Strong Vs' behavior back.
- Fixed a bug with leveling pets from the queue loading in place of leveling pets saved as themselves.

01/10/2015 version 3.2.5
- Fix for lua error on login from 3.2.3->3.2.4.

01/10/2015 version 3.2.4
- Improved recovery when the server assigns all new petIDs: teams and leveling queue will restore to same pets and breeds when their petID changes between sessions.
- Fixed a bug preventing dragging a pet in the queue to the leveling slot.
- Fixed a bug preventing Fill Queue More queue option from working.
- Fixed a lua error when emptying/filling the queue if the journal had not been opened.

01/07/2015 version 3.2.3
- If a pet in the queue is dragged to a loadout slot, that pet will be raised to the top of the queue, and Full Sort turned off if it's on.
- While you have a team for your current target already loaded, any mouseover targets are ignored for auto load purposes.
- Added 'Start Leveling' back to pet menus for pets already in the queue, to move them to top of queue, if Full Sort isn't enabled.
- Fixed a bug with the leveling icon sometimes not updating on journal pets when they're added or removed from queue.

01/06/2015 version 3.2.2
- Breed information can now be pulled from PetTracker_Breeds or LibPetBreedInfo, if BattlePet Breed ID isn't enabled.
- Added a button to change the leveling pet when you mouseover a loaded pet that's also in the leveling slot.

01/02/2015 version 3.2.1
- New option 'Use actual ability icons' under Miscellaneous, to show the actual icons of abilities on pet cards instead of ability types.
- Added a search box for icons when creating/editing a team tab.
- While queued for a PVP battle, all automatic behavior is suspended and teams will not attempt to load.
- If a team with leveling pets is loaded, adding pets to the queue will also load them to their intended slots if they don't already have a leveling pet.
- Fix for error when last pet in the queue levels to 25 and leaves the queue.

01/01/2015 version 3.2.0
- Leveling queue rewritten and revamped:
  - The pet in the leveling slot will be the top-most pet in the queue. Always.
  - Support for multiple leveling pets on a team.
  - When the queue is sorted, the top-most pet will remain in the top slot and the rest of the pets will sort.
  - Auto Rotate is replaced with Full Sort, which will include the top-most pet in the sort.
  - New Type sort for the queue to order by pet families.
  - The gold Previous/Next buttons beneath loaded leveling pets have been removed.
  - The forced-Auto Rotate behavior for Unsorted/Descending sorts has been removed.
- New leveling pet preferences system:
  - The queue now supports "skipping" pets in the queue to prefer some pets over others.
  - Leveling preferences can be assigned to teams with at least one leveling pet: Minimum Health (or any Magic and Mechanical), and Maximum Level.
  - New queue option 'Prefer Live Pets' to make the queue skip over dead pets and prefer loading live ones.
  - New queue option 'No Preferences' to suspend all preferences.
- New option 'Save leveling pets as themselves' in the leveling preferences when saving a loaded team with leveling pets: to save the pets directly without treating them as leveling pets.
- Added more icon choices when creating/editing a team tab.
- Set/Remove Favorite menu option added to most pet menus.
- Leveling pets in saved teams have their own pet card.
- Entering search text in the default journal while the pet browser is up will close Rematch.
- Pets that are revoked or can't be summoned are colored red in the pet browser.
- Fixed a bug where menus would not expand to the left if it was close to the right edge of the screen while 'Larger Window' option enabled.
- Fixed a bug where renaming a team without changing the name would delete the team.
- A couple new textures were added in this update. If you see neon green rectangles anywhere, exit the game and log back in.

12/05/2014 version 3.1.8
- Fixed a bug where renaming a team will delete its notes.
- Pet filter by quantity now filters for 1, 2+ or 3+ Pets instead of 1, 2 or 3 Pets.
- Leveling queue right-click menu items "Move to Top" and "Move to End" will dismiss menu.
- Pet filter menu items "Load Filters" and "Save Filters" will dismiss menu.
- When searching stats, you can abbreviate Health, Power, Speed and Level as H, P, S and L respectively. ie L<25 or s>300.
- New pet filter "Without Any 25s" under Miscellaneous to filter to all pets without a level 25 variant.
- Old pet filter "Only Level 25s" moved to Miscellaneous and paired with new "Without Any 25s".

