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Shadow Priest DoT Timer

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
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  • Updated 09/10/2013
  • Created 10/05/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Shadow Priest DoT Timer v1.7g
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About Shadow Priest DoT Timer

What The Addon Accomplishes

I've used Danina's Shadow Timer addon for a while and liked it enough to tweak it for my own raiding use. Here's the gist of what I tried to solve. Credit has to go to Danina for the initial inspiration.

When should I refresh my DoTs. With all the proccs I never quite knew when the right time was to refresh a DoT, namely SW:P and VT. That's where this addon comes into play.

Most procs give you an amount of a stat for a duration. For instance, Volcanic Potion grants a buff called Volcanic Power which gives 1200 Int for 25 seconds. Moonwell Chalice gives an amount of Mastery for 12 seconds. You get the idea. So SPDT tells you to refresh your dots with procs. 20 seconds into a fight, procs feel random with no real way to discern if a proc is a DPS upgrade. What I've done is use BiS scaling numbers to convert a buff to it's Int equivalency and created what I refer to as a "buff score". As of 1.0c all of this data is configurable in the options panel under Blizzard's Interface-AddOns tab.

There are two bufftables. One that the user has to fill depending on his trinkets and upgraded versions, which can be managed via the ingame menu. The other bufftable is hidden and i call it class/standard buff table.

The class/standard buff table contains of the following buffs:

  • Heroism
  • Bloodlust
  • Time Warp
  • Ancient Hysteria
  • Potion of the Jade Serpent
  • Lifeblood
  • Synapse Spring
  • Power Infusion
  • Berserking
  • Windsong
  • Jade Spirit
  • Tempus Repit (Legendary Meta Gem Proc)
  • Twist of Fate
  • Fluidity in ToT 1.Boss
  • Primal Nutriment in ToT 6.Boss
  • Tricks of the Trade (Rogue)
  • Fearless in ToeS 4. Boss(Sha)
  • Lightweave Embroidery

An example list for ingame bufflist could look like this:

  • Volcanic Potion is worth 1200
  • Volcanic Destruction 1600
  • Power Torrent 500
  • Moonwell Chalice (1700 * .48) or 816
  • Necromantic Focus (39 * .51) * stacks or 20 to 200
  • Combat Mind 88 Int stacks 10 times.
  • Velocity 3278 Haste

The key is that when you cast SW:P or VT, the current buff score is copied to the top of the icon showing its cooldown. You can then use that number to figure out if refreshing a DoT would be a DPS increase or decrease. Of course, refreshing seconds before a proc wears off is always beneficial and therefore the icon will turn green. The buff score is not intended to be an accurate reflection of actual damage numbers. It's there so that you can judge the relative difference between when you first cast a DoT and your current buff level. Higher numbers recast. Lower numbers wait until you have to refresh it. I added some more options in the latest version, so that you can define your own buffscore offset to turn green, when your current buffscore is higher than the buffscore when you applied the DoT. You can now also set if the whole icon will turn green or only the numbers above. Also everything can be hidden.

Slash Commands

  • /spdt (scale1 | scale2 | scale3 | scale4 | scale5 | scale6)
  • /spdt (show | hide | reset | configmode | noconfigmode | options | clear)


  • show: Show the addon.
  • hide: Prevents the addon from displaying on the screen. Useful when you switch to Disc/Holy
  • reset: Used to recycle the display of the addon. Can help if there's a glitch in the display.
  • configmode: Enables a frame around the addon's visible elements so that the entire frame can be positioned.
  • noconfigmode: Enables the addon for play and removes the frame created during configmode.
  • scale1 - 6: Resizes the visible elements of the addon.
  • options: Displays the option panel in the Blizzard Interface Option screen.
  • clear: Clears the internal mob list that tracks DoTs on multiple targets.

Recent Enhancements from comments:

  • Add an icon for Mind Blast Cooldown
  • Add display of PowerInfusion and Vampiric Embrace and all talent of Tier 3 and 5
  • Add a check for the actual class is a Priest with Shadow specialization
  • Add a coloring option to color the buff score of SW:P above an icon when recasting is a DPS increase or decrease.
  • Add SW:D, when the target is applicable for it
  • Swapped order of SW:P and DP displaying
  • Increased size of counters for SW:P, DP, VT and MB
  • Changed color or SW:P Counter
  • Changed behaviour of icon coloring
  • Added sorting of the bufflist after adding of one entry
  • Added support for UVLS
  • Added display, which buff has been deleted in the bufflist
  • Added option to hide DP
  • Added options to hide the icons seperatly
  • Added options to hide the numbers above the icons seperatly
  • Added options to hide the timer of the icons seperatly
  • Added option to hide the buffscore
  • Added option to show UVLS icon on proc on buffscore position
  • Added options to show everything out of combat

Future enhancements:

  • User changeable order of the DoTs.

