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  • Updated 11/23/2014
  • Created 01/02/2011
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  • License: All Rights Reserved
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Support development! **

About RobBossMods


Video Guide (english) (german)

What is RBM?

With Cataclysm new heroic instances came and we all know the dificulty is now much harder than it was on wotlk. Many people are forced to go 5 man heros with random groups. The problem: Some of the randoms might not know what the boss mechanics is. In Addition, it might be he is to afraid of asking because he might be kicked. To solve that you can use RBM. RBM explains the boss mechanics of the boss in front of you.

How does it work?

When you get in an instance via the dungeon finder the first boss will be loaded automatically and - if configured - the RobBossMods Window will appear Left-Click on the Minimap Icon/ Titan Panel also toggles the RobBossMods Window and you can send the tactics for the current chosen boss to either Party/Raid,Yourself,Officer or Guild. Right-Click on the Icon/TP and you will go the setting section.

In the RobBossMods Window you can choose a boss manually and send the tactics. If you target a boss who is supported by RBM then the current Boss will automaticlly set. Also, after a boss died, RBM will load the next boss automaticlly ( only works in linear instances ).

Furthermore there is the possibility to edit the pre-made tactics for each boss. Especially the raid tactics - which i did NOT deliver with this addon (because i think you need some kind of voice communication for raids ) - can be edited and then used in your random raids.

People in your party can do !boss in /p chat or whisper you !boss. In the first case you will post the current boss tactics to /p and in the other case you whisper the tactics to the player who asked.


  • /rbm
  • /rbm toggle - Toggles RBM Frame
  • /rbm resetlang - Lets you decide whether you want to set addon to german or english ( french and russian users wont get asked )
  • /rbm autor - Important Information
  • !rbminfo (in partychat) posts information on /p
  • !boss (in partychat or /w) posts tactics on /p (or /w)
  • !loot (in partychat or /w) posts loot on /p (or /w)
  • !achieve (in partychat or /w) posts achievement realted to current boss on /p (or /w)
  • !achieveall (in partychat or /w) posts achievement realted to current instance on /p (or /w)


  • Minimapicon and LDB Support (Titan Panel) premade tactics can be send to either Guild, Raid, Say, Myself or Party
  • After entering an instance you can post a hint which is telling other players that you installed this mod and that they can get tactics by typing !boss. Post that hint via RobBossMods Frame
  • Every partymember can ask for tactics by typing !boss in party chat and instantly you will post the current tactics to him ( also works with whispers )
  • Automatically loads the proper boss
  • You can edit the premade tactics and add your own raidtactic very easily
  • Whisper Mode (default disabled): Someone types !boss in partychat and you will whisper him the tactics instead of posting on partychat
  • Option (default disabled): By targeting any boss you will sent a hint to the group reminding them to ask for tactics by typing !boss


* corrected some english and german translation

* added UBRS english tactics
* added german 5 man WoD translation
* you can click on dungeon in menu to get the first boss instead of using the sub menu once more

* WOD beta


* fixed version number: showing old version


* new tactics for current raid bosses, thanks to logan - really thank you for reworking everything! :)


* repaired RaidInstances (EJ_SetInstance)
* Added Siege of Og Raid
* 5.4.1 compatible


* fixed a bug where RobBossMods crashed in intances
* please report further crasehd asap!


* now official supports 5.3 (no deprecated warning anymore)
* A custom joined channel has now to be number 4 or higher to show up in right-click menu on SAY button (lowered from 5 or higher)


* added section for new raid instance
* you can add your custom tactics there
* if you want the tactics to appear in the addon then do:

1. either send me the tactics to so i will add them
2. OR use and go to the localization menu. you can then look up the boss id and insert the tactic


* new french translations


* fixed crash bug at beginning (drity hack)
* if error still occurs please report it on


* if you are in a manual party and at the same time in an instance group (e.g. you do PUGs with you friend) you will post the tactics to the instance chat.
* priority changed instance chat > party/raid chat


