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Scrap (Junk Seller)

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 90,293 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 1,437,826 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/27/2014
  • Created 02/12/2008
  • 1,313 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 12.21
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About Scrap (Junk Seller)


Scrap sells all your junk when you visit a merchant. What makes it different from other junk selling addons? Mainly, it is:

  • Intuitive & Easy to use
  • Mostly Load on Demand
  • Uses an intelligent & dynamic junk list
  • Provides in-game tutorials for quick learning
  • Can automatically repair your equipment
  • Supports many plugins which add extra functionality (the list is always growing)



  • For feedback, support, suggestions and bug reports, please post a ticket. You may post comments as well, but you will get our attention much faster there.
  • Visit me at
  • Options menu now loads properly on first try.
  • Selling soulbound unusable equipment is now optional.
  • Minor changes for preventing bugs.
  • Updated chinese locale (by scars377)
  • Fixed issue with Scrap keybinding on ElvUI.
  • Now "Low Consumables" option does not sell consumables with epic or rare quality.
  • Fixed issue with guild repair option.
  • Updated for The Iron Tide.
  • Guild masters can now prevent automatic guild repairs by writiing '[noautorepair]' in the guild information box.
  • Now the addon properly indicates it works in patch 5.4.
  • Fixed issue ocurring when printing messages in the chat frames.
  • Added dirty hack to prevent a Blizzard issue from causing dialog errors to pop up.
  • Added option to disable the usage of guild funds for repairs.
  • Hotfix.
  • Updated for Siege of Ogrimmar.
  • Updated Unfit-1.0.
  • Now translated for Korean clients! (by 강남쌍칼)
  • Updated for patch 5.3: Escalation!
  • Now the merchant button properly highlights whenever there is junk, not only when it has a value.
  • Improvements to the merchant tooltip.
  • Updated for patch 5.2: The Thunder King.
  • Pet stones are now considered not junk by default, even with the "Low Consumables" option enabled.
  • Now fully translated to German! Translations by Noxxana.
  • Low level consumables and equipment without sell value will no longer be considered junk by default, even with the corresponding options enabled.
  • Scrap now accepts items with no sell value in the list. These will be deleted when trying to sell the scrap to the vendor.
  • Now properly detects wether an upgradable item is soulbound.
  • Now displays a message in the money log when equipment is automatically repaired.
  • Fixed issue possibly preventing players with unlimited permissions to use the guild bank for repairs.
  • Scrap can now optionally repair all your armor when you visit a merchant! You can enable the new feature at the interface options.
  • Battle pet bandages are no longer scrap by default.
  • Updated for patch 5.1: Landfall!
  • Scrap is now fully localized in french! (by Noaah)
  • Reduced the minimum required level for Scrap to sell gray-quality equipment.
  • Fixed bug causing merchant buttons to go out of place when guild withdraws are allowed.
  • Fixed bug causing Scrap Visualizer to display incorrectly.
  • Tagging as release.
11.0 (beta)
  • Added new options category: "Visuals". This includes options to configure Scrap Spotlight, Scrap Bagnon or Combuctor Scrap, which are now able to display visual icons besides glowing borders.
  • Fixed minor bug in the options window.
  • Updated and tested for Mists of Pandaria.
  • Added monk class filters.
  • Set guild cloaks and standards to "useful" by default
  • Now tabards, shirts and fishing poles are never junk by default
  • Changed the tutorials positions
  • Intelligent learning bug fixing
  • Tagging as release
10.7 (beta)
  • Started to build a list of items that are by default junk or useful, disregarding the item's characteristics.
10.6 (beta)
  • Largely improved reliability of toggle junk
  • Filters now properly react to users with equipment sets disabled
  • Bugfixes
10.5 (beta)
  • The scrap button tooltip now displays how many items of each quality will be sold
  • Junk/Useful preferences are now recorded permanently even when the user resets an item to the default state
10.4 (beta)
  • Another hotfix
10.3 (beta)
  • Small hotfix
10.2 (beta)
  • All behaviour settings are now global, filter settings are saved per character
  • Now truly fixed the bug causing "auto sell" and "safe mode" settings to reset on login
  • Now the tutorials are only fired when at the merchant
10.1 (beta)
  • Fixed a bug causing "auto sell" and "safe mode" settings to reset on login
10 (beta)
  • Intelligent Learning: this new feature now allows Scrap to learn from your actions and improve its filters.
  • Introducing a brand new algorithm to compare items levels and value. This will allow for much more accurate filtering results independently of level.
  • Now uses Poncho-1.0, Sushi-3.0 and CustomTutorials-2.1 to generate its options and tutorials. This should provide greater performance and stability.
  • The options panel, drop-down, tutorials and default settings have been completely redesigned. Therefore, the tutorials will be displayed again, even for old time users.
  • Fixed a bug causing items in the bank container to not be scanned properly.
  • Generally improved Scrap filtering performance.
