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Rotation Builder

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,068 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 84,694 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/13/2015
  • Created 01/11/2011
  • 111 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.52

About Rotation Builder

With the new release 1.50, we had to fix lot of bugs, so it is recommended to delete old saved variables of RotationBuilder. Just go in WTF directory (in WoW installation directory), use windows file search for files with name "RotationBuilder*", then delete them.

As the original author soulwhip discontinued this addon and we simply loved it, we decided to bring it back. There is still a lot of work to be done (you may take a look at the current todo list below)

You can help us with localizations by going there : RotationBuilder Localization page. Be careful when translating phrases from the overview interface : rotations localizations are too big to be shown properly in it. You will have to edit them individually.

Rotation Builder allows you to build rotations dynamically without having to understand the Lua script language. The built rotation then displays the current action and the next action on your screen to tell you what to push next. Actions can be heavily customized with the General, Player, Target, and Pet tabs. The priority of actions can also be changed dynamically just by clicking the up and down arrows next to the action name in the Action list.


  • Default rotation for all classes and combat specialties (healers don't need RotationBuilder)
  • A way to create your own rotations
  • Import/Export of rotations
  • A way to create your own default rotation as an addon for RotationBuilder (see the tutorial)

Included Rotations in the latest release version:
DRUID 6.2.0 Balance, Feral and Guardian
HUNTER 6.2.0 Beast Mastery, Marksmanship and Survival
MAGE 6.2.0 Arcane, Fire and Frost
PALADIN 6.2.0 Protection, Retribution
PRIEST 6.2.0 Shadow
ROGUE 6.2.0 Assassination, Combat and Subtlety
SHAMAN 6.2.2 Enhancement and Elemental
WARLOCK 6.2.0 Affliction, Demonology and Destruction
WARRIOR 6.2.0 Arms, Fury and Protection
DEATHKNIGHT 6.2.0 Blood, Frost and Unholy
MONK 6.2.0 Brewmaster and Windwalker

Note that none of these rotations were tested as we currently don't have any high level characters!

To load the latest rotation just click on the options tab in the top left and click the LOAD button. The latest version of the rotations will be imported. You will have to delete old default rotations before.

TO DO List:

  1. Fix the logic that select the current and next actions as it doesn't seems to work properly anymore
  2. Add a new column to rotation builder display where we'll put high cool-down spells in a list so that the player know they're available instead of forcing there use on bosses and bosses only. Maybe make those icons flash if rotational conditions are present to alert the player that the spell is ready and is at optimal efficiency while still giving player freedom to use them or not
  3. Make some buff and debuff lists (probably hard-coded so that the user don't have to bother updating them) so that you can use the list name instead of listing every buff or debuff that have similar effects every time you wish to check it.
  4. Make a complete overhaul of the add-on once it's up to date to make it more efficient, use less frame-rate, easier to understand, ...

How to build a rotation:

  1. Open your blizzard key-binds window and scroll down to find Rotation Builders key-binds
  2. For now just bind the Toggle 1 through Toggle 4 to some keys. This will be explained later.
  3. Show the rotation builder window with /rob show or using the mini-map button
  4. Default rotations should be provided for your class under the Rotation Name box in
    the upper left. If there are no rotations then I haven't gotten around to making a default
    one for you yet ;)
  5. You can modify an existing rotation by left clicking on it or creating a new one with the
    create button.
  6. Once you have the rotation selected click the modify button to go into the edit mode.
  7. Once you are in edit mode you can change the rotation name and edit/add/re-arrange Actions.
  8. You need to set the key-bind that selects this rotation by left clicking the key-bind
    button at the top of the window under the rotation name box.
  9. To select a Action just left click the action name in the top right Action list box.
  10. All the options for the selected action are in the three tabs below General,Player,Target
    If you mouse-over each option it will tell you what it does.
  11. Once you are done editing your Actions and Rotation click the Save button.
  12. You can close the rotation window now and to select that rotation hit the button you bound
    in step 8.
  13. At this point you should have two icons displayed from your rotation. The top one is the
    current action and the bottom one is the next action.


  • Q: What are toggles?
    A: Toggles are a way to change your rotation dynamically with a keybind.

