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  • World of Warcraft
  • 145 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 12,299 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/24/2013
  • Created 03/21/2009
  • 48 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Say My Name 0.89

About SayMyName


This add on is now updated for 5.4! So please stay tuned and subscribe for updates!

About Say My Name

Formally created by Vux of Dragonblight-[US] & CKlausi of Biny of Anetheron-[EU], the project has now been taken on by Bubblesz of Echo Isles-[US]. Say My Name is a very simple addon that will alert you by playing the Auction House "bell" sound and relaying the message to the middle of your screen when:
- Someone says your name in *any* chat channel.
- Someone does an emote that contains your name or the word "you".
- Someone drops a Fish Feast or a Great Feast.


Besides the point of playing the auction house bell, this add on can also do:
- All messages are printed to ChatFrame7 for a "log" in case you want to view them later, for example if you were afk.
- Supports nicknames (or any other custom trigger)
- Ignore feature.


The commands are being updated to be more 'ease' of use.
As of this very moment, you can use /saymyname (or /smn) to learn more.
/saymyname add <trigger>
/saymyname remove <trigger>
/saymyname ignore <player>
/saymyname unignore <player>

- Addon now updated and working
- Sound now plays in the Master channel
- Fixed several small bugs
- 5.4 updated channels such as the Instance Channel, and Party Leader.
- Now Curse Client Compatible
- Added new Command

- Fix for 4.0.1
- small bugfix on casesensitive names

- Updated TOC for 3.1
- Added support for ignoring players!
- Now does strict name-finding! (Will not activate if there are any letters before or after your names/triggers. Example: If someone says "aVux", it gets ignored because my trigger is "Vux".)

Added support for nicknames!

Added notification for Fish Feast and Great Feast!

Initial Version (Changed mod name to SayMyName)

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  • #42

    Please update for new patch!

  • #43

    I have done a quick test and everything seems to be working, an update should not be needed. You just have to check "load out of date addons".

  • #41
    HI, I really like this addon. But now i'm missing 1 option. To ignore selected channel or setup channels that want to "listen" when my nickname will appear there. regards
  • #37

    Still no sign of an update?

  • #39

    Sorry for this long awaited update.

    It is now updated to Patch 5.4 with several bug fixes and improvements.

  • #35

    Now I have Destiny's Child stuck in my head...

  • #36

    Glad I'm not the only one...

  • #33

    Please update for 5.0.4 It was working fine prior to that.

  • #40

    Please download the latest version for patch 5.4

    It should now be working for everyone :D

  • #30

    Could you please update this addon so it works proper and not suddently crash wow or just cause freeze screen?

  • #31

    Unfortunately, I haven't played WoW for almost 2 years. If anyone wants to pick up this addon, please let me know!

    Last edited by Vux_Warlock on 7/12/2012 11:45:49 AM
  • #32

    Hey Guys, I'm still here :D

    I don't get any errors with the addon, I do some more testing today, pls report your errormessages.


  • #29

    Any devs able to pick this up? Would be great :)

  • #28

    Does this work cross faction? And does it notify you if your name is said in trade when you're not in a city?

  • #27
    Quote from fleonard »

    I really wish this worked.

    i hate missing chats from the guild when my name is mentioned or people are trying to get me, and they don't whisper.

    I can be in a raid or group and have filters on, and don't care to see all the constant guild chatter, but would like to know if my name is mentioned.

    This addon won't work because there is no configuration page where you can exclude channels, so if you have any addons that use custom channels, you know they are going to pass your toon name, so what happens is that this addon beeps all the time for an invalid reason.

    There needs to be a config page to exclude channels, or to only work on specific channels.

    Please address this problem if you have the time.

    If you cannot, then I may mofify it myself when I have the time.

    Thank you



    I apologize, but I have left WoW as of November 2010! Maybe I will play again when life gets less hectic! But if anyone wants to pick it up, please let me know.

    Curiously, I still get feedback alerts about my mod, which is pretty awesome!

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