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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 10/27/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.4.25
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About SexyMap

Make your minimap ubersexah! SexyMap is a minimap awesomification mod, supporting:

  • Minimap moving, and movement of things like the quest tracker and durability frame.
  • Customization of zone text & clock
  • Hiding of all buttons attached to the minimap (can be set to be always hidden, or to show on minimap hover)
  • Sexy minimap border options, extremely configurable, with several slammin' presets.
  • Ping notification
  • Mousewheel minimap zoom, and auto zoom-out.
  • A HUD overlay for resource gathering, target tracking, and more.

SexyMap needs translators, see here.

tag v2.4.25
funkydude <none>
2015-06-24 02:29:24 +0100

Tagging as v2.4.25


    - bump toc


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  • #2354

    You don't.

  • #2347

    Would it be possible to add the option to reflect certain textures? Theres some cool wings that come form some of the new skills and being able to reflect one to make a set would be nice.

    Also, is there any way to scale in 1 direction like just width or just height? Or rotate from the center after something has been nudged? I'm trying to make a clock themed layout so being able to have the clockhands rotate from the center would kick ass. Or being able to stop the texture form bleeding, it it touches the edges of the box it sometimes bleeds like an entire inch out from where it touched the edge in texbrowser.

  • #2355

    You don't reflect textures, you just add 2 and rotate them.

  • #2391

    I'm not a programmer so I'm just shooting in the dark, but what if you set the width to the negative? would that draw the image backwards?

    Also, is there a way to extract the textures from inside the files? I noticed a couple days ago that you can put textures inside the addon's file to use in game.

    Also, in terms of resolution, would you happen to know off hand what the dimensions of the minimap are? Does it vary by resolution?

  • #2365

    As far as I'm aware there is no Blizzard API to reflect a texture:

    SexyMap does infact support height and width settings as of v2 but I haven't made an option in the config yet, it's only available via manually entering it into the saved variable file whilst wow is closed currently.

  • #2360

    Right but if the wing is oriented to the right then rotating it just gives you an upside down right wing...


  • #2345

    Just installed new version v2.1 for patch 5.0.4 and the mail icon for the mini-map is not movable for configuaration, please fix. This is such a wonderful addon and happens to be my favorite, please keep working on it and keep up the great work!

    Last edited by dragonmoon74 on 8/30/2012 8:48:28 PM
  • #2356

    There's nothing to fix, it's a conflict with one of your addons.

  • #2344

    Is there anyway to make the General profile the default profile? With 2 accounts and well over 50 toons, it's a PITA to reload the ui for each toon

  • #2357


  • #2343

    DBM icon appears behind the border. Only icon that i'm running that does it.

  • #2358

    I'll look into it.

  • #2342

    Funkydude, thanks for the fixes.

  • #2340

    can i move the boss unit frame with some option?

  • #2339

    Hey Funkydude,

    I have an issue picking font/background/border colors for Coordinates and Zone Text. The color picker is half cut off on the right side of the screen and it's immovable. This makes it impossible to select transparency. I'd post a screenshot, but it doesn't allow you to take one when color picker is open.

    I have my UI scaled to the lowest possible if that helps. Any idea how I can move the color picker? Thanks.

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