* 5.1.0 brought Instance Chat to LFR and LFG
* RobBossMods now properly places posts in instance chat when you are in lfg/lfr or in party / raid chat depending where you are, otherwise
* Please test this behaviour and  tell me when it is buggy
* fixed an translation issue


* ready for 5.1.0
* World bosses now won't be loaded automatically anymore


* Dropdown menu adapts to correct addon
* Added Forward and backward arrows to browse through instance
* WOTLK bosses were missing in options tab, now you can edit them as well
* Post when targeting split in 5 man and raid version

please test all functions and report any error at any time :)


* fixed a bug, that loot and achievements were posted in group chat when beeing in a raid


* hopefully fixed a bug: when changing targets there shouldn't be an error anymore

Please always report bugs!


* tried to fix as many blizzard spell Links crazy actions as i could
* found out new links via digging in the files, it can be faulty it can be incomplete but tactics WILL work, it just may be that i forgot some links ....
so please report if you detect something strange.


* Hotfix:
because blizzard decided to completely change some spelll IDs, some tactics are broken. if they are broken you will see the old spell id without link.
i will fix that issue later because i am very busy with private stuff at the moment.

sorry guys


* added german MoP tactics for 5 man
* added achievements for MoP 5 man
* added SpellLinks in tactics


*  !!! added english tactics for all MoP 5 man heroics !!!
* categorized MoP Raids and Dungeons
* categorized options to create an overview
* unlocked also Vanilla, BC and wotlk 5 mans but there are no tactics (yet)
* german tactics for MoP Dungeons coming soon ( ~3days)


* runnable for MOP (5.0.4), tactics still not visible because i need the 5.0.4 patch on the server to make that work
* if you hit a button and no boss is selected you will be notified
* loot post now includes a header
* youtube link in HelperFrame (Question Mark in title)
* Loot categorized properly now
* some information were saved per char like your options and customized tactics, these information now are saved accountwide


* bugfixes ( bosses with no achievement dont cause any errors )
* corrected the position of headline
* position of main window is now saved between sessions (per char)
* optimized !loot output, now proper categorized in hero / normal / misc
* some bugfixes


* unfinished achievements now posted when entering instance or targeting a boss (can be switched off in options)
* now custom channel with channelnumber greater 5 supported as target for tactics/loot/achievement posts
* Channel Party changed to Party/Raid
* added missing ZA/ZG achievements


* added say channel
* lifted the design so it has now more space


* added Achievement Support for Raids and Dungeons (cataclysm)
* added new command  !achieve and  !achieveall   
* added button function (leftclick: show boss achievement, rightclick: show dungeon achievements)

* new GUI
* added loot support

See video to learn more


* Mop support (not this addon, see link in video)
* potential support for ALL instances (5man)
* internal structure change
* bugfixes

See video to learn more (GER/EN subbed)



* added 2 minimap icons ( you can choose between them in  options config -> general -> select minimap icon
* fixed minimap bug ( checkbox "show icon" should now not be inversed anymore)


* added localized support for 4.3 bosses and regions
* finally fixed the Minimap Bug, position and hide/show is saved once per char
* new minimap icon (temporally "hammer symbol")

* updated internal libs ( overwrite Libstub.lua should be fixed now )

* updated some of the new tactics
* internal structure changes
* tactics for 1st raid boss in DS should be available

* 3 new instances are included with german/english tactics
* Minimap Button changed so that it shouldnt be first layer anymore
* Instances are now sorted by name
* Firelands and Dragonsoul blank boxes added, feel free to add your tactics
* new 2nd developer added to project: Jeeo@US-Hyjal , welcome ! :)

* shouldn't spam "would send" in certain situations
* gsub error should be removed
* Mandokir activated

* 4.2 compatible
* new DYNAMIC Tips and Hints INFIGHT ( via /s chat )
* they are only available for za/zg but maybe i will expand if you like it
* of course you can disable this
* some new translations for fr/ru

* Patch 4.2 compatible
* Shortened some of the ZA/TG tactics (de/en)

* finally: Edge of Madness Eventbosses are implemented !!
* You can now WHISPER the tactics to ANYONE
* ZA/ZG bosses are now located ( internal update of LibBabble-Boss-3.0 library )
* MainWindow: Checkboxes gone, DropDownMenu added
* internal program structure changed ( boundless recursion on boss tables )

* roleback to v0.42 LibBabble-Boss causes Problems...

