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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 336,161 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/06/2014
  • Created 04/10/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 3.0RC2

About Watcher


Watcher helps you manage your rotation by consolidating and condensing information onto a simple to read display. It allows you to focus on things that are more important like boss mechanics, your situational awareness, or listening to your raid leader; instead of being bogged down in the act of performing your rotation.

With deep and powerful configuration options, Watcher allows you to see exactly the information about your rotation that you want to see. However, it comes with a wide variety of defaults for many classes and specs to get you started. Properly configured and customized, Watcher is a mighty tool for both new players just learning their classes as well as players that have been raiding since classic.

A GIF of Watcher running on a 2H Frost Death Knight:

Watcher also includes:

  • A dynamic event-driven architecture; unlike some other rotation helping addons, Watcher won't tank your framerate
  • Masque support for skinning icons
  • A large number of visibility options to control exactly when Watcher shows up
  • And more!


Through the use of a priority system as well as powerful filters for spells and abilities, Watcher displays your rotation in the familiar context of a timeline, with higher priority spells stacked on top of lower priority ones and upcoming abilities placed on the timeline according to when they will become useful. Abilities on the timeline are waiting for a wide variety of things: coming off of cooldown, waiting for resources, monitoring a DoT, etc.

Attacks ready to be performed are displayed using a stack with the most prioritised attack shown on top.

Ability keybinds can be optionally displayed.


More to come in this section later.

A slightly old full walkthrough of Watcher configuration is located here

Display settings documentation.

Priorities can be adjusted to where they suit you.

Spells can be configured to be cast based on a wide variety of filters whether that be the presence (or lack there of) of an aura on you or your target, your target's health percent, your mana/resource percent, whether a spell can be stolen or interrupted, whether you have a particular talent or glyph, among other options.


Found a bug? Report it!

Want a feature? Request it!


Want to help make the defaults better? Vist the class forum posts for each default:

Death Knight | Druid | Hunter | Mage | Monk | Paladin | Priest | Rogue | Shaman | Warlock | Warrior

Here's a tutorial for creating and exporting defaults.

