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Sick Of Clicking Dailies

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 448 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 73,702 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/28/2015
  • Created 06/11/2008
  • 238 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: owner-distribution-reserved
  • Newest File: v7.1.5-Release
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About Sick Of Clicking Dailies

Sick of Clicking Dailies is an addon designed to make picking up daily and weekly quests and turning them in easier and more streamlined when you quest in bulk. This addon simply skips through all the quest text when interacting with the NPC giving the quest. It also can automatically skip through gossip options and select a quest reward for the ones that have them, you can always leave it on none and the dialogue will stop there.

This addon now automatically detects daily quests. Repeatable quests that can be completed are also handled automatically. The options for specific quests have been moved to the NPCs themselves, you will need to hold down the shift key to prevent the auto-completion from going through and you will see the options there.

The main options window is opened via /socd. There you can choose rewards for quests that have rewards, enable previously disabled quests and disable previously enabled gossip options.

Wowace Forum Thread for discussion etc.

Bugs, Errors and Requests Go Here

Known Annoyances

  • Some NPCs have a repeatable quest, vendor or other dialogue option as well as a daily quest available, you will need to hold down the shift key in order to disable the addon for that particular click.

Random Features

  • Can now automatically select gossip options. Just enable the checkbox at the left side of the gossip option and it will be automatically selected the next time.
  • Includes 2nd LDB feed to keep track of daily quests done on all characters for a given realm.

Other Useful Helper Add-ons

SavedInstances For tracking LFD and BG stuff that used to be in this addon :)

Want to help?


If you would like to contribute feel free to or contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in taking over the project.


I'm always looking for translators for the various languages. Please see the Localization section of the project to see where your locale is at.

tag v7.1.5-Release
cremor <cremor@gmx.net>
2015-02-28 12:09:05 +0100

Tagging as v7.1.5-Release


    - Added new daily quest reward options of patch 6.1


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  • #104

    can't look up the exact name of a quest right now but at least some of the daily quests in the valley of the eternal blossoms aparantly have "choice" items. but only one. And because socd doesn't know that quest it would not turn it in automaticaly.

    I think this is one of the quests in question http://www.wowhead.com/quest=30313

    Even at wowhead it states "You will be able to choose one of these rewards:" but there really is only ONE. So socd doesn't do anything if it doesn't know what to pick if it doesn't know the quest. (Alot of "if"s but should make sense :-))

  • #101

    Hello everyone,

    I'm now maintaining this addon. I'll try to keep it working and to fix any reported bugs, but I can't promise that I have the time to implement any new features (or features missing since the v7.0 rewrite).

    A beta version for patch 5.0.4 is now available. Please test and report any bugs in the WowAce ticket tracker.

  • #98

    Any reason as to why this addon screws with the text in the quest log? Most of the time once I accept a quest, once I go to view it in the quest log, the text that should be under the "Description" heading is missing and it is blank. It ends up doing this for all quests in my log not just the one(s) I picked up that day and I have to relog to get the description back. I disabled this addon and have never had it happen again but as soon as I enabled it, it happens.

  • #99

    Sorry Nighthawk29, im no longer playing wow and not likely to come back.. You can try rolling back to a relase version and see if that helps.. 

  • #100

    Ah alright cool I'll fool around with some older versions and see. Not a huge deal, I didn't realize you were done with WoW.

  • #97

    Jello and Good Morning all.  Currently Posted on wowace is a new Alpha version. Please All feedback to the ticket tracker :)

    Sadly some things have been removed from the addon, namely the currency tracking aspects.

    When i first started this addon, all those things where quests, and worked nicely. However now they are completely messed up inside the addon & it's just not easy to shove it all into one addon anymore.

    HOWEVER! SavedInstances does do the whole LFG / BG sutff nicely from what i've been told :)

    GossipOptions have changed to also be inside the Dialog window, so look for them, you'll need to enable them manually once. But be careful, it is for all click though conversation options not just quest ones.

    Last edited by OrionShock on 11/23/2011 4:09:12 AM
  • #95
    All of the currencies clear weekly, same time as valor/7 day raid resets, individual currencies can be turned off in the new currency options.
  • #94
    I am having an issue with the alt tracker. I earned some honor points a few days ago on one of my alts but days later it still shows in the alt tracker. It should have cleared the next day, no? If not, how long is it supposed to stay in the tracker?
  • #96
    Same here. I logged into al 3 of my 85's and the alt tracker isn't working. I was disappointed.
  • #93
    Thank you for updating.
    Hope all the new dailies will get into the addon soon.
    Minor bug: the TOC files have old version numbers in it, even back to WoW 3.3.
    The version lines should read:
    ## Interface: 40200
  • #91
    Can you update for patch 4.1 please?
  • #90
    Works great for me
  • #89
    it's up now. i'm having zero problems with this addon.
  • #87
    Is this addon dead now? Or is there still some hope for revival? Not being an addon creator myself, I have no idea whether Blizzard has broken things beyond repair or not.
  • #88
    still working & all is well.. no breaks so far
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