11/15/2014 version 3.1.7
- Fix for bug where gaining/losing a pet while default journal has search text will reset the search.

11/12/2014 version 3.1.6
- Increased maximum number of team tabs to 16.
- Team tabs are now scrollable, either with mousewheel or scroll buttons that appear at top and bottom of the tabs if there's anything to scroll.
- Moved the team import button to the left of the team searchbox.
- zhCN and zhTW localization updated.

11/07/2014 version 3.1.5
- Fix for battles that end abnormally, causing auto show/auto load to fail on next targets. (Thanks to Iibis at!)
- Fix for saving over an existing team wiping out its notes.
- Fix for notes button not appearing when creating a new note.
- Fix for rarity border sometimes appearing over leveling border.

11/06/2014 version 3.1.4
- New filter menu item 'Save Filters' to save a snapshot of your current filters for later.
- New filter menu item 'Load Filters' to load the previously saved filters.
- New filter menu item 'Only Level 25s' to list only level 25 pets.
- All filter settings except search text now persists across sessions.
- New browser option 'Reset filters on login' to reset all filters on login.
- The filter menus Rarity and Pet Type now behave the same as Sources when shift is held: it checks everything but the item you shift+clicked.
- Team notes displayed due to 'Show notes in battle' option will dismiss at the end of battle.
- Fixed a bug where Rematch would believe you were still targeting your last target when leaving a pet battle or combat.
- zhCN localization updated.

11/03/2014 version 3.1.3
- When Auto Load is enabled and you're around multiple targets with teams saved, if you don't move an appreciable amount following an auto load, any further auto loads will prompt to load instead of automatically loading. The prompt dialog will tell you when it's happening.
- Slotted pets will say so on pet cards (unless it's a pet card directly from a slotted pet).
- Pets that aren't tradable will say so on the back of their pet card.
- Pets that are unique will say so on the back of their pet card.
- Rename/Release/Cage Pet confirmation dialogs will show pet level (and rarity if 'Hide rarity borders' option left unchecked).
- Fix for scrollable lists sometimes not being scrollable.
- Fix for inability to load teams while on a flight-master flight.
- ESC key with 'Close everything on ESC' should no longer bring up game menu immediately.
- Potential fix for team tab icons not saving.
- Fix for level icons appearing on dialogs when it shouldn't (ie. team tab dialogs).
- zhCN localization updated.

10/31/2014 version 3.1.2
- Notes system reworked:
 - Notes are now a separate window apart from the team card.
 - Notes can be dragged and resized independently from the main window.
 - Notes behave like pet and team cards: mouseover of a notes button shows the notes as a tooltip; clicking a notes button locks the notes in place so you can scroll or edit the notes.
 - New option 'Disable ESC for notes' to prevent ESC from closing any notes.
 - The notes button in the save dialog is removed. Notes can be added/changed by right-clicking a team and choosing 'Set Note' or bringing up an existing note and editing it.
- New option 'Close everything on ESC' will close everything when ESC is hit.
- All four ESC-related options moved to their own category 'Escape Key Behavior'
- zhTW localization udpated.

10/26/2014 version 3.1.1
- Notes limit increased from 256 to 2048 characters.
- New option 'Show notes in battle' to display and lock notes when you enter a pet battle with a team that contains notes.
- Pets under 25 now display their level on team cards and dialogs.
- Current pets, pets on team cards and dialogs now have a colored border to indicate each pets' rarity.
- New option 'Hide rarity borders' to hide the new colored borders.
- Old option 'Always show or load' renamed 'Discard loaded team on changes' with more explanation about what it does in its tooltip.

