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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 10,726,729 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/16/2014
  • Created 10/27/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.4.21
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About SexyMap

Make your minimap ubersexah! SexyMap is a minimap awesomification mod, supporting:

  • Minimap moving, and movement of things like the quest tracker and durability frame.
  • Customization of zone text & clock
  • Hiding of all buttons attached to the minimap (can be set to be always hidden, or to show on minimap hover)
  • Sexy minimap border options, extremely configurable, with several slammin' presets.
  • Ping notification
  • Mousewheel minimap zoom, and auto zoom-out.
  • A HUD overlay for resource gathering, target tracking, and more.

SexyMap needs translators, see here.

tag v2.4.21
funkydude <none>
2014-11-16 16:49:07 +0000

Tagging as v2.4.21


    - Buttons: Shrink the Garrison button further.
    - Buttons: Rework the animations to use SetToFinalAlpha. Add a workaround for the Garrison and LFG buttons, which when set to "on hover" would disappear when they were animating. Change the Garrison button to always on by default.
    - Buttons: Slightly shrink the Garrison button.
    - Also fix the "waffle" texture for the HudMap.


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  • #349
    I agree with the original poster here, the ability to move the quest tracker is important. Is this going to be addressed? I also keep my map in the bottom and would like to continue to use this addon. Chincilla already has this working, but that mod blows by comparison. Thanks
  • #339
    I love this add on but every time i go into a mine or cave the map just goes black is there a way to fix this on my end?
  • #338
    i really like my map SEXY! the only real problem i have is that i can't permanently hide the voice chat button or the compass "N" no matter how hard i try. I have them both set to never show, but they always pop up again. they are there every time i log in, i go under set up (the box is still checked for never show), click on never show and it goes away. wait a few minutes and the button's back again. this applies to all my characters.

    it's annoying, but overall i still love my SexyMap.

    and thank you for the fast update to the new patch and keep up the good work!

    - c
  • #337
    I love this addon it is one of my favorites. However I'm having a problem with it and routes. I can see the routes on the minimap but when I bring up the hud the route lines no longer show on the hud. I have both use gathermate pins and routes checked. There was never a problem with this prior to the patch.
  • #336
    Hi this is my all-time favourite mod,
    since the patch i have a weird problem, when i put it into hud mode, i set the opacity right down and have a full screen resource tracker, worked great before but since the patch i get big massive arrows showing up pointing to the nearest city/town. Anyone have any ideas how i can get rid of them?
  • #335
    ping on mini map isnt working only in chat
  • #334
    How do i reset the position of the quest tracker and the other trackers, when i pulled them out of my screen by mistake ?
  • #333
    Bug Report after 3.1
    While sexymap is enabled I cannot eject the vendor passengers from my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth in order to make an empty seat for group member passengers.

    It seems that the way the vendors are ejected has changed with the patch. Before 3.1 two icons appeared on the pet bar, each a face of the two passengers. After 3.1 a new vehicle 'mover' appears, similiar to the armored man mover. It is a top down view with two radial buttons showing the two passengers, you mouse over right click and select eject passenger.

    If this is something that can be made to work with current build, please list a 'how to.'

    Thanks in advance, great addon I love it and look forward to it's continued improvement.
  • #331
    Really Thank your for keeping update This imba addons
    I really love it so much !
  • #329
    Only issue i found with the new patch is when someones pings on the map instead of it showing on the minimap if u have that options selected it will show up at the bottom of ur screen.
  • #328
    How do I disable the special icons for the minimap? (Like class/party colors)?
  • #327
    First time using this mod and it looks great. One problem i found is that after i unlock the map and move it to the bottom of the screen and lock it there, the next time i exit wow and log back in, its back up the top right again. Am i doing something wrong? How do i keep it down the bottom always?
  • #326
    Love this mod, however I'm having an issue with coordinates not showing. I've done the disable everything trick to see if it was clashing with something else, but no dice. Any idea what I can do to fix this?
  • #324
    I upgraded to the latest version and its showing a HUGE (it covers the entire screen) map on my screen and I cannot adjust it, right clicking does not bring up the addons menu like it used to. Previously I had a map in the lower left with no borders. I even tried deleting the sexymap folder and reinstalling but no luck.
  • #323
    sexymap is indeed a very "sexy map"! this add-on adds to the in-game experience, the wow default map is not ugly, but sure as heck isn't the prettiest UI piece Ive seen in any game. just read the instructions and you should be fine if your computer meets the basic requirements to play wow.
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