    Example: There is a boss fight where if you cleanse yourself you blow up the raid.
    What you can do is put cleanse in your rotation but check the toggle box.
    Set the Toggle to Toggle 1 so the cleanse icon will only show up if Toggle 1
    is turned on. Now when you get to that boss in the raid you can turn off cleanse
    by hitting the key you bound to Toggle 1 in the blizzard keybinds.

  • Q: Why is my Spell X not working?
    A: More than likely you spelled something wrong or blizzard functions arent finding your spell.
    Here is what you can do to see why your action is not showing.

    1. Open the blizzard keybinds and scroll down to find the Rotation Builder keybind
    for Toggle Debug and bind it to a key.
    2. Now edit your rotation and click on the General tab of the action that is not working.
    3. Click the Debug check box on the far right for that action.
    4. Save the rotation.
    5. Turn on debug with the key you bound in step 1. You will see a DEBUG ON message in chat.
    6. Go through your rotation until you hit your action that is not working.
    7. The chat window will spam why the action is not displaying.
    8. For example. If it says NOT showing A: youractionname S: spellname because its out of
    range then that means you are checking range but you shouldn't be on self buffs.
  • Q: Debug says X does not have buffs or debuffs?
    A: The buff and debuff name matching can be a pain, try using the spell name first. If the spell name isnt matching to the buff you can turn on your combat log to get the actual spellID to use instead.

  • Q: How do I get rid of an existing rotation so I can import a rotation with the same name?
    A: You have two options:
    1. Delete the rotation with the same name.
    2. Modify the rotation blocking the import.
    Rename the rotation to something else.
    Click Save.
    Delete the old copy of the rotation.
    Reclick Import or reclick the LOAD button.

  • Q: Why is the next action showing spells ready when they are not ready?
    A: The next action prediction logic ignores power type checks such as mana, energy ,rage by default. This gives you the option to show what is coming up regardless if you have the power to cast it. If you don't like to see next actions when you dont have the power to cast them you can specify a power requirement on the action in the player tab and the action will no longer show up in the next action if you dont meet the specified power.

r94 | pelerinage | 2015-10-13 20:34:23 +0000 (Tue, 13 Oct 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/1.52 (from /trunk:93)

Release 1.52
r93 | pelerinage | 2015-10-13 20:26:08 +0000 (Tue, 13 Oct 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/rotations/RotationBuilder_Rogue/RotationsRogue.lua

Fix some problems with rogue subtlety rotation.
r92 | pelerinage | 2015-10-13 20:18:51 +0000 (Tue, 13 Oct 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/rotations/DefaultRogueRotations.lua

Fix some problems with rogue subtlety rotation.
r91 | tylorcaptain | 2015-10-11 17:05:02 +0000 (Sun, 11 Oct 2015) | 17 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/RBConstants.lua
   M /trunk/RotationBuilder.lua
   M /trunk/RotationBuilder.xml
   M /trunk/localization/enUS.lua
   M /trunk/localization/frFR.lua
   M /trunk/utils/RotationBuilderUtils.lua

- Fixed a whole lot of API calls that blizzard changed since Cataclysm
- Fixed the debug option that wasn't working since Cataclysm
- The GCD Spell is no longer used (though not yet removed from the interface) and instead a brand new function calculate the gcd at each update to account for haste procs, potions and buffs.
- The icon option is no longer needed to get the spell icon but can still be used if you want to display another icon instead of the spell.
- Optimized the next action logic for better prediction (still in progress but should be better)
- Added a new option to check if the player is stealthed
- Added a new option to check if a spell has a proc

- TODO : Fix the cooldown calculation
- TODO : Find a way to get the spell cost since the API no longer return this value and it's necessary for the next action calculation
- TODO : Redo every single rotations since none of them work as intended due to all the changes done, maybe i'll even throw in some rotations for the healer specs so that they can DPS when bored or while questing.
- TODO : Redo the death knight rune system so that it's more flexible.
- TODO : Finish reworking the current and next action logic to account for ressources generation (be they mana, chi, combo points, runes or whatever the ressource actually is)
- TODO : Lot of small improvements that are class specific.

Just so you know we're still working on this addon, i'm currently in the process of leveling all eleven classes to 100 and i'm almost done (i need them at level 100 to properly test the rotations), after that it's back to working on every rotations, i'll fix issues as i go class by class has i took note of every thing while leveling.

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  • #237

    well this doesnt work for me either. always chooses guardian. a spec i do not need. 

    Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.-Master Yoda

  • #238

    @carodwen: What spec do you need? Feral is in Nemo v12:

    I haven't heard from Pelerinage or Tylorcaptain in awhile. I'm not sure if they want to keep Rotation Builder going on their own, but I will only be updating Nemo from now on.

  • #232

    Here is the error i get when i use it on my Sv hunter! Any idea's how to fix it?

    Date: 2013-03-19 12:58:54 ID: 3 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\RotationBuilder\RotationBuilder.lua line 4843:    script ran too long Debug:    RotationBuilder\RotationBuilder.lua:4843: ROB_SpellReady()    RotationBuilder\RotationBuilder.lua:5413: ROB_GetNextAction()    RotationBuilder\RotationBuilder.lua:5454:       RotationBuilder\RotationBuilder.lua:5439 Locals: _actionname = "Stampede" _getnextspell = true _ready = true _GCDleft = 0 _cooldownLeft = 0 _startGCD = 0 _inGCD = 0 _start = 0 _duration = 0 _enable = nil _myHPP = 100 _moHPP = -1.#IND _targetHPP = -1.#IND _targetCasting = nil _focusCasting = nil _hasbeencasting = nil _startTime = nil _endTime = nil _timeLeft = nil _debugon = false _spellname = "121818" _spellincdbuffer = false deathRuneCount = 0 bloodRuneCount = 0 frostRuneCount = 0 unholyRuneCount = 0 _name = "Stampede" _rank = "" _nomana = nil _usable = 1 _channeling = nil _icon = "INTERFACE\ICONS\ability_hunter_bestialdiscipline" _cost = 0 _isFunnel = false _powerType = 0 _castTime = 0 _minRange = 0 _maxRange = 40 _link = nil _quality = nil _iLevel = nil _reqLevel = nil _class = nil _subclass = nil _maxStack = nil _equipSlot = nil _texture = nil _vendorPrice = nil _checkmagic = false _checkpoison = false _checkdisease = false _checkcurse = false _ActionDB = <table> {  v_gcdspell = "1462"  b_p_havebuff = true  v_durationstartedtime = 0  v_togglename = "Toggle 1"  v_actionicon = "121818"  v_spellname = "121818"  b_t_boss = true  v_keybind = "<keybind>"  v_p_havebuff = "32182|2825|90355|80353"  b_rangecheck = true } (*temporary) = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\RotationBuilder\RotationBuilder.lua:5494 (*temporary) = "    NOT showing A:Stampede S:121818 player did not have these buffs 32182|2825|90355|80353" (*temporary) = "Stampede" (*temporary) = " S:" (*temporary) = "121818" (*temporary) = " player did not have these buffs " (*temporary) = "32182|2825|90355|80353" (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = <table> {  ROB_UI_AO_G_DURATIONIB_TT = "Input the number of seconds to wait before redisplaying action"  ROB_UI_ROTATION_TAB = "Rotations"  ROB_UI_S_REMOVE_TT = "Remove spell from list"  ROB_UI_AO_P_NOTGLYPHEDIB_TT = "Input the glyph name or glyph spell id of the glyph you want check"  ROB_UI_AO_T_NEEDBUFF_TT = "Only display action when target needs specified buff or buffs"  ROB_UI_RKB_LABEL = "Keybind"  ROB_UI_AO_G_SID_VFAIL = "Spell or Slot not found"  defaultRotation/monk/fortifying_brew = "Fortifiying Brew"  defaultRotation/druid/nature_s_vigil = "Nature's Vigil"  defaultRotation/monk/stance_of_the_sturdy_ox = "Stance of the Sturdy Ox"  ROB_UI_AO_P_EARTHTI_TT = "Only display action when specified earth totem is inactive"  ROB_UI_AO_T_INTERRUPT_M = "Enter the name of the spell to search for"  ROB_UI_AO_C_NEEDDB_TT = "Only display action when unit is missing the specified debuff or debuffs"  defaultRotation/shaman/lightning_shield = "Lightning Shield"  ROB_UI_AO_PET_HAVEDB = "Has Debuff:"  ROB_PALADIN_PROTECTION = "RotationBuilder,v1.48,[Protection 5.0.4],[Righteous fury],v_p_needbuff=_25780,b_p_needbuff=true,v_spellname=25780,b_rangecheck=false,v_actionicon=25780,v_gcdspell=10326,[Seal of truth],b_p_notstance=true,v_spellname=31801,b_rangecheck=false,v_p_notstance=1|2,v_actionicon=31801,v_gcdspell=20165,[Blessing of kings],v_p_needbuff=20217|1126|117666|90363,b_p_needbuff=true,v_spellname=20217,b_rangecheck=false,v_actionicon=20217,v_gcdspell=10326,[Blessing of might],v_p_needbuff=_20217|19740|116956|93435|127830,b_p_needbuff=true,v_spellname=19740,v_p_havebuff=20217|1126|117666|90363,b_rangecheck=false,b_p_havebuff=true,v_actionicon=19740,v_gcdspell=10326,[Avenging wrath],v_spellname=31884,b_rangecheck=false,v_actionicon=31884,v_gcdspell=0,[Word of glory (Purpose)],v_spellname=85673,v_p_hp=<=50%,v_p_havebuff=_90174,b_p_havebuff=true,v_actionicon=85673,v_gcdspell=10326,[Word of glory],b_p_hp=true,v_p_unitpowertype=9,b_p_unitpower=true,v_spellname=85673,v_p_unitpower=>=3,v_p_hp=<=50%,v_action ROB_UI_AO_P_UNHOLYR = "Unholy:"  ROB_UI_AO_P_MHWEAPON = "Need main hand weapon enchant"  ROB_OPTION_MINIMAPPOS = "Position Around Minimap"  ROB_UI_AO_T_DR = "Duel Range"  defaultRotation/hunter/steady_shot = "Steady Shot"  ROB_UI_EXPORT_TT = "Export rotation"  defaultRotation/rogue/combat = "Combat 5.0.4"  ROB_UI_LDB_TT1 = "<Right Click> to open Rotation Builder"  ROB_UI_AO_GENERAL_TAB = "General"  ROB_UI_TITLE = "Rotation Builder"  ROB_UI_SAVE = "Save"  defaultRotation/monk/le AddOns:   Swatter, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   NPCScan, v5.0.0.5   Ace3, v   ACP, v3.4.2   AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, v   ArkInventory, v30327   ArkInventoryRules, v   AtlasLootLoader, vv7.05.02   