10/25/2014 version 3.1.0
- New team notes system:
 - When saving a team you can expand the save window with a button in the lower left and type or paste notes to save with the team.
 - To add or edit notes to an already existing team you can right-click the team and choose Set Notes.
 - When the currently-loaded team has a note there will be a notes button beside the name of the team.
  - Mouseover of this button will display the notes as a tooltip.
  - Clicking this button will lock the notes in place so they remain up.
  - You can mousewheel to scroll up/down the notes if they extend beyond the viewable area.
 - Teams with notes will have an icon beside their name in the team list. These notes can be viewed several ways:
  - When the mouse is over the notes icon in the team list.
  - When the mouse is over the title of the "team card"/tooltip, flipping the card to its back.
  - By holding the Alt key while looking at a team card to flip the card over.
 - Locked notes can be dismissed just like the locked pet card: the ESCape key or by clicking one of the "screws" in the corner of the wooden frame.
 - The search box on the team tab will also search for teams with the search text in their notes.
- The "direction" of popup dialogs reworked when the window is collapsed:
 - Before, the dialog appeared in the direction furthest from the edge of the screen. Moving the window around would cause it to show on different sides.
 - Now, regardless where the window is on screen, unless "Show Dialogs at Side" is checked, the dialog appears in the direction the pullout would grow.
 - The option Reverse Dialog Direction will flip it to the other side if you prefer.
- Removed MoP-specific code.
- Optimization of scrollable lists.
- New option: List Real Names to list pets by their real name in the browser even if they've been renamed.
- The "Fill Queue" leveling queue option will no longer add leveling pets if you have a level 25 version of the pet.
- A new "Fill Queue More" leveling queue menu option will add leveling pets even if you have a level 25 version of the pet.
- On the "pet card"/tooltip, when the mouse is over any part of the title area--instead of one of its icons--it will flip the card to the back.
- On the pet card, if you have any level 25 versions of the pet you're looking at, the color of the pennant behind the level will be gold.
- When a dialog appears, all but the current pets area will darken slightly and become uninteractive to prevent weird interactions with dialogs.
- Mouseover of pet totals at bottom of the browser will display more totals: number of pets you own, number of pets you're missing, unique pets you own and level 25 pets.
- When saving a team, if you change the name from the one provided, the team will save with no npc ID.

10/14/2014 version 3.0.16
- Fix for importing PBT teams.

10/14/2014 version 3.0.15
- 6.0 patch

09/25/2014 version 3.0.14
- Fix for error when a team fails to load.

09/20/2014 version 3.0.13
- Fix for unnecessary prompts when leveling pet changes and 'Always show or load' is checked in options.
- If window was up before prompting for a load due to 'Always show or load' in an auto load, it should remain up after the load.
- If 'Always show or load' is not enabled, a new Reload button is added to main window for reloading the current team to its saved pets and abilities.
- Import button moved to top of Teams tab when Reload button is enabled (while 'Always show or load' unchecked).
- 6.0/WoD fix for auto load and targets with saved npcID.
- 6.0/WoD fix for "shine" animation on pets loading and queue operations.

09/18/2014 version 3.0.12
- 6.0/WoD fix for new battle pet petID formats
- 6.0/WoD fix for search box visual bug
- 6.0/WoD fix for icon choices when creating a team tab
- 6.0/WoD fix for jumping to key binding from options

09/07/2014 version 3.0.11
- Options dialog reworked:
  - Instead of a popup dialog, options now use the same space as the pets/teams tabs so you can stretch the list to see more.
  - New options have a yellow ! beside their name to make them stand out.
  - Instead of showing each option's description in a window below the list, the descriptions are a more proper tooltip beside each option.
  - New option Hide Tooltips -> Even Options will hide this new tooltip.
- Search bar added to teams tab.
- New option Reverse Dialog Direction to make the popup dialog appear towards the edge of the screen instead of towards the center.
- New option Larger List Text to make the text in the scrollable lists (pets, teams, options) a little bigger.
- New pet browser filter: Miscellaneous -> In A Team/Not In A Team will filter pets depending on whether they're in a Rematch team.

09/01/2014 version 3.0.10
- Show on Injured option will work for pets at less than 100% life instead of 90% life.
- Bug fix for browser type bar buttons not lighting up properly.
- Bug fix for scrollbars not being active at times when near end of lists.
- New option Auto Show -> Stay after loading, to keep the window on screen after loading a team when the window was shown via Auto Show.
- New option Auto Load -> Show after loading, to show the window after a team is automatically loaded.
- Partial Spanish localization (esES and esMX) by Phanx.

