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  • Updated 06/30/2015
  • Created 01/02/2011
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  • Newest File: v1.11
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About RobBossMods


Video Guide (english) (german)

What is RBM?

With Cataclysm new heroic instances came and we all know the dificulty is now much harder than it was on wotlk. Many people are forced to go 5 man heros with random groups. The problem: Some of the randoms might not know what the boss mechanics is. In Addition, it might be he is to afraid of asking because he might be kicked. To solve that you can use RBM. RBM explains the boss mechanics of the boss in front of you.

How does it work?

When you get in an instance via the dungeon finder the first boss will be loaded automatically and - if configured - the RobBossMods Window will appear Left-Click on the Minimap Icon/ Titan Panel also toggles the RobBossMods Window and you can send the tactics for the current chosen boss to either Party/Raid,Yourself,Officer or Guild. Right-Click on the Icon/TP and you will go the setting section.

In the RobBossMods Window you can choose a boss manually and send the tactics. If you target a boss who is supported by RBM then the current Boss will automaticlly set. Also, after a boss died, RBM will load the next boss automaticlly ( only works in linear instances ).

Furthermore there is the possibility to edit the pre-made tactics for each boss. Especially the raid tactics - which i did NOT deliver with this addon (because i think you need some kind of voice communication for raids ) - can be edited and then used in your random raids.

People in your party can do !boss in /p chat or whisper you !boss. In the first case you will post the current boss tactics to /p and in the other case you whisper the tactics to the player who asked.


  • /rbm
  • /rbm toggle - Toggles RBM Frame
  • /rbm resetlang - Lets you decide whether you want to set addon to german or english ( french and russian users wont get asked )
  • /rbm autor - Important Information
  • !rbminfo (in partychat) posts information on /p
  • !boss (in partychat or /w) posts tactics on /p (or /w)
  • !loot (in partychat or /w) posts loot on /p (or /w)
  • !achieve (in partychat or /w) posts achievement realted to current boss on /p (or /w)
  • !achieveall (in partychat or /w) posts achievement realted to current instance on /p (or /w)


  • Minimapicon and LDB Support (Titan Panel) premade tactics can be send to either Guild, Raid, Say, Myself or Party
  • After entering an instance you can post a hint which is telling other players that you installed this mod and that they can get tactics by typing !boss. Post that hint via RobBossMods Frame
  • Every partymember can ask for tactics by typing !boss in party chat and instantly you will post the current tactics to him ( also works with whispers )
  • Automatically loads the proper boss
  • You can edit the premade tactics and add your own raidtactic very easily
  • Whisper Mode (default disabled): Someone types !boss in partychat and you will whisper him the tactics instead of posting on partychat
  • Option (default disabled): By targeting any boss you will sent a hint to the group reminding them to ask for tactics by typing !boss


- added new Raid [Hellfire Citadel]
- corrected typo


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  • #101
  • #95
    Hmm irgendwie ist bei mir die Taktikausgabe defekt. Egal welcher Boss.

    XY Tatik:

    Gibs vielleicht ein Problem mit WIM oder Phrat?
  • #97
    "Taktiken resetten" zu machen. Bei mir gehen die deutschen Taktiken. Falls immernoch nichts kommt, mal Bugsack installieren und den Fehler posten.
  • #94
    great addon realy love it , but can u add options like posting the !boss for tac's only on first boss instead of all 4 :p and instead of (name) death next one is only last so it still say the lovley mess (name)death wass last boss thx for the group cheers :D
  • #93
    you might have answered this already but I couldn't find any comments. Is there a rob boss mod addon that goes with this one to post the boss comments in the dungeons for lich king and the classic dungeons? We have a lot of new guild members and sometimes it takes a long time to explain to each one the different things to do. It would be much easier if sometimes when we are in a hurry I could just type !boss and bam! there is the whole explanation. Also I had never done one of the dungeons in zul drak and I wasn't sure what to expect from the boss, so it would have been nice to just pop rob boss so I can know what to do too!!!
  • #91
    Thank you ssooooo much for making this functional with WOW's UI. I like Spartan's UI but can't get a good feel for it. WOW's UI just feels better. This is 1 AWESOME Mod. Thanks again for the FIX
  • #92
    No big deal buddy,
    the problem was, that i use many libraries and i forgot to make them stand alone, so you could use the addon without installing any further stuff.
    i noticed that too late but now, as you mentioned, it is fixed :)
    I am happy you can use it now !
  • #90
    Hey and thanks for a great addon, at the moment I just have one small question. I set it up to whisper the ones that say the command so it doesn't clutter up the party chat to much, but would it also be possible for it to listen for the !boss command in a whisper instead of the party chat. That way that single one that doesn't know the fight feels awkward when he type it in party :D

    Oh, and a second one to, can I change the thing it posts into the chat somewhere, not the tactics but the one "if you don't know the fight type !boss.." so it instead says "Whisper me with !boss to get the tactics etc."
  • #89
    Apparently RobBossMods doesn't save the position of its minimap icon reliably. Most of the time when I move it, its back at the default position at the next login. Any chance you could look into this issue?

    An alternative might be adding configurable keyboard shortcuts so players can send the current boss' tactics with a hotkey without using the minimap icon at all.
  • #88
    I'll try to edit french tactics and send you the new file as soon as possible.
  • #84
    Message: AceLocale-3.0: RobBossMods: Missing entry for 'RAID'
    Time: 02/08/11 13:22:24
    Count: 1
    Stack: Interface\AddOns\RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua:508: in function `initFunction'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:69: in function `UIDropDownMenu_Initialize'
    Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:790: in function `ToggleDropDownMenu'
    Interface\AddOns\RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua:628: in function


    mhm, irgendwie ist das add on seit gestern nicht mehr ganz inordnung.
  • #86
    ist gefixt mit Version 0.32 , die aber noch von curse bestätigt werden muss
  • #80
    den Spam beim Einloggen bitte schnell wieder raus, nervt einfach nur!

    kein wunder dass keiner mit dir spielt :p
  • #81
    das kommt nur ein einziges mal... würd ich jetzt nicht als spam bezeichnen
  • #82
    kommt bei jedem Einloggen bei jedem Char.
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