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  • Updated 02/04/2015
  • Created 12/04/2009
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About Sell-O-Matic2

The purpose of this mod is to help selling items in an easier way than just clicking all of them in the merchant.

How to use it

As simple as going near a merchant and opening his/her trade window, then you can click on the sell button (money icon). By default the addon only sells junk items (poor quality items).


  • Auto sell: Allows the addon to automatically sell the items as soon as you open the merchant window, useful if you want to sell your items fast.
    • Auto sell junk: Will only sell automatically all junk/grey items.
    • Auto sell all: Will sell all the configured items automatically.
  • Preview: The addon will show a confirmation box and the items that would be sold so you can check the items before selling them.
  • Information type: Controls the amount of information the addon will output in the chat frame. You can choose full or lite.


The addon has several modules that can be activated or deactivated to fit your needs. This can be done from the addon's list in the character selection screen. By default all modules are disabled.

  • SellOMatic_Item: This module helps you sell items based on its quality and item level.
  • SellOMatic_List: This module helps you sell or save items using sell and save lists.
  • SellOMatic_Destroy: This module helps you destroy junk items.
  • SellOMatic_Class: This module helps you sell BoP items you can't use.

You can have any combination of them activated, from none to all.


/sellomaticOpens the configuration window
/somSame as /sellomatic
/som helpDisplays all in-game commands in chat window


If you want to help with the localization of the addon feel free to use the localization tool

Upgrading from Sell-O-Matic

If you're upgrading from Sell-O-Matic, uninstall that version first and do a fresh install of Sell-O-Matic2.

Version a028 changes the directory layout to proper SellOMatic2 folder, if you're upgrading from a previous axxx version, please do a fresh install of a028.

Please use the ticket system to submit any bug or request


  • [7c8a93d] Changed filter on ITEM module to make it easier to use
  • [b485b85] Fixed issue with heroic items not being sold
  • [4bdd37f] Fixed problem with ptBR locale and BoE items
  • [5b415d3] Fixed loading issue when using AddonLoader - Ticket #46, #47
  • Updated locales


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  • #117

    The problem in the module SOM_item.
    If I sell a lot of green items can sell out the blue item, despite the fact that blue item itemlevel> iLevelValue. For example, when selling a lot of can sell

    Sorry for my English.

  • #118

    Will take a look at it. If you're only using SOM_Item shouldn't be a problem. Could you please confirm you aren't using SOM_List with "Jasper Ring" as one of the items in the sell list? That could explain why you sell the blue ones also...

    If you're just using SOM_Item, could you please post the options of that module?

  • #115
    List doesn't seem to work for me. I added water to sell list, checked everything in list module except "use ilevel" and "Case sensitive list" and still it doesnt want to sell the water. Same with save list: i added one grey item to save list and it's still sold
  • #116
    Can you give me the exact name of the items?

    Also try typing "/som showlist" and see if the items you're trying to sell/save are displayed there.
  • #111
    I'm using SOM (original v1), and have a long custom Sell-List (115 entries).

    The "SellOMatic_Class"-module sounds great; is there any possibility, to import my old SellList into SOMv2?

  • #112
    There is no official way to do it, since they're different addons and they cant read each other options.

    You can (being very carefull) open your SellOMatic SavedVariable file to copy the sell list into SellOMatic2.
  • #113
    Thanks for the reply!
  • #109
    is it possible to only sell green BOE items but no other "normal" green items in inevntory?

    If i checkmark "sell boe" nothing happens.
    If i checkmark "sell boe" and "sell green" he deletes all green items and thas not what i want.
  • #114
    In order to prevent an item from being sold, you have to use the "Save List." It's an extremely non-obvious feature, but is useful after you finally find it. Click the "+" in the vendor frame next to the selling icon while having SellOMatic_List enabled.
  • #110
    If you check "Sell BoE" and "Sell green" on the item options table you should be able to sell green BoE but not standard green items such as green gems for example.

    This is the behaviour of the latest version published (a041).

    If you still have problems, please explain further the issue, such as which items you want or don't want to sell to check them.
  • #107
    I set this addon to sell anything below iLevel 271, so to test it, I bought an ilevel 170 item from the auction house and it refuses to sell it. I have everything checked, white, blue, epic, boe, bop, what am I doing wrong?
  • #108
    Are you enabling that options on the item module or on the list module? If the item is a green BoE 170iLevel one for example, you have to enable the following options on the item module (not the list module): Sell BoE, Sell Green, use iLevel and set iLevel higher than 170.

    It is NOT recomended to enable all options of the items module if you don't know what you're doing...
  • #105
    Be warned I downloaded this mod yesterday (14th April) and to my horror it sold all my pvp gear and most of my enhanced set including some purple gear. Despite pleading with Blizzard I lost a total of 3 epics and 7 PVP pieces! If this is some kind of a cruel joke on the mod creators part then I hope you get your account(s) banned!
  • #106
    Please read the other post before posting. Version a038 had a failure in the class module and wouldnt work as intended. Version a039 has fixed that bug and now it works as it should be.
  • #104
    The new update fixes the problem that occurred from my post below. No need to worry if anyone is just downloading this add-on for the first time. An amazing time saver and great addon.
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