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  • World of Warcraft
  • 4,994 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 2,298,345 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 10/23/2006
  • 16,364 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v6.72

About ScrollingCombatText

Please read and use the main SCT site for news, bugs, and feature requests. I don't read these forums hardly ever.

Be sure to check out SCTD 2.0 if you want SCT to show your damage.

Also check out my simple but enhanced combat log EavesDrop

What is it?

A fairly simple but very configurable mod that adds damage, heals, and events (dodge, parry, windfury, etc...) as scrolling text above you character model, much like what already happens above your target. This makes it so you do not have to watch (or use) your regular combat chat window and gives it a "Final Fantasy" feel.

Why use 5.0 over WoW's new built in Floating Combat Text ? - SCT 5.0 is a complete rewrite of the mod from the ground up. Its is now based in the Ace2 framework and rewitten with more performance in mind. On top of that, it offers features far above and beyond what WoW's FCT can do. FCT is great if you just need a lightweight SCT with limited options, but using SCT's new Lightmode can get you the same performance with almost all of SCT's normal features.

What can it do?

  • Damage messages
  • Heals (incoming and outgoing) and Overhealing (with healer ID's), with filtering for small heals.
  • Spell Damage/Resists and Damage Type
  • All "Miss" events (dodge, block, immune, etc...)
  • Custom Colors for all text events
  • Config file to setup custom events (self and target), capture data, and display it.
  • Debuff/Buff gain and loss Messages
  • Low Health and Mana Warnings with values, and optional sounds
  • Rage/Mana/Energy Gains
  • Enter and Leave Combat Messages
  • Rogue Combo Points, 5 CP Alert Message
  • Class Skill alerts (Execute, Overpower, CounterAttack, etc...)
  • Honor, Reputation, Skill Gain
    • Eight Animation Types (Verticle, Rainbow, Horizontal, Angled Down, Angled Up, Sprinkler, Curved HUD, Angled HUD)
  • Four Fonts
  • Two seperate Animation frames, each with their own settings. Assign any Event to either.
  • Ability to flag any event as critical or as a text messages
  • Sliders for text size, opacity, animation speed, movement speed, and on screen placement (with custom editbox)
  • Lightmode, for when you care most about performance (at the loss of a few features).
  • Now Based in Ace2.
  • CTMod, MyAddons, Cosmos, Cosmos2 support
  • Settings saved per character by default, but supports all Ace2 Profiles
  • Load/Delete settings from another character. Load built in Profiles.
  • Localized to work in almost all WoW clients.

How do I use it?

First unzip it into your interface\addons directory. For more info on installing, please read install.txt. Now just run WoW and once logged in, type /sctmenu to get the options screen.

SCT_EVENT_CONFIG.LUA is used to setup custom message events. Please open up the file (notepad, etc...) and read the opening section to understand how to use it all. PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FILE IN SCT. IF YOU DON'T READ IT AND USE IT, THEN YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON A TON OF WHAT SCT HAS TO OFFER IN CUSTOMIZATION

/sctdisplay is used to create your own custom messages. Useage: /sctdisplay 'message' red(0-10) green(0-10) blue(0-10) Example: /sctdisplay 'Heal Me' 10 0 0 - This will display 'Heal Me' in bright red


How do I get My Crits or My Hits to show? I would suggest you get SCTD:

My custom event doesn't work. What's wrong? - Make sure you have the text exactly right, punctuation and capitalization matters. If you need help learning how to capture data, please see the examples or try this site If its still not working, please read about SCT_Event_Debug and SCT_Event_List in the bottom half of SCT_EVENT_CONFIG.LUA to learn how to add almost any chat event to SCT's search capabilities

How do I change the text for parry, block, etc...? - open up the localiztions.lua file and look for the event you want to change. Then change the text to whatever you like. As of 4.1, you may also now add a custom event for these. As of 5.0 You will get notifications automatically for event specfic skills like Overpower, CounterAttack, etc...

