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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Updated 10/07/2013
  • Created 03/25/2008
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  • Newest File: v3.0.10
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About SilverDragon

SilverDragon tracks rares. It will try everything possible to notice them and tell you about them.

I, as its author, have precisely one quirk: I like a minimal starting experience. That means that by default SilverDragon doesn't know about any rare mobs, and will just learn about them when you encounter new ones. If you want more advance warning, just go to the "Mobs" section of SilverDragon's options and either enter a few mobs you want to look for, or click "import data" to pull in a complete list of every known rare mob and its locations.

How does it search?


In patch 5.4 Blizzard has added something it calls "vignettes". These are the little skulls and treasure chests that appear on the minimap, mostly on the Timeless Isle. However, at the same time they also made at least the Pandaria rares show up through the same system. So, we can use this to alert you to a rare that's within minimap range, without any worries about having to clear your cache.

The drawback: it's not incredibly reliable. It seems to just randomly stop returning data on some servers at some times. Also, it won't tell you about older rares.

The cache

WoW maintains a cache of mobs that you've been near. By asking the client to display the tooltip for a mob whose ID we know, we can find out whether that mob is in the cache. By noticing when a mob shifts from not being in the cache to being in it, we can find out when we've gotten close to a mob.

Because it can trigger before you've actually seen the rare, this is the most important scanning method used. However, it has a few important limitations:

  • It can only trigger the first time you get near a mob. After that it's useless until you clear your cache. (See below.)
  • Hunter pets which used to be rare mobs also trigger the cache. So 5 minutes in a capital city will fill up your cache with pets. Thus if you want to find pets, you'll need to clear your cache after heading out into the world.


If you mouse over or target a rare mob, SilverDragon will notice it.

This is the also how SilverDragon learns about new rares in the wild. After you first mouse over or target one, it'll remember it, and start watching for it in the cache in the future.


If you have enemy nameplates turned on, SilverDragon will keep an eye on them to look for the names of known rares. This is the least exact method, because nameplates don't expose the underlying mob's id, so we have to rely on a plain name comparison.

Addons that modify nameplates may interfere with this.


SilverDragon can also create a macro to target any rares that are known in the current zone. You can stick this on your actionbars as a button to spam while chasing after a rare. This is sort of a last resort.

How will I know when a rare is seen?


When a rare appears, SilverDragon will pop up a frame that you can click on to target it.

Warning: If you're in combat, secure action restrictions mean that it won't show up until combat finishes.


You can choose from assorted sounds to play when a rare is seen. The sound can loop for a while, to make sure you don't miss it.

There's special settings for rares that drop mounts and world boss rares which you might want to call up a group for. If you're sitting mostly-AFK on a Time-Lost Proto Drake spawn, you probably want the sound that plays to be utterly ridiculous and go on for a good long while, to make sure you don't miss that sucker.


A notice can be sent to a number of places:

  • your scrolling combat text
  • your chat frame
  • a channel in your chat frame (announcing it to your party, for instance)
  • a popup window
  • etc

Other useful things?

Custom mobs

In SilverDragon's options you'll find a "Mobs" section. In the "Always" section, you can add any mob you want to be scanned for. All you need to know is the mob id.

So, let's say you wanted to keep an eye out for Lil Timmy in Stormwind, to buy the kitten he sells. You would...

  1. Go to his wowhead page.
  2. Grab his id from the URL. It's 8666.
  3. Enter 8666 into the "add" field, and click "okay".
  4. Play with your new kitten.

Ignoring mobs

If there's some mob you don't want to hear about for whatever reason, just go to the "Ignore" section of the options. Again, enter the mob's id into the "add" box, then click okay. Bam! You will never again be told that Vern is up.

(Actually, Vern is ignored by default. But you get the idea.)


SilverDragon will talk to itself. It can communicate with other copies of itself run by people in your party / guild, and tell you when they see a rare mob. (If there's a group of you camping all the Time-Lost Proto Drake spawns, say...)

You can turn this off completely, if you want to be private about it.


Some rares are part of an achievement. When you mouse over a rare mob, SilverDragon will add to the tooltip whether you've already killed it, so you know whether you need to rush for it.


SilverDragon includes a Broker plugin. It'll attach itself to your minimap, or a Broker container you have installed, and show you a list of the mobs it knows about in the current zone.

Clearing the cache

You can clear the mob cache by quitting WoW and deleting creaturecache.wdb from the Cache\WDB\enUS (or your actual locale) sub-directory in your WoW directory.

If you're running Windows Vista or 7, your Cache is actually NOT in the WoW install directory. Instead it will be at C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Cache

Other addons you may find useful

  • ServerRestartSound: plays a sound when the server's about to restart. If you're AFK-camping for a rare spawn, you probably want to know about this.
  • HandyNotes: integrates with SilverDragon to show icons on zone maps where a rare has been seen.
  • _NPCScan.Overlay: shows rare mob paths for some rares, and can be told to pop up if SilverDragon sees something.
  • ChocolateBar: a broker display. SilverDragon's minimap icon will show up on it (or any other addon like it) instead of cluttering up your minimap, if you have it installed.

