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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 311,855 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/10/2013
  • Created 04/10/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Watcher v2.19.00

About Watcher


Watcher will not be maintained for the upcoming patches or expansion unless a new developer wishes to take it over. Please message the current manager, nothingsknower, if you wish to do so. There is an alpha version of the addon available on the development site made by another author who was going to take over the project, which dramatically overhauled and improved most of the code. This would probably be the best place to start rather than the current release version, which had been held together largely by duck tape and bubble gum after the original author abandoned it. I helped patch it through to survive the MoP expansion, but as I am no longer playing and as real life commitments mount, I will no longer be able to maintain it.


Watcher is a DPS improvement addon. Its goal is to provide useful and intelligent information in order to boost DPS.

Some classes have native support but other requires you to add spells manually. If you would like your class to get more native spells then provide a list of spells and their behaviour and I'll attempt to implement them.


Through the use of a priority table for attacks, Watcher times cooldowns and dots to provide information on which attack should be performed next.

Attacks ready to be performed are displayed using a stack with the most prioritised attack shown on top.

5.1 status

Watcher no longer hides when the player enters a vehicle, as some combat is done within vehicles Fixed the scaling issue that was causing text to flicker and gradually grow over the course of a long fight Added a new option to spell configurations that allows you to ignore your current mana/rage/energy The holy power scale for Paladins has been fixed and set to a maximum of 5

Useful Information

For setting up the addon for the first time please see here. (Outdated, but still useful)

If you have a bug to report or have a suggestion to improve the addon, please, could you make a ticket here.

Watcher v2.19.00

compatible with 5.4.0

Michael Starkweather:
    - Changed duration string to display 1m instead of 60
    - Embedded AceTimer
    - Major work done on move into an event based system.
    - Changed move up and move down to up and down to support larger fonts
    - Added edit button that pops out spell settings from priority menu. Changed move up and move down to reselect the spell/filter set that you are moving.
    - Changed cooldown filter slightly to allow for the cooldown of unusable spells past the previous 3 second mark.
    - Fixed not being able to add 0 to the time segments after removing it.
    - Fixed icon size being odd without Masque. Fixed tooltip for health. Adjusted aura refresh threshold max to 60sec. Should support monk stagger now.
    - Added option to check player health instead of enemy health
    - Will not show if there are no setup priorities.
    - Now orders specs correctly so that the one that pops up is the spec that you are in.
    - Added two new options -- MaxStackedIcons and StackHeight. Moved Timeline settings into own display settings tab. Fixed not being able to edit Timeline time segments Can now edit the maximum number of icons
    - Switching talents should now properly change the priority list.
    - Fixed show on enemy target. Again.
    - Fix for invulnerable enemy targets not showing using Show Only If Target Exists
    - Fixed turning off keybind labels. Removed MONOCHROME font effect since it crashes the game regularly. Added "Casting a spell that has a cooldown removes it from the list."
    - Fixed totems. Hopefully for the last time.
    - Mistype on 295 of Filters.lua Ooops
    - Fixed totems.
    - Hopefully fixed totem time detection.
    - Added totem filter.
    Changed "None" to "Usable"
    - Actually fixed moving.
    - Fixed moving frame.
    - Renamed a bunch of things.
    - Fixing for packaging
    - Spellcheck.
    - Attempt number 2 on trying to get packager to like it.
    - Fix AceLocale and AceGUI
    - Fix for AceGUI and AceLocale not embedding
    - First attempt at doing a packaging test.
    - Removed buffTypes since using LibDispelable
    - Added CheckSecondaryResource filter.
    Fixed flipped >= and <= in Classification filter.
    - Added LibDispel and wrote CheckTargetAura filter
    - Added target casting interruptible filter
    - Added license to files
    - Target classification filter now working
    - Fixed CheckSpellTalent
    - Changed some minor things for consistency.
    Updated CHANGELOG.txt to be.. better.
    - Added CHANGELOG.txt
    - Added LICENCE.txt
    - Added .pkgmeta file to embed latest versions of libraries.
    - First attempt at showing only one icon.
    - Fixed usability patch to make so cooldowns and aura tracking doesn't go away when not enough resources.
    - Changed tooltip for power filter.
    Keybind display now working.
    - Fixed priority lists retaining deleted values of spells/filter sets
    - Fixed inverted aura detection.
    - Priority list options appear on first load.
    Changed "Default" name to "None" and made so that cannot change the filters attached to it.
    Priority list GUI doesn't show the filter set "None" in the sidebar.
    - Usability is ignored if ability is on cooldown.
    - More work on getting frame tied into new backend.
    Max refresh rate on frame is now 60fps.
    - Removal (and commenting out) of all old code and starting to integrate newDB into the frame and overall usage.
    Priority list is evaluated at enable time currently. This is working.
    Beginning of spell filter evaluation.
    New frame draw method. Hopefully it works -- untested as of now
    - Changed priority frame GUI to display position in list.
    - Working GUI for editing priority lists with default values. These priority lists are set up automatically to be all of the available specs of your class.
    - Can now add spells based on name presuming that the character has the spell.
    - Initial commit.