tag 3.0RC2
Michael P. Starkweather <>
2014-11-06 23:18:29 -0600


Michael P. Starkweather:
    - Some changes to message and TOC for the RC2
    - Change anticipation support in the secondary resource filter to only count anticipation if you have more than 5 combo points.
Marci @ Hellscream:
    - Fixed Feral defaults to properly not cap CP and not Thrash if you have SotF.
    - Added Anticipation support to Combat Rogue Defaults.
Michael P. Starkweather:
    - Fix for not using the correct spellId for the power filter change.
    - Fix accidental bug with not specifying unit
    - Remove check if a channel has a cooldown in the usability filter.
    - Change to remove the cost of the currently casting spell from the player's mana pool in the power filter
Marci @ Hellscream:
    - Various changes to Hunter defaults.
    - Made changes to ProtPaladin defaults to account for Talented buffs and procs.
    - Berserker Rage added to ProtWar defaults.
    - Rererere-fixed Jab. This should work for everyone and be simpler.
    - Added Force of Nature to Balance defaults.
    - Insanity issues in Priest Defaults, should fix.
    - Fixed Jab. Again. Apparently there is a different SpellID depending on MH weapon. 6 SpellIDs. 6 Filters per SpellID. 36 separate filters for Jab. 'Cause "Reasons". Thanks Blizz.
    - Fix for Shadow Word: Insanity.
    - Fixed SpellID issue with Jab. Different SpellID based on 2h vs DW. Wierd.
    - Fixes to Frost priorities and filters.
    - Added Brewmaster defaults.
    - Added Resonating Power, Bloodbath, Sudden Death.
    - Initial pass at Shadow Defaults.
    - Adjusted Prot defaults, to account for Bastion of Glory, and not capping Holy Power, and use Shield of the Righteous.
    - Thrash Fix.
    - Balance defaults in.
    - Small changes to ProtWar defaults. Probably more will be needed.
Michael P. Starkweather:
    - Spell texture should now always change if the spell texture changes.
    - Should now properly never show things that are usable on the GCD.
Marci @ Hellscream:
    - Added Prot Defaults.
    - Fix to Demonic Fury and Burning Embers reflected in the Defaults.
Michael P. Starkweather:
    - Demonic fury/burning embers is now fixed.
Marci @ Hellscream:
    - Fixed issues with various Assassination defaults.
Michael P. Starkweather:
    - Switch to using the frequent power updates for both power and secondary resource
    - Change to the max slider in secondary resources to allow for up to 1000. A soft max will still be set by the type of secondary resource.
Marci @ Hellscream:
    - Changes to Rend handling, Execute SpellID for Arms.
    - Changes to bugged Warlock defaults.
    - New Paladin defaults, including fixes to Exorcism and reaction to Divine Purpose procs.
Michael P. Starkweather:
    - Change the "Towards Solar" and "Towards Lunar" so that you are able to actually read them.
    - Changes to Mage, Warlock, and Warrior defaults -- thanks Marci-Hellscream.
    - Fix for Ticket #75 - Slam broken in Defaults.
    - Always choose the spellId that we know to add
    - Switch to LibSpellbook for adding spells by name, should be a little bit more reliable at adding the correct spell.
    - Now can edit filter set names with a popup, taking care of ticket #51
    - Tiny change to hunter defaults and will not ask to replace. Aimed Shot - Thrill of the Hunt was configured slightly wrong.
    - Secondary Resource filter revamp.
    - Slider is used in Secondary Resource tab instead of entry box, with min and max set by the type of resource.
    - Eclipse: can now specify what direction that the Eclipse is growing
    - Combo Points: can now specify if you want to take Anticipation into account if you are a rogue
    - New API Version.
    - Removes because it isn't needed
    - Adds a cooldown table to each priorityList, this will be for cooldowns and will have a secondary display. Not implemented yet.
    - Adds an optionalBehavior variable to secondaryResource filters. Not implemented yet.
    - Reverse the spellName and dropdownLabel in spell dropdowns. This change is based on how the defaults are playing out.
    - Fixes for defaults for Warrior (ticket #71), Warlock (ticket #58), and Death Knight (ticket #59).
    - Made the secondary resource use the UNIT_POWER event instead of the UNIT_POWER_FREQUENT event.
    - Embedded AceSerializer. We'll use it later for export/import.
    - Fixed issue with Timer not being canceled when the frame is suddenly hiden.
    - Removed the animation calls that I was using to test.
    - No OnUpdate! Frame will now determine it needs to be animating and won't update if it doesn't have to.
    - Also, finally fixed issue with stacking at load. Stupid undocumented Blizzard API bugs
    - Fix for Warlock Soul Shards and Burning Embers not returning a decimal for the actual amount of those resources. Blizzard API is a little weird with these two.
    - Fix for desaturate sometimes not being applied when under/over the correct amount.


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  • #760

    "Well, by default mangle is supposed to show up and be timed to cast with the debuff that causes slower movement. you can override this by changing the "spell to track" to blank, removing infected wounds"

    Problem is.. I deleted it (it let me).. and now when I created a new mangle, its unable to track it.

    Im gonna delete the stuff pertaining to watcher in the wtf folder and see if that fixes.

    edit: where exactly is this stuff to delete? I see saved variables in my specific character (for the druid).. but I think the spell variables are global... However, there is no watcher.lua in my global saved variables?

    Last edited by Jeslinis on 8/29/2012 9:40:25 PM
  • #759

    Well, by default mangle is supposed to show up and be timed to cast with the debuff that causes slower movement. you can override this by changing the "spell to track" to blank, removing infected wounds.

    As for thrash tracking lacerate, lacerate  tracking moonfire, I don't know... is that seen in the config window in the "spell to track"? that's definatly not default behavior but it could be some glitch from the saved variables you have. You could certainly delete the saved variables you have to solve the problem sooner rather than later. I've still got to debug why it's not letting spells get deleted.

