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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,741 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 313,541 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 04/10/2009
  • 570 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: Watcher v2.19.00

About Watcher

Updates for WoD

Sparbanken has taken over the development of this addon and is busy providing updates for WoD. The updated version has been dramatically overhauled and is available now for download. However, most classes do not come with defaults and will need to be configured manually using the new in-game interface. In order to set up defaults and test the new interface, we are seeking the help of a few knowledgeable players. After configuring the addon in-game for each class, the settings can be exported and shared with us so that we can load them as defaults. A tutorial for doing this is located here. If you're willing to help, please contact Sparbanken, Nothingsknower or make a ticket on the curseforge development page.

A tutorial for configuring the updated Alpha version is located here.


Watcher is a DPS improvement addon. Its goal is to provide useful and intelligent information in order to boost DPS.

Some classes have native support but other requires you to add spells manually. If you would like your class to get more native spells, then please configure the spells in game and get in touch with the addon manager to share your configuration.


Through the use of a priority table for attacks, Watcher times cooldowns and dots to provide information on which attack should be performed next.

Note that these are fairly old screenshots. With the 3.0+ release, all screenshots will be updated.

Attacks ready to be performed are displayed using a stack with the most prioritised attack shown on top.

Spells can be configured to be cast based on the presence (or lack there of) of an aura on you or your target, your target's health %, your mana/resource %, whether a spell can be stole or interrupted, whether you have a particular talent or glyph, among other options.

Watcher v2.19.00

compatible with 5.4.0

Michael Starkweather:
    - Changed duration string to display 1m instead of 60
    - Embedded AceTimer
    - Major work done on move into an event based system.
    - Changed move up and move down to up and down to support larger fonts
    - Added edit button that pops out spell settings from priority menu. Changed move up and move down to reselect the spell/filter set that you are moving.
    - Changed cooldown filter slightly to allow for the cooldown of unusable spells past the previous 3 second mark.
    - Fixed not being able to add 0 to the time segments after removing it.
    - Fixed icon size being odd without Masque. Fixed tooltip for health. Adjusted aura refresh threshold max to 60sec. Should support monk stagger now.
    - Added option to check player health instead of enemy health
    - Will not show if there are no setup priorities.
    - Now orders specs correctly so that the one that pops up is the spec that you are in.
    - Added two new options -- MaxStackedIcons and StackHeight. Moved Timeline settings into own display settings tab. Fixed not being able to edit Timeline time segments Can now edit the maximum number of icons
    - Switching talents should now properly change the priority list.
    - Fixed show on enemy target. Again.
    - Fix for invulnerable enemy targets not showing using Show Only If Target Exists
    - Fixed turning off keybind labels. Removed MONOCHROME font effect since it crashes the game regularly. Added "Casting a spell that has a cooldown removes it from the list."
    - Fixed totems. Hopefully for the last time.
    - Mistype on 295 of Filters.lua Ooops
    - Fixed totems.
    - Hopefully fixed totem time detection.
    - Added totem filter.
    Changed "None" to "Usable"
    - Actually fixed moving.
    - Fixed moving frame.
    - Renamed a bunch of things.
    - Fixing for packaging
    - Spellcheck.
    - Attempt number 2 on trying to get packager to like it.
    - Fix AceLocale and AceGUI
    - Fix for AceGUI and AceLocale not embedding
    - First attempt at doing a packaging test.
    - Removed buffTypes since using LibDispelable
    - Added CheckSecondaryResource filter.
    Fixed flipped >= and <= in Classification filter.
    - Added LibDispel and wrote CheckTargetAura filter
    - Added target casting interruptible filter
    - Added license to files
    - Target classification filter now working
    - Fixed CheckSpellTalent
    - Changed some minor things for consistency.
    Updated CHANGELOG.txt to be.. better.
    - Added CHANGELOG.txt
    - Added LICENCE.txt
    - Added .pkgmeta file to embed latest versions of libraries.
    - First attempt at showing only one icon.
    - Fixed usability patch to make so cooldowns and aura tracking doesn't go away when not enough resources.
    - Changed tooltip for power filter.
    Keybind display now working.
    - Fixed priority lists retaining deleted values of spells/filter sets
    - Fixed inverted aura detection.
    - Priority list options appear on first load.
    Changed "Default" name to "None" and made so that cannot change the filters attached to it.
    Priority list GUI doesn't show the filter set "None" in the sidebar.
    - Usability is ignored if ability is on cooldown.
    - More work on getting frame tied into new backend.
    Max refresh rate on frame is now 60fps.
    - Removal (and commenting out) of all old code and starting to integrate newDB into the frame and overall usage.
    Priority list is evaluated at enable time currently. This is working.
    Beginning of spell filter evaluation.
    New frame draw method. Hopefully it works -- untested as of now
    - Changed priority frame GUI to display position in list.
    - Working GUI for editing priority lists with default values. These priority lists are set up automatically to be all of the available specs of your class.
    - Can now add spells based on name presuming that the character has the spell.
    - Initial commit.


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  • #808

    Yes, there are two ways. You can add any spell you want yourself through the interface, or if the addon author responsable for adding spells has time to get around to it, he can add it so that it is there by defaullt.