  • Introducing Scrap Spotligh: this new optional feature will make your Scrap to glow in the default UI bags
  • Updated for patch 4.3
  • More on Portuguese translations (thanks to myself)
  • Reduced download size by about 70%
  • Internal changes
  • Bug fixes
  • New attempt to fix the Baggins bank bug
  • Centralized localization
  • Fix of bug affecting some Baggins users
  • Added russian translations for the advanced options and updated the spanish ones. Thank you LordKuper and Mitrax, respectively.
  • Added new french and german translations for the advanced options. Thank you Noeudtribal and blizzy78, respectively.
  • Corrected the tutorials position on the screen.
  • Added new translations for Scrap Visualizer. Once more, thank you to everyone who has helped to translate Scrap recently, as Resdulac, Althathwe and yunrong.
  • The advanced options are ready to be translated. If you whish to help, feel free to use our localization tool.
  • Removed Scrap Updater
  • Items that are part of user-defined equipment sets are no longer considered junk by default
  • Items which can be sold back for a full refund to the merchant are no longer considered junk by default
  • Fixed a bug causing temporarly tradeable items to be considered junk in some situations
  • Updated for patch 4.2
  • Fixed keybinding bugs
  • Added two new keybindings: one that sell all the junk (if at a merchant), and another that adds or removes any item you're hovering with your mouse cursor to the junk list
  • Reduced download size by 20%
  • No longer considers items with no sell value junk when a "Sell Low Level" option is enabled
  • Minor change to prevent Scrap from not loading properly due to a possible bug
  • Updated Scrap Updater accordingly
  • Advanced options improvements
  • Version 7.3 has been accidentally deleted from the records
  • Fixed a small bug causing Unusable items to not be considered junk by default and probably other situations as well
  • Grammatical bugfixes
  • Chat messages bugfix
  • Other minor bugfixes
  • Introducing the new Advanced Options Panel. Acessible from the Interface Options and from the Scrap button's right-click dropdown as well.
  • Made more clear that sell low equip/consumables will sell any low level item
  • Pawn Scrap works with this version
  • Added new Safe Mode option
  • Uses a new, much more reliable and faster junk list caching system, designed for tomorrow's needs
  • Faster detection and filtering of junk items
  • Low level gray equipement is now only not considered junk for low level characters
  • Altough Pawn Scrap is an experimental feature too, it does not work with this version yet
  • Sell Low Equip is available in this version
    • Now also works for enchanters
  • Due to disturbing occurrences, disabled temporarily the "Sell Low Equip" option. Please keep in mind that this feature is still experimetal.
  • As a reminder, Pawn Scrap is also an experimental feature.
  • "Sell Low Equip" no longer considers fishing poles junk on all localization
  • Pawn Scrap no longer considers fishing rods, tabards, trinkets and shirts junk
  • Now uses library "Unfit-1.0" for detecting unusable equipment. This library was created for an easier data sharing between Scrap and other projects I'm working on, such as Bagnon and Combuctor.
  • Updated for 4.1
  • Now supports Bagnon Scrap
  • Fixed incorrect proficiences
  • Fixed a bug preventing "Sell Low Level Equipment" from actually working
  • Several improvements to the low level equipment detection filters
  • Fixed a bug causing anomalies in some clients when playing female characters (this time is for real)
  • Made the unusable souldbound equipment features to work on any client language
  • Fixed a bug causing class-specific items to be considered junk in some locales for female characters
  • "Sell low consumables" should no longer sell items with no item level
  • Forgot to actually enable the new features announced last version: they are now listed in the options dropdown.
  • Pawn Scrap support was enabled too.
  • First steps to make the built-in feature "consider unusable soulbound equipment for non-enchanters junk by default" to work on all clients
  • Added new options: "Sell Low Level Equipment" and "Sell Low Level Consumables". These options are still experimental, if you find an useful item considered junk, please let us know. Feedback and suggestions are highly welcome.
  • Added support for Pawn Scrap.
  • Made the Visualizer completely load on demand
  • Finnaly added a description for the Visualizer
  • New features are on testing stage and should be released very soon
  • Items can now be added/removed from the junk list by clicking on the item in your bags and then on the button (just as you can move items in your bags too)
  • Added a "Add to Junk List" and "Remove From Junk List" buttons to the Visualizer
  • Made a more convenient API for toggling the items in the junk list
  • Added a nice Visualizer picture to the site
  • Made Visualizer ready for localization
  • Updated a Traditional Chinese translations
  • Small tweak on the Visualizer
  • Added "Junk" and "Not Junk" tabs to the Visualizer window, so now you can also see which items you removed from the junk list
  • Now, when the item list is not long enough to show the scrolling bar, the lists resizes to fill that space
  • Updated for the last CustomTutorials version
  • Fixed a bug causing errors when printing chat messages in some situations