  • #756

    Should I delete the saved variables for this and start over? Im having issues atm on my druid with trying to setup for bearform mangle off CD, thrash, lacerate, and FF off CD, etc.. but for whatever reason, Mangle is tracking for the snare debuff aura, thrash is tracking lacerate, lacerate is tracking moonfire.. etc...

    I did submit a ticket on curseforge with the error I was getting trying to remove the bad thrash.. 

    But yea.. if you could do testing on a druid bearform to even just get it to show mangle when off CD, that would be amazing. ATM Power Auras cant even see mangle for some reason so I have NO method of telling myself its off CD other then looking at the bar.

  • #752

    ill look into hunters this week, maybe monday. ive been cleaning up the class luas, and nothingsknower has been hard at work cleaning up the main luas. nothinsknower has been showing me what i need to do to make the spells look the way we want them to right out of the box, so once its updated, almost every spell that you'd use in your rotation will already be set up......that means no need to input a spell yourself, it will already be done, and working the way it should:).

    ive been doing it alphabeticaly so dks and druids are done, hunters are next ect. (i got locks and warriors up and running, but they still need some love, and are last in line. im gettin about 3 classes per week, so maybe a week or two more and we'll be jammin. certainly by MoP.

  • #755

    Sounds great!

    On Beta, with the downloaded version I got a few days ago, I saw that Glaive toss (spell I added through the interface) once or twice vanished off of the bar, like I'd seen Chimera Shot do in Marksman, and it did not reappear until like 1-2 seconds before it was ready to be fired. I think it may have vanished right after I had done a Kill Command, but I'm constantly doing Kill Commands and seeing Glave Toss NOT disappear. I paid attention but at least in that test session on the Internal Test Boss, I couldn't identify what had caused Glaive Toss to vanish out of the display those few times.



  • #749

    the alpha link. ive been workin with nothingsknower on fixing bugs, but for the most part, its workin for beta and ptr.

    we'll keep working on it and fix it so its better than ever, however we are both busy with rl so it wont happen over night. main thing, it IS working for the upcomming patch, and it will only get better from now on.

    Last edited by Hallowman100 on 8/25/2012 1:13:23 AM
  • #750

    Hey, that's great news, Hallowman100!

    Say, if you're improving it, I note that sometimes (at least in Marksman), Chimera Shot doesn't actually pop into Watcher until it's like, almost finished its CD. Might keep an eye out for that as you test.


  • #751

    In my (limited) testing on my hunter, chimara shot is working fine. By chance, is your Chimera Shot set up to only display when the Concussive Barrage debuff is missing from your target? That might explain why it only pops up in the last few seconds.

  • #747

    The patch that will break this addon on the live wow servers is a week and a half away. It's going to be messed up if someone with stronger LUA skills than I have doesn't grab this and get it updated. This addon is special.

  • #748

    I'm only moderatly good at lua myself, but at first glance the updates required for the basic functions are pretty simple. I've never used the addon, so if someone wants to try the updates I suggested in this thread, let me know if it's working right or if there's something else that's missing/broken:


  • #746

    Good to see some more people hoping for this mod to continue being maintained. Here's hoping that there's an MoP update, even if my future in the game is the most uncertain it ever has been.

  • #744

    Any hunters gotten this to work right in the MOP beta? I've been able to edit and correct most of the LUA errors, but I'm seeing no spells available to choose for my primary and secondary spec except for GCD and "none". It seems to at least recognize that I'm a hunter, as in another tab I can see a bunch of hunter spells listed in that dropdown.

    This is the best addon ever for hunter shots. I can find NOTHING bar-icon related that does an acceptable job compared with this. Everything else is visually less effective, or even has glitches that make them unreliable. The only alternative to Watcher, for me, is simply stacking OmniCC buttons in my visual area and needing to speed-read the cooldown numbers as they happen. So damn, I hope Watcher comes together for MOP.


  • #742

    best debuff watching, proc watching addon ever. i will be very sad indeed if this doesnt get a MoP update.

  • #743
    Quote from Hallowman100 »

    best debuff watching, proc watching addon ever. i will be very sad indeed if this doesnt get a MoP update.


    I think so, too :(

  • #741

    Would kill for someone to take this over for MoP

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