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Sick Of Clicking Dailies

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 243 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 77,508 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/26/2015
  • Created 06/11/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: owner-distribution-reserved
  • Newest File: v7.1.6-Release
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About Sick Of Clicking Dailies

Sick of Clicking Dailies is an addon designed to make picking up daily and weekly quests and turning them in easier and more streamlined when you quest in bulk. This addon simply skips through all the quest text when interacting with the NPC giving the quest. It also can automatically skip through gossip options and select a quest reward for the ones that have them, you can always leave it on none and the dialogue will stop there.

This addon now automatically detects daily quests. Repeatable quests that can be completed are also handled automatically. The options for specific quests have been moved to the NPCs themselves, you will need to hold down the shift key to prevent the auto-completion from going through and you will see the options there.

The main options window is opened via /socd. There you can choose rewards for quests that have rewards, enable previously disabled quests and disable previously enabled gossip options.

Wowace Forum Thread for discussion etc.

Bugs, Errors and Requests Go Here

Known Annoyances

  • Some NPCs have a repeatable quest, vendor or other dialogue option as well as a daily quest available, you will need to hold down the shift key in order to disable the addon for that particular click.

Random Features

  • Can now automatically select gossip options. Just enable the checkbox at the left side of the gossip option and it will be automatically selected the next time.
  • Includes 2nd LDB feed to keep track of daily quests done on all characters for a given realm.

Other Useful Helper Add-ons

SavedInstances For tracking LFD and BG stuff that used to be in this addon :)

Want to help?


If you would like to contribute feel free to or contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in taking over the project.


I'm always looking for translators for the various languages. Please see the Localization section of the project to see where your locale is at.

tag v7.1.6-Release
cremor <>
2015-06-26 18:10:18 +0200

Tagging as v7.1.6-Release


    - Fixed addon loading process


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  • #126

    Not working for new patch

  • #127

    There were a ton of "didn't return a valid tooltip" errors when I logged in the first time after the patch.  I had to go through the "/socd" window's Disabled Quests list, and remove everything from that error.  After exiting the game, I removed the Cache folder.  I also forced SoCD to do its rescan when logging in.

    The next time I logged back in, its quest scanner only found two problematic quests (instead of 20 or 30 like before), and seems to be running well.

  • #128

    Yeah, it's really annoying that the servers don't return tooltips for so many quests right after a patch. Sadly there is nothing I can do about it, Blizzard has to fix this.

    But even with many failed tooltips, SOCD should work fine. Only the quests that failed tooltip scanning will not be disabled by default. The only dailies disabled by default in WoD are the ones for the bonus roll coins, so be careful when talking with the bonus roll coin NPC.

  • #124

    Yesterday activated - today trouble - it is definitely SOCD !

  • #125

    This has to be some sort of conflict with another addon that you have installed, otherwise there would be other users having this problem too.

    Try disabling all addons except SOCD, I suspect the problem won't happen then.

  • #123

    Now I kicked Socd since 2-3 weeks - and nothing happened again, so I think, that Socd was the troublemaker with closing windows. And iot happened ... hm since 6.0.

  • #120

    My failure, it was only counting something, and this only one time.

    BUT - it seems, that this addon makes another thing, and this is a mistake; sometimes I have a sound like moving sheet in a book, and then the games closes all opened window, like questwindow and so on. This happens all 3-4 seconds, and the only way to get it away is porting. And this works not every time.

    A few minutes ago it happened, and reload, port, game restart - nothing worked. Socd deactivated, the problem was no longer there.

  • #122

    It seems that it has nothing to do with it. It happens some times without reason ...

    I'm testing it now w/o SOCD. If the problem appears again, then SOCD is not the bad one ;)

  • #121

    I have no idea what could cause that. I use SOCD daily since years and never had that problem.

    Did this happen when SOCD scanned the quest names after a WoW patch (as printed to the chat window)?

  • #118

    Since 6.1.2 SocD isr ticking permantely error-messages; may you fix it - or shall we erase it?

  • #119

    I don't get any errors, otherwise I would have fixed them already. Please create a ticket and include the full error message:

  • #113

    I have this installed it shows in my interface / add-on folder. It shows in ACP as loaded but it's disappeared from chocolate bar and /socd doesn't do anything. It no longer working. I've complete removed the add-on and reinstalled it and still nothing.

    When I load in I get: SickOfClickingDailies: QuestScanner stared, Sick of Clicking Dailies can be used once it's finished.

    But as far as I can tell it never becomes usuable. The only change I've made add-on wise since I noticed it stop working was removing auctioneer for auctionator.


    Any suggestions?


  • #114

    Some quests are currently bugged and don't return any tooltip data. This causes the problem you described. Do you use the current verson, which is v7.1.3-Release? I've made some changes in this version to work around this problem. And this version works for me. But if different servers have different bugged quests I need to fix it in some other way.

  • #117

    Please try the new version, it should skip any broken quests.

    Last edited by cremor on 12/7/2014 11:04:55 AM
  • #116

    Thanks for the information. Seems like I need to find a solution that skips broken quests dynamically. I'll try to get this done on the weekend.

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