How do I get get text to scroll? I only see numbers! - Make sure the "Show Events as Message" option is unchecked. This is only if you want events to appear as static text (not scrolling/animated)

I don't understand what the 2 frames are for! - Each frame lets you set different features. So you can set frame one using Sprinker animation and Default font, while frame 2 can be using Veritcle animation and Adventure font. You can then assign each event to a specfic frame using the radio buttons next to the events.

There's too many options. Help someone new see how things work! - Try out some of the new built in profiles. While on the options screen, click the "Profiles" button. At the top of the window will be a listing of some default profiles to try out. Maybe you'll fine one you like or it will spark some ideas for you to try.

How do I change the fonts? - You can now select from four fonts on the options page. You can also change the font of message and apply the font to the in game damage font used for your damage (requires relog)

I don't like friendly nameplates on. How do I make my heals appear over who I heal? - Friendly nameplates have to be on in order to show your heals. SCT will turn them on if you turn on the option, but you must manually turn them off if you don't like it (see Target keybindings).

I don't like the new spell icons, how do I turn them off? - There is an option to turn them off under the animation tab.


Please post all errors and suggestions on using the provided forms. Please post all questions and comments on the offical SCT thread.

r57 | grayhoof | 2015-06-24 02:45:23 +0000 (Wed, 24 Jun 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v6.72 (from /trunk:56)

Tagging as v6.72
r56 | grayhoof | 2015-06-24 02:43:34 +0000 (Wed, 24 Jun 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/sct.toc
   M /trunk/sct_options/locals/
   M /trunk/sct_options/sct_options.toc

sct: TOC update for 6.2. Localization updated.


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  • #111

    i have the lingering text problem as well.

    disabling sct does not clear it, reloading the ui does (/console reloadui).

  • #110

    Confirmed that SCT isn't showing up for Hunter pet. This is on US-English WoW.

  • #109

    With 2.8 now I'm finding that SCT text lingers on the screen after fights are over.

  • #108

    Scrolling Combat Text is not work on the pet...

  • #107

    You'll have to talk to those authors as I have nothing to do with how SCT is intergrated into them. Sounds like the may have an old version of SCT that had a color selector issue right after the patch.

    The next version of SCT will be out sometime today and it may help you, but again if you still have problems you'll need to speak with the author of Insomniax Recomp.

  • #106

    Problem: not allowing me to change color of anything. color "wheel" acts as if not there when i try to select a color and I end up selecting something behind it.

    Also, the Block message is spaced wrong or something. I am getting way too many spaces after the first asterisk in the Block message.

    Anyone getting these problems and does anyone know how to fix them?

    I use Insomniax Recomp which uses CTMod which controls this, so that could possibly be the reason but I just redownloaded/installed SCT again and it still doesnt work.

  • #105

    I use the german version, but if I play my rogue there is no text popping up when i gain +25energy with my finisher. is this just because of the german version ?

    BTW. this mod ruls :P

  • #104

    German version and myAddon support is already in my working version of 2.72. I just have too much going on right now in game to tiddy it up and release it.

    The bug on 399 is also fixed in 2.72. Its not actually releated to using the english names, its because the search values are coming back null with the search string being use in 2.71. The text scrolling off the screen is also fixed.

    Hopefully I'll have 2.72 out soon.

  • #103

    Just like dan stated, a german verson for this great mod would be really cool.



  • #102

    How to show up when I can use riposte/overpower ecc.?

  • #101

    can yo uadd myaddons support for easier option panel finding ? it require only 1 fuction, i can paste what is required here volounteer Moderator

  • #352

    I have the same question as Fritos, how do you get it to display the amount of damage you resist? I have spell resists turned on, but it only displays "*resist*" when I fully resist. It does not display "1253(-3759)" when I resist 75% of Onyxia's Firball, etc.

  • #100

    About Feign death, you might want to check DefendYouself addon, it detect the feign death I think, not sure how. volounteer Moderator

  • #99


  • #358

    I'm getting an error when SCT loads: sct.lua:894: SCTaniData1:SetText(): Font not set ... it stops SCT from working! :/

    Any ideas?

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