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  • World of Warcraft
  • 474 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 53,513 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/25/2015
  • Created 04/15/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: RuneHUD 6.1

About RuneHUD

RuneHUD is a simple addon that moves the runes of your DK to make them a HUD (Heads Up Display). The runes are click through which means they don't intercept mouse clicks.

RuneHUD have OmniCC support and will be hidden when in a vehicle!

RuneHUD now also have it's own slash commands!

Slash command list:
/rh or /runehud - Gives a list of available commands
/rh s <scale> - Scaling, needs to be a number greater than 0
/rh aoc <alpha> - Out of combat alpha, needs to be a number between 0 and 1
/rh aic <alpha> - Alpha in combat, needs to be a number between 0 and 1
/rh aiv <alpha> - Alpha when in a vehicle, needs to be a number between 0 and 1

Gotai - Helping me spot small error with slash command, thanks a lot man!
Wimpface - Some code inspiration and motivation.

6.1: Undid the fix for the bug with the cooldown spiral since blizzard fixed the bug in 6.1.

6.0.6: Updated the toc-file for 6.1.

6.0.5: Fixed an issue with the RuneFrame being on top of the garrsion frame and fixed an issue where the cooldown spiral would seem to disappear if you out of combat alpha was too high. The fix to the cooldown spiral will make it look a bit more/less transparent than before depending on the alpha out of combat you use. If you're just using the standard setting it will still look the same though.

6.0.4: Fixed an issue that could make the runes show up on other classes than Death Knights if you had certain addons installed.

6.0.3 Implemented a fix to show the runeframe when on the mount from garrison stables.

6.0.2 Once again shows the runeframe when in a vehicle if so desired!

6.0.1: Fixes an issue with the alpha slash commands not updating the alpha before entering or leaving combat.

6.0: Update for WoD and 6.0, this version will only work with 6.0! Fixed the cooldownspiral for the new animation system in WoD and removed some old obsolete code.

3.41 Yet another toc bump to keep it updated with 5.4

3.4: Toc bump...

3.3: Toc bump for MoP and a fix for a bug with the scaling option

3.2.1: Still just another toc bump to keep people from complaining about it being out of date!

3.2: Toc bump! (again!)

3.1: Toc bump+Disabled cooldown fading since it wasn't working properly anyway

3.0: 4.0.1+Cataclysm version

2.2: Fixed so you can see the runes if you're in a vehicle but able to attack (i.e. not in a turret or driving)

2.1: Updated the toc file for 3.3

2.0.2: Fixed a bug with the fading option.

2.0.1: Fixed a minor bug with vehicles.

2.0: Slash commands added! See Description for more info.

1.7.2: Updated the toc file to make is up to date with patch 3.2.

1.7.1: Fixed a bug with runes fading even when disabled.

1.7: The individual runes now fade when on cooldown. Check the lua file or the addon info page for information on how to turn this off.

1.6: The lua file now has a config part at the top of the file to make it easier to configure.

1.5.1: Fixed the issue making the runes not disappear when entering a vehicle.

1.5: Updated the toc to patch 3.1

1.4: Fixed a bug which changed the scale of the RuneFrame when exiting a vehicle and the RuneHUD will now be hidden while in a vehicle.

1.3.1: Made it -zip instead of .rar to make it work with the WoWInterface UI Manager.

1.3: Added a fix for users with X-Perl

1.2: Added support for OmniCC

1.0: Release.


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  • #28

    It seems like the cooldown timer on this latest version (6.1) is darker, and therefore a little harder to see, than it was in the last version (6.03) and I was wondering if that was intentional.  If there's no reason not to, I'd actually personally go back to 6.03 for this reason.

  • #29

    No it's not and I have noticed it myself and it's due to Blizzard fixing a bug which came in WoD. The results of them fixing the bug is that my workarounds for it made the cooldown spiral almost not visible out of combat. I have now removed my fix and it should function properly again (though the intensity of the cooldown spiral might be a little bit different). 

    You should be able to download the new version in a few minutes.

  • #30

    Ah.  Awesome.  Also, thanks for this mod -- it's easily the best Rune mod for DKs I've come across. I've been using it since LK! :)

  • #23

    Hey there. I really like how clean and simple this addon is, but there are a few bugs I just wanted to report.

    When you're in combat and spend runes, then get out of combat (and keep showing runes out of combat) the runes immediately shows the runes going off cd. Another thing I noticed was the runes taking visibility priority i.e when I click my garrison missions, the runes will appear infront of the garrison window. I was wondering if those issues could be fixed within the lua text?

  • #24

    The garrison mission UI I have noticed myself and had a note to fix it, but I didn't really prioritize it since I wasn't to bothered since my alpha out of combat is really low. I can see how it's a bother if you have it set high tough.

    The cooldown thing though I didn't know about, it was due to the way I fixed a bug on Blizzards side with the cooldown spiral not getting the same alpha value as the parent frame.

    I have fixed both bugs, though the cooldown spiral might look a bit more/less transparent depending on the alpha out of combat you use. If you're just using the standard setting it will still look the same though.

    Last edited by Flundrine on 2/9/2015 1:25:46 PM
  • #27

    No worries :)

    And thanks for the kind words!

  • #25

    Thank you so much :D!! Whoa you got on that really quickly! I really appreciate your hard work :) <3!

  • #19

    I love the idea, but is there anyway you guys can make the Rune Halo be under the toon?

    Exaclty how it is but upside down under the toon. Im using it as is but i would love the option as it would compliment my play style.

    Last edited by jsanchez33126 on 10/18/2014 12:08:29 AM
  • #20

    While I probably won't make a slash command for it it's faily easy to change it yourself, if you open RuneHUD.lua in any text editor (notepad for instance) the first five line is:

    local x1 = 103 y1 = 23 -- Coordinate for the first blood and the second unholy rune
    local x2 = 72 y2 = 61 -- Coordinate for the second blood and the first unholy rune
    local x3 = 25 y3 = 80 -- Coordinate for the first and second frost runes

    If you change it to:

    local x1 = 103 y1 = -23 -- Coordinate for the first blood and the second unholy rune
    local x2 = 72 y2 = -61 -- Coordinate for the second blood and the first unholy rune
    local x3 = 25 y3 = -80 -- Coordinate for the first and second frost runes

    It will be upside down. :)

  • #22

    That worked perfectly! You are the MAN!!!!

  • #21
  • #14

    It appears that the rh slash commands for alpha no longer work with the new update.

    Edit:  Correction, it is only the out of combat and in vehicle alpha commands that aren't working for me.  I can control in combat alpha just fine.

    Edit:  It appears that upon entering and then leaving combat the alpha does in fact update for the AOC.  Appologies if this is intentional.

    Last edited by NobMapster on 10/14/2014 11:36:41 PM
  • #15

    No it's not intentional, Blizzard  apperantly changed how a check for if you are in combat or not works with 6.0. I'll post an updated version in a few minutes after I made sure the changes I made to fix it doesn't break anything else.


    The update should be up now, haven't had the opportunity to try out if the /rh aiv command works though since I haven't been in a vehicle.

    Last edited by Flundrine on 10/15/2014 9:59:32 AM
  • #18

    Ok so now it should be working again, the problem was that Blizzard started to hide the runeframe when entering a vehicle with 6.0 for some reason.

  • #16

    In combat is working now, but the vehicle isn't.

    Edit:  I'm assuming this means when you are on a mount, correct?  Otherwise just ignore me.

    Last edited by NobMapster on 10/15/2014 8:06:21 PM
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