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  • Updated 02/24/2014
  • Created 10/27/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.4.15
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About SexyMap

Make your minimap ubersexah! SexyMap is a minimap awesomification mod, supporting:

  • Minimap moving, and movement of things like the quest tracker and durability frame.
  • Customization of zone text & clock
  • Hiding of all buttons attached to the minimap (can be set to be always hidden, or to show on minimap hover)
  • Sexy minimap border options, extremely configurable, with several slammin' presets.
  • Ping notification
  • Mousewheel minimap zoom, and auto zoom-out.
  • A HUD overlay for resource gathering, target tracking, and more.

SexyMap needs translators, see here.

tag v2.4.15
funkydude <none>
2014-02-24 16:46:03 +0000

Tagging as v2.4.15


    - Remove AceConfigCmd


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  • #2414

    It has always been that way if you're using a low standard alpha and a high hover alpha, nothing I can do to fix it, just the way Blizzard renders the Minimap.

  • #2411

    Since 5.0.4 update I found my Sexy Map's Text Zone bar can not be shown correctly. Whether I choose Always show or on hover or never in text zone option menu, it always show nothing on mini map. I also tried to delete sexymap.lua and sexymap.lua.bak files under wtf folder, still not working. Please help me out.

  • #2416

    It's another addon causing the issue.

  • #2403

    In configuring, I have found that setting the CLOCK button to NEVER show is not retained.  Each time I login on a particular character, the clock is being displayed; checking the CLOCK setting shows a check mark in NEVER, but I have to click it again to get it to go away.

    There is a COPY bar to copy a profile, a DELETE bar to delete a profile, but no bar to CREATE a profile.  I have two dozen characters and being able to create a profile for one of them and then copy that profile to the other characters would save a tonne of time having to reinvent SexyMap for each of the remaining 23 characters.

    I am using the current version hosted on Curse.

  • #2404

    The fact that the clock appearing only happens on particular characters should tell you it's another addon causing the problem.

    There is 0 need for a create profile button and one won't be added. Each time you log a character the profile is already created. You're going to HAVE to configure it on 1 character anyway, at which point you can copy that profile over. That said, it sounds more like you should be using the global profile.

  • #2409

    That's what I was thinking; however, after I posted that, I tried it on another 5 toons and it did the same thing.  I then checked the rest of my toons -- same thing.  CLOCK -> NEVER is not retained.  Everytiime I logout and come back in on any toon, the clock is there again.

  • #2402

    I am not sure if it's related to Sexymap or the other individual mods, but ever since the last update of Sexymap (v2.2), the minimap buttons for Pitbull, DeadlyBossMods, Dominos, and Gatherer keep showing up everytime I login even though they are disabled in their own settings. I have to change each individual setting to show minimap button and uncheck it to make them go away only to have them show up again after next login.

  • #2405

    You'll obviously have to hide these buttons in sexymap's config.

  • #2410

    Thank you. That did the trick. I wasn't aware of Addon Buttons tab prior to 5.0.4.

  • #2401

    Ever since WoW patch 5.0.4 I have been unable to move sexymap to any other location on my screen. I have downloaded update versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2, none of which allow me to move my map. Map is unlocked, I've left clicked, right clicked, shift clicked both, I turned off all other addons nothing corrected the issue. I have noticed that I can not move my interface menu screen either. I don't know if Sexymap is supposed to allow that menu to move or not but it does because as soon as I revert back to version 1.2.5 (which is what I am currently using) I can move both again. What am I missing?

  • #2406

    You've either got another addon causing an issue or something else is really broken, I'd delete the WTF folder.

  • #2398

    Fantastic addon.  Thanks for developing this and maintaining it.  2 minor comments.

    Save settings for turning off the clock and some addon buttons are not working.

    Other then that...thanks for the great addon.

  • #2399


    I get the same thing with the clock since the update aswell. All in all this being the only bug is alot better than other addons I have atm which are riddled with problems.

    Thanks Funkydude :)

    Last edited by Renerie on 9/4/2012 7:07:46 AM

    When in danger and beset by doubt

    Run in little circles wave your arms and shout

    Commissar Cain

  • #2407

    Another addon is re-showing the clock.

  • #2397

    Regarding the Quest/Achievement Tracker. When you have an Achievement being tracked that has a counter bar, such as Complete x number of quests in x zone, the tracker bar no longer shows up where as it did priot to the 5.0 edition. Thanks

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