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  • #180
    Type /console reloadui
    This fixes this heroic strike issue.
  • #178
    I'm pretty certain that Shield of Righteousness was added with 1.12a

    As for the warrior spells I'm not entirely sure why you're having these issues.
  • #175
    Would like to say that I got it to work. Was a healer for main spec for a awhile so that was my 1st talent spec sense im duel spec the ret talents fall under my 2nd spec so I put the ret under the 2nd spec one for this addon and icons came up and works great, love this addon really nice work.I hope this helps anyone eles that might be having there own noob moment.
  • #174
    My spec is Ret pally level 80. The issue I'm having is the icons not showing at all I've tried reloading the ui but thought I might have it set up wrong any help on this would be great. I have down loaded newest one and still having the same issue thanks Jacob.
  • #170
    A very simple mistake: "powerthreshold" is in range from 0..100 while "power" is in 0..1 So line:913 in core.lua, replace:
    power = power/maxpower
    power = power/maxpower * 100

    That fixes warrior bug.
  • #171
    PS. Or may be one should use powerthreshold = powerthreshold / maxpower
    That also fixes the bug.

    The bug with showing Heroic Strike only and the necessity to reload ui to make it to show other ability is still in place in 1.12
  • #173
    yeh silly mistake on my part.

    I changed it to better accomodate mana user but forgot to change for warriors.

    I'll have the fix is 1.12a.

    As for the other bug whatever is causing it is still eluding.
  • #169
    Hey Gellin, awesome addon. I hope I'm not being a bother but I thought I'd remind you that you said you would add support for the Paladin spell "Shield of Righteousness" to your addon. It's the top-priority threat ability for tankadins in single-target fights so it's pretty important to have in there.

    Lorna (Suramar)
  • #172
    Oh, I though I had. I'll add it to 1.12 and release 1.12a shortly.
  • #167
    would this work for a DK or no?
  • #168
    Currently there is no spell support for DKs but that may all change if a few days.
  • #166
    hi i got watcher error when uisng it to paladin ses need to me in number value and i get to ddsiabel addons becuse it gives error al ltime using my spells as a paladin ????
  • #163
    Hey, nice addon you got going here but when I use it for my paladin i keep on getting the same error:

    Attempt to compare number with nil

    I thought in the beginning it had something to do with keybindings, but this isn't the issue apparantly.
  • #165
    I'll have a look when I get the chance.
  • #161
    This is the exact kind of addon I've been looking for my enh shaman, too bad it doesn't have an enh shaman module.

    I'm not quite sure where to to contact you, so I'll just post the priority list here.

    Lightning Bolt if 5 stacks of Maelstorm Weapon buff is up
    Earth Shock if Stormstrike debuff is up
    Earth Shock
    Lava Lash
    Magma Totem if the time left on Magma Totem is less than 3 seconds.
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