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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 243,396 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/17/2014
  • Created 12/19/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: 1.14

About SheepMonitor

SheepMonitor provides various methods of notification to help you keep track of your flock. It is primarily designed with mages in mind however it should also work with other crowd control spells like Hex and Hibernate (this has not been tested).

SheepMonitor can provide you with a visual notifier (status bar), raid-style warnings, chat message, and party/raid notifications. Included in the notifications is the name of who broke cc and the source of the damage.

OmniCC integration that will show the time left right on your action bar (this is experimental I haven't tested it very throughly).

Quartz integration that will show the time left as a Mirror bar (obviously you must have the Mirror module enabled).

To move the default visual notifier (status bar) simply right click and drag.

- updated for patch 6.0.2
- updated LibAuraInfo with changes to GUID format

- added Spanish translations (esES and esMX); thanks to Triston at T.A.G. Translations and Design for the translation
- added missing zhTW tranlations; thanks to BNSSNB for the translation

- added support for Paralysis

- updated for patch 5.3
- updated Ace3 versions

- updated for patch

- updated for patch 4.3
- added option monitoring other party/raid members cc
- disabled Ring of Frost (uncomment line 13 in auras.lua to re-enable)

- added Russian translation; thanks to evilstar for the translation
- added DroidSansFallback for proper font display is other locales

- fixed bug with expired notifier not disappearing when out of target range
- added support for the tracking of multiple crowd control auras
- replaced Dongle with Ace3

- updated for patch 4.2
- updated the version of LibAuraInfo
- added traditional chinese localization; thanks to SilentWorld for the translation

- updated for patch 4.1

- added support for Wyvern Sting, Banish, Fear, Seduction, Repentance, Turn Evil, Enslave Demon, Mind Control, Entangling Roots

- added support for Freezing Trap

- added a warning for when target becomes sheeped
- changed wording in settings to make it more obvious what things do
- fixed the toggle for break notification being honored
- added support for Sap

- added Quartz integration
- fixed lua errors that occurred when re-sheeping
- visual notifier's frame position is now saved between sessions

- initial release


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  • #26
    i want my SM back! please get it working with patch 4.1
  • #25
    please fix this. im lost with out it.
  • #23
    OMG...sheepmonitor quit working after Patch 4.06xx on 4/26. Anyone know a workaround on that? I'm lost on my druid/hunter crowd control. Thanks!
  • #24
    i agree. i love this addon on my shammy. please update!
  • #22
    I just wanted to reiterate this suggestion:

    Poppajonzz said
    Sat Dec 25 23:35:52 2010 (3 months ago)

    Works with Bind Ele and Hex, tried and true with my heroic testing. Lacks the ability to track more then one CC at a time. Also a feature to think about in the future would be the ability to target the mob via clicking on the countdown, possibly the ability to re-cast the spell that is already afflicting the mob? Just a few thoughts. Great start though. I look forward to seeing this addon progress.

    Of the 2 suggestions, having the visual timer bar also function as a targeting mechanism would be amazing. Recasting the CC spell would be most ideal, but I can do without that - as I assume it might be a pain in the ass to program.

    Tracking more than 1 CC at a time would be awesome. Currently the tracking just switches over to the most recently cast CC. I understand that since this addon was created for mages who only have 1 CC, this normally wouldn't be an issue. I play a Shaman, and am often asked to Hex and Elemental Bind on the same trash pulls (yay me!). Having the timers for both CCs going at once would be fabulous. I'm a resto shaman, so the last thing I'm thinking of is my CCs after I cast them and mayhem has ensued!

    However, prior to today I was doing all of this without any CC addons, so having what's already here is amazingly helpful! Thanks for the great addon!
  • #21
    This is still hanging when the timer on the "sheep" runs out. It doesn't disappear until I "resheep" and break it.
  • #20
    How would I get it to acknowledge what spells break the CC? It seems not to be acknowledging DoTs, or moves that START DoTs, like Moonfire. Actually, it's not acknowledging a lot of things. A druid's treants, starfall, serpent sting - etc.
  • #19
    Will you add Diminishing returns timer?

    exWoW, gw2 now!

  • #17
    I like this AddOn, as SheepWatch is not under developement anymore.
    Today I found a little bug in this addon. If you "sheep" something and go invisible while polymorph is active, the duration-bar and on screen countdown (last five seconds) get stuck at one second. Both reset only after you polymorph another target or log off and on again.

    Besides this: great addon. Fpr the future you might add an option to rezize the duration-bar.
  • #18
    I've noticed the same issue with my rogue, as well as other toons. It seems that if the timer is permitted to run down, without interrupt/breaking, it will never count down beyond one second and vanish. It just stays on the screen, reading one second until break.
  • #16
    little inspiration to make this addon even better (not updated for Cata and propably wont be ever)

    exWoW, gw2 now!

  • #15
    It seemed that the notification bar only became visible when the target was re-poly'd - I use Polymorph (Pig). Also, could you allow the 5 sec countdown to be adjustable? I'd like for a few more seconds notification, if possible. Also, thanks for the great mod!
  • #14
    I noticed that the status bar does not go away after it ticks to zero unless you are near the mob when the CC breaks. Only a minor annoyance but it happens most often when you are using CC to stop mobs while you are harvesting.

    Die by the Arrow

  • #13
    I think that recast would only work if addon/macro for cc spell would use focus frame. But we only have 1 foocus availbe so the we could only recast last used CC becouse it would change focus target.

    On second tought I think if tehere would be option to target mob by mark then it would be easy to do this but then bllz will say its to much automated and will cut it of :P

    Bind and hex works great :D
  • #12
    For the shamans, seconded that works fine with Bind Elementals and Hex, though I cannot confirm the lacking of tracking more than one CC. That would be an awesome addition, as it was my primary hope for this addon. I am currently using a focus macro for Hex and I was hoping that this addon would be able to track more than one CC for those instances where I need to control multiple mobs at once.
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