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  • World of Warcraft
  • 10,382 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 244,106 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/27/2015
  • Created 11/12/2012
  • 93 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: sArena 1.2.3
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About sArena


Enhances the default Blizzard arena frames.

  • Arena frames, cast bars, and spec icons can be moved & scaled
  • Added trinket tracker - can be moved & scaled
  • Added DR tracker - can be moved & scaled
  • Added class colouring for arenaframe healthbars, borders, and names
  • AuraWatch - displays duration of important auras on arena portraits (immunities, CC's, buffs)

Go into AddOn options or just type /sarena for configuration.


  • Spaceship/Starship from Arena Junkies
  • Tekkub
  • Kouri
  • Kollektiv
  • Lyn
  • haste
  • evl
  • Zork/Rothar

Feedback: ArenaJunkies Discussion

Beta Versions on GitHub

  • Added DR Tracker
  • Spec icons can now be moved and scaled
  • Added scaling for casting bars again
  • Casting bars can now be dragged while unlocked
  • Rewritten
  • Added alpha setting for AuraWatch
  • Added drag bar over trinkets (only seen while unlocked)
  • Fixed lua error, sArena should work again!
  • Added font size option for trinket cooldown text
  • Added aura watch - displays important auras on class portraits (built-in LoseControl)
  • Added option to grow frames upwards
  • Added option to flip casting bar to opposite side of arena frames
  • Added option to change status text fontsize
  • Casting bars will be displayed during test mode
  • Added class-colouring options
  • Added option for casting bar scale
  • Added option for class-coloured healthbars
  • Fixed trinket cooldown spiral not being drawn
  • Fixed trinkets not being movable
  • Fixed trinkets showing in battlegrounds (now only shown in arenas)
  • Added support for Will of the Forsaken (trinket cooldown is set to 30 seconds if it's not already running or has less than 30 seconds remaining)
  • Added 'Always Show' option to trinket display
  • Updated for 5.0 Mists of Pandaria
  • Draggable frames(no more sliders)
  • Toggle button for trinket icons


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  • #108

    Is it possible for the frames to be mirrored/inverted? I want the castbars to the right and the class icon to the left.

    Last edited by Ezra124 on 2/4/2016 6:58:19 PM
  • #106

    Is there a way to have seperate 'profiles' or settings for different characters? I noticed it is sArena seems to use global settings, it is in the same spot for all my characters, and if I move them on one, it moves on all the others. 

  • #107

    Not at the moment

  • #102

    Can't see what I'm facing when in waiting area nor can I see what I'm against untill they are out of stealth

    Last edited by FuRaXMeLoDy on 12/22/2015 8:16:21 AM
  • #103


    Do you use MoveAnything or any other addon that is capable of manipulating the default arena frames?

  • #101

    sArena shows DR for Warrior's Charge + Warbringer Talent which has no DR and doesn't share DR with anything else, any chance to remove it.


  • #104

    The DR Tracker isn't tracking Warbringer. The Spell ID list is at the bottom of drtracker.lua, Warbringer's Spell ID is 7922. It's not in there!

    Last edited by stako04 on 12/23/2015 2:14:58 PM
  • #98

    Does anyone know how to remove the hp/power bar text? thank you.

  • #99

    Party text in the default Blizz status text options. 

  • #100

    thank you

  • #94

    Dr tracker starts countdown from 22 sec when it shoud strat from 18sec. fix it!

  • #95

    Diminishing returns expire 18 seconds after the CC expires. sArena's DR tracker starts when the CC is applied, so the timer is 18 seconds + duration of CC. If the CC is removed early (dispelled or broken by damage), the timer will automatically adjust for the shorter duration.

    It should be correct, but you can try CC'ing somebody a few seconds early and see if the CC lasts as long as expected, just to make sure. 

    Last edited by stako04 on 12/3/2015 3:24:28 PM
  • #97

    This happens against teams with pets. It's a bug in Blizzard's code - happens even with the default arena frames. Can't figure out how to fix it. 

  • #96

    ty for replay. i trust you no need to test it. also somtimes when i que 2s arena it shows 3 frames of enemy whats wrong?

  • #89

    Just installed this. its literally a jigsaw puzzle to set up. i go into arena and the frames are stacked on each other. moving things around has like 3rd and 4th order effects. Is there like a guide or something? this is a nightmare.

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