08/19/2014 version 3.0.9
- Removed WoD version number so the addon will not appear out of date on MoP clients.
- WoD-only bug fix for auto show and auto load of teams saved with an npc ID.
- New option "Show dialogs at side" to make dialogs appear beside the expaded window instead of ontop.

08/13/2014 version 3.0.8
- Bug fix: If 'Empty missing pet slot' option is unchecked and the leveling queue is empty, loading a team will not empty the slot reserved for a leveling pet.
- zhTW and zhCN localization updates.

08/09/2014 version 3.0.7
- Teams with leveling pets will not cause the window to show after it's been loaded via Auto Load.
- When a team loads with missing pets, a popup will display with the missing pets marked.
- This popup includes a checkbox "Don't warn about missing pets" to prevent further popups.
- You can also turn this on/off under Loading Options in the options dialog.
- zhCN localization update.

08/07/2014 version 3.0.6
- Warlord of Draenor beta compatable. WoD users please see notes near end.
- Better handling of revoked pets.

08/06/2014 version 3.0.5
- Auto Load made less aggressive

08/05/2014 version 3.0.4
- New option Jump To Key: While the mouse is over the team list or pet browser, hitting a key will jump to the next team or pet that begins with that letter.
- New option Auto Load -> On Target Only: Auto load will only happen when you target, not mouseover.
- New option Always Show or Load: Continue to offer to load (or auto load) teams if any pets or abilities are changed in the loaded team.
- If window appears due to Auto Show option, it will disappear if you choose to load the offered team.
- Popup dialogs (like "Load this team?") no longer overlap the collapsed window.
- Popup dialogs no longer prohibit interacting with the main window.
- Fixed bug where ESC wouldn't clear target (or other windows) if ESC disabled for window.
- Fixed bug where ESC would collapse window instead of clearing focus in browser search box.
- zhTW localization.

08/01/2014 version 3.0.3
- Bug fix: window will reappear after a pet battle only if it was up when the battle started
- ESC system reworked again
- Stay While Targeting behavior made standard
- zhCN localization

07/30/2014 version 3.0.2
- Auto load/auto show disabled during pet battles.
- Attempting to load a team during combat or pet battle will wait until afterwards.

07/28/2014 version 3.0.1
- Fix for auto load when window isn't visible.
- Fix for teams not loading dead pets.

07/28/2014 version 3.0.0
- UI revamped and rewritten.
- Teams and Pets (Browser+Queue) are separate tabs in the pullout drawer.
- Teams can be grouped into user-created tabs within the team tab.
- The window height can be resized with a grip at the bottom of the window.
- More browser filter options.
- Saving a team goes through a more consistent dialog.
- Default dropdown menu system replaced with custom implementation.
- New reusable dialog system.
- The behavior of ESC reworked.
- The pet journal can be open alongside the pet browser.

07/02/2014 version 2.4.9
- "Rebuild Teams" button near the end of options.
- Behind-the-scenes team validation on login removed.

06/16/2014 version 2.4.8
- When turning on Auto Rotate in leveling queue, first pet in queue immediately loaded.
- Moving topmost leveling pet to end of queue will set new topmost as current leveling pet.
- Option to filter Only Tradeable pets in pet browser.

06/05/2014 version 2.4.7
- Localization update for zhTW, zhCN.

06/02/2014 version 2.4.6
- Ability tooltips now look more like the pet cards.
- New option: Larger Pet Cards for slightly bigger pet cards and ability tooltips.
- New option: Show on Injured to show the window if any pets are injured.
- Localization update for zhTW, zhCN.

05/29/2014 version 2.4.5
- If the addon Pet Battle Teams is enabled, a button is listed at the end of Rematch's options to import teams.
- Localization update for zhTW and zhCN.
- Localization method reworked.

