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  • World of Warcraft
  • 5,657 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 411,976 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 07/25/2008
  • 377 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About SaySapped

A very lightweight and simple mod that instantly says "Sapped" to alert those around you whenever a rogue saps you.

Great for Arenas, Battlegrounds and World PvP!

Check out my other mods:
- SayMassRez

2014-10-15: updated toc for 6.0
2013-10-01: updated toc for 5.4
2013-05-22: updated toc for 5.3
2012-10-01: updated toc, removed select
2012-05-01: updated toc, used select; Happy Loyalty Day!
2011-07-01: updated for 4.2
2011-04-26: updated for 4.1
2010-10-30: updated for 4.0
2009-12-25: updated toc, minor code revision; Merry Christmas!
2009-08-06: updated toc
2009-05-10: updated toc, Alert when Sap is reapplied before fading
2008-12-19: updated toc, Use spellID
2008-07-23: Initial public release


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  • #48

    open say sapped.LUA and change sapped with 

    "{rt8}  Sapped  {rt8}"

  • #47

    can you add some skulls at the beginning and the end : (skull) Sapped (skull) 

  • #46

    Bump for an update to 5.2, love the addon. Thanks!

  • #45

    Great little addon. Very useful in BGs

  • #43

    Can we get an update for this soon? I love this addon.

  • #42

    Please update

  • #41

    Please update this to 5.0.5.

  • #40

    To the guy who tried to argue that most people wouldnt say sapped when they are sapped. I must disagree. In actual combat we warned eachother of everything we saw, knew about, and even suspected. It wasn't a case of... "oh there's a sniper in that tower but I better not say anything, that wouldn't be fair"... really? wtf?

    If your arguement is that nobody should be able to say anything after they have been bonked on the head because it isnt realistic...THIS IS A GAME> people can't really hide in plain sight while moving around either.

    If truth be told if someone wanted to be more like actual combat they would make an addon that not only said sapped but said it in raid chat and gave coordinates of the location and the time you were hit...

  • #38

    I use WeakAuras to accomplish this same thing. It has "SAPPED" in big, red letters on my screen and yells, "I'm Sapped! Rogue nearby!" WeakAuras is an easier to adjust (IMO) and more efficient alternative to PowerAuras. I apologize for having to put this on your addon page, but this addon is very inefficient for what it's meant to do.

    You can import the mentioned WeakAura using this string:

  • #34

    update for 4.3 ?

  • #24

    So my reply got censored. Then let me post something in a more civilized manner. This addon is one of those addons that spoils the WoW gameplay as it was meant by the developers. A Rogue (or any stealthed class) is a class which relies on surprise and shock and awe. This addon manages to take that away from the Rogue and it is being used by players of questionable morality throughout the realms, giving them an unfair advantage over Rogues. Most people won't think of saying sapped when they get sapped, cause they are surprised. As they should be, because this is how the Rogue operates. Other classes have advantages which gives them an edge, but the Rogue's edge is being diminished by this addon. Now if you were to have a macro that would shout/say sapped in any chat you want it to, but only if you manually press the macro to do this, then this would be a more realistic and not to mention FAIR approach to the advantages this addon is offering. If the developer would consider what I said and has some respect for WoW and it's gameplay, then perhaps he could adjust his addon to do exactly that; manual activation of saying the word: sapped.

    Finally here's the explanation of the term cheating as found on Wikipedia, since an addon like this approaches the meaning of this word. Please note the underlined text.

    In video games, cheating can take the form of secret access codes in single-player games which unlock a bonus for the player when entered, and add-ons or exploits which give players an unfair advantage in online multiplayer games.

    I rest my case

    Last edited by jaZzmn on 10/26/2011 2:16:52 AM

    ......:::ownage incarnate:::......

  • #49

    As a rogue I actually prefer my victims to have this installed... It's entertaining to see them hunt for me with aoe (back in the day they even managed to drain most of their mana doing it) and they stick around longer not helping out other areas that would need their attention. Plus it's fun to go 1 on 2-3 as a rogue. Unless ofcourse you aren't confident of your own abilities which is appearantly your issue.

    You must train more, rogue isin't about silence or suprise, it's about control.

    If this was indeed cheating then having any sort of announcement like "/s Taunting %t", "popping shield wall" or "Interupting [target]'s [spell]" is also cheating.

  • #44
    Quote from jaZzmn »

     Please note the underlined text.

    In video games, cheating can take the form of secret access codes in single-player games which unlock a bonus for the player when entered, and add-ons or exploits which give players an unfair advantage in online multiplayer games.


    The word addon does not mean cheat. They're expressly allowed (and expressly encouraged) by Blizzard. Unfair advantage is not as cut and dry a term as you think. Unfair advantage "as defined by the developers of the game", not you. No offense, but if you think saying "Sapped" in /say is an unfair advantage, then you're a moron. Sorry, there's no way to sugarcoat that.

    I refer you to Healers Have to Die addon if you want to see "pushing the limits of what's acceptable or not". Note that this is ALSO completely allowed (and supported via the API) by Blizz, despite being quite blatantly "cheaty" by nature.

  • #37

    "Most people won't think of saying sapped when they get sapped, cause they are surprised..."

    Protip: Anyone who was concerned enough about sap to come download this addon was already savvy enough to be announcing "sapped" through a macro/ Vent anyway.  

  • #29




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