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Scroll Master

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 35,845 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/16/2011
  • Created 01/31/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v4.2.18
Support development! **

About Scroll Master




  • Minor bug fix with the totals page.


  • Fixed a bug preventing users from selecting which characters to get DataStore data for.
  • All non-enUS localization files should now automatically update with the localization app on curseforge.


  • You can now get DataStore data from multiple accounts (assuming they are setup with DataStore).
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed the pkgmeta again.


  • Fixed a bug where the "Craft Next Enchant" button was still crafting even after the craft queue was empty.
  • After adding groups to APM, the GUI should no longer switch pages.
  • Fixed the pkgmeta file so the correct libraries will be packaged.


  • More minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed a typo in one of the tooltips.
  • Added rounding for the threshold / fallback values before exporting to APM.
  • Fixed a problem with the packager.


  • Removed some test code that was left in and preventing some parts of the addon from working.


  • Implemented code to deal with item data not being in the player's cache.
  • Removed some debugging code that was left in a while ago.


  • Fixed a bug effecting Scroll Master / APM interactions.


  • Updated Scroll Master for WOW patch 4.0!
  • Slightly adjusted the location of the craft queue to better fit the new default tradeskill window.
  • Implemented some code to automatically update the itemIDs of all vellums in users' enchants.
  • Changed all "Quick Auctions 3" references to "Auction Profit Master".
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when opening the craft queue.


  • Fixed a typo preventing SM from getting any data from the enchanting window in the last version.


  • More minor bug fixes!


  • Fixed a bug with DataStore information not being displayed on that totals page correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error on startup for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error on loading SM for some users.
  • If you set a filter with the craft queue open (or if one is set when you open the craft queue), it will close and a message will be printed out.


  • Scroll Master should no longer throw errors when DataStore isn't loaded.
  • Fixed an issues where users were getting an error on ruRU (and other asian) locales.
  • Fixed a bug that was giving an error when the user changed the value of some settings.
  • Vellums should now show be added up correctly on the totals page.


  • Made major changes to the organization of the pages.
  • Added support for DataStore_Auctions.
  • Any material that you need 0 of will be hidden from the totals list.
  • Materials are now sorted by itemID.
  • Material prices should now be updated more consistently if getting data from Auctioneer.
  • You can now set minimum profit for the "Build Craft Queue" button by both percent and gold amount.
  • The button at the bottom of the craft queue will now combine / split essences as needed.
  • Added an advanced totals page layout containing additional info when using DataStore (turn on in DataStore options).
  • Scroll Master now includes localized scroll and material names for enUS, deDE, frFR, and esES which should greatly decrease the chance of issues.
  • Updated the deDE locale file to what was on Scroll Master's localization page.
  • Fixed a bug where material prices were not updated correctly.
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added a new feature to the "Status" page to make the maximum profit for the set amount of gold.
  • Scroll Master should now function properly with all non-enUS locales.
  • Enchants will now properly cast onto the lowest possible vellum.
  • Users should no longer experience slow-downs when moving items into their bags while Scroll Master is loaded.
  • Added a "Craft Next Enchant" button to the craft queue which will craft the next enchant that you have mats for.
  • The craft queue is now resizable.
  • More options for DataStore have been added.
  • DataStore should not calculate mats from guild banks properly.
  • Added text with the estimate cost of all the mats you do not have to the totals / queue page.
  • Added tooltips to the addon names at the top of the "External Settings" page when you hover over them.
  • Updated the deDE locale file to what was on Scroll Master's localization page.
  • Many minor bug fixes / improvements.


  • Fixed a bug effecting users using DataStore.
  • Updated the deDE locale file to what was on Scroll Master's localization page.


  • Scroll Master should now properly load the craft queue on non-enUS realms.
  • Changed the text on the totals page slightly to include the total number required.
  • Updated the deDE locale file to what was on Scroll Master's localization page.
  • Added frFR locale file with the couple of translations that were on Scroll Master's localization page.


  • Fixed a bug effecting users who don't use DataStore.
  • Fixed a bug where some pages would not load properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the External Settings page to not load correctly in some situations.
  • Updated the deDE locale file to what was on curse's localization page.