* bugfix from v0.42 was buggy :)
* manually modified LibBabbleBoss so that new Bosses finally should be translated ( at least for the 4 supported languages )

* fixed a bug: Mouseover Minimap icon caused sometimes error spamming because wrong boss id was set. should be fixed now
* Russian translation for new menus and ZA / ZG tactics included now!!

* Spam Protection enabeld: If a player spams too much !boss in partychat you will be asked if you want to ignore further requests from that player
* Please test it and report all problems and wished you have with that addon

* Now you can toggle the option "NEVER pop up Main Window" Only clicking on Minimap Icon or typing /rbm show  will reappear the window
* Mouseover Tooltip on MinimapIcon changed
* Added Mouseover Tooltip in the Main Window
* Settings are now on TOP of the Interfacelist ( instead of BOTTOM )

* Bugfix: Even in always display mode, mainframe window will only reapear after combat if it was NOT closed before combat

* Left-Click now opens main RobBossMods Window
* In the WIndow you can set current boss and do all the postings like you did before via the minimap / broker button
* You can either force the RBM Window to be shown all over the time while you are in an instance OR you can turn that option off. It will then only show if you have a boss in target

* Added French Translation for new bosses + some menu entrys, Thanks to the voluntary workers :)

* HOTFIX: the correct boss should now load after a wipe, at the moment i can't assure that the always the first boss will be loaded. This is because if you do an Instance several times a day and lets say you leave instance 1 with 4/6 bosses down, and you are now standing in a freh new version of instance 1, i cant figure out wheter you are in the 4/6 or in the 0/6 instance. Blizzard unfort. doesnt help a lot :/

* HOTFIX: There were issues that certain tactics were broken because of wrong line breakes ( line breakes destroyed the spell-links). that should be fixed now!

* HOTFIX: internal communication now works again ( uses RegisterAddonPrefix) thats important if more than 1 player installed the addon in one party and/or version checking, so please update again. Sorry for that. ( just forgot it in 0.34)

* you can now whisper the one with RBM installed with "!boss" and you will get the explanation via WHISPER
* Its now possible to post tactics to officer channel
* new ZA and ZG Tactics. just Edge of madness event is missing, will be delivered soon
* ATTENTION: Only german and english version for ZG and ZA works. French and Russians please help me translating on ( or email me )
* 4.1 compatible

* Added russian translation
* Changed a few english translations
* Welcome note and note when targeting a boss now customizable

* removed Guild recruitment popup beacuse many player complained about it ( sorry but i had to find a guild :/ )
* fixed in german version: Symbol "RAID" was missing for LibAce:Locale
* Default Tactics 4.0.6 compatible ( not ! in french because i cant change the tactics without french help )

* 4.0.6 Tactics for a few bosses already implemented
* Now RBM is completly standalone
* Added new version of some embeded libs
* new: Whisper Mode. Instead of posting in party chat when typing !boss now possible to whisper

* fixed Cut-off Bug: in Some tactics whole words were cut-off and were missing in the party chat when posting. I changed the Parser so it shall be ok now
* added new French translation. Some Non-menu texts should be better translated now
* Changed the instance detection. Now the first boss ( or better the first boss available ) will be chosen as current boss automaticly in EVERY Instance.
* Increased the cooldown of tactic posting to 15 (up from 10) seconds, when someone in partychat typed !boss

* Setesh/Isiset Bug now FINALLY fixed. this bug driving me nuts...

* You can now send tactics to raid
* Minimap Icon should now stay where you last draged it to.
* LibDataBroker: added a Label ( next to the icon )

* Raid instances added. Tactics are empty! Please edit the tactics ingame ( interace options -> RobBossMods ) and send me the WoWOrdner\SavedVariables\RobBossMods.lua so i can add default raid tactics.

