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  • Updated 01/30/2015
  • Created 09/14/2008
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.0.18
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About SharedMediaAdditionalFonts

Inserts more than 25 additional fonts into SharedMediaLib's storage.

r91 | pb_ee1 | 2015-01-30 18:22:39 +0000 (Fri, 30 Jan 2015) | 1 line
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  • #34

    I was wondering about the issue between recount and SharedMedia.
    I'm not able to get any more fonts into Recount more than the orignial ones ( )
    I have SharedMedia, SharedMedia: Renaitre and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts downloaded but nothing seem to work. You think you can figure out what's wrong?

  • #35

    I believe this is a problem with Recount where it doesn't use a shared media font library but only the ones that it provides for itself. Not 100% sure though. 

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  • #32

    So do i just install this addon and it works, is there anything else i need to install and is there an in-game menu to choose which font's we want? 

  • #33

    This should work by itself. Fonts should be available for addons that support SharedMedia in any font selector they provide.

  • #28

    Is it possible for me to add my own legally-owned fonts to this addon? I dropped them in the Fonts folder, but they're not showing up in-game.

    Edit: Never mind, it's in the LUA. Derp!

    Last edited by FluffyBearLina on 3/25/2013 7:12:26 AM
  • #29

    I was about to reply to you ;) If you have any problem adding the font, please tell me!

  • #31

    So far so good! Pretty much all of the fonts I've thrown in have had no problems thus far, with the exception of one: the Myriad Pro font family. It's listed in the game when I pull up font selection menus, but the fonts don't change when I select it. Any idea why?

    Also, do you have any more suggestions for sans-serif fonts? I'm looking for something that isn't quite as stylized as the default font, and I don't want to use something plain-looking like Helvetica or Arial. And some of my favorite sans serif fonts, like Futura and Segoe, don't look all that great since there's no good in-game font-smoothing.

    Edit: WOW, I am dumb. The Myriad Pro files were OTF instead of TTF. Good grief, I need to pay attention before I ask questions.

    Last edited by FluffyBearLina on 4/18/2013 8:15:54 PM
  • #27

    Or can we get something similar?

  • #26

    So, can we not use the Diablo font?   The only way I get to use it is w Skada, but it keeps lagging combat and making the game unplayable while using Stampede


    i would hope that Blizzard would give permission to use some WoW and Diablo fonts etc

    Last edited by DaimaohEX on 3/18/2013 9:28:03 AM
  • #30

    Well it's possible if you find a licence that allows us to use it. If it's Blizzard made, I guess they wouldn't really mind us using it (not really fair use but "cool philosophy"), however I fear that the font does not support accentuated characters, such as à, é, è, ... These are used a lot by other languages, and I won't add a font that is not international (legacy fonts that do not support that are still in the addon because... they're legacy).

    You can however very simply add a font to the addon: add it to its 'fonts' folder, and then edit the SharedMediaAdditionalFonts.lua file. It should be pretty straightforward ;) Note however that it will be overriden each time you update the addon. It shouldn't happen often, however (fonts are not added very often).

  • #24

    Trying to find a font similar to Segoe UI that Zygor uses.  Something similar may already be included, but cant seem to find one.  I am a Mac user, but from what I have read it appears that Segoe UI is a standard Windows font?  Any suggestions appreciated.

  • #25

    Segoe UI being a standard Windows font doesn't make it available to use in WoW. We have to include it manually for this to happen.

    However, a lot of fonts are copyrighted and thus cannot be added to this addon like that. We either need the authorization of the author or buy a license for them. I guess that Segoe UI is NOT available for free use even in non profit addons. I tried to confirm that on the web but couldn't really find it. If you do find a license or a replacement font, I'd be glad to add it!

  • #22

    OkI can't find out how to change the fonts..

  • #23

    You need another addon that makes use of SharedMedia's fonts for this to work. Basically, SharedMedia is a library that adds media to *other* addons. SharedMediaAdditionalFonts adds additional libraries to the ones provided by SharedMedia.

    Example of addons using SharedMedia: Grid, Pitbull, Recount, ...

  • #20

    Can you add exprswyfree & Harlequin fonts to the addon pls, they both work great in wow, was a sad panda to see I had to add them again manually after update.

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