  • Scroll Master should now work on deDE localized clients.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error when exporting to QA3.
  • Removed some outdated information from the LibData file and updated it with some missing entries.
  • Scroll Master *should* now work on any realms including ones it is not localized for. Please leave a comment if you are having issues.
  • Updated the TOC file.
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing wow to freeze when opening the craft queue for some people.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting "No Minimum" for the "Minimum Profit Method" under the Build Craft Queue Settings wasn't working properly.


  • Fixed some bugs where the options for QA3 weren't acting correctly.
  • Added the "Craft Queue" buttons to the status page.
  • Fixed a bug with getting mat prices from Auctioneer.
  • Updated localizations to what is @ as of 9/13/2010.


  • The options page has been greatly improved. Most options will show helpful tooltips if you hover over them.
  • Added a slider for setting the % of threshold price to set fallback to on the QA3 page.
  • Removed the "Save Auction Data" option. Scroll Master will always save auction data between sessions.
  • The status information that was previously on the 'Enchants' page got moved to the new 'Status' page.
  • The main 'Enchants' page now contains all enchants that are profitable (configurable with new options in the options page).
  • The 'Add Enchants' page has been completely redesigned to make it much easier to add enchants.
  • The 'Lock Mat Costs' page has been removed as the feature has been added to the 'Materials' page.
  • The "Manage Enchants" page has been completely removed.
  • You can now remove any enchant (not just ones you added) from Scroll Master through the "Remove Enchants" page.
  • The main Scroll Master frame has been resized slightly.
  • If you hover over an enchant in the craft queue a tooltip will show listed the mats and how many you have / need.
  • The craft queue is now color coded (and sorted). Green means you have all the mats, yellow all of some, and red none.
  • Added a feature to automatically build the craft queue based on profit / number to restock on the "Status" page.
  • Scroll Master will now properly deal with lower level vellums for enchants.
  • Any filters and searches will be removed from the enchant trade skill window immediately before trying to craft an enchant.
  • Scroller position is now saved within a session.
  • Fixed a bug where profits were not being correctly updated after a change in mat prices.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the code that deals with exporting to QA3.
  • Fixed a few lingering bugs as well as improved the efficiency of much of the code.
  • Finally fixed the bug that was causing the craft queue to act wierdly when more than 23 enchants were queued.
  • Scroll Master now includes its own library (LibData) for looking up the itemIDs of enchants.
  • Scroll Master should now work on ruRU realms. More translations are needed however.
  • Greatly improved the code related to AH scanning. Scans should now complete slighty faster.
  • Made major changes to how the internal data table is structured. User should see no change.
  • Completely rewrote much of the gui.lua code. User should see no change.


  • Fixed a bug that was giving an error when the user tried to shift-click on an itemLink inside of Scroll Master.
  • Fixed a bug where the Quick Auctions 3 page wasn't loading correctly if the user had AddonLoader installed.


  • The algorithm used to calculate material prices has been greatly improved.
  • The user may now chose how material costs are calculated (by default there is no change over previous versions).
  • The Totals page has been updated to include itemlinks for all the materials instead of just text.
  • Updated the deDE localization file (and added it to the .toc file...oops). Thank you to all my translators.
  • There is now a slider in the options for decreasing buyout prices by a % when calculating profits to compensate for AH cut (0% by default).
  • An entire new page has been added to the main Scroll Master window for users who use Quick Auctions 3 with Scroll Master.
  • This new page includes a way to let Scroll Master automatically make groups inside of QA3.
  • This new page also includes a very easy way to export enchant costs to QA3's threshold settings.
  • You can also specify a percentage to increase the costs by to compensate for AH cut when exporting to QA3.
  • Many minor improvements have been made to the look and feel of the GUI.
  • The Ace3 Libraries included with Scroll Master have been updated to the latest version.


  • There is now a button built into the AH frame to start Scroll Master's scan (instead of typing /sm scan).
  • Changed the minimap icon to a blizzard one since the Scroll Master one never seemed to load correctly.
  • The main Scroll Master window will now open automatically when a scan is complete (can be disabled in the options).
  • Updated the deDE localization file.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling / enabling the minimap icon was causing an error.