Ruled out Enhancements:

  • Adding a timer for buff score - In practice I didn't find the information to be useful because when you added up the buffs, the score might change 5 times in less than a second making the velocity of the information useless in an already fast moving UI addon.

09/11/2013 v1.7g

  • Bump toc version
  • Removed 5.3 stuff for 2pT15
  • Sorted the class/standard buff table

09/08/2013 v1.7f

  • Corrected Mindflay Insanity Icon ID
  • Improved SW:D algorithm for 5.4
  • Added Lighweave Embroidery to the class/standard buff table
  • Prepared options for repositioning (coming soon)

08/26/2013 v1.7e This Release is for LiveRealms AND PTR

  • Fix SW:D display (You can see it now!)

08/19/2013 v1.7d This Release is for LiveRealms AND PTR

  • Removed memory leak regarding 2pT15 detection
  • Improved function implementation (global -> local)
  • Merged 5.3 and 5.4 2pT15 implementation seperated by BuildID-Check

08/16/2013 v1.7c

  • Optimized the Haste calculation for class/standardbufflist
  • Corrected the general +Damage buff calculation to count in DamageWeight
  • Corrected PI double buff to Haste and Damage
  • Fluidity fix

08/16/2013 v1.7b2 ALPHA This version is for the 5.4 PTR

  • Optimized the Haste calculation for class/standardbufflist
  • Corrected the general +Damage buff calculation to count in DamageWeight
  • Corrected PI double buff to Haste and Damage
  • Fluidity fix
  • Deactivated obsolete code

08/15/2013 v1.7a1

  • Fix for Fluidity bug

08/14/2013 v1.7b ALPHA This version is for the 5.4 PTR

  • Reworked 2pT15 support for new spell behaviour
  • Added "SAVED_VARIABLES_TOO_LARGE" event support

08/14/2013 v1.7a

  • Added option to show DoTs and SO out of combat
  • Added option to show everything else out of combat
  • Added option to turn off 2pT15display
  • Changed Fluidity check to hardcoded into the existing buff-loop
  • Turned Off debugging messages
  • Changed color the icons for when you current buffscore is higher than the snapshot to blue if activated

08/10/2013 v1.7

  • Added Skullbanner to the default class/bufflist
  • Added detailed 2pieceT15 support (now the Shadowy Apparitions update the buffscore if they extend the DoTs after the normal duration)
  • Renamed all frames (icons and numbers) to SPDT unique ones. This should fix the moving issues together with other (outdated) addons
  • Another Mindflay insanity stack display fix

05/23/2013 v1.6g

  • Added option for disabling coloring of the icons, if your current buffscore is higher than your preset offset and your DoT number above is already colored in green (as suggested...)
  • Fixed lua error for Mindflay Insanity stack display

05/21/2013 v1.6f

  • Updated default stat weights
  • Removed 2pt15 5.2 display
  • Added more buffs to the hidden class/standard buff table

05/19/2013 v1.6e BETA

  • Fixed a bug with the timer and icon hide options weren't saved on logout
  • Fixed a bug where the option hide dp icon also activated hide dp functionality
  • Added option to show UVLS icon on proc on buffscore position

05/17/2013 v1.6d BETA

  • Fixed Ticket #4 {S+I Icon Occasionally Shows Incorrect Shadow Orb [if cast directly after MB/SW:D]}(thx to Officedr0ne)
  • Fixed Bug with DP icon and timer visibility (thx to Bitteri@HowToPriest)

05/11/2013 v1.6c BETA

  • Added support for 2-piece T15 Set (Need verification as i don't have the set!)
  • Added options to hide the icons seperatly
  • Added options to hide the numbers above the icons seperatly
  • Added options to hide the timer of the icons seperatly
  • Added option to hide the buffscore
  • Added button for reseting the Stat-Weights
  • Added options to change the indication offsets for SWP and VT seperatly
  • Improved visibility of Mindflay Insanity by making the numbers above more meaningful
  • Added options to show PowerInfusion and Vampiric Embrace when ready to use