AucAdvanced, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucFilterBasic, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucFilterOutlier, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucMatchUndercut, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucScanData, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucStatHistogram, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucStatiLevel, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucStatPurchased, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucStatSales, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucStatSimple, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucStatStdDev, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucStatWOWEcon, v5.15.5383.5323(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilAppraiser, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilAskPrice, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilCompactUI, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilFixAH, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilScanButton, v5.15.5383.5320(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilScanFinish, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilScanProgress, v5.15.5383.4979(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilScanStart, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilSearchUI, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.15.5383.5381(5.15/embedded)   AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.15.5383.4828(5.15/embedded)   Auctionator, v3.1.3   Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)   BadBoy, v11.617   BadBoyCCleaner, v3.64   BadBoyLevels, v2.95   Bartender4, v4.5.8   Bartender4Dualspec, v   BeanCounter, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   BetterPowerBarAlt, v1.4.1   Bison, v2.4.4-release   Clique, vv50200-1.0.4   Configator, v5.1.DEV.344(/embedded)   CustomPlayerPowerBarAlt, v1.4.5   DBMCore, v   DBMRaidLeadTools, v   DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.337(/embedded)   EasyMail, v   epgp, v5.9.2   epgplootmaster, v0.6.32   epgplootmasterml, v0.6.32   Fatality, v2.4a   FishingAce, v0.7.5   FramesResized, v2.5.0-56   Grid, v5.2.0.1573   GridCooldownText, v   GridIndicatorCornerText, v1.4.2   GridManaBars, v1.04   GridStatusHots, v4.3.1b   GridStatusRaidIcons, v50200-1   GridStatusRole, v1.5.1   GridUnitMenu, v50000.2   Informant, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   LibBabbleZone30, v   LibCrayon30, v   LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.342(/embedded)   Mapster, v1.5.2   MinimapButtonFrame, v3.1.10b   MinimapButtonFrameSkinPack, v3.0.1   MoveAnything, v13.5.1   MovePowerBarAlt, v   Omen, v3.1.8   OmniCC, v5.2.2   PitBull4, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4Aggro, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4AltPowerBar, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4Aura, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4Background, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4BattlePet, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4BlankSpace, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4Border, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4CastBar, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4CastBarLatency, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4CombatFader, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4CombatIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4CombatText, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4ComboPoints, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4ExperienceBar, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4HealthBar, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4HideBlizzard, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4Highlight, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4HostilityFader, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4LeaderIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4LuaTexts, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4MasterLooterIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4PhaseIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4Portrait, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4PowerBar, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4PvPIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4QuestIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4RaidTargetIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4RangeFader, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4ReadyCheckIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4ReputationBar, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4RestIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4RoleIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4Sounds, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4ThreatBar, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4VisualHeal, vv4.0.0-beta43   PitBull4VoiceIcon, vv4.0.0-beta43   Prat30, v3.5.5        Prat30Libraries, v   RatingBuster, vr396   Recount, v   RotationBuilder, v1.49   SellJunk, v3.0.8   SexyMap, v2.4.5   SlideBar, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   Stubby, v5.15.5383 (LikeableLyrebird)   TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.343(/embedded)   TipTac, v13.02.19   TipTacItemRef, v13.02.19   TipTacTalents, v13.02.19   Titan, v5.1.16.50200   TitanBag, v5.1.16.50200   TitanClock, v5.1.16.50200   TitanCurrency, v5.7   TitanDurability, v1.24   TitanGold, v5.1.16.50200   TitanGuild, v5.2.0.0   TitanLocation, v5.1.16.50200   TitanLootType, v5.1.16.50200   TitanPerformance, v5.1.16.50200   TitanRepair, v5.1.16.50200   TitanVolume, v5.1.16.50200   TitanXP, v5.1.16.50200   VendorBait, v4.2.0.8   XLoot, vz11-release   XLootFrame, vz11-release   XLootGroup, vz11-release   XLootMaster, vz11-release   XLootMonitor, vz11-release   XLootMaster, v   BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.2.0.50200 <eu>   (ck=1338)