  • Scroll Master will now work better with ATSW.
  • When you open the craft queue you will get a warning if you have ATSW enabled (can be turned off in the options).
  • deDE (German) localizations are now included with Scroll Master.
  • Scroll Master cannot add enchants when Skillet is enabled. A warning has been added to remind users to disable Skillet while adding enchants.
  • Much of the code has been improved. User should see no change.
  • Hundreds of lines of comments have been added for anybody curious how the addon works.


  • Scroll Master now stores the names of scrolls / materials.
  • The above change should now all but eliminate the "implosion" problem.
  • The spanish translation file's encoding was changed to UTF-8.
  • Added an option to control whether or not Scroll Master includes vellums in scroll costs (on by default).


  • Fixed a bug that was causing added materials to not behave properly.
  • Some settings / mat costs may change when updating to this patch as a result of the above fix.
  • Removed some unused functions / cleaned up a bit of code (user should see no change).


  • Fixed a few bugs including one that was causing incorrect enchants to be shown / hidden.
  • Unused materials will no longer be shown in the 'Materials' and 'Totals / Queue' pages.
  • Some users may notice significant decreases in the time needed to scan the AH.


  • Many minor bug fixes / general improvements.
  • Added a "Remove Enchant" tab to the options for removing added enchants.
  • The materials page should no longer overflow and now has a scrollframe.
  • The craft queue is now movable.
  • Added a "Lock Mat Costs" tab for locking the cost of a material if you don't want SM to update it after a scan.


  • Greatly improved the function that was previously causing Scroll Master to "implode."
  • Scroll Master will automatically try and fix the error related to "imploding".
  • Updated for 3.3.5 patch.


  • Fixed a typo that was preventing the addition of enchants by users.


  • Scroll Master should now work on Spanish realms thanks to the hard work of Miros1234.


  • Fixed a bug where using Scroll Master with Decursive was causing an error.


  • Fixed a few minor bugs.
  • Adding more options for controlling the appearance of Scroll Master.
  • The user can now change the layout of the "Enchants" tabs. Currently there are only two layouts to choose from. More will be added as users request them in comments on curse.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing the "Reset Craft Queue" button to give an error.
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs.


  • The user's material prices will be reset to the default values when they first load this version.
  • Added the ability for the user to add their own enchants.
  • Most of the internal data structure this addon uses was changed to allow for new enchants to be added.
  • Vellums are now included in the costs.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the enchants to not sort by profit properly when that feature was enabled.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.


  • Moved a bunch of functions to the Data module and cleaned up a bunch of the code (user should see no change).
  • Added the "Enchants" window under "Options" for selection which enchants are shown.
  • The selected enchants are stored by profile.
  • When you open the craft queue with an enchant you can't craft, it will be deselected in the Options-> Enchants window.
  • The information under each enchant now includes how many are in your registered alts' bags.
  • Enchants are now sorted by profit if possible. This can be turned off in the options menu.
  • When not sorted by profit, enchants are now sorted similarly to how they appear in the enchanting window.
  • There is now an option to disable saving of the last scan between sessions (enabled by default).


  • Fixed a typo in the main data table where the spellID for Enchant Weapon - Black Magic was incorrect.


  • Fixed an error in the data table where the materials for Enchant Shield - Defense were incorrect.
  • The time of the last scan is now saved in local time instead of server time and in a different format.
  • Only the options that have checkboxes are stored in profiles. Everything else is faction/realm
  • You can manage the current profile for each character in the Options->Profiles window.
  • Removed the warning for typing '/sl'.


  • Slippy is now Scroll Master! The new slash command is '/sm' instead of '/sl'.
  • Added a reminder if the user uses '/sl' instead of '/sm'. This will be removed in future versions.
  • Removed a lot of redundent and out-dated code (user should see no change).
  • The data table Scroll Master uses has been completely redesigned (user should see no change).
  • You will no longer get an lua error if there are none of a material on the AH.
  • Scroll Master now gets data from the server in a MUCH more stable / error free way.
  • As a result of data collection being more stable, cache scanning has been removed.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error if you cleared the craft queue before openning it.
  • Scanning should now recover more quickly if it encounters a problem and should give less errors.
  • Added new enchants to Scroll Master including "Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining".
  • The StatusBar for scanning the AH will now disapear when the scan is complete.
  • The GUI has been complete redesigned from the ground up. A few of the changes:
  • You can now add more than 1 of an enchant to the craft queue.
  • Each enchant has two links: the enchant link showing the materials and the scroll link.
  • Many new sections added to the GUI.
  • Removed the "Calculate" button as the calculations are now done automatically.
  • The options panel has been moved to the main window instead of the Blizzard options frame.
  • Many other changes to make the GUI easier to use yet more powerful than ever.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing wow to freeze in certain situations while scanning.


