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  • Updated 11/25/2014
  • Created 04/05/2007
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About Sell-O-Matic

The purpose of this mod is to help us sell the kind of items that we get most frequently: Junk!

How to use it

  1. Open the merchant window.
  2. Check if the top right coin style button is greyed or not.
  3. If the button isn't greyed it means you have items to sell. If you hover your mouse above the button it will display the total profit you will earn.
  4. Hit the button and all junk items will be sold.
  5. Profit!

SellOMatic vs SellOMatic2

SellOMatic has been rewritten to give the old SellOMatic lovers the essence of the addon back, to sell those pesky junk items without complications: No options, no lists, no problems. Also it has been rewritten to be a light and fast addon.

SellOMatic2 is the evolution of the addon, giving the user the ability to choose which modules/functions to enable to configure the addon as the user needs. It includes list/item/class/destroy functions to suit a variety of needs. More info here


If you want to help with the localization of the addon feel free to use the new localization tool

Submit bugs or requests

Please use the ticket system to submit any bug or request


  • Fixed problem with the profit not showing the correct amount.
  • Minor code enhancements.


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  • #336
    I like the basic idea of this Addon, but it seems not to be working for me.
    I added the one grey item i wanted to keep (thats why i wanted that addon in the first place) but it keeps selling the item.
    I am sure i spelled it correct.
    Could it be that it cant handle german umlauts?
    I have tryed the Item Straßenräuberhose.
  • #337
    I havent tested the addon with a german client, so I really dont know if all the items work. You can try the following: Use additem to add the item Straßenräuberhose and then do a /som showlist to see if the item is in the save list. This way I can know where could the problem be and see how to fix it.
  • #332
    Hi Silmano, nice addon. Above you've posted a .jpg that suggests a confirmation that you want to *really* destroy the items you've selected but I notice I'm not prompted this way when I use "/som destroy 4". It just destroys without confirming. A confirmation would be good and a list of what I'm about to destroy would also be good.
  • #333
    The destroy warning is for the "/som destroy xyz" command, for example, "/som destroy Saronite". It will search for the word or string and see how many items have it. Since this way you can destroy many useful things, I added a warning.

    With "/som destroy N", you ONLY destroy junk items, so there is no real danger in deleting gray items.

    As for the warning about the "/som destroy N" command, I will take a look and see what can I do. Maybe I could add it with an option to disable it so everyone is happy. :)
  • #334
    Hi Silmano, thanks for the fast reply. I was just thinking that (for example) maybe you've been using your POS mining pick for 3 months when you suddenly stumble upon a groovy gouging pick! What are the chances the first thing you're going to do is put it into the 'saved' list? It's one thing to mistakenly sell a grey item to a vendor because you can always buy it back. If it's destroyed? End of story.
  • #335
    He he he, you're truly right. Didn't thought about the flaming gouging pick. :P

    Seeing it that way it makes a lot more of sense.
  • #328
    And while we are destroying things, it would be nice that if you add an item to the sell list that vendors won't buy (no value?), they will be destroyed.
  • #329
    Problem with this is that usually those are quest items and such...
  • #327
    Since you have a destroy junk feature, can you add a feature to destroy the cheapest stack of junk to go along with it?
  • #330
    If you use /som destroy x, where x is a number, it will destroy x number of junk starting with the cheapest one. It scans the stack itself, not an item inside the stack so if you have a stack of 5 junk items that its worth less than another single junk item, it will destroy the stack first.
  • #316
    I have a question. Is there a way you can have it sell SB common/rare/epic items? Reason being is when I run guildies thorough instances I get rares and few epics that I can't use (since I am almost in full ICC/T10 gear) and since I can't sell to another player/guildie.
  • #317
    You can sell white (common) and green BoE and BoP items with the Sell Common, Sell BoP, Sell BoE options that the addon already has. As for the blue and epic soulbound items I havent thought of a way to do it that wouldnt involve saving all your secondary equipment items (if you have). Any ideas/suggestions? :P
  • #323
    You could add the "Sell Soulbound" check box and just let the user define what gear they want to save since you can already use the "Add to save list".
  • #325
    Actually I'm coding/testing another solution that I think it will fit better. The plan is to have a check box to activate a dungeon/raid tracker that will get a list of all the items you've loot, along with other options to keep tracked the items you want to sell. For example: "Track all soulbound items gained in a dungeon run". Then, once finished, you could get to a vendor, hit the sell button and sell all the items that match the criteria you've configured via the addon options.

    It might look a little more complex but for the final user will be easier to configure than to allow all soulbound items to be sold and had to add manually their secondary equipment sets.

    Still I'm testing this out and see if it works, so it could suffer modifications...
  • #312
    hmm I think it doesnt count well... I have 96 Inventory slots. It just said You sold 106 Items. Even If my whole inventory would be filled with items I wanna sell, wich is not the case, this wouldn't be possible.

    Hope for a soon fix =)
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