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  • Updated 02/04/2015
  • Created 12/04/2009
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About Sell-O-Matic2

The purpose of this mod is to help selling items in an easier way than just clicking all of them in the merchant.

How to use it

As simple as going near a merchant and opening his/her trade window, then you can click on the sell button (money icon). By default the addon only sells junk items (poor quality items).


  • Auto sell: Allows the addon to automatically sell the items as soon as you open the merchant window, useful if you want to sell your items fast.
    • Auto sell junk: Will only sell automatically all junk/grey items.
    • Auto sell all: Will sell all the configured items automatically.
  • Preview: The addon will show a confirmation box and the items that would be sold so you can check the items before selling them.
  • Information type: Controls the amount of information the addon will output in the chat frame. You can choose full or lite.


The addon has several modules that can be activated or deactivated to fit your needs. This can be done from the addon's list in the character selection screen. By default all modules are disabled.

  • SellOMatic_Item: This module helps you sell items based on its quality and item level.
  • SellOMatic_List: This module helps you sell or save items using sell and save lists.
  • SellOMatic_Destroy: This module helps you destroy junk items.
  • SellOMatic_Class: This module helps you sell BoP items you can't use.

You can have any combination of them activated, from none to all.


/sellomaticOpens the configuration window
/somSame as /sellomatic
/som helpDisplays all in-game commands in chat window


If you want to help with the localization of the addon feel free to use the localization tool

Upgrading from Sell-O-Matic

If you're upgrading from Sell-O-Matic, uninstall that version first and do a fresh install of Sell-O-Matic2.

Version a028 changes the directory layout to proper SellOMatic2 folder, if you're upgrading from a previous axxx version, please do a fresh install of a028.

Please use the ticket system to submit any bug or request


  • [7c8a93d] Changed filter on ITEM module to make it easier to use
  • [b485b85] Fixed issue with heroic items not being sold
  • [4bdd37f] Fixed problem with ptBR locale and BoE items
  • [5b415d3] Fixed loading issue when using AddonLoader - Ticket #46, #47
  • Updated locales


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  • #247

    Im getting a very strange lua error message when opening a vendor, it mentions another addon called DailyToDo...i know the chances that some1 else using the same 2 addons together are close to zero but maybe if there is a conflict there you can avoid future conflicts with other any case if you need i can paste the entire lua error message, i didnt post it now so i didnt spam here a wall of...code...ish... xD

    PS: forgot to give more detail, seems like he cant read the save/sell lists

    Last edited by FuriaOscura on 2/23/2015 7:23:51 AM
  • #248

    Please PM me a screenshot of the error (or the wall of code if you wanna type it) and I will take a look to both the error and the DailyToDo addon to see where could be the problem.

  • #245
    Class module

    I can't seem to find the class module, not in my addons dir and ofc also not in the game addon loading screen. has it been removed?

  • #246

    The class mode is currently outdated, so I've removed it from the current releases. I'm planning on add it again in a near future when I finish with the List, Item and Destroy module enhancements and bug fixes.

  • #244

    how do i set this addon to sell all items below 450 ilvl plz?

  • #242

    Thanks for an incredible time-saving add-on! Some suggestions for enhancements:

    - Include the item level in the Preview list

    - Bug fix: When the Preview list is too long and exceeds the window size, the buttons are no longer visible.

    - Usability issue (or bug?): When I click on the coin in the vendor window and it sells 12 items, the list remains the same. I deduced that I had to re-click to sell the next 12 items, but the list doesn't change. It only changes if I dismiss the vendor window and re-open it. This gets in the way.

  • #243

    Thanks for the feedback. I will look to the suggestions/bugs you've reported to see what I can do.

    The issue with the 12 items is mainly due because the addon takes longer to sell the items (since here you depend on the server latency) than to rescan the items in your inventory. Aside from that, if you hit the button once the items are sold, despite getting an outdated list, it should sell the next 12 items (sinde the previous 12 aren't in your inventory right now). Still I will take a look to the code to see if I can fix this issue.

  • #239

    Oh my gosh the changes for the heroic raid stuff works perfectly!!!!! I can now just click the button and sell all that gear. It still tends to only sell in like bunches of 10 at once but seems like that is intentional? At least I don't need to close the window each time which also makes it so much better. Love the addon even more now.

  • #240

    Glad to hear it works. The update also added the Safe Mode, that makes the addon sell items in packs of 12, so you can buyback them in case something you don't want gets sold. You can enable or disable this option in the addon's option window. If you disable it, the addon will sell all items that match your options in one operation (instead of packs of 12 items each operation).

  • #237

    Anyway to use the destroy module to destroy 0 value epics from old raids?  Its a pain running AQ40 for this reason.

  • #238

    I was planning on adding a new list for destroy items, so you could populate it with items to be destroyed of any quality. Would this solve the issue with AQ40 epics?

    Also could you please provide me with the name or link to the epic you're mentioning? Maybe I could add a check for 0 value items as well.

  • #241

    Sorry for the delay i wanted to run AQ40 to get some of the item types.

    There are lots of these type of drops from aq40 where u have to type delete to destroy.  some you can Ah but others are just soulbound.

  • #229

    I have updated to the last release, but got strange issue: button to sell items doesn't go to disabled mode after selling all items in preview. And pressing it again do nothing of cause.

    Reverted back to a056 and problem disappeared.

    For info: in WoW Modifications section I have only Sell-O-Matic2 module enabled, other 3 are disabled

    Last edited by freimensch on 1/29/2015 1:38:33 AM
  • #230

    I'm gonna check the code to see where could be the issue. Could you please tell me what is your Sell-O-Matic configuration? (the items selected in the addon configuration panel) Thanks.

  • #236

    Ok, thanks for the info. I will check it to see where could be the issue.

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