  • Fixed a bug where the scan data wasn't sorting stacks of more than 1 item correctly.
  • The above-stated bug fix caused the mat cost algorithm to work MANY times better.
  • When you type '/sl scan' it now scans for materials as well (previously just scrolls).
  • Took out the code used to test the mats scan as it is now a full-fledged feature.
  • Removed the '/sl print' and '/sl test' commands (see previous change).
  • Mat costs should now properly show in the options frame after scanning for them.
  • Implemented a statusbar that shows the progress of the scan while Slippy is scanning the AH.
  • The profit should no longer show up as "1.#INFg" when there are no scrolls posted on the AH.


  • Activated functions to test getting material data from the AH (see Slippy's main page on curse).
  • Made the scan code more efficient. SafeLinks are now a thing of the past.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing scan data to not be stored properly.
  • Greatly cleaned up / better commented the code.


  • Added the enchanting module which adds a new easier to use queue list.
  • Changed the Queue frame to only have one tab and provide access to the new queue list.
  • Merged the two frames into one frame and improved the GUI.
  • Added a minimap button and an option to disable it.
  • Removed the '/sl queue' and '/sl summary' commands.
  • Added a new '/sl show' command to open the GUI.
  • Added a work around for players without items in their cache.
  • Cleaned up the code overall.
  • Fixed the bug that was causing text from the options frame to mysteriously appear in other frames.
  • Added protection against errors if the player has not trained an enchant they add to the queue.
  • Fixed a bug that were causing the craft queue to not update correctly.


  • Fixed a typo in the slash command list.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the scan to freeze if there were none of the item on the AH.
  • Added the capability to scan for materials (not yet implemented).
  • GUI now displays a message instead of leaving the profit blank if there are no auctions.
  • Summary window's status text (text to the left of the close button) implemented to help user.
  • Added functions to more permanently store as well as manipulate scanned data including storing profits.
  • Made the non-"core.lua" files modules and renamed "core.lua" to "Slippy.lua"
  • Changed the names and references of almost everything to make code more organized.
  • Cleaned up the code overall.


  • Slippy is now independant from Quick Auctions!
  • Added auction house scanning features! You can now scan the AH for scrolls by typing "/sl scan".
  • Added an entire new module to Slippy to handle auction house scanning.
  • Converted everything that was using quick auctions to now use the scan module of Slippy.
  • Added another new slash command (/sl help) with some useful information about how to use Slippy.
  • Got rid of the wall of commented out, out-dated code in the GUI file.
  • Changed the scope and names of a few variables to make the program more localized.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing the craft queue to think all enchants were boot enchants.


  • Temporary GUI in place while the new GUI is being developed. The new GUI will be included in v2.0.
  • Profits are now automatically calculated when you click on the "Calculate" button.
  • Many other verious improvements


  • Updated the core.lua file to support the new data tables.
  • Rewrote many functions in core.lua to make it more compact and hopefully easier to read.
  • Made all of the old data tables local inside of data.lua to finalize the conversion to the new slippyData table.
  • Incorperated the first version of the new GUI!


  • Quick Auctions API implemented!
  • Wrote functions to deal with the QAAPI as well as deal with itemLinks.
  • Added a new row to all the data arrays where the itemID of the scroll is stored.
  • Added slippyData which will eventually replace the 9 individual data tables. For now, it simply contains the 9 data tables which allows them to be acessed in the same manner as before as well as through the slippyData array without conflict.
  • Converted everything inside of the core.lua file to use slippyData instead of the old arrays.
  • Matched the order of the arrays in data.lua to the rest of the program for consistency.
  • Added a warning if QAAPI is not loaded (currently does not do anything besides print the warning).


  • Multiple adjustments to the core.lua file to improve the code.
  • More variables defined as locals and some variables renamed / moved as a result.