05/27/2014 version 2.4.4
- Fix for new Only Battle Pets option

05/26/2014 version 2.4.3
- Searching for level can be done in the stat format too: "level<25" or "level=11-15"
- You can now search for levels, stats and text all at once: "health>700 level<25 bleed"
- New option: Wide Search Bar for more room to type searches.
- New option: Use Type Bar since the toggle button will be gone with the wide search bar enabled.
- New option: Only Battle Pets to keep non-battle pets like Guild Heralds from listing.
- If the window was up and you enter combat, it will return afterwards regardless of locked status.
- Minor changes like options list not reverting to top and rarity searches excluding non-battle pets.
- Fix for two Rematch buttons appearing on journal when using some addons
- Update for zhTW localization

05/24/2014 version 2.4.2
- zhTW localization updated by leg883
- Changed method of the Rematch button finding a free spot on the default pet journal
- New option: Hide Journal Button for the (hopefully rare) case when another addon wants the same space
- New option: Use Minimap Button to give up the fight for journal space and use a minimap button instead
- Key Bindings button at the end of options will jump to the key binding interface to bind a key to open Rematch
- Battle button in pullout drawer to queue for pvp pet battles

05/18/2014 version 2.4.1
- zhCN localization updated by zkpjy
- In the browser you can now search for a stat greater or less than a value: ie "speed>300"
- Pets with xp towards next level now have an xp bar in the leveling queue
- If any pet is dead when a team loads, the Rematch window will appear to remind you and let you heal them.

05/16/2014 version 2.4.0
- Leveling queue revamp (see below)
- Some tooltips added
- Option to hide tooltips
- LDB support added
- Partial health amount shown on pet cards
- Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

04/06/2014 version 2.3.8
- Update for zhTW, zhCN and deDE clients.

04/03/2014 version 2.3.7
- New browser filter 'Only Leveling' to only list leveling pets.
- New option 'Close Pet Journal' to close the pet journal when the browser wants to open.
- Sort order is preserved between sessions.

03/30/2014 version 2.3.6
- zhTW localization by Leg883

03/29/2014 version 2.3.5
- deDE localization by Tonyleila
- zhCN localization by Zkpjy
- Options panel reworked

03/21/2014 version 2.3.4
- Beginning of localization support.

03/17/2014 version 2.3.3
- You can now filter by Type, Strong vs and Tough vs simultaneously.
- Facelift for the browser pullout type bar.
- When a search or type filter is used in the browser, pet cards are marked with what caused the pet to be listed.
- Buttons added to the top and bottom of the browser scrollbar to jump to top and bottom of the list.
- Minor fixes for non-battle pets.

03/09/2014 version 2.3.2
- Fix for 'Start Leveling' in default pet journal.
- Double-clicking a pet in the browser will summon/dismiss it.
- Dead pets are marked in the browser.
- Possible fix for browser scrolling bug.

03/08/2014 version 2.3.1
- Fix for very very old ability icons throwing a lua error due to their size.
- Jump To Key will not jump while a modifier key is down.
- Pets in the browser can be linked to chat.
- If the browser was open when opening pet journal, it will return when pet journal closes.
- Favorite filter only lists favorites that meet other criterea

03/07/2014 version 2.3.0
- New pet browser for finding pets to add to your teams.
- When a pet is clicked, the pet card locks in place so you can mouseover abilities and other parts of the card.
- More breed support with the Battle Pet Breed ID addon enabled: all possible breeds and their stats at 25 will show when you mouseover the stats of a pet card.
- Pet cards and tooltips have more consistent anchors.
- Jump to Team option renamed Jump to Key and performs the same action for the browser as it does for teams.
- Hints window reworked again.
- When caging one of multiple same-species pets in a team, the saved slot it's removed from will be greyed out and left alone.
- Fix for abilities not linking to chat from current pets.

02/22/2014 version 2.2.9
- New option Use Side Panel to use a pullout panel for manipulating pets/queue and Auto Load while window is collapsed.
- New option Stay For Battle to not hide Rematch during pet battles.
- Hints window now also shows pet types the selected team is weak against.
- Pet cards and tooltips more intelligently position themselves to stay out of the way.
- More options in right-click of leveling pets.
- Leveling slot now displays pet level.