05/10/2013 v1.6b BETA

  • Added support for UVLS (The buffscore will turn red and displaying UVLS. When DoTs are applied with the buff, the numbers above will also turn to UVLS for 15/18 seconds)
  • Added display, which buff has been deleted in the bufflist
  • Added option to hide DP

05/07/2013 v.1.6a BETA

  • Added sorting of the bufflist after adding of one entry
  • Added an option to calculate Haste buffs multiplicativly rather than adding the number to the buffscore
  • Updated default stat weights

05/05/2013 v.1.6 BETA

  • Swapped order of SW:P and DP displaying
  • Increased size of counters for SW:P, DP, VT and MB
  • Changed color or SW:P Counter
  • Changed behaviour of icon coloring: If reapplication of your DoTs is an upgrade, the whole icon will turn green now instead only the numbers above
  • Removed anoying bug with Solace and Insanity Orbs display
  • Moved display of Solace and Insanity on the texture of DP, when skilled with active time remaining of DP visible
  • Added subchapter for more options (More to come soon here)
  • Added new option for showing MB each time the CD is off and you must cast it

03/11/2013 v.1.5c

  • Finally fixed the moving problem (thx to ElectricMenace)
  • Added the 5% Damage buff of Power Infusion to the DefaultClassBuffList
  • Updated functionality of Solace and Insanity for the outdated SW:Insanity part
  • Added green color display, when reapplication of VT is usefull (over 2500 increase of buffscore)
  • Changed green color indication for reapplication SW:P to always if more buffscore is active

03/10/2013 v1.5b

  • Fixed errors for resetting and moving spdt-Frame. (Found very old code - hopefully that solves the problems)

03/06/2013 v1.5a

  • Updated .toc version for WoW Patch 5.2
  • Corrected SpellID of Berserking (troll racial)

12/15/2012 v1.5

  • Removed Reliq of Yu'lon from the standard buff list. Please add the Proc "Blessing of the Celestials" to your own BuffList according to your current upgrade level
  • Added Twist of Fate to the standard buff list. Please remove the buff from your list, if you have listed it in there.
  • Added tracking for ShadowWord:Death. This will show up in green on the position of the MB Texture, if the target has <20% hp and if it is not on cooldown. MB cooldown will still be displayed, if the target has <20% and SW:D is on CD.
  • Added Checkbox in the options to turn off ShadowWord:Death tracking

12/09/2012 v1.4f

  • Fix for 'currentmob' lua error on target changes while multi dotting

12/09/2012 v1.4e

  • Fix for problem with protected function calls of Blizz API

12/02/2012 v1.4d

  • Updated toc to 5.1
  • Added a indication to the buffscore above SW:P, when reapplication is more useful than using Mindflay. Currently the value for to do is 2500 buffscore according to a thread on

11/22/2012 v1.4c

  • Corrected Bloodlust/Heroism/AncientHysteria/TimeWarp default buff score to 12756 Haste (=30%Haste)
  • Corrected Berserking/PowerInfusion default buff score to 8504 Haste (=20%Haste)

11/18/2012 v1.4b

  • Corrected Jade Spirit issue (was a wrong spellid)
  • Removed Light of the Cosmos, as there are 3 versions of this procc. Please use your personal buff table for this.

11/16/2012 v1.4a

  • Corrected issues in the class/standard buff table (thx to thiamak!)
  • Updated version number in toc file
  • Changed the loading of the class/standard buff table to be always reseted on load

15/11/2012 v1.4

  • Reworked the default buff table: Moved Heroism, Bloodlust, TimeWarp, AncientHysteria, Reliq of Yu'lon, Potion of the Jade Serpent, Lifeblood, Power Infusion, Berserking, Windsong Mastery/Haste/Crit, Jadespirit to a class standard table, that only will contain these buffs which are checked by SpellID. The former bufftable is now dedicated to the buffs, you put in, specially for your trinket proccs. This is to make the list a lot more user friendly. Also the class standard table is now valid for all language clients.
  • !!!!Please remove the above mentioned buffs from your own bufflist, to be sure that no double count of this procc occurs!!!!
  • As i could'nt test all of the Procs on my own, i would appreciate your feedback!

09/21/2012 v1.3k release-version

  • Bugfix for onLoad Error; Missing brackets are evil!