Why should I use this instead of _NPCScan?

_NPCScan is all about scanning the cache. If a mob winds up already in your cache, it'll do nothing at all to help you. SilverDragon tries to fall back on more things, to give you the best chance of finding rares.

If you want to run across rares while leveling, SilverDragon helps with that. _NPCScan is solely a max-level tool.

If you're hunting a rare in a group, SilverDragon can automatically tell other people in your group when you see the rare, so you can all converge quickly.

Ultimately it's a matter of personal preference. :-P

What's new with version 3?

Most of the addon has been rewritten so that its internals are entirely based on mob ids and zone ids, neither of which were available to the client back when 2.0 was written back in early 2009. This was also a great opportunity to stop having to lug so much localization code around.

tag v3.0.10
David Lynch <>
2013-10-07 21:20:55 -0500

Tagging v3.0.10


David Lynch:
    - Include the handynotes settings in SD's options, since they're all hidden away in the main HN options


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  • #674
    Is it possible to move the Click-Target around/somewhere else on your pc monitor?
  • #676
  • #673
    It seemed to work very well until this latest update. I don't know if another addon is interfering (never used to) but, although it's loaded, updated and selected in the addons window (at character screen), I enter the character and type /silverdragon or /silver dragon or combinations thereof and nothing shows up. No help screen, no minimap button, no "ding" when I go by a rare, nothing. It's lost somewhere between being loaded and showing up in-game.
  • #672
    silverdragon works nice in mount hyal with the new spirits but seems not to be work at all in fireland ???
    Can you do something about that developer and thnx for the nice update ..
  • #671
    I'm a new player, and just found this add-on. I have a few questions about how to use it and how it works, but I've not found instructions anywhere. I'd rather not annoy the comments with them, is there a FAQ or instruction sheet anywhere? I checked WowAce also, but didn't see anything.

    For example, my first question is 'how close do you have to be to a rare to have the target button pop up?' UP above it talks about nameplates; I had it target something I couldn't see at all and, as far as I could tell, was in the next zone (madexx, when I *entered* the Ruins of Uldum in Tanaris - and no, I didn't go after it, I'm only L60!), Soriid when I was by the Alliance pocket near Zul'farakan (sp?), but it didn't find Caliph Scorpstrider (sp?) till I was inside the outer perimeter of hostiles at the ruins.

    Thank you very much for any help/pointers, and thank you for this program! I've been using it less than a day and I love it already. (even if the overlay from NPCscan sounded like it would be way-useful, I chose this cause there were less complaints about it's function.)
  • #670
    Could really Use an update, NPCScanner is driving me nuts always picking up tamed pets and having to dump cache
  • #667
    why cant i get silverdragon to pick up any rares in Firelands?
  • #668
    because this addon hasn't been updated in over a month, we have to wait for it to be updated
  • #669
    dont happen to know when an update will be comin?
  • #665
    Can I ask why the Data part of this add-on still shows as 'Out of Date', despite continued (thank you to all concerned) updating...?

    Is it because it is dependant on the game code to revise the dataset or Blizzard's reluctance to avail a definitive list of 'rares'... or something similar...?
  • #666
    The author forgot to update the TOC number in SilverDragon_Data, as I stated in my comment on 27 May 2011, which is the comment right before yours!
  • #662
    In the latest v2.4.4, despite the changes listing "- TOC bump", the SilverDragon_Data.toc has NOT been included in the "- TOC bump" and therefore still shows "## Interface: 40000", even though the version number in the file has been updated! Figured this was worth mentioning as an FYI for those who don't use "Load out-of-date addons".
  • #661
    SilverDragon can still cause "map flicker" and thereby FPS drops when at zone boundraries or rather any area where determining player coordinates is tricky.
    The reason for this is the map flipping code used when the player does not have
    proper coordinates on the current map.

    I would suggest to solve this issue in a similar way like the author of TomTom did.

    To see what I am talking about, just enable the battleground map (shift M) and go to Deeprun tram.

  • #660
    Agreed w/ what Turku said. I finally got my hunter in full heirloom and would be happy if just the old world tameables were fixed. Want to get all the weird ones as a side silly project but now that I'm good to go the add on isn't fixed..sigh. Makes me hate patches sometimes, timing was awful this time considering that now that I'm ready to level this guy I need to find a list of the old world #'s to add to npcscan and thats way too much work for something that was completely awesome like silver dragon was. Please Update !!! lol
  • #659
    I still have it: However I have disabled it until updated it. It just isn't going off like it should or when. So for now I am using NPC Scan (which isn't as good) so please update. I really like this one better and have converted numerous people over to it.
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