02/19/2014 version 2.2.8
- Fix for revoked pets preventing teams from loading
- If Rematch is up when a battle starts, it will hide and return when it's over

02/11/2014 version 2.2.7
- Leveling pets are marked in the pet journal
- Changed leveling pet icon
- Fix for leveling queue context menu titles

02/01/2014 version 2.2.6
- When teams are loaded, pets will load into the slot they were saved.
- A selected team will display whether any pets are dead.
- Auto Load will only happen once per encounter of a saved target, to allow changing pets while at the target.
- New option Auto Load->Always Load: to preserve old behavior of always auto loading.
- New option Empty Missing: When a team loads and a pet is missing, empty the slot the pet would go to.
- Fix for dead icon persisting on empty slots.
- Fix for current pet header not being draggable.
- Help plate for leveling slot if it's empty to explain what it does.
- /rematch import to import PBT teams will have empty slots converted to leveling pets and the 'Empty Missing' option enabled for an easier transition.

01/29/2014 version 2.2.5
- Fix for error on right-click menu of leveling slot

01/29/2014 version 2.2.4
- Species IDs are saved with teams in case pet IDs are ever lost/changed.
- Auto Load without On Mouseover option should work when right-clicking to initiate battle.
- Full support for empty slots in teams.

01/25/2014 version 2.2.3
- Rename, Send, Export and Delete moved to a right-click on the team in the team list.
- Fix for current team title not updating if pets don't change.
- Fix for ESCape sometimes throwing an error.
- Possible fix for pet loading issue.

01/28/2014 version 2.2.2
- Current pets titled after the team they loaded from (unless any pets/abilities swapped).
- New Rename button in pullout drawer to rename teams.
- New option Jump To Team: when the mouse is over team list, hitting a key will jump to the next team that begins with that letter.
- ESCape key behavior streamlined.
- New binding to toggle Auto Load on/off.

01/10/2014 version 2.2.1
- Fix for "Wrong object type" error some are seeing.

01/10/2013 version 2.2.0
- Many internal changes (large parts rewritten, mostly with how the UI works).
- Current pet abilities can be changed right on the UI.
- Saved pet section collapses if window collapsed and no saved team to show.
- New option 'Lock Drawer' to prevent window from collapsing with Escape key.
- Help button added to show help plates for important parts of UI.
- If the window is closed without being collapsed, it will return in same state.
- Escape key now clears the selected team before collapsing the window.
- Auto-Show/Load will no longer dismiss the window if it was up already.
- 'Put Leveling Pet Here' added to current pets' right-click menu.
- Save button changes to 'Save As' when it will ask for a name.

12/14/2013 version 2.1.5
- 'Add to Leveling Queue' on journal pet menus will add the pet to the end of leveling queue.
- Removed 5.4.1 taint bug fix that's no longer needed.
- Fix for leaving pet battle as a pet dings 25 when you can't swap pets.

12/06/2013 version 2.1.4
- New option 'Auto Upgrade': When learning a pet, automatically upgrade any lesser versions of the pet in your saved teams.

11/29/2013 version 2.1.3
- New leveling queue system (explained below).
- Right-click on a journal pet now has a new option to start/stop leveling a pet.
- Right-click on all but saved pets in Rematch can now summon/dismiss pets in addition to start/stop leveling them.
- If a current pet is below 25, the level is displayed on the pet.

11/07/2013 version 2.1.2
- Confirmation window for deleting or saving over an existing team.
- Auto Confirm option to skip the confirmation window.
- Auto Load->On Mouseover option to auto load on mouseover instead of target.
- Changed pullout drawer button.

11/04/2013 version 2.1.1
- Caged pets will remember their species/abilities instead of creating an empty slot
- Fixes for auto load preventing window from appearing in some situations

11/03/2013 version 2.1
- Leveling pet system revamped
- Minor tweaks and fixes

10/29/2013 version 2.0.10
- Fix for taint issue introduced by 5.4.1 patch

10/28/2013 version 2.0.9
- Fix for Pet Journal not being updated on team loads

10/27/2013 version 2.0.8
- Fix for disconnect bug. (Thanks Tonyleila and Aloak!)
- /rematch migrate will migrate Pet Battle Teams to Rematch if that addon is enabled.

10/27/2013 version 2.0.7
- Rematch button on pet journal will move based on the existence of other buttons along the bottom.