* BugFix: Some people couldnt use RBM because i forgot to include the AceConfig Lib

* Finally! You now can change the default tactics and save your own! Just "ESC" -> Interface -> RobBossMods  and you can change every Tactic you like
* Options moved from left-click-menu to the Interface->RobBossMods tab
* Isiset, Setesh bug should be finally fixed :) Please feel free to report if it still bugs
* Please report if the custom tactics dont work! I will fix it ASAP

* If you join a dungeon which is already in progress, RBM will detect that and set the current boss correctly
* now full french language support ( reviewed )
* old option is back! When targeting a boss you will say "If anybody does not know that boss, type !boss" toggle option , left-click menu
* several bugfixes

* added french language support, please try and report

* fixed the isiset and setesh bug
* minimap_hide settings now really are saved between sessions
* changed to the right path in embeds.xml for LDB lib

* added LDB Support
* minip_show and next_boss_post decisions are now saved between sessions
* several minor bugfixes

Known Issue
Isiset and setesh tactics are mixed up. Will fix that in 0.25 or 0.26!

* If you turn off the next Boss announcement, your setting is now saved between sessions
* bugfix: when you kill admiral rispnarl there is no more posting that you installed the boss mods
* When you post the party note, it is said that you installed 'RobBossMods' instead of 'a boss mods'

* Minimap Symbol now hideable with /rbm minioff and enable with /rbm minion
* You can now turn off the announcement after a boss kill in the left-click menu
* SpellLinks added

* if you are more than one partymember which installed RBM the ones with the inactive RBM did not changed current boss when targeting a boss or when a boss died
* dead bosses are not selected as current target anymore
* there is no more hint when you enter a party. Instead you can manually post the hint in party chat with left-click on minimap -> Post hint to party

* BIG Change
* Added a minimap symbol ( looks like a Computer )
* Left-Click and you can Send the tactics of the SELECTed Boss
* Right-Click you can manual select any boss via a menu
* If you enter an instance with LFG Tool you will tell the group ONCE
that you have an addon installed and right before every boss they can type !boss
* First Boss in each instance is automaticly loaded
* If a boss dies next one is loaded automaticly
* PLEASE try it and post your experience bugs and everything here!

* german version should now work again

* completly sepereated addon from text.
* uploaded on so that you can see the localization on that site

* english translation reviewed by native speakers. Should be much better by now :)


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  • #236
    Re: RobBossMods Request

    I use the "post when targeting" option, which is fine.  My request is... can you provide an option to disable the "post when targeting" for LFR/Raids?  In guild runs I dont need to be the one posting tactics, and in LFRs nobody seems to care anyways... everyone is just spamming chat with stupid stuff.  Its all fine and wonderful in 5mans, but if I dont want to post in a LFR/Raids I either have to... go into RBM options and uncheck "post when targeting" or disable the addon.  I even tried erasing anything in the tactics boxes for each boss in Dragon Soul for example, thinking that would work, but it does not.. still posts to party when targeting, even though there is no tactic.

  • #237

    both of your reports should be fixed in v0.76

    i DID NOT test the post when targeting split, please do so and tell me if it is ok now, otherwise i will fix it so just tell me

    added a forward backward button to browse a little bit :)

    have fun! 

  • #235
    Re: RobBossMods v0.75e

    The addon is not showing Wrath bosses in the Interface window of wow, the place where you can edit boss descriptions.  I see all other expansions except for Wrath.  However through RBM pop-up window I can select Wrath bosses from dungeons.


  • #234

    would like to have a save/load profile implemented, other than that great add on.

