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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 363,162 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/21/2014
  • Created 02/20/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: ShadowTimers V5.0.9
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About ShadowTimers

A simple dot timer for ShadowPriests
Keep track of ShadowWordPain,DevouringPlague,VT,ShadowOrbs

includes VT and SWP-recast-timer:
color red == you can cast soon
green == best time to  cast

Syntax: /st

to move :
/st cm
Use Mouse1 to move it
/st ncm

updated to Gameversion 5.0.5

/st (show | hide | reset | cm | ncm)

/st (scale1 - scale6)

/st (hideMB|SWD|Focus|OOC|VE|All|Pet|Spike|Prio)

/st (showMB|SWD|Focus|OOC|VE|All|Pet|Spike|Prio)


Tracks SWP(also on focus target)

Tracks VT (also on focus target)

Tracks DP

Tracks Orbs

Tracks VE

Tracks Pet

Tracks FDCL

Tracks SWD

Hides out of combat if wished

Priority icon where you can see which highst two spells are ready at the moment or will be rdy soon( not 100% accurate at the moment)

V5.0.9 Added icon for second highest priority spell, not working 100% like i wish but it will do the job until i find a way how to make it more accurate.

V5.0.8 Added a priority icon where you can see which cast has the highst priority at the moment /st showPrio and /st hidePrio as usual. At the moment you have to /st showAll to use this feature completly. Every spell you hide will not show up in the priority.

Hope this feature will help to see better what it's important to cast for you.

Some changes on the code to perform better, there is still a little bug with haste procs where the GCD shows up as cooldown for mindblast but thats not so bad.

Changes in 5.0.4:

- Only shows when ShadowPriest should work now

- Orbs do not overlay DP anymore ( both Icons on the same location but Orbs are hiding until DP is over)

- Addon now scans for talent chooses( if Mindbender is skilled or not)

- Added FDCL support, new icon for Surge of Darkness stacks (Mind Spike icon with stack count)

- Changed /st showBender in /st showPet ( /st hideBender in /st hidePet)

- Doesn't show GCD anymore as cooldown (MindBlast and Pet)

Changes in 5.0.3:

- Mindblast Icon with cooldown

- Shadow Word Death Icon with cooldown and if it's castable

- Mindbender support

- Vampiric Embrace Icon with Duration and Cooldown

- Focus target support so you can set an additonal target with /focus and see both dots on this target

- hide out of comabt feature /st hideOOC


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  • #60
    Awesome. Just what the doctor ordered. I would agree with Joshiki, that ES would be a great addition. Thanks for doing this.
  • #59
    would it be possible to add a timer for tracking the duration of empowered shadows? one less thing to have to look at the top of the screen for
  • #58
    Great add! Can you add Dark Evangelism and Archangel to the bar? would be awesome! ty for the add! :)
  • #57
    WOuld be nice if you could resize the frames
  • #56
    Is there a way to make a config menu or slash command. I just wanted to use this addon to show shadow orbs without checking buffs. I use MFClip for my dots

  • #55
    Would be nice to be able to adjust the size of the numbers. They're tiny in the boxes and when you're raiding and need to zoom out it would be helpful to make them larger.
  • #54
    Having Shadow Word: Death and Mind Spike Stacks would be AWESOME!!! Totally needed for our mana replenishment now while we level.
  • #52
    Another nice tweak would be for the shadow orbs icon to only go green if MB is off cool down. It's rare to get 3 stacks so quickly after a MB, but this would prevent you from having to watch two screen areas. I got 3 stacks with MB on CD twice last raid.

  • #50
    The following alerts would be very helpful.

    * If target health is 25% or less, alert SWD
    * If in combat and Shadow Fiend is available, alert SF

    The variable nature of the shadow fiend makes it difficult to keep an eye on during busy fights.

  • #53
    I agree, both of these additions would be awesome.
    SW:D Icon could appear when 25%
    Same principle for shadowfiend, green when off CD and red when on CD - But only in combat.

    On addtion and reading the above post + Mastery changes, could be useful for the shadoworbs to stay red when MB CD is on cooldown, and turn green when it is off cooldown, especially as first, it's only viable to cast MB when an orb or more is up and it will be vital to keep up the new mastery DoT Buff, which is the same regardless of ammount of orbs.
  • #51
    I agree, an Icon for both would be nice (and it seems like there is already space for them in the bar).
  • #48
    aktive and passive haste lowers your GCD and your dots ticking every 2time GCD.

    so it takes all haste effects into account
  • #47
    Does this addon account for how haste (Both passive from gear and talents) works with Dots also?
    Where it now adds extra ticks instead of making the dot tick faster overall, meaning smaller tick intervals, meaning the last and second to last tick will vary depending on each persons haste.
  • #46
    please change

    if (event == "VARIABLES_LOADED") then


    if (event == "VARIABLES_LOADED" and addon == "ShadowTimers") then

    at about line 77 of shadowtimers. Keeps displaying "Options not found" when its just loading another addons variables.

    addon name is in the "..." arg
  • #45
    I luved this addon Pre-4.0...but now I cant get it to work. I have installed it manually (which is what I usually do for all my addons) and then I can see the file in the folder w/ the rest of my addons, but when I log into the game and try to turn it on thru the addons menu, it is no where to be found. I have even downloaded the curse client(v4) and tried to install it thru that..and on the "get more addons" section it says it is installed but on the actual addon list, again it is nowhere to be found. I use a mac, which has never been an issue w/ addons before but, who knows since everything's gone loopy w/ this patch. Plz help..+ Thx
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