10/24/2013 version 2.0.6
- Pets can be dragged around to different slots or from the pet journal.
- All three pets can be locked independently with the lock button when you mouseover them.
- Auto Show behavior is a little more intelligent.
- Holding Shift while window is locked will let you move it.
- Added Rematch button to Pet Journal.
- Keep Companion should be a little more reliable.

10/18/2013 version 2.0.5
- Fix for saving low level pets caused by fix from last update.

10/18/2013 version 2.0.4
- Low level pets with abilities higher than they can use will low lower tier ability.
- Low level current pets only show abilities they can use.
- Team loads taking too long will stop trying.
- BAG_UPDATE throttled.

10/18/2013 version 2.0.3
- Redesigned and polished UI.
- A pull-out drawer to see all your saved teams.
- Save custom teams that are not tied to a target.
- Send your saved teams to other users.
- Export/import teams as copy-pastable strings for/from other users.
- Saved teams will display types they're strong against.
- Buttons for Revive Battle Pets/Bandages on the window.
- Auto Load option to automatically load teams without needing to open the window.
- Keep Companion option to summon back companion pets after a load.
- NPC ID awareness so you're not getting a popup for every Lorewalker Cho in the world.
- Other options and details.

09/11/2013 version 1.0.5
- toc update for 5.4

08/06/2013 version 1.0.4
- Fix for saved pets caged or missing.

05/21/2013 version 1.0.3
- toc update for 5.4

03/16/2013 version 1.0.2
- added 'Auto Show' option
- UI changed a bit

03/13/2013 version 1.0.1
- initial release


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  • #437

    I'm not completely sure if this is a Rematch error or a Blizzard default UI one >.<


    Message: Interface\FrameXML\LevelUpDisplay.lua:652: bad argument #1 to 'insert' (table expected, got nil)
    Time: 03/01/15 16:05:22
    Count: 1
    Stack: [C]: in function `insert'
    Interface\FrameXML\LevelUpDisplay.lua:652: in function `LevelUpDisplay_AddBattlePetLevelUpEvent'
    Interface\FrameXML\LevelUpDisplay.lua:372: in function <Interface\FrameXML\LevelUpDisplay.lua:332>

    Locals: (*temporary) = nil
    (*temporary) = <table> {
     subText = "Level 4"
     subIcon = <table> {
     entryType = "petlevelup"
     text = "Leviathan Hatchling Has Reached"
     icon = "Interface\ICONS\INV_Pet_Leviathan_Green.blp"
    (*temporary) = "table expected, got nil"

  • #440

    The chance that this addon is in any way related to that error is extremely remote.

  • #434

    Request:  Would it be possible to indicate in your tooltips whether the pet belongs to a saved team and/or which saved team the pet belongs to?

  • #436

    This is a great idea.  Thanks for suggesting it!

    I'll probably put a button on the card to indicate the pet is a part of a team, and mouseover of the button will list the teams.

  • #433

    Request: I wonder if others agree, but I'd like to see the safari hat button next to the pvp queue button instead of the current 50% xp cookie.

    I already ate two cookies by misclick accidents.

  • #435

    The Find Battle button will probably be moving back to its spot between the bandage and pet tab.

    Are you able to add/remove pets to the queue from the journal now?

  • #438

    I think that functionality has been restored, yes. I'll pay special attention soon.

  • #431

    Can Rematch be made to recognize the different versions of Erris the Collector? the collector

    Each one fields a different set, but currently it seems the addon only notes her name and saves the team under that.

    Also, I asked this previously but I think it got lost in the shuffle, is there any way Rematch can save a camera angle and default to that when entering a pet battle?

    Last edited by solitha on 2/28/2015 1:52:19 AM
  • #432
    • When you save a new team with an npc targeted, the team is named in white and it will react only to that npcID.
    • When you save a new team without an npc targeted, the team is named in gold and it will react to anything that happens to have the exact name.

    If you have a team saved for Erris and the name of the team is white, load the team, delete it, and save it again naming it "Erris the Collector" (Case Sensitive) and it will react to any version of her.How teams are saved internally is going to change over the next few updates, and one of the earlier ones will allow removing the npcID associated with a team more easily.