  • #228

    If you could add a stagger damage amount for brewmasters that would be cool, Either a manual entry, or a green/yellow/red check box.

    Also can we look forward to mobcount again in the future? Or distance by value (target=melee/5/10/15/40 yards away)?

  • #233

    I added stagger to Nemo class criteria awhile back. Testing mob count now.

  • #234

    Woo! I got so worried, thought this project went dead, it's been a while since I heard anything. Thanks for the update.

  • #225

    Any chance on a 5.2 Update... seeing a few erros here and there... Can't even use it for my SV hunter atm


  • #226

    I have been working on a new version of Rotation Builder, but it is not ready ready for general use yet.

    Any requests for features while I'm developing would be welcomed.

    Last edited by soulwhip on 3/9/2013 5:10:34 PM
  • #227

    If you could take a look and just give me my feral rotation back until the new version is up I would be most appreciative!

  • #224

    Since 5.2 all my Feral Druid rotation is saying is to cast Savage Roar, with nothing else.

  • #236
  • #223

    One option that is SORELY needed.  Let us hide it out of combat, or keybind toggle to show it, or both.  Also, how about letting us change the frame strata?  The empty borders show through the pet battle frames and I have to constantly move it out of the way when pet battling


  • #222

    Thank you for this addon. Great thing. 

    Made nearly perfect rotation) for my cat except one thing. Have a problem with Ravage! spell. It has never been shown in rotation. Tried almost everything -  added or removed auras, cheched/unchecked all checkboxes (range, add combo, moving/not moving etc.) even created a new rotation list with this ability only. It doesnt work.

    Ferral can get this ability after using Incarnation: King of the Jungle or if you wearing 4 pieces of Malevolent Gladiator's Sanctuary (every 30 seconds you gaining buff/aura). Both times Ravage "transforms" to Ravage! (id#102545).

    I also using standart Ravage in my rotation (start combat) and everything works perfect.



    lol. works with this ravage spell . Dont know why. Dont know how. Just works.

    But got the same problem with Bear Swipe.

    Last edited by 1codegen1 on 1/30/2013 6:53:41 AM
  • #231

    What I do to fix all of these issues, is just change the ability name to Auto Attack, with the range of a melee range ability, then set it to be used when the cooldown of ravage =0

    Here's an example

  • #221

    could some one help me build a rotation i want to try remake the opening sequence but having trouble could some one help me so i could import it to mine 


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