  • Added new rows for the arrays in data.lua to handle extra materials. As a result, everything that used these arrays was updated (mainly core.lua).
  • Stored the totals in the DB. As a result everything that used the totals array was updated (mainly gui.lua).
  • Improved the slash commands greater by making "/sl" print out list of slash commands.
  • Added an option to enable / disabled vellums.
  • Cleaned up the core.lua code by putting the Get and Set function for the options in the options function.
  • Moved the default profile values to the data.lua file.


  • Fixed a bug where glove enchants were not being reset when the "Reset Craft Queue" button was pressed.
  • Greatly improved the documentation of the code by adding comments throughout.
  • Cleaned up the code overall by getting rid of unused/unncessary functions/variables.


  • First Release Version!


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  • #221
    You're welcome glad you enjoy it :)
  • #214
    I love this addon, thanks so much for making it, it replaces about 5 other addons + a spreadsheet for making encahnts.
    But is there a reason why it keeps queueing enchants as if it doesn't knwo about what crolls I have on the AH?
    e.g., it's set to restock weapon enchant superior potency to 4. I have 2 in an alts bags, and 2 up for auction on an alt. It tries to craft 2 more, even though I have 4 already, two of them are just on the AH.
    I have the most recent version of altaholic.
  • #215
    Note, I did add the name of my auctioneer alt to the "list of alt names stored" before scanning.
  • #216
    Do you have DataStore enabled on your auctioneering alt?
  • #217
    Yes, but I didn't have the auctioneer added in "3rd party addons", "datastore". I had only added her in "options" "data"
    Not a bug, but very confusing.

    It's working great now though.
    Any chance we'll see the addition of a small "totals" window separate like the crafting window, something that can be open along with the AH?
  • #218
    We have big plans for expanding Scroll Master in many directions. One of the new features is to have a small module that will buy all the mats a player needs from the AH as easily as possible for the user. These plans are already underway but it is a very large project so stay tuned.
  • #219
    Data so that I remember to look at it for the next major update.
  • #206
    Just found this addon recently and I love it.
    Do you have or do you know of a similar addon for other professions such as JC, Inscription, Blacksmithing?

  • #207
    I don't have or plan on making something like Scroll Master for other professions. You can check out LSW though ( it's not quite like Scroll Master but somewhat close.
  • #208
    You might want to check out Quick Auctions 3 as well especially for inscription. It list how much glyphs are going for and then just pick the ones that go for a good amount cause they all cost pretty much the exact same amount to make.
  • #202
    I have a couple of logistics issues with this addon.

    First, there's some kind of problem with the vellums. It keeps using vellum III even though I have plenty of vellum I and vellum I is considerably cheaper (7s as opposed to 3.5g).

    Second, would it be possible to add a "minimum profit" based on gold AND percentage? IE, only enchants worth at least 75% profit, AND only if that profit is more than 5g?

    Third, would it be possible to draw prices from Enchantrix or StdDev, instead of from whatever the default is for Auctioneer? Perhaps a drop-down to select which pricing method we want to use?

    I think what you're doing here is great, and keep up the good work!
  • #203
    1. This is a known bug which will be fixed in the next release (hopefully today or tomorrow).
    2. Yes just have to find a way of doing it that doesn't clutter up the options page too much. I'll look into it.
    3. There is such a dropdown in the 'External Settings' page for Auctioneer. Adding stdDev to the list should be simple. As far as getting data from Enchantrix, are you talking about getting material prices or scroll prices? Right now Scroll Master can only get material prices from Auctioneer. Something that is still on the table for the next release is to be able to use Auctioneer for Scroll Data only if the user also has DataStore installed because Auctioneer doesn't track how many the user has on the AH (DataStore does). That way you could completely bypass Scroll Master's scan.
  • #204
    For number 2...I'm not convinced that this would be all that helpful to add. If you had an enchant that cost 10g to craft and you had it set to 50% min profit that would give you 5g or more of profit on any enchant...
  • #209
    The problem I'm running into is that if I use % profit, it will queue enchants for 30s because I make 15s profit, and it's not worth my time. On the other hand, if I use a flat profit, it will queue an enchant that earns 5g profit even though it cost 500g to make.
  • #212
    Alright I'll try and make it so you can set % and gold limits then.
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