    In the mean time, adding a spell manually is pretty easy. Open the configuration window (/watcher config), then open the Spell Settings window. At the top is a text box to add a spell, so type in glaive toss or stampede. Once you've made the spell, select it from the drop down menu to configure it. Make sure "set spell" has the name of the spell in it, spelled exactly correct. That's it for a normal spell that you just wantto use on CD with no auras or procs to track. Then add it to a priority list.

  • #804

    Hello, could someone please show me a config for sv hunter? would be very nice.

    Thank you

  • #801
    Watcher setup for fire mage...

    ...could someone help/assist? My main where I normally use Watcher is a shadow priest, and it works all fine. As for a fire mage (my girl friend) I would kindly ask for support.

     Thanks in advance,


    Last edited by Barona on 1/12/2013 6:17:09 AM
  • #802

    I don't play a fire mage myself, so I can't give any comprehensive guidance, but if you already know the priorities  and what you want it to show, you can tell me what you want it to do and I can tell you how.

  • #806

    Thank you ever so much!

  • #805

    I PM'd you a response, was a little long to post in comments.

  • #803

    I don't know whether or not this is allowed but I copy the recommendations from Elitist Jerks:

    - Evocation 1 - 2 sec before buff expires, Incanter’s Ward when guaranteed incoming damage (either raidwide or deliberate running into bad), or Rune of Power 1 - 2 sec before the rune expires.
    - Combustion when Pyro DoT and a large Ignite DoT are on target.
    - Mirror Image on CD (unless the fight is not likely to last another 30 sec, or unless you're keeping it in reserve for aggro dumping)
    - If both Pyro! and HU are procced:
    LB if about to expire.
    - Inferno Blast when HU procs (if HU procs with IB on CD, keep casting your filler instead).
    - Living Bomb/Nether Tempest on or just before expiry, or Frost Bomb on CD
    - Pyro when it procs*
    - Fireball (or glyphed FFB) as filler if Pyro DoT is on target, Scorch as filler if it isn't (and you have the talent)

    For me a bit tricky to adopt Watcher accordingly. Could you please help? Maybe it could be a idea to provide a (common, widely used) "script" and/or proposal for every class although I fear that's too much work...

    In any case, thanks a lot for your support!



    Last edited by Barona on 1/13/2013 3:01:50 AM
  • #796

    The latest update addresses several of the problems people have been reporting. Thank you for your patience, I'm finally finished with my exams and had some time to take a look at them. The updates are as follows:

    Watcher no longer hides when the player enters a vehicle, as some combat is done within vehicles
    Fixed the scaling issue that was causing text to flicker and gradually grow over the course of a long fight
    Added a new option to spell configurations that allows you to ignore your current mana/rage/energy
    The holy power scale for Paladins has been fixed and set to a maximum of 5

    Last edited by nothingsknower on 12/20/2012 2:20:37 PM
  • #797

    Thanks a lot, really appreciated. Hope you did well on your exams =)

  • #792

    Hello, I want to make sure a spell only gets priority when I get 5 holy power (Templar's Verdict) instead of the current maximum setting of 3 that it is on now. Any intention of increasing the maximum holy power to 5?

  • #795

    next release

  • #791


    Great addon. I have a couple questions. First time really trying to use this.

    I have a Monk and trying to set up to I only use tiger palm when i need the tiger power buff.

    Can i set up tigereye brew for when it is at a ten stack?

    I think i get get the rest of it set up, unless someone already has figured out how to set it up for a monk.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  • #794

    Hi Storm,

    I'm currently not playing wow, nor have I ever played a monk, so I may not understand the spells well enough to know exactly how to set them up... but give this a try:

    In order to get it to show tiger palm only when you need the tiger power buff, you'd add  spell "Tiger Palm", and under "name of aura to track" you'd put Tiger Power. Select the check box's "Is Aura" and "Aura Exists on Player" (unless "tiger palm" is a debuff which appears on your enemy target, then leave "Aura Exists on Player" unchecked). If Tiger Palm is a stacking buff/debuff, you'll want to increase the slider for "Number of Stacks requried for maximum dps".

    As for this "tigereye brew", if I understand this correctly, you have a stacking buff called "tigereye brew", and when it reaches 10 stacks, you want to use nother spell called "tigereye brew" also, correct"? In that case, you'd make a spell called "Tigereye Brew" and put "Tigereye Brew" as the "Name of Aura to track". Select "Is Aura" and "Aura Exists on Player". Also select "Show Only When Aura Exists" (this will prevent it from popping up until you have 10 stacks of "Tigereye Brew". And, of course, move the slider so that "Number of Stacks of Aura requried for max dps" is set to 10. 

  • #790

    I'm using Watcher and it helps me a lot, but I've been getting a bit frustrated lately.

    On my Warrior I've tried and tried, but I can't get it to track my Shield Block other than when it's ready (sufficient Rage, etc). I'd love to actually track its duration on the slider so I don't waste precious seconds by blowing another too early.

    How can I do this?


  • #793

    I'm going to load a new version soon that will have a toggel "ignore usability". This will cause the priority to ignore whether you have sufficient mana/rage/energy to cast (I assume this is what you're looking for)

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