  • #232

    got these on Hagara and Warmaster:

    Date: 2012-09-03 20:32:49
    ID: -2
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 6
    Message: ..\AddOns\RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua line 2851:
       Usage: EJ_GetEncounterInfo(ID)
       [C]: ?
       [C]: EJ_GetEncounterInfo()
       RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua:2851: setBossName()
       [C]: ?
       [C]: CameraOrSelectOrMoveStop()
       [string "CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE"]:4:
          [string "CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE"]:1


    Date: 2012-09-03 20:52:30
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua line 2851:
       Usage: EJ_GetEncounterInfo(ID)
       [C]: ?
       [C]: EJ_GetEncounterInfo()
       RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua:2851: setBossName()
       [C]: TurnOrActionStop()
       [string "TURNORACTION"]:4:
          [string "TURNORACTION"]:1

  • #233

    i will handle that error in 0.75d  stay tuned

  • #231

    Please have a look at v0.75c:


    - tried to fix as many blizzard spell Links crazy actions as i could
    - found out new links via digging in the files, it can be faulty it can be incomplete but tactics WILL work, it just may be that i forgot some links ....
    so please report if you detect something strange.

  • #229

    I'm having a problem with it not showing some boss tactics. One of them is Ozruk.. I know the tactics are available but when I push the button to display them it says this in the chat window:

    Tactics on Ozruk:

    But fails to display them... this is happening to others as well... I disabled all my other addons to make sur there were no conflicts and it's still happening.


  • #230

    so i found the bug. 

    blizzard decided to change some spell IDs but i dont know why and to what ids. i have to find out but at the moment i am completly busy, so i added v0.75b which is a hotfix...

    instead of getting an error, robbossmods will display the old spellid without a link, so the addon works again. i will add the correct new spell ids later, but it can take some time. at last untill mop release :/

    sorry guys 

  • #226

    that doesnt help me a lot. What did you do when the error occured? Did you enter an instance? Did you target something? :)  

  • #227

    Sorry, simply entered instance.

    Edit: Hmm, or actually it could be that it poped on 1 of the bossess in HoT. Will try to catch it again... my bad.

    Last edited by mkcorp on 9/2/2012 5:23:29 AM
  • #228

    i know there is a bug, bugging me for a while now. so thanks for your tribute :) maybe i will find the bug soon, i could simply add a workaround but i rather prefer finding the source of the error, so if the bug pops again, tell me so :)

  • #225

    Date: 2012-09-01 21:50:09
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua line 2837:
       Usage: EJ_GetEncounterInfo(ID)
       [C]: ?
       [C]: EJ_GetEncounterInfo()
       RobBossMods\RobBossMods.lua:2837: setBossName()
       [C]: ?
       [C]: CameraOrSelectOrMoveStop()
       [string "CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE"]:4:
          [string "CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE"]:1
    (*temporary) = nil

  • #221

    Hallo! - Ich find das Addon äußerst hilfreich, aber wie ShadeofNyx schon schrieb, ist es sehr, sehr schade, dass die zuvor veränderten Erklärungen gelöscht bzw. überschrieben wurden. Zugegeben, das mit dem Editieren der Zeilen kann ich mangels Kenntnis nicht nachvollziehen. Besteht denn da für einen Laien ebenfalls die Möglichkeit, das zu ändern oder sogar rückgängig zu machen? Oder bleibt da nur übrig, alles neu zu schreiben? Frown

    (Davon ab: Ich fand das alte Aussehen angenehmer... vorrangig, weil ich einzelne Worte eindeutiger zu verstehen finde, als Bildchen. Aber das ist wohl persönlicher Geschmack Wink. )

  • #222

    Naja also die taktiken sind noch da und zwar unter


    da stehen sie drin, allerdings sind die IDs verkehrt, daher geht es auch gerade nicht. Man müsste um die Taktiken beizubehalten dort alle IDs ändern... und zwar per Hand. Die richtigen IDs habe ich als Liste ja shade bereits hier gepostet. Das dürfte halt nur etwas aufwendig werden.

    Falls du das machen willst, beachte WoW muss ausgeschalten sein, da sonst die Datei einfach wieder überschrieben wird.

    Last edited by Justiciakeeperoflight on 8/16/2012 4:47:09 PM
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