  • Fixed the weirdest bug ever reported
  • Small internal tweaks
  • Fixed a bug causing the "money pile" to be clickable when at the Visualizer tab
  • Fixed a bug causing the Visualizer icon to not show properly in some merchants
  • The Visualizer scrolling size is now more accurate
  • I'm glad to present you Scrap Visualizer, a long waited and asked feature!
    • Displays your junk list in a separate tab on the merchant window
    • Almost complete, but expect improvements and bug fixes in the next few weeks
    • You still can only see which items you added to the list, but you will be able to see which ones you removed in future versions
    • Feel free to provide suggestions (keep them coming)
  • Minor tweaks
  • Updated CustomTutorials-2.0 (otherwise, could crash with Cornucopia)
  • Removed many unnecessary library files (making download size a bit smaller)
  • Starting level poor equipment is no longer considered Scrap by default (as it can be useful at those levels)
  • Small tweak to the configuration dropdown
  • Updated CustomTutorials-2.0
  • Updated french translations (thank you mius64)
  • Minor tweaks
4.5 4.4
  • Slight tutorial text improvement
  • Updated addon/modules descriptions
  • Auto sell was bugging for some users, should be fixed now. If not, let me know which addons are you using.
  • Tutorials are back: cheer up for CustomTutorials-2.0
  • Improved the options menu look
  • Disabled tutorials for now
  • Hopefully made a bug fix
  • Added compatibility to Scrap's new plugin: Scrap Cleaner!
  • Updated for 4.0.1
  • Scrap will no longer consider soulbound armor which your character will never use junk if you are an enchanter
  • Tutorials are not working yet
  • Scrap will now consider soul-bound equipment items your character can't equip junk by default (careful enchanters!)
  • Added Chinese and Spanish translations (thanks to thwa and yllelder, respectively)
  • Other translation updates
  • Tested on 3.3.3 patch
  • Added German and updated Russian translations (thanks to ckaotik and RustamIrzaev, respectively)
  • Added some French translations (thanks to laumacwow)
  • Moved the tutorials to a more convenient position on the screen
  • Added Russian translation (thanks to p4tv)
  • Went back to the old options dropdown. Without the junk lists option, the window does not make much sense.
  • Added new "blizzard-style" tutorials. Stop pressing F3!
  • Small code changes to allow compatibility with Scrap Launcher
  • Fixed a bug breaking SpamSentry
  • Fixed a bug causing lists to not be saved in some situations
  • Permanently deleted the old profile data
  • Fixed a bug breaking Combuctor_Scrap and Baggins_Scrap
  • New custom icon
  • Junk lists are now saved per-character (old global profiles will be kept for now, so this change is reversible). If you wish to have profiles, use Reflux.
  • New option window:
    • Replaces the old options drop-down
    • Was built using a new library (Sushi-2.0), so it may be unstable. Feedback is highly welcome
    • As the junk lists are saved per-character, most of the window's space is empty. Ideas for new options are welcome.
  • Now items with no sell value can be added to the junk lists
  • No longer beta
Beta 5.1
  • Fixed several bugs causing add/remove item functionalities not to work properly
Beta 5
  • Updated for 3.2
  • Scrap is going trough a "transitional phase": there are many upcoming changes, which will make Scrap profiles from previous versions incompatible with the new version. An additional addon, Scrap BetaUpdater, has been included, which will make the transition of enUS profiles a smooth process, but users with other clients may find transitioning their junk lists a difficult process. Our apologies, but this will be better for the users on a long term.
  • Added a new module: Scrap Merchant, which will make the Scrap merchant button load on demand. What does this means? Faster loading and less use of memory and cpu on startup.
  • Now Scrap does not allows items which can't be sold to the merchant to be added to the junk lists.
  • Chat messages now behave depending of your chat settings
  • Removed the profiles chat messages
  • More changes coming in a close future...
Beta 4.1
  • Updated TOC for 3.1
Beta 4
  • Updated for 3.0.2
  • Scrap now prints how much you profit by selling your junk when you visit the merchant
  • Fixed a bug causing the buttons to not be correctly placed after using the 'Buypack' tab
  • Scrap no longer has a 'module API'. Combuctor Scrap and Baggins Scrap now 'hook' Scrap to work properly.
  • Combuctor Scrap and Baggins Scrap are now separate downloads
  • Before you start asking, this is still not the version which includes the library I've been working for the last year. That will be a closed beta.
Beta 3
  • All: Code improvements
  • Added: Baggins Scrap and Combuctor Scrap
Beta 2
  • Core: Fixed a bug causing an error message when trying to drag a spell to the Scrap button
  • Options: Current profile is now checked instead of disabled in the "Set Profile" option
Beta 1
  • Initial Releaseleasecausing an error message when trying to drag a spell to the Scrap button
  • Options: Current profile is now checked instead of disabled in the "Set Profile" option
Beta 1
  • Initial Releaseleaseed instead of disabled in the "Set Profile" option
Beta 1
  • Initial Releaseleaseeseleasead of disabled in the "Set Profile" option
Beta 1
  • Initial Releaselease1
  • Initial Releaselease Release


