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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 09/14/2008
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  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.0.17
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About SharedMediaAdditionalFonts

Inserts more than 25 additional fonts into SharedMediaLib's storage.

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  • #34

    I was wondering about the issue between recount and SharedMedia.
    I'm not able to get any more fonts into Recount more than the orignial ones ( )
    I have SharedMedia, SharedMedia: Renaitre and SharedMediaAdditionalFonts downloaded but nothing seem to work. You think you can figure out what's wrong?

  • #32

    So do i just install this addon and it works, is there anything else i need to install and is there an in-game menu to choose which font's we want? 

  • #33

    This should work by itself. Fonts should be available for addons that support SharedMedia in any font selector they provide.

  • #28

    Is it possible for me to add my own legally-owned fonts to this addon? I dropped them in the Fonts folder, but they're not showing up in-game.

    Edit: Never mind, it's in the LUA. Derp!

    Last edited by FluffyBearLina on 3/25/2013 7:12:26 AM
  • #29

    I was about to reply to you ;) If you have any problem adding the font, please tell me!

  • #31

    So far so good! Pretty much all of the fonts I've thrown in have had no problems thus far, with the exception of one: the Myriad Pro font family. It's listed in the game when I pull up font selection menus, but the fonts don't change when I select it. Any idea why?

    Also, do you have any more suggestions for sans-serif fonts? I'm looking for something that isn't quite as stylized as the default font, and I don't want to use something plain-looking like Helvetica or Arial. And some of my favorite sans serif fonts, like Futura and Segoe, don't look all that great since there's no good in-game font-smoothing.

    Edit: WOW, I am dumb. The Myriad Pro files were OTF instead of TTF. Good grief, I need to pay attention before I ask questions.

    Last edited by FluffyBearLina on 4/18/2013 8:15:54 PM
  • #27

    Or can we get something similar?

  • #26

    So, can we not use the Diablo font?   The only way I get to use it is w Skada, but it keeps lagging combat and making the game unplayable while using Stampede


    i would hope that Blizzard would give permission to use some WoW and Diablo fonts etc

    Last edited by DaimaohEX on 3/18/2013 9:28:03 AM
  • #30

    Well it's possible if you find a licence that allows us to use it. If it's Blizzard made, I guess they wouldn't really mind us using it (not really fair use but "cool philosophy"), however I fear that the font does not support accentuated characters, such as à, é, è, ... These are used a lot by other languages, and I won't add a font that is not international (legacy fonts that do not support that are still in the addon because... they're legacy).

    You can however very simply add a font to the addon: add it to its 'fonts' folder, and then edit the SharedMediaAdditionalFonts.lua file. It should be pretty straightforward ;) Note however that it will be overriden each time you update the addon. It shouldn't happen often, however (fonts are not added very often).

  • #24

    Trying to find a font similar to Segoe UI that Zygor uses.  Something similar may already be included, but cant seem to find one.  I am a Mac user, but from what I have read it appears that Segoe UI is a standard Windows font?  Any suggestions appreciated.

  • #25

    Segoe UI being a standard Windows font doesn't make it available to use in WoW. We have to include it manually for this to happen.

    However, a lot of fonts are copyrighted and thus cannot be added to this addon like that. We either need the authorization of the author or buy a license for them. I guess that Segoe UI is NOT available for free use even in non profit addons. I tried to confirm that on the web but couldn't really find it. If you do find a license or a replacement font, I'd be glad to add it!

  • #22

    OkI can't find out how to change the fonts..

  • #23

    You need another addon that makes use of SharedMedia's fonts for this to work. Basically, SharedMedia is a library that adds media to *other* addons. SharedMediaAdditionalFonts adds additional libraries to the ones provided by SharedMedia.

    Example of addons using SharedMedia: Grid, Pitbull, Recount, ...

  • #20

    Can you add exprswyfree & Harlequin fonts to the addon pls, they both work great in wow, was a sad panda to see I had to add them again manually after update.

  • #21

    Hey elrandir,

    These fonts have never been part of SharedMediaAdditionalFonts. Are you sure you were getting these by this addon specifically?

    If you want them to be added, please send me a link to the fonts so I can analyze them and decide if they are eligible to be added.


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