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  • World of Warcraft
  • 15,796 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 2,523,964 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/26/2014
  • Created 11/17/2007
  • 2,327 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 3.0.11
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About SellJunk

SellJunk sells all junk to the vendors. This includes all grey items and user specified items, that can be added to list of exceptions. It can either sell these items automatically at each vendor or you can do it manually by clicking "Sell Junk" button on each vendor's frame. You can also see how much gold you made from selling the trash. It can also destroy all junk instead of selling it, if you're far from vendors.


  • /sj
    • will open config window
  • /sj add itemlink
    • will add given item to exception list (to create itemlink Shift-Click any item in inventory)
  • /sj destroy
    • will destroy all junk in inventory
  • /sj destroy x
    • will destroy x pieces of junk in inventory


If you'd like to add/update localizations, do so here.

Bugs / Suggestions:

If you have encountered any problem, or if you think theres something missing. Feel free to post a ticket here.


  • What is an exception list?
    • If you want the addon to sell other than grey quality items, or you want to not sell some of those grey items, then exception list is the thing you are looking for.
  • How do I add item to exception list?
    • Type "/selljunk" and then type either name of the item, or just part of the name (but be aware it might sell items with similar names), or just drag the item from inventory into the input field.
  • What if I want to stop it from selling some grey quality item?
    • Just add this item to exception list and it will always skip it.
  • Can it destroy souldbound items, that you can't use (e.g. plate items on mage)?
    • Nope, and it never will support it. The aim is to stay as lightweight as possible.

  - update: updated for patch 6.0.2

  - update: updated for patch 5.4

  - update: updated for patch 5.3

  - update: when GnomishVendorShrinker is loaded, put SellJunk button to top right corner (hopefully nothing can ever be there!)

  - update: when GnomishVendorShrinker is loaded, put SellJunk button to bottom left corner

  - update: added Italian translation

  - update: updated for patch 5.0.4

  - update: added new translations

  - update: updated for patch 4.3

  - update: updated for patch 4.2

  - update: updated for patch 4.1

  - Rewritten to improve performance
  - feature: merged global and character exceptions into single list
  - update: updated for patch 4.0.1

  - feature: added commands '/sj add <itemlink>' and '/sj rem <itemlink>', that will add/remove given item to global exceptions
  - bugfix: it should now skip items, that cannot be sell to a vendor as there are quite a few grey ones

  - bugfix: '/sj destroy <number>' did not work properly

  - bugfix: ticket #13

  - feature: added command '/sj destroy', that will delete all junk from bags and '/sj destroy x', that will delete up to x pieces of junk

  - update: updated for patch 3.3
  - update: spanish (esES) locale

  - feature: option to hide the 'item sold' spam
  - update: french (frFR) locale

  - update: korean (koKR) locale

  - update: more efficient code for getting item price

  - update: updated for patch 3.2

  - feature: option to clear global or character specific exceptions
  - removed: option to list all exceptions, it was useless anyway

  - feature: french (frFR) locale
  - update: various locales

    - feature: german (deDE) locale

    - feature: option to show gold gain from selling trash
    - bugfix: was possible to have same item many times on exception list


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  • #272

    hi, i was lvling archaeology so i collected many grey items in my bags. lets say 30 items. when i went to a vendor i had to press the selljunk button 2-3 times in order to sell all junk in my bags. the thing is, it wrote down that i gained 909g from those junk but when i saw my amount of gold i had, i'd only obtained about 400-500g. it wasnt the 1st time this happened btw.

    any ideas?

    Last edited by kampanas on 1/27/2012 6:04:54 AM
  • #269

    Ok so, I'm a Miner/Jewelcrafter and my problem is that I keep adding the Mining Pick to exemption and it continues to sell it... I've removed and added the addon again and it didn't work... what can I do or is that a  bug?

  • #266

    Hello :)

    Just curious, but I seem to remember a Character Specific section awhile back. Is this gone or is there a way to add exceptions only for certain characters? ie. adding low-level water/food and then playing an alt that level and selljunk by accident :(

    Thanks for a great addon!

  • #267

    Hi figgityfigs,

    You're right, there used to be character specific section, but it's been removed few months now. It wasn't widely used, so I got rid of it to keep the addon simple.



  • #265

    Guys, you don't need to add any items to exceptions if you want only your greys to be sold! If you will add any white or better item (e.g. Silk Cloth, Hessonite, etc.) as exception, then it will be sold! Maybe read the addon description before complaining here.

  • #268

    I just found this addon (Nurfed used to do it when I last played) and have no problem readin instructions but I think calling the exception list something more appropriate such as "additional junk" would avoid much of the confusion.

  • #261
    I'm not sure if this is a problem on my end, But I used sell junk on a toon with jewcrafting and it sells green gems. Like hessonite and jasper. I added a exception to the list, but I'm wondering if this is a error in the addon.
  • #260
    I tried to set this to not sell my silk cloths or my bolt of silks or my saronite ores but first chance it sold all of that, as well as my fishing pole, runes of teleportation, tailoring recipes and so forth...I added the stuff to the link box with the command /sj (item link) though there was no confirmation of any kind and it didnt show up anywhere I could see. Then it sold it all.
  • #259
    Even Tarou WoW Guides use this addon, thanks for him I discovered this addon and it has saved a lot of time for me, one lovely button shorting it all. Just pure awesomness and epicness, in one button!

    No more having to be like "Uhh sorry guys got bags full, need sell items, this gonna take long" when you can just press one button, pure lovely!
  • #258
    Is it possible to add a filter for the destroy part of this addon? This addon works almost perfectly for what I want, but it doesn't allow me to choose what to destroy and what not to destroy. It seems to be already chosen. My purpose is for it to remove any junk and other items from my inventory, but not my leather. Currently, it removes all grey items and some white items... and one of those white items is my leather lol.
  • #257
    Thank you for updating!
    As simple as usefull as it is, wonderfull!
  • #253
    I just updated it to show as workin in 4.1, but it was working the whole time. Sorry for the delay, but I have loads of stuff going on right now and addons are obviously the lowest priority.
  • #251
    Hay hay, my computer is awesome but atm i'm having trouble with a fan that seems to be acting erratic, getting extremely loud when not much of my resources are being taken up -- i've alleviated this quite a bit by turning down graphic options on WoW but i'm worried about resources anyway; does this take up quite a bit or nope?
  • #252
    Nope, it uses less than 50kb of memory.
  • #250
    I went to the site as you suggested hoping to find an update that worked. The site does not have an update that would work with the current version of WoW :(
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