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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 02/24/2015
  • Created 12/25/2008
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About Revelation

Facilitates quick Tradeskill execution via mouse-clicking on a piece of equipment or a crafting reagent to display a menu of the tradeskills which can be performed with the materials on hand.

Official discussion forum is here.

Feature requests and bug reports go here.


  • Provides a menu when mouse-clicking on equipment in bags, the character frame, the "Will Not Be Traded" slot for Enchanting, and any material that can be used for any tradeskill.
  • Supports Disenchanting, Milling, Prospecting, and Lockpicking.

Configurable controls:

  • Primary and secondary modifier keys (ALT, CTRL, SHIFT, or NONE).
  • Mouse button (left or right).

Supported Languages:

English, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Translators needed - apply localizations here.

James D. Callahan III <>
2015-02-24 08:01:56 -0600


James D. Callahan III:
    - Updated ToC Interface to 60100.
    - Cleanup.
    - Make the version actually match the current WoW version - 50400.
    - Stylistic change.
    - Bump ToC Interface version to 50100.
    - Logic flip in IterEnchant.
    - Minor stylistic changes. Renames for clarity.
    - Minor cleanups - I need to update Enchanting, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, and Lockpicking item/spell IDs for Cataclysm. Yay!
    - Updated ToC Interface to 40300


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  • #16

    Seeems to not work properly when Skillet is installed alongside it.

  • #12
    I'm having two issues. First, whenever I use the default alt-right click on an item in my bags, it immediately closes my bags but it does give me the menu. I am using Bagnon for reference. Second, when I type /revelation nothing comes up. Is that incorrect syntax? Could something be blocking it from loading that piece?

    Any help is appreciated.
  • #13
    Your bags shouldn't be closing, unless there is another AddOn interfering. Try changing the key/button combination to see if that makes a difference.

    As for slash commands: There isn't one. You can either use the LDB plugin or use the WoW Game Menu to go to the Interface Options.
  • #15
    I have tried every key combo, each one closes my bags. I found the LDB in Titan, thank you for pointing that out.

  • #11
    Could you add support for enchanting mats? For example, I'm probably not the only enchanter who is carrying mats I no longer need or mats that I haven't gotten to yet, neither of which I need. I'd like to be able to alt-right-click the item and see that everything that that item is a reagent for is gray, or that I have no recipes for them at all yet.

    I do like the feature of having that list in the trade window and on our own items. I haven't used it yet because I only just read that you have that support, but I'll be happy to use it.
  • #14
    Strange - that has always been supported. I must have broken it in a recent version. I'll check into it.
  • #7
    Wonderful idea!
    Can you probably add some filtering (eg level threshold) applied to the drop-down list? To keep it simple, say, chat command like "/revelation set_min_lvl XX". Now, its way too hard to move mouse through the screen-high list on higher lvls, esp considering that for some reason with each mouse-over new item in this list my game freezes for a second...
  • #8
    You have that many materials in your inventory? As for the freezing - what tradeskill is it, and are you using anything like RatingBuster or TankStats?
  • #10
    Aslo, completely forgot another issue. When selecting "create all", could you use game queue (the one which starts with "create all" button in tradeskill window) instead of initializing the creation of item each time? This will make cast bar addons like Quartz show single progress bar for whole creation process, which is very useful.

    And another feature request? Could you optionally take into consideration common vendor items like threads in tailoring? Probably, only when standing at vendor, and probably with auto-buy. Say, i have 10 bolts of cloth, no threads, and for a Robe i need 2 bolts & 2 threads. I open vendor window, press alt+LMB, and the list shows items considering only bolts I have (5 Robes in my example), and auto-buys threads for all items i choose to make. Would be extremely useful, IMO.
  • #9
    I dont have many materials, but useless things like green shirts usually dont require a lot of them. But i thought that lvl filter is a arguable feature, maybe quality filter or manual exclusions list. Cause yes, sometimes list is really big. And entries are too small for me - maybe, enlarge font a bit?
    As for freezing - it happens in both professions i have (enchanting & tailoring) and i have numerous tooltip-modifying addons which managed to live together very well, until now. Those include, but not limited to, Enchantrix, Auctioneer set of addons, Armory, Informant, Rating Buster, Outfitter, Gearscore, maybe some others. Latter 3 of these AFAIK modify only gear's tooltips, so i dont get how they could affect tradeskill tooltips.
  • #4
    Anyway you can use another addon (like Altoholic and its library DataStore) to consider mats in bank or maybe in alts or even alts skills ?

    Great addon. Nice work !
  • #5
    The point of Revelation is to be able to quickly make things with what you have on hand. I don't see how making a menu of things I cannot make because I have the stuff in the bank would help me any...
  • #6
    It would help you to know you can make better items if you go to a bank ...

    Imagine you enchanting bracer with intelect ... Currently you have mats to make a +7 ench but if you go to your bank you can make a +12.
  • #3
    Such a simple, brilliant addon.
  • #1
    You went from the system where you click a number(as shown in screenshot1) to a system where you either make all or then you type in the number you make.

    I usually just make all myself and then I cancel when I have made the amount I want to make. Possible to add an option that clicking on the gem name starts doing all?
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