09/20/2012 v1.3j release-version

  • Added support for Mindbreaker; when active you see the active time left and afterwards the cooldown on Texture 7 if skilled
  • Talent support implementation finished for now => new release version

09/19/2012 v1.3i beta-release

  • Shadow Word: Insanity on Texture 7 works now if talented; now visible in green with time left display when ShadowWord:Pain has more than 4.5 seconds left
  • Surge of Darkness on Texture 7 works now if talented; now visible, when buff is active, with time till buff fades on texture and stacks above
  • Bugfix: Divine Insight isn't displayed in red anymore when the global cooldownis active infight; should be working as expected now
  • Changed coding of the display of Power Infusion, Divine Insight, Surge of Darkness and SW:I to checking the talents now, instead of confusing conditional statements (thx to the WoW-API @ wowwiki)

09/18/2012 v1.3h beta-release

  • Added Troll Berserking Racial to default buff list for german and english clients
  • Moved Vampiric Embrace to Texture 8 place
  • Added Divine Insight Support on Texture 6; talent icon will be visible when buff is active
  • Added basic functionality for Surge of Darkness (not working right now) on Texture 7 place
  • Added basic functionality for Shadow Word: Insanity (now working right now) on Texture 7 place
  • Added options to turn off Talent proc/cooldown visibility for Tier 3 talents, renamed Power Infusion hide option to Tier 5

09/02/2012 v1.3g

  • Bugfix: Increased robustness of Class/Specc checks, as the server sometimes gives NONE back for Class and Specc. Weird stuff.

09/02/2012 v1.3f

  • Changed the display of Power Infusion and Vampiric Embrace to match Mindblast (Only displayed when used in green and in red when on CD)
  • Removed buffscoredisplay while out of combat
  • Created a more describing note in the toc-file

09/02/2012 v1.3e

  • Added a check for Shadow specialization before starting the functionality
  • Also added automatic turn on/off functionality of the whole addon if the specialization changes

09/02/2012 v1.3d

  • Added a check for the played class is a priest. For all other classes the icons shouldn't be visible. (thx to NetZeex)

09/02/2012 v1.3c

  • Changed File Type to Beta until all issues are resolved
  • Reverted MindBlast display to that of v1.2b (suggested by shwonder)
  • Resolved issue with settings not beeing saved on logoff (thx to silencersam)

09/01/2012 v1.3b

  • Added/Corrected options for disabling Vampiric Embrace, Power Infusion, Mindblast and Shadow Orbs
  • Removed unused checkbox for Dark Archangel
  • Corrected Bug on damage numbers diplayed above SW:P and DP
  • Removed damage numbers for devouring plague, as it will always be cast when ready
  • Rearranged colors for cooldowns of Vampiric Embrace and Power Infusion and moved position for active usage back in the middle of the texture
  • Added German localization for default buff list

08/31/2012 v1.3a

  • Corrected Interface Version in .toc-File

08/31/2012 v1.3

  • Updated functionality for WoW 5.0.4 MoP
  • ShadowWord:Pain now becomes green for reapplication
  • Devouring Plague no longer becomes green for reapplication
  • Added Vampiric Embrace with cooldown counter and activity tracking (Customizability is planed for the future)
  • Added PowerInfusion with cooldown counter and activity tracking (Customizability is planed for the future)
  • Moved the ShadowOrbs to the place where DevouringPlague was (This will only be visible when the current target has no DP applied) and added a Orbs Counter and color indicator for 3 orbs
  • updated default stat wheigts for WoW 5.0.4 from
  • Removed support for Evangelism
  • Removed support for Dark Archangel
  • Removed support for Empored Shadows

3/6/2012 v1.2b

  • Added a cooldown counter offset to the options screen that allows the counters to be relocated below the icons.

3/5/2012 v1.2a

  • Added a Mind Blast cooldown.
  • Added a counter for stacks of Evangelism
  • Optimized placement of buff icons so that Shadow Orbs and Empowered Shadows now share an icon slot.
  • Moved duration counters back to the middle of the icons.
  • Added a Reset Buffs button to the options screen to reset the buff list to factory defaults.
  • Added a Hide Mind Blast checkbox for the new icon.

1/26/2012 v1.1b

  • Fixed a typo that impacted Evangelism from displaying properly.
  • Fixed a localization issue with Dark Archangel.

1/15/2012 v1.1a

  • Added the ability to hide icons for Empowered Shadow, Dark Archangel, Shadow Orbs and Evangelism
  • Added additional default spell effects to include iLvl 397 versions of 4.3 trinkets.
  • Added elements to the option screen to configure hidden elements.

10/8/2011 v1.0d

  • Added an internal mob list to track DP and VT on multiple targets. (yes I know DP is single target only. One can hope.)