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  • #153

    you have a bug in the scrap .toc file: version 50300! change it to 50400

    in all other subfolders it is correct


    greetings tiraldu

  • #149

    v12.12 has an 50300 #Interface: in .toc, causes it not to load for people that don't have 'load out of date' checked.

  • #152

    Will changing the TOC  fix all this? Or is there something more serious going on here?

    thank you

    Last edited by dasnuke on 2/26/2014 11:35:11 AM
  • #151


    Developer of addons such as Bagnon, OmniCC, PetTracker and Scrap.
    Visit me at

  • #148

    Love love love this addon but lately not getting the total line in chat - where using the merchant button at a vendor to sell all scrap used to say something like "you've sold your scrap for XXgXXsXXc" etc..

    Also my options UI in the WoW addons screen is blank so I can't check to see if this is a setting. Will try deleting WTF folder in the meantime..

  • #150

    Can confirm the last update fixed the chat output. thanks!

  • #147

    Also getting similar error regarding Toggle when using the keybinding to add to exception list or add to scrap


    5x [string "SCRAP_TOGGLE"]:2: attempt to index local 'item' (a nil value)
    [string "SCRAP_TOGGLE"]:2: in function <[string "SCRAP_TOGGLE"]:1>


    Last edited by Uggrich on 2/20/2014 11:37:45 AM
  • #145
    Usage: Ambiguate(fullName, context)

    Ticket posted for the issue in the subject. Please post any information you want to add there. Thanks!

  • #146
    Quote from Lufunpsy »

    Ticket posted for the issue in the subject. Please post any information you want to add there. Thanks!

    Upvoted it - seeing the same thing.

  • #144

    Can we get a "rule" function to tell Scrap what is scrap? For Example sell ALL equipmen lower then 478 ilvl exept it in the exeption list. Why i asking? Because Scrap with enabled "Sell old gear" doesnt sell gear form Ulduar and i need to add every piece of Ulduar drop to the Scrap Junk list.

  • #143

    I belong to a guild is there a way to set auto repair from my bag to the guild bank

  • #142

    carefull when using this addon it will sell your primal egg even when you set them as usefull when they turn to cracked 

    please fix this asap :)


    ps: menace97 stop stealing my avatar !!!

  • #141

    Started giving LUA errors. Can either "Disable" or "Ignore".

  • #140

    how can i remove an item from either the junk or useful lists in the scrap visualizer? i only see one button in each frame: so in junk, i have "set as useful" and in useful i have "set as junk."

    i saw on one of the screenshots a "remove from junk list" - i do not have that option in the one i am using. i am using the latest version, 12.10. i'm using it along with bagnon. thanks for such a great addon!

    * i can get around this just by editing the savedvariables LUA file, and removing the item from there. the UI element seems to still be missing for me though.

    Last edited by menace97 on 11/4/2013 2:35:13 AM
  • #138

    Any chance you can make the item list account wide instead of characters?

    Or provide some option in game to copy profile without resulting copying the LUA in the folder??

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