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Simple Combo Points

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 112,432 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/30/2015
  • Created 08/29/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.5f
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About Simple Combo Points

A simple Combo Point display that shows how many points you have. Has support for the anticipation talent.

To move the display boxes, Alt+drag the leftmost box.

Slash command: /scp

/scp color - Opens a window to let you change color of the combo point frame.
/scp scale <number> - Sets the scale of the bar. Numbers between 0.5 and 3 are recommended. Sample usage: /scp scale 1.5
/scp alpha <number> - Sets the alpha value of combo points. Default value is 1.0, values must be between 0.2 and 1.0.
/scp nocombat on|off - Whether the boxes should be shown outside combat or not.
/scp reset - Resets the addon settings back to the default. Useful if you for example accidentally dragged the frame outside the screen.

/scp anticipation_color - Opens a window that lets you change the color of the anticipation boxes.
/scp anticipation_scale <number> - Change the scale of the anticipation boxes.
/scp anticipation_position above|below|overlap|replace|off - Change the position of the anticipation boxes relative the combo point boxes. Set to off to disable the anticipation functionality.

More of the simple series:
Simple Holy Power
Simple Chi
Simple Shaman Resources
Simple Shadow Orbs

Interested in translating my addons? Send me a PM!

- Fixed a bug where the color picker frame might not work as it should.

- TOC updated for 6.2

- Now has to option to change the alpha value of combo points. Use /scp alpha <number>

- Improved anticipation detection.

- TOC updated for 6.1

- Anticipation stacks will not be shown in overlap or replace mode unless you have 5 combo points.

- Anticipation stacks can now replace or overlap the combo points. This is is disabled by default, to enable it, type /scp anticipation_position overlap or /scp anticipation_position replace

- Fixed a LUA error which could rarely occur with the Anticipation talent.

- Combo points now remain visible even if you have no target since they are no longer target bound.

- TOC updated for 6.0.
- Updated For Warlords of Draenor to recognize cat form.
- Fixed a bug where the combo point bar would not always appear for low level druids.

- TOC updated for 5.4

- TOC updated for 5.3

- TOC updated for 5.2

- Anticipation should now work properly with more locales. Anticipation is now supported for English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian clients.

- TOC updated for 5.1
- The Anticipation talent is now supported! Your anticipation stacks will appear as a second bar above the normal one. If you want to move it to below use /scp anticipation_position below, or use /scp anticipation_position off to disable it.
- Some minor cleanup.

- Support for the Anticipation talent is being tested. Please let me know if you find any errors or everything is working correctly.
- To see the new list of slash commands, simply type /scp

- Now supports hiding the bar out of combat with zero combo points. This is disabled by default, to enable it, type /scp nocombat off
- Several minor fixes

- Initial release

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  • #60

    Issue found: cannot make both bars same colour when using anticipation.

    cannot change the colour of both bars from the preset.When u change one the other one resets to preset.I was trying a green/yellow colour.

  • #61

    Thank you for your report. I found a bug related to this and it should be fixed in the latest version (1.5f). Let me know if the error persists.

  • #58

    Evertime i go into combat it goes away, got any idea what that could be? =)

  • #59


    Are you a druid? If so, which level?

    You can try doing a clean install and see if that helps. I am unable to find anything should cause this.

  • #56


    Any chance you'll make a simple runes for death knights? I've been using simple combo points and holy power for a while and I love them, would be really nice to have it on my main dk.

  • #55

    Hey, I use these for all the characters I can, but I'm wondering how I can disable the border and the frame behind it, and just have my combo points and chi build up and nothing be behind it. 


  • #52

     yeah,i tried.I also tried to delete all the addon and WTF files,and used all commands,it was not working.I tried to change the Anticipation's color,it was no use too. Look at these picture.

    Last edited by jostor on 3/8/2015 4:44:30 AM
  • #53

    I've found an error with the anticipation detection and fixed it for the latest version (v1.5c). Let me know if it helps!

    (I've also edited the images out of your post since they were very large, thanks for the report! :))

  • #54

    Do not mention it.I am looking forward to new Simple Combo Points. I hope you can fix it quickly.!! 

  • #50

    Hi there,i like this addon. But i can't see the anticipation boxes, i don't why.  I try to use all the orders,and these are not usefull. Can you help me to solve this problem. I like this addon very much and worried.!!!

  • #51

    Did you try: /scp anticipation_position above

    or the reset command? Be sure you double check that you are actually getting the anticipation stacks and that they are not blocked by something else.

  • #44

    Hi there.  I have found a slight problem with the way SCP works.  It doesnt not correctly display the right number of combo point after casting SnD with any anticipation stacks.  SCP currently just subtracts 5.  In reality only offensive cp abilities can us antcipation so if you cast SnD with any up you reset entirely.  SCP in effect is telling you that you have more CP than you really do.  

    I love this addon and hope you can fix it.  


  • #45

    Hey, are you by any chance using the new overlap/replce feature for anticipation charges? With them it simply assumes that you have 5 combo points whenever you have anticipation chages. I don't know a good way to fix it so the combo points can display correctly while you have anticipation charges in this mode, if you have any ideas, let me know.

    Does this same error occur if you have the anticipation charges above or below your combo points?

  • #47

    I understand the problem.

    I guess the obvious fix is to simply not show the anticipation points until you have 5 combo points, at least in replace mode, and in overlap not automatically have the combo points as yellow.

    I'll try to get a fix out by the weekend.

  • #46

    You are right I have only tried overlap.  I will try tracked and see if it makes a difference.  However when In overlapped mode it subtracts 5 CP from anticipation and displays normal (yellow) cp when there are really none.  So it will tell you that you have "x" # cp when your anticipation CP reset due to casting SnD.

    You can have anticipation stacks and not have access to them as well.  You can have say two anticipation stacks that wont be available until you hit 5 cp.  

    Does this help?

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