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  • Supports: 6.2.2
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  • Updated 10/09/2015
  • Created 10/27/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.4.26
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About SexyMap

Make your minimap ubersexah! SexyMap is a minimap awesomification mod, supporting:

  • Minimap moving, and movement of things like the quest tracker and durability frame.
  • Customization of zone text & clock
  • Hiding of all buttons attached to the minimap (can be set to be always hidden, or to show on minimap hover)
  • Sexy minimap border options, extremely configurable, with several slammin' presets.
  • Ping notification
  • Mousewheel minimap zoom, and auto zoom-out.
  • A HUD overlay for resource gathering, target tracking, and more.

SexyMap needs translators, see here.

tag v2.4.26
funkydude <none>
2015-10-09 12:44:07 +0100

Tagging as v2.4.26


    - bump version
    - Buttons: add another custom minimap button


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  • #1820
    If you use GatherMate2, the pins will not show up on the HudMap. To fix, this, change references of "GatherMate" to "GatherMate2" in HudMap.lua.
  • #1823
    I changed all GatherMate to GatherMate2 in HudMap.lua, but this bugs sexymap.
    It draws the exact same minimap to the center of the screen, that I cant interact with, and the hud options disappear from the sexymap options menu.
    Any idea about it?
  • #1819
    Hi, i was wondering if you could either make a default blizzard minimap preset "skin" for the minimap for those who still want to use the default blizzard minimap or make a stand-alone addon for only the sexymap's hudmap as it is within sexymap now but without the rest of sexymap. I assume the latter one would be the easiest one to fulfill.
  • #1818
    I have a problem that whenever i'm in a cave, room or somewhere indoors sexymap doesn't show the map of that cave, room etc. Not sure if this is a setting, i can't find anything, just curious if theres a way to fix this.
  • #1817
    Is there a way to fix the raid boss health bars? I have my map in the bottom center of my screen and the movers on the right of my screen, but every time I start an encounter with a raid boss its health frame stretches across my screen. Please help, would really appreciate it.
  • #1814
    I am wondering if there is anyway to get rid of the movers. I really do not like them and I would very much like to disable this feature, however I cannot figure it out and am finding that this isn't an option with the addon. I would really hate to have to find another minimap addon that I like as much as SexyMap.
  • #1816
    I have wanting the same thing (at least for the boss portion of the Movers, I have other mods that deal with showing me boss details); the solution for me anyway was: Go to the option that allows you to move the Movers and slide the mover of your choice off the side screen so you can no longer see it. It will allow you to move it beond the viewing area of your screen. I suggest you leave just enough so you can barly grab the window again if you choose to bring the option back.
  • #1813
    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem. It appears to be a class specific issue. When I am on my Night Elf Druid the following happens: If I open the Auction Hall then, open a profession screen such as Enchanting, Jewel Crafting or your character screen. It causes the AH window to close. (Having these screens open simultaneously allow you to easily Shift+Click items you want to search for in the AH.)

    I tested all my mods and it only happens when sexy map is loaded (even when it is the only mod loaded).

    BUT when I am on my Worgen Mage I can open the AH with my Alchemy or Character screens without a problem. I run Windows 7 Pro, if it matters in any way.
  • #1815
    Correction, it also does the same thing on my Mage (I swore it worked properly on that toon), my mistake but something with Sexy Map is messing with the game causing those windows to close.
  • #1812
    In the last few weeks I'm having a problem with the hudmap. It constantly blinks. Used to do that if you engaged it after entering combat, but now it seems to do it whenever you're moving. Standing still it will eventually settle down, but as soon as you start moving again it starts to blink again. Any ideas how to fix that or what causes it?
  • #1811
    hey i've been using sexymap for while no issues until recently when something happened to wow and all my settings got reset i managed to reconfig everything except sexymap however no longer shows the minimap not sure if this was caused by the addon itself or something else
  • #1810
    Is there a way to move the HUD so it isn't in the middle of the screen? I can't seem to figure it out if there is.
  • #1809
    I want to use Routes for gathering, but the GatherMate points is greyed out. I have GatherMate2, Do I have to get the original GatherMate? If so, Does it have Cata nodes?
  • #1808
    Am i able to import my own art into sexymap? Like i have a skin that i want to use, template already available, matches my addon theme and i wonder if I can have that border for my sexymap as well?
  • #1833
    Download and install TexBrowser :)
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