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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,873 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 362,831 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/21/2014
  • Created 02/20/2010
  • 291 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: ShadowTimers V5.0.9
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About ShadowTimers

A simple dot timer for ShadowPriests
Keep track of ShadowWordPain,DevouringPlague,VT,ShadowOrbs

includes VT and SWP-recast-timer:
color red == you can cast soon
green == best time to  cast

Syntax: /st

to move :
/st cm
Use Mouse1 to move it
/st ncm

updated to Gameversion 5.0.5

/st (show | hide | reset | cm | ncm)

/st (scale1 - scale6)

/st (hideMB|SWD|Focus|OOC|VE|All|Pet|Spike|Prio)

/st (showMB|SWD|Focus|OOC|VE|All|Pet|Spike|Prio)


Tracks SWP(also on focus target)

Tracks VT (also on focus target)

Tracks DP

Tracks Orbs

Tracks VE

Tracks Pet

Tracks FDCL

Tracks SWD

Hides out of combat if wished

Priority icon where you can see which highst two spells are ready at the moment or will be rdy soon( not 100% accurate at the moment)

V5.0.9 Added icon for second highest priority spell, not working 100% like i wish but it will do the job until i find a way how to make it more accurate.

V5.0.8 Added a priority icon where you can see which cast has the highst priority at the moment /st showPrio and /st hidePrio as usual. At the moment you have to /st showAll to use this feature completly. Every spell you hide will not show up in the priority.

Hope this feature will help to see better what it's important to cast for you.

Some changes on the code to perform better, there is still a little bug with haste procs where the GCD shows up as cooldown for mindblast but thats not so bad.

Changes in 5.0.4:

- Only shows when ShadowPriest should work now

- Orbs do not overlay DP anymore ( both Icons on the same location but Orbs are hiding until DP is over)

- Addon now scans for talent chooses( if Mindbender is skilled or not)

- Added FDCL support, new icon for Surge of Darkness stacks (Mind Spike icon with stack count)

- Changed /st showBender in /st showPet ( /st hideBender in /st hidePet)

- Doesn't show GCD anymore as cooldown (MindBlast and Pet)

Changes in 5.0.3:

- Mindblast Icon with cooldown

- Shadow Word Death Icon with cooldown and if it's castable

- Mindbender support

- Vampiric Embrace Icon with Duration and Cooldown

- Focus target support so you can set an additonal target with /focus and see both dots on this target

- hide out of comabt feature /st hideOOC


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  • #118
    Is there any chance you could do a Warlock version ? I love this addon and cannot find anything user friendly for lock.
  • #116
    Would like to rearange (option) the dots position in the bar
    ex, i would like to have SWP then VP, then DP
  • #115
    Is is possible to add a tracker for the PET? that wuld be so usefull.
  • #113
    the resize option follows soon
  • #123
    the only missing option for the "BEST" Spriest addon. Thank you
  • #122
    Resize is only thing that is missin, gogogo
  • #117
    whats up with these?
  • #114
    asap pls
  • #112
    Win5 solved.
    Hi! Since geeting the recent update 4.0009 there is this Win5 text displayed.
    Fix it quite easy.
    open xou ShadowtimerFrame.lua which is locatied in your WOW Interface folder inside the shadowtimer folder.
    Have a look at lines starting from 283-292. You see that these lines have been commented. If you uncomment these lines Mindblast ready will be displayed when cd is up. If you don't like that just uncomment the line with TEXT5:Hide() and the Win5 text will no longer display.

  • #111
    Great addon, thank you so much for implementing the mindblast CD tracker, having it take account for GCD is just genius! I manged to change it, so instead of displaying the text "Mind Blast Rdy" it properly display the mind blast icon. I would however like it to be hidden when I am not in combat, can you give me a clue how to fix it?
    Is it required to make an event tracking combat/nocombat?

    For the rest of you guys, the win5 is there because it is where the mindblast cooldown tracker is supposed to be. So as long as you have the tracker disabled(out commented) in the code you will have "win5" standing there.

    I can help you to fix this little problem, but since it requires some minor changes in the code itself, am I not allowed without the authors acceptance. I will tell you this, if the win5 text annoys you is it quite easy to find the section with "win5" and delete it.

    Keep up the great work!
  • #110
    well I see the "win5" thing has already been mentioned and the resizing/scaling suggestion so I shall shush and wait.

    Terrific addon and thanks for your time and efforts bringing it to us.
  • #109
    Same issue as couple of others. The fact I constantly have win5 on my screen is annoying. Only really use shadowtimers when shadow spec, and I'm more often holy for raiding. Yes, I can type /st hide I guess, but not sure why there is a need for this on the screen constantly anyway? Assume this is a mistake?

    Nice addon, but hope you fix this, and being able to resize as others have said would be a nice addition if you ever get the chance to think about new features. :)
  • #108
    Excellent addon and I'm just getting around to adding to the praise. I came to check on the changes for the 4.0009 update, and I think I'll skip this release unless/until I see some value in replacing Shadow Orb stacks with "win5"?

    I'm pretty sure you've already gotten suggestions regarding the resizing of the bar, but if not, that's my only 'complaint'. I'd love to be able to customize my layout a bit more, but the size of the ST bar requires that I keep certain things the way that they are.

    Please...don't burn out on WoW any time soon.
  • #107
    what is "win5" in this addon?
  • #106
    the win5 keeps drawing my eye. any way to lose it?
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