    And I'm sorry but Rematch's scope is limited to pets and teams.  It really has no business dealing with the camera angle in battles.  It's a decent idea for an addon, hopefully someone makes it for you.  Also if you flip back to your previous post I wrote a script for the specific request you wanted.

    Last edited by Gello on 2/28/2015 6:17:21 AM
  • #425

    Hey - first of all - I love your addon. Great work! :D

    Unfortunately I also have some trouble with my Pet Journal Interface. I cannot add pets to the leveling queue anymore by right-clicking and "Start Leveling" or "Add to Leveling Queue". There are no blue arrows showing for me in the journal. My Rematch version is 3.3.5.

  • #426

    Thanks for mentioning you're also seeing it.  So far I'm unable to reproduce it.  In the meantime you can add/remove pets from the queue from the pet tab in Rematch.

    Can one of you affected by this do me a favor and disable your pet-journal-related addons, and see if you still can't add/remove from the queue?

    Also for anyone in general, especially those who use Rematch alongside the default journal, I'm very anxious to hear of any ideas to improve the experience of using Rematch without the journal.

  • #430

    Ok, I did some testing and the issues I was having appear to have been corrected with the newest version of Rematch.  My pet journal is still acting rather wonky (it resorted my pets after a pet battle and put the leveling pet in the wrong place on the list, but that is an issue that is not related to this add on... at least I don't see how it could be).  The interaction with Rematch, on the other hand, is now working the way it should.

    Oh, I already use the "larger window" and "larger list text" options... but I am extremely nearsighted and my vision has gotten a lot worse now that I am in my 50s.

    Last edited by Maizing on 2/26/2015 8:43:53 PM
  • #429
    Quote from Maizing »

    I see you've already updated the add on since my last post, so I have just dowloaded the newest version and will report back if the issues are fixed.  Rematch itself has worked great through all of this (I have just had to use the mini map button to open it if I want to do anything with adding or removing pets from the leveling queue), but I am getting older and my vision is not the best, so I prefer to work on my teams through the larger interface on the default pet journal and that has not been interacting properly with any of my pet battle add ons.

    I'm not fully confident that update corrected the issue but it is possible. Let me know if it has.  It was the already-planned fix for the (supposedly rare) situation when the journal is loaded before it should be.  I didn't have time today to do any addon work but I will have lots of time this weekend.  I may rebuild how the journal interaction works.

    In the meantime, if you'd like, check in options for 'Larger window' and 'Larger list text'.  With that and the fully resizable window you can get a pretty large interface.

    One of the huge benefits to being a stand-alone addon is that it's free of all entanglement with the default UI and other addons.  Regardless what changes are made to the default UI or other addons, as long as the underlying API doesn't change, this one can truck along with minimal maintenance or interference.  I very much want to keep this addon stand-alone so it can continue to work through many more patches.  (For those who don't use the pet journal, and use a key binding or minimap button or /rematch macro or LDB button to open the addon--I'll gladly add more ways to open it!--they could be running on a version from before the patch and not noticed anything.)

    All that said, I'm in the planning stages of an optional module to integrate Rematch into the journal.  I'm very keen to keep this addon resilient and I have ideas on how to do that and still integrate it into the journal in a "stand-alone" capacity.

  • #428

    I see you've already updated the add on since my last post, so I have just dowloaded the newest version and will report back if the issues are fixed.  Rematch itself has worked great through all of this (I have just had to use the mini map button to open it if I want to do anything with adding or removing pets from the leveling queue), but I am getting older and my vision is not the best, so I prefer to work on my teams through the larger interface on the default pet journal and that has not been interacting properly with any of my pet battle add ons.

  • #427

    Yes, I have tried disabling all other pet journal related addons (in my case Pet Journal Enhanced, which I hardly use anymore anyways due to your great addon) and Pet Tracker even before posting here. The error is still there, even after disabling both of the other addons...

    I now noticed that every now and then a blue level up arrow pops up in my pet journal - but it is not displayed at the correct pets (e.g. it should be at my level 23 Xu-Fu and instead is shown always at the same spot in the journal, no matter which pet is there, even when the page is filled only with level 25s)

    Level queue problem

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