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  • World of Warcraft
  • 17,193 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 2,520,033 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/26/2014
  • Created 11/17/2007
  • 2,324 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 3.0.11
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About SellJunk

SellJunk sells all junk to the vendors. This includes all grey items and user specified items, that can be added to list of exceptions. It can either sell these items automatically at each vendor or you can do it manually by clicking "Sell Junk" button on each vendor's frame. You can also see how much gold you made from selling the trash. It can also destroy all junk instead of selling it, if you're far from vendors.


  • /sj
    • will open config window
  • /sj add itemlink
    • will add given item to exception list (to create itemlink Shift-Click any item in inventory)
  • /sj destroy
    • will destroy all junk in inventory
  • /sj destroy x
    • will destroy x pieces of junk in inventory


If you'd like to add/update localizations, do so here.

Bugs / Suggestions:

If you have encountered any problem, or if you think theres something missing. Feel free to post a ticket here.


  • What is an exception list?
    • If you want the addon to sell other than grey quality items, or you want to not sell some of those grey items, then exception list is the thing you are looking for.
  • How do I add item to exception list?
    • Type "/selljunk" and then type either name of the item, or just part of the name (but be aware it might sell items with similar names), or just drag the item from inventory into the input field.
  • What if I want to stop it from selling some grey quality item?
    • Just add this item to exception list and it will always skip it.
  • Can it destroy souldbound items, that you can't use (e.g. plate items on mage)?
    • Nope, and it never will support it. The aim is to stay as lightweight as possible.

  - update: updated for patch 6.0.2

  - update: updated for patch 5.4

  - update: updated for patch 5.3

  - update: when GnomishVendorShrinker is loaded, put SellJunk button to top right corner (hopefully nothing can ever be there!)

  - update: when GnomishVendorShrinker is loaded, put SellJunk button to bottom left corner

  - update: added Italian translation

  - update: updated for patch 5.0.4

  - update: added new translations

  - update: updated for patch 4.3

  - update: updated for patch 4.2

  - update: updated for patch 4.1

  - Rewritten to improve performance
  - feature: merged global and character exceptions into single list
  - update: updated for patch 4.0.1

  - feature: added commands '/sj add <itemlink>' and '/sj rem <itemlink>', that will add/remove given item to global exceptions
  - bugfix: it should now skip items, that cannot be sell to a vendor as there are quite a few grey ones

  - bugfix: '/sj destroy <number>' did not work properly

  - bugfix: ticket #13

  - feature: added command '/sj destroy', that will delete all junk from bags and '/sj destroy x', that will delete up to x pieces of junk

  - update: updated for patch 3.3
  - update: spanish (esES) locale

  - feature: option to hide the 'item sold' spam
  - update: french (frFR) locale

  - update: korean (koKR) locale

  - update: more efficient code for getting item price

  - update: updated for patch 3.2

  - feature: option to clear global or character specific exceptions
  - removed: option to list all exceptions, it was useless anyway

  - feature: french (frFR) locale
  - update: various locales

    - feature: german (deDE) locale

    - feature: option to show gold gain from selling trash
    - bugfix: was possible to have same item many times on exception list


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  • #249
    There's a donate button up there too... ;-)
  • #248
    *ALL* to update SellJunk _now_, go to the Development Site as stated above in the AddOns description. The update has been out there for about three weeks or so.

    There might be some reason Curse hasn't included it in the updates yet though so you may choose to wait. I installed it on one system manually to test.
  • #247
    update please?. This is a great addon and It has become a part of my WoW life.. I must have it..
  • #246
    Is there any way we could get an ETA on an update?
  • #243
    This shit is far too unclear, "If you want the addon to sell other than grey quality items, or you want to not sell some of those grey items, then exception list is the thing you are looking for." So the exception list is for adding non greys to be sold and ALSO for preventing certain greys from being sold? WTF It also didnt delete all of my greys either -.-
  • #245
    if you have lots of greys in your bags you will need to click the button at least twice to get rid of everything
  • #244
    It's so unclear, that you got exactly whats the exception list for. Amazing! Which greys it didnt sell? If you press the sell button another time, will it sell the others?

    Next time at least pretend you have good manners.
  • #242
    Couple of suggetions:
    /sj help = in-game command listing.
    /sj [itemlink] = toggle add/remove item from exceptions list
    /sj list = print current exception list (or make a dialog for it)
  • #254
    It doesn't matter what I do, either adding the item through the interface, or manually, it still sells my mining pick and blacksmith hammer, and I've added them to the exceptions list I don't know how many times.
  • #255
    as I see it, adding a non-grey item to the ex.list will cause it to be sold, and adding greys will cause them not to be sold. As mining pick and BS hammer are white they will be sold when added to the list. Try removing them instead of adding.
  • #241
    Any updates soon?

    Won't let me add Scavenged Animal Parts Item ID: 68197

    When dragged its blank and cant add manually. Its a grey item
    There are a few more new cata greys cant add, but this one is very common and frequently dropped.
  • #240
    Adding the possibility to see the exception list would be neat.
  • #239
    add another slashcommand for selling junk (ie for use in macro)

    elseif arg1 == 'vend' then
  • #238
    This should be built into the game. Thank you for a must-have addon.
  • #236
    Quick question: does the destroy option take vendor sell price into consideration? Just asking - destroying grays is an excellent feature.
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