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Simple iLevel

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 22,660 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 236,730 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/24/2014
  • Created 01/08/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 3.2.14

About Simple iLevel

Simple iLevel shows the Average Item Level (AiL) of people you target or who are in your group in the tooltip. There are many checks in place to make sure you aren't repeatedly scanning their gear when it isn't required.


SIL does not take your spec or what is on your gear (SIL Resilience does) into account when computing a score. It just sums the iLevel of all your gear and then comes up with the average, their is a little magic with heirlooms so they are properly registered, unlike the default blizzard iLevel. You can view the average score for your group by typing /sil group, that can also be outputted to party, raid or bg by doing /sil group party or just /sil group p.

PvP Rating

SIL Resilience give you or your target a PvP Rating, this either displayed as x/y or xx.x% depending on how you have chosen to display it. This is the number if items with Resilience over the total number of applicable items. The score goes from white, 0%, to green 100%. Fully equipped players will have between 16 and 17 items in total. Doing /sil pvp shorts first based on the percentage and then based on the AIL of the player. /sil pvp works the same as /sil group where in you can append a destination to send the output.

Gray Score

A score will show up as gray if their are 8 items or less making up the score. The best way to get a proper score of someone is to target them and then do /sil target to force a fresh score.

Slash Commands

You can use /sil, /silev or /simpleilevel for options.

  • advanced - Toggles advanced tooltips including the scores age.
  • combat - Show the SiL information on the tooltip while in combat.
  • color - Color the AiL where appropriate. Disable this if you only want to see white and gray scores.
  • autoscan - Automatically scan group members when their gear appears to change.
  • minimap - Toggles showing the minimap button.
  • cinfo - Shows your AiL on the Character Info window on the stats pane.
  • purge - Clears all cached characters older then x days.
  • clear - Clear all settings and the cache.
  • get <name> - Gets the AiL of a name if it is cached.
  • target - Gets the AiL or your current target.
  • group <dest> - Prints the score of your group to console, party, raid, battleground, say, guild or a channel.
  • pvp <dest> - Prints the PvP Score of your group to console, party, raid, battleground, say, guild or a channel.
  • options - Opens the options UI for even more configurations

Known Issues

  • Scores don't show up right away. Blizzard has a unknown limit on the rate you can inspect people. There is no proper API however LibInspect tries to fix that.
  • No score is shown on health or mana bars. There appears to be a bug in the default UI when you mouse over someone their is a game tooltip however UnitName("mouseover") doesn't return anything.


If you would like SIL in your own language please fill out the localization information and it will be included in the next build. There are some that have been localized but not updated in a while and we are still looking for someone to translate it to esMX and esES.

Major Changes in 3.0

  • Several separate project on Curse were merged into the SIL Core project. This includes SIL Resilience and SIL Social.
    • Those modules as well as SIL Group are now load on demand, you can disable them on a per character basis so if you only pvp on your rouge you can have SIL Resilience only enabled on that toon.
    • SIL Group: This module includes most all of the group features that used to be in the core addon. This has been separated so that people can disable it if they want to.
    • SIL Resilience: This module shows you the amount of pvp gear the someone has on.
    • SIL Social: This module displays the AIL of people in party, raid and guild chat. You can pick and chose what channels it shows up in or completely disable the module.
  • There is now a fairly stable API that developers can use to extend SIL any which way. If there is a feature you would like to see added to the API please send me a message on CurseForge or on twitter.
  • Migrated over to LibInspect to separate inspecting and SIL. This will hopefully mean that I can get more developers interested in working on the Inspection part of this and other addons using one central library.
  • Added more customization options and changed a few defaults around. You can now completely disable score coloring, auto purge is turned on to 15 days by default so the DB won't grow to big.
  • Added smart group scanning where it will only scan every 5 seconds for the person with the lowest amount of items, oldest score or lowest score withing certain thresholds.


This is a WIP! if you need to know something specific send me a PM. See the API page for a listing

Donations are greatly appreciated 14CjmdhrAd6LC9L8jtXMh3QCcLxG5xLDJ9

r218 | scotepi | 2014-10-25 00:30:01 +0000 (Sat, 25 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/3.2.14 (from /trunk:217)

Tagging as 3.2.14
r215 | scotepi | 2014-10-16 01:01:19 +0000 (Thu, 16 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SimpleILevel.lua

Change all tonumber(guid) to now use SIL:IsGUID(guid, type=Player)
r214 | scotepi | 2014-10-16 01:00:26 +0000 (Thu, 16 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SimpleILevel.toc
   M /trunk/SimpleILevel_Group/SimpleILevel_Group.toc
   M /trunk/SimpleILevel_Resilience/SimpleILevel_Resilience.toc
   M /trunk/SimpleILevel_Social/SimpleILevel_Social.toc

TOC Update for 6.0


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  • #236

    Not working at all. Getting this error


    Message: ...e\AddOns\SimpleILevel\Libs\LibInspect\LibInspect.lua:409: 'for' limit must be a number
    Time: 10/17/14 19:38:28
    Count: 2
    Stack: [C]: ?
    ...e\AddOns\SimpleILevel\Libs\LibInspect\LibInspect.lua:409: in function `GetTalents'
    ...e\AddOns\SimpleILevel\Libs\LibInspect\LibInspect.lua:320: in function `InspectReady'
    ...e\AddOns\SimpleILevel\Libs\LibInspect\LibInspect.lua:484: in function <...e\AddOns\SimpleILevel\Libs\LibInspect\LibInspect.lua:482>


  • #239

    Please update to the latest version


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #240

    That is from 3.2.13 Oct 17

    I updated the Lib Inspect and the error is gone. Still nothing in the default Blizz tootip, or TipTac.

    The LDB pluging seems to be working. 


  • #234

    LibItemUpgradeInfo is now fixed, bumped up to 3.2.14-beta


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #229

    There is a new alpha for 6.0. Unfortinitly I don't play anymore so I haven't been able to test it a whole lot outside of rung around inspecting people. No BG/Parties etc..

    Check out 3.2.14-alpha. Unfortunitly there is a minor upstream bug with upgraded gear that I am waiting on LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0 to fix before it reaches beta.


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #233

    confirmed working without the item ugprades. at least its an indiciation enough of players ilevels, i can just add 16 to every score i read ;p

  • #231

    LibItemUpgradeInfo fix is (i believe) as easy as removing a few characters in the code. I've been looking around at the code for SiL and LibInspect to try and get it working on my end but would obviously prefer an official updated version.

  • #228

    Hey guys, I'm not the author but I am a software dev. I have no idea if there are more bugs, but I have fixed all the bugs with the normal functionality I use - like mousing over people and myself.

    For the impatient and non-compsci people: extract & paste the following in your addons folder such that it overwrites the current installation of SimpleILevel.

    For the author, cautious, or paranoid, here are the few fixes:

    1) In SimpleILevel.lua: GUID has changed to not be a number anymore, but a string. Player GUIDs begin with "Player" so I had to change the tonumber(guid) and tonumber(guid) > 0 checks into the form of guid and guid:matches("Player"), and similar for the not checks but using or and checking guid first.

    2) In LibInspect.lua: Line 409-ish, the for loop's MAX_NUM_TALENTS is no longer defined it seems, so I set it to 21, the current number of talents. I removed the unnecessary if check that also included a method that is no longer available.

    3) In Core.lua inside Libs\LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0 I had to modify the match regex. The itemString is no longer the same format as before, but I know of the format as it is now - the 3rd last number before the '[' is the upgrade ID. The regex now reflects that.

  • #237

    Thanks for the fix!

  • #230

    Thanks for helping find & fix some of the issues with SIL in 6.0. There is now an alpha that fixes most of these issues, all except #3 since that is an up stream issue.


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #232

    I upgraded to your new Alpha for 6.0 and it works great, except for the upstream issue.  I went to line 64 in the file specifiied by all4atlantis and threw his regex in and it worked great, hopefully LibItemupgradeInfo authors will update their piece with that change.

  • #227

    pls update for wod :3

  • #226

    Please udate to 6.0.2, great addon!

  • #225

    just wondering, is this the addon that shows in character pane what each piece of gear the ilevel it has, and if it has gems and enchants too? trying to track down which of my addons shows up this information.