  • Added dynamic buff list to options screen.
  • Add your procs that you want to be computed into buff score into this list.


  • Added an Interface Options screen so that scaling factors could be set.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't calculate Necromantic Focus correctly.
  • Added a command list to the description.
  • Added a couple screenshots of the addon.


  • Quick fix that I caught right after upload that would leave the buff score for VT and DP active after the spell wore off.

10/6/2011 Initial Version


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  • #354
    Tier 5 timers


    Might already been asked, but my tier 5 talents dosen't show up when I havent hidden it. Is it a visual bug, or does it not work? :/

    Thanks in advance, Xurtie

  • #358

    Does everything else show up, that you want to show? Did you uncheck hide everything? Do you have screenshots? Is it reproducable? What tier5 talent have you specced? Can you provide me your other settings?

  • #353

    anyone have the beta that could have to working for 6.0? id do it if i knew code but sadly i dont

  • #357

    Hi, I have already Beta access and I am trying to make a version, but this will take another weeks until a functional version will be available. I am also trying to make this addon better modularized for being able to use some basic functions for other classes/mods.

  • #352

    Is there any way to add the Skull Banner Buff on it?

    I'm raiding with 3 warriors and they use it several times, should be good to know when it worth to dot refresh because of that buff.

    Tried to manual add it but i was not able to set 20% as a Modifier.

  • #356

    As Skullbanner inreases directly the critical damage and not a general stat like haste or crit, it is currently not possible to add this to SPDT. Will fix that for WoD, if Skullbanner isn't scrapped...;) 

  • #351

    Amazing addon, massive thanks for what you have given the community.

    I have a question, is it possible to re-skin the icons for my elvui config?

    Last edited by crestedzulu on 7/22/2014 4:16:33 PM
  • #355

    I think it is possible, it's on the ToDo list of the AddonSkin Author over @ Elvui.

    Meanwhile you can set all the globals named with "...icon" to the ElvUI path icons, if there is a specific path. I not familiar enough with the function and filesstructe of ElvUI to perform this task.

  • #347

    Will you be adding the option to move position of dots soon?

    Last edited by Mia_Lanna on 6/30/2014 2:09:14 AM
  • #348

    Well, it will be more soon(tm).
    Definitely for WoD, but i am not sure, if it makes sense for MoP anymore.

  • #345



    Is there a way to position the Devouring plague stack number inside the icon and not above?




  • #346

    Hi Tattoo_priestess,

    Devouring plague has no stack, but I think you mean the Shadow Orb stacks above the icon.

    Changing the position is not possible via ingame options menu, but by changing the xml file manually:
    1. Go to <Wow-Install-Path>/Interface/Addons/ShadowPriestDotTimer and open the ShadowPriestDotTimer.xml
    2. Change line 128 from
                            <Offset x="16" y="15" />
                            <Offset x="16" y="0" />

    If you also want to move the %-increase while have skilled MFI you need to do the following change additionally:
    2. Change line 137from
                            <Offset x="4" y="15" />
                            <Offset x="4" y="0" />

    Hope that will change it to what you want. Pay attention to deactivate the timer for the DP, as it will otherwise overlap with the stacks.
    Have fun with it.



    Last edited by Bathral on 5/25/2014 4:56:09 PM
  • #343

    Great addon! I am having trouble entering the proc from the trinket "Black Blood of Y'Shaarj". The intital proc is Wrath of the Darkspear, but the one I want to track is "Wrath", which is a stacking intillect buff. I have entered it in as follows   Buff Name:  Wrath    Stat:  Int   Modifier:  2243   Max Stacks:  10

    I have tested this several times and when it procs it doesn't indicate that I should refresh even when the previous dots have a zero buff score. any advice would be helpful.

  • #344

    Hi brazegun,

    It's hard to tell whats exactly wrong in your case. I would recommend to reset your personal buff list. Pay special attention to add the buff without any spaces. Also the buff must be entered in the language of the client you are playing with.
    Your settings seem to be correct for the english client:
    Buff Name:  Wrath    Stat:  Int   Modifier:  2243   Max Stacks:  10

    For further problem investigation I would need you saved variables file of SPDT.
    Good luck & Greetings,

  • #339

    hello Bathral,

    I recently started using your addon and it's been nothing short of great for me so far, except I have one problem that I can't seem to figure out. I'm trying to actually move the actual icons that are on screen as they interfere with actually being able to see whats going on, and the settings window for positioning doesnt actually display anything when I bring it up.


    Thanks in advance

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