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  • Supports: 6.2.2
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  • Updated 11/12/2015
  • Created 09/22/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Rematch 4.0.8

About Rematch

Rematch is a pet journal alternative for managing pets and teams.


  • Save and load teams per target.
  • Store unlimited teams in up to 12 user-defined tabs.
  • Manage and automatically slot leveling pets with the Leveling Queue.
  • Find counters with extended pet filters such as Strong Vs and Tough Vs.
  • Search for abilities and text within abilities.
  • Add notes to teams or pets as reminders or to find later with search.
  • Send teams to other Rematch users or share with plain-text exported teams.
  • Use integrated with the journal or in a minimizable standalone window.
  • And much, much more!

How to use

Rematch initially replaces your default pet journal. You can switch back to the default journal anytime by unchecking the Rematch checkbox at the bottom of the journal.

A minimizable standalone window can be summoned a few ways:

  • From a key binding defined in the default key binding interface.
  • /rematch macro command.
  • "Use Minimap Button" in options will create a minimap button.
  • From its LDB button if you have a Broker infobar addon.

Tooltips explain many parts of the addon. Poke around and experiment! Check out the options. There are several views and a lot of features to the addon you can discover over time.


You can save an unlimited number of teams in up to 12 user-defined tabs.

  • When saving a team, if you choose a target, Rematch will know what team to load when you interact with that target later.
  • Teams that contain a target are named in white. Teams without a target are named in gold.
  • In options you can choose to automatically load these team when you interact with their target, or to prompt instead for more control over when their teams load.
  • The standard behavior of a team tab is to sort all teams alphabetically. You can rearrange the order of teams by right-clicking its tab and checking "Custom Sort". While checked, right-click teams within the tab to move them around.
  • You can add notes to a team from its right-click menu. These notes can be used for strategies, for tagging purposes (search will include these notes) or any other information you want. Notes can be up to 4k in length.


To help make these teams, Rematch has expanded filter options, a TypeBar (opened by clicking the arrow next to the search box) for easily finding counters, and enhanced search ability.

If you open the TypeBar there are three tabs: Types, Strong Vs and Tough Vs:

  • Types allows you to quickly filter to a specific type or group of types.
  • Strong Vs will filter the list to pets that do increased damage to the chosen types. For instance choosing Magic will list all pets with attacks that are strong against Magic (all pets with Dragonkin attacks).
  • Tough Vs will filter the list to pets that receive reduced damage to the chosen types. For instance choosing Magic will list all Mechanical pets.
  • You can combine these to find double counters: For instance Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji is a flying pet with all elemental attacks. If you select Strong Vs Flying and Tough Vs Elemental you'll get a list of snails and other critters with magic attacks.

In the search box, you can not only search for the names of pets and their source, you can also search for:

  • Abilities ("Call Lightning" will list all pets that have this ability.)
  • Text within abilities ("Bleed" will list all pets that cause a target to Bleed or is affected by Bleeding.)
  • Level ranges ("level=25" or "level>10" or "level=8-13" will display specific levels or a range of levels.)
  • Stat ranges ("health>700" or "speed=250-350" or "power>276" are some examples.)


  • Information about pets are found in a pet card that acts like a tooltip.
  • Clicking a pet while viewing its card will lock the card in place so you can mouseover parts of the card for more details.
  • While viewing a pet card, hold <Alt> to flip the card to its back for its lore and where the pet can be found. You can also mouseover the icons at the top of the card to flip it over.
  • Like teams, pets can have notes attached to them from their right-click menu. You can use these notes for anything you want to remember about them, or for tagging purposes: add "#find" in notes for pets you want to find, and then search for "#find" to list all pets with this tag.

Leveling Queue

Rematch has a robust system for leveling pets with the leveling queue. The queue is a place to put all the pets you want to level.

  • You can order the queue however you like, or let the addon sort the queue for you.
  • When you save a team with one of these leveling pets, its slot will be reserved for future leveling pets (noted by a blue up-arrow icon).
  • When loading a team with a saved leveling slot, the reserved slot will be filled by the top-most pet from the queue (or the most preferred, see below).
  • You can also right-click a pet in the team list and choose "Put Leveling Pet Here" to convert it to a leveing pet.
  • When a pet reaches level 25 (gratz!) it will automatically leave the queue and the next leveling pet will take its place.
  • In the Queue button menu, you can fill the queue with many pets at once. For instance: in the pet panel, filter pets to High Level (15-24) and Rare, then choose Fill Queue to add level 15-24 rares to the queue.
  • For some opponents, just grabbing the top pet from the queue can kill your low level pets, or you want finer control over what pets load for a specific target. If you right-click a team that contains a leveling pet, you can click "Set Preferences" to choose various health and level ranges to refine which pet the queue will pick when a team loads.

Sharing Teams

Teams can be shared with friends directly in-game or through an export/import feature.

  • To share a team in-game with another Rematch user, right-click a team and choose Share->Send Team. A dialog will ask for a name, which can be either an online character or a friend. If it reports the team was succesfully sent, the recipient now has a popup with your team they can save.
  • You can also share teams by exporting them either in Plain Text or as a String from the same Share menu.
  • You can share with yourself too! If you don't regularly backup your SavedVariables and want an easy way to backup your teams, right-click a team tab and Export Tab. It will export the whole tab in string format. Paste this text in an email to yourself or in a text file someplace to keep a backup of your teams.

Other Addons

A major goal with Rematch is to make it behave well regardless of what other battle pet addons you're using.

  • If you have the Battle Pet BreedID addon (or PetTracker_Breeds included in PetTracker), Rematch will display the breed alongside each pet and a list of possible breeds on the pet card. If you use Battle Pet Breed ID, mouseover the possible breeds to see the stats each breed have as a 25 rare.
  • If you have the addon Pet Battle Teams enabled, "Import From Pet Battle Teams" is added to the Teams button menu to copy all of your PBT teams to Rematch, repairing them if need be.
  • If you choose to continue using PBT alongside Rematch (many do!), make sure you lock your PBT teams or auto save in PBT is disabled. The default behavior of PBT is to change the pets in your currently-selected team to whatever is loaded.
  • If you have a Broker infobar addon or TitanPanel, it will create a button on your bars to toggle Rematch.
  • If Rematch is hiding an addon you want to access on the default journal, remember to uncheck "Rematch" at the bottom of the journal. You can turn Rematch back on whenever you want, or use the standalone Rematch window and leave the default journal and other addons alone.

Future Plans

Long-time users will know that features get added (and occasionally removed!) over time. I'm always open to suggestions for new features, but with a careful scope to prevent the addon from becoming a bloated behemoth.

The scope of the addon is limited to features that would make sense in a pet journal or in the manipulation of teams. Rematch will stay out of battles and avoid features not related to pets or teams.

Some of the features currently planned:

  • Marking teams as Favorite to list at the top of their tab and also in the minimap button for quickly loading favorite teams.
  • Scripted filters to allow a near-infinite variety of filters (pets with no rare versions, pets with movesets not known, pets with unique abilities, pets that haven't been renamed, etc) with a bit of lua without hand-coding each filter into the addon.
  • Look into scaling/resizing options.
  • Set leveling preferences for a whole tab.
  • Supporting breeds on export/import.
  • Multiple search terms at once.
  • Allow multiple targets to be stored in a team.
  • Allow multiple teams to be stored for a target.
  • Understudy on pet card for loading an alternative pet if it's dead or injured.
  • A method of choosing alternate teams if the saved team has dead or injured pets.
  • A "team builder" mode that lets you slot pets you don't own or abilities that pets can't use yet.

In Conclusion

There's a great deal more to Rematch. Play around with it and experiment. See if you can create new team combos that have never been tried before. Thanks for using it!

If you have any suggestions, feedback, bugs to report or anything else you'd like to share, feel free to leave a comment here.

11/12/2015 version 4.0.8
- Moved notes window resize grip to main notes window beneath the scrollbar (when notes unlocked).
- Made currently loaded team in team lists a little more obvious.
- Fixed bug causing move menu items sometimes not showing for teams in a custom sorted tab.
- Fixed a couple texture widths in queue while single panel mode active.

11/06/2015 version 4.0.7
- Potential fix for frame level bug caused by last update and interaction with some addons.

11/05/2015 version 4.0.6
- Added Collection Statistics window with a breakdown of pets. It's summoned by clicking the total/unique pet count button in the topleft of the multi-panel windows.
- Added icons to source filter menu.
- Elevated maximum frame level for the journal portion of the addon.
- Fixed bug causing menus and other widgets to hide automatically in high-traffic areas.
- Fixed bug causing unsummonable red tint to linger onto missing pets in pet list.

10/29/2015 version 4.0.5
- Option panel headers are now collapsible to more easily navigate options.
- New option group Preferred Window Mode: When Rematch is automatically shown you can now choose what mode to show (minimized, maximized or pet journal).
- Renamed Hide Menu Help to Hide Extra Help.
- Added mention of [Alt] key behavior on pet card, removable with the Hide Extra Help option.
- Updated Teams button menu to reflect new options.
- Summoned pets are now highlighted in the pet list.
- Mouse up/down/drag events to the Rematch journal will pass through to default CollectionsJournal.
- While "Double Click To Send To Top" is enabled under Leveling Queue Options, double-clicking the top-most pet will summon it.
- Loadout slots are visually locked when queued for pvp or while on another shared account.
- Added text to titlebars of pet card and notes.
- Fixed bug preventing menu help from displaying if Hide Tooltip option enabled.

10/18/2015 version 4.0.4
- Fix for lua error introduced in last update when no team is loaded.
- When importing multiple teams, they can now include non-team text at the start of the pasted string.

10/16/2015 version 4.0.3
- Teams can now be favorited like pets: Set Favorite/Remove Favorite from their right-click menu.
- Favorite teams will list at the top of their tab, unless the tab is custom sorted.
- Right-click of the minimap button will now show a menu of favorite teams to load.
- Teams can be shared with Real ID friends by name ("John Doe") in addition to their battle tag.
- Extended scrollwheelable area to cover scrollbars for pets, teams, queue and options panels.
- Fixed pet model not always displaying properly when dragging a pet to a loadout slots.
- Fixed potential lua error for very old teams (from MoP era).

10/12/2015 version 4.0.2
- Added "Minimal Minimized Window" under Standalone Window Options to remove titlebar and tabs while minimized.
- Added "Hide Pet"/"Unhide Pet" to the right-click menu of pets in the pet list.
- Added "Hidden Pets" under "Other" pet filters to show these hidden pets.
- Added option "Don't Ask When Hiding Pets" under Miscellaneous Options to not show a confirmation dialog when hiding pets.
- Added "Current Zone" under "Other" pet filters.
- Added number of pets at max level and number of pets not collected to tooltip of total pets.
- Tooltip for Last Loaded Team panel displays team name if truncated in panel, target name if not same as team, and new user help when no team loaded.

10/09/2015 version 4.0.1
- Added option "Always Show When Targeting" under Team & Targeting Options to show the minimized window on all saved targets always.
- Added option "Smaller Standalone Window" under Standalone Window Options to shrink the window and pet cards by 20%.
- Option "Keep Notes On Screen" under Pet Card & Notes Option will now keep notes up even when changing tabs or hiding the window.
- Added option "Double Click To Send To Top" under Leveling Queue Options.
- Added option "Use Default Pet Journal" under Miscellaneous Options to disable Rematch integration with the pet journal.
- Added clear button (little X) in target panel to clear most recent target.
- Added bindings to toggle notes, pets, teams and queue tabs.
- Added Changelog.lua to Localization folder to log changes to localization strings.

10/05/2015 version 4.0.0
- 4.0 is live. Recap of changes:
- Everything!


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  • #925

    a minor issue but I've noticed several icons aren't available for use on the tabs. I was looking for a good icon for a tab for garrison daily fights but the garrison hearthstone, garrison resources or blueprints icons aren't found. ended up using inv_misc_idol_05 which is the shipyard hearthstone

  • #926

    Yeah there are literally close to 15 thousand icons in the game (14767 the last time I extracted art).  It only uses the 3862 icons that the game chooses for macros without digging into the spellbook like the macro UI does (or the equipped gear like the equip manager does).

    I wanted to make entering a name in that little search box see if it matched an existing icon (so you could do "inv_garrison_hearthstone" or any of the 15k icons) but they removed the ability to tell if a texture exists grr, so it was a huge ugly green icon stuck at the end of the search results all the time which was very ugly.

    I'll look into adding maybe icons of items in bags and stuff to add a few more.

    In the meantime if you want, paste this into chat (it's one line but curse wraps it here):

    /run RematchSettings.TeamGroups[1][2] = "Interface\\Icons\\INV_Garrison_HearthStone"

    Change that 1 to the number of the tab (counting from the top, 1 being the default general tab) and it will change its icon to the garrison hearthstone icon.

    edit: the next update (4.1, hopefully Wednesday later this week) will add the icons of everything in bags, worn gear and all battle pet icons to the choice of icons.

    Last edited by Gello on 11/25/2015 1:26:30 PM
  • #927



  • #923

    Hey there

    Any chance in the leveling queue to add an option to ignore dead pets and go to the next one alive? I am leveling a bunch of level 1 pets, and occasionally one dies, if I go to the next pet and level that one (with active sort on) the queue won't go to the next pet after that battle, because it's dead.

    Great addon btw

    Last edited by Mugafo on 11/16/2015 6:15:44 PM
  • #924

    Sure.  The option will be named "Prefer Living Pets" under Leveling Queue Options and will be in next update.

  • #922

    Another test post.  Sorry for messing up these comments!  If this comment stays then we're likely past whatever snarl was causing the issues below.

  • #914

    Is it possible make the pet detail window fixed to 1 location? The UI for rematch is actually OK, except 1 thing: the pet detail window, it always on top of the main UI blocking the main UI, and u cant move it to new location, I mean, it reset back to its original place when ever u select new pet to view, this is quite annoying.

    Last edited by cheebc on 11/16/2015 2:36:33 PM
  • #921

    Check "Allow Pet Cards To Be Pinned" under Pet Card & Notes Options to allow you to drag the pet card somewhere else and pin it. It will stay there until you move it again.

    I've debated making a plugin that only attaches teams to the journal and doesn't touch the rest.  But it'd have no leveling queue, no leveling pets, no expanded pet list/filters, etc.  We'll see how the addon evolves.

  • #906

    Loving the updates. A couple of suggestions:
    - Add health filter option (to find pets with a certain HP range)
    - Rearrange family bar in order of strengths (ie, Flying > Aquatic > Elemental, etc)

    And a couple of (probably stupid) questions:
    - What exactly is "Moveset Not at 25"?
    - What is the difference between "Strong vs" and "Tough vs"?

    Thanks, Gello. :)

  • #917


    Team Manager - Wiki Platform Team

    Curse, Inc.

  • #919

    Testing back on main computer.

  • #918

    Testing. Trying another computer entirely.

    edit: editing with main computer. If this post disappears, it's this computer's fault!

    edit2: made a new reply to #906, it disappeared too.  Was reply #920, I think. Just posted a reply #921 to cheebc's post. We'll see if that stays.

    Last edited by Gello on 11/16/2015 4:06:17 PM
  • #899

    Hi Gello.  Thanks for working on this addon, I've found it to be invaluable.

    I'd like to make a feature request for the long term.  When leveling pets (especially during the Pet Battle Event), its sometimes inefficient to figure out what level carry pet to bring in for a battle. I obviously want to maximize the experience that is coming in, and push the pet as close to level 25 (or just a tiny bit over).

    Most of the data related to the calculation of expected carry pet experience has been gathered over on Warcraftpets forums (  Since your addon knows what trainer a team is saved for, maybe you can integrate this carry pet experience calculation so that. instead of picking a leveling pet based on the four existing queue sorting methods, it could pick a pet (or pets) that would benefit most from the experience. For example, using an early level 20 pet for pandaria trainers which will go right to 25 while taking into account the Pet Battle Even, pet treat, lesser pet treat & safari hat.

    The way I'd see this working is to have a "Suggested" queue sort method, and when a trainer is targetted (and/or when a saved team is loaded for that trainer), the addon would do the calculation for expected carry pet experience and then place a pet into the leveling slot which would most benefit be getting it as close to 25 as possible without going over (or going over, but wasting as little XP as possible.

    Last edited by Karadine on 11/13/2015 2:21:59 AM
  • #900

    Thanks for this suggestion.  It's been suggested in the past and was shot down because at the time Rematch didn't store details about each noteworthy target and it already had a sort for optimum xp for the vast majority of levelling pets.  But I'll think about this again now that it does store a table of information about noteworthy npc's.

    You probably already know this but the Median sort (pets closest to 10.5) is precisely from that thread and Jere's work to figure out optimum xp.  All Northrend, Cataclysm, Pandarian, Darkmoon and Draenor tamers (with the exception of Erris/Kura in garrison) have an optimum level of 10-11.  A level 12 pet will earn more xp than a level 13 pet, and a level 8 pet will earn more xp than a level 7 pet.  Erris/Kura have an optimum level of 9-10.  The optimum level is different for Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor and Outland too.

    But now that there's a table in the addon where it could store the details (opponent pet level, tamer coefficient, etc) for each noteworthy npc, it could use the formula itself and predict how much xp each pet in the queue would get, and the queue can sort from highest to lowest xp.  And at that point it may as well incorporate buffs and subtract any xp over 23885 (when a pet reaches level 25) and it could then sort by optimum xp that would be actually applied.

    Like preferences, it would go by the npc in the loaded team.

  • #905
    Quote from Karadine »
    Quote from Gello » Are you simply asking for the above to take buffs/events into account to adjust the maximum level without user intervention?  Or something else?

    Yes, exactly.  Setting a max level per each trainer, especially before and after the battle pet event, is tedious and manual and requires some experimentation to get right.  If all this can be calculated, it can be made into a leveling queue sort method which max's out pets efficiently.

    Jere has suggested a method that will likely get implemented (probably not for a few updates still).  A global option can adjust the maximum level preference based on buffs (including pet battle weekly event buff).  The discussion starts here:

    To emphasize, this wouldn't be a new sort of any kind.  It would simply be an option to take buffs into account when preferring pets that have a maximum level.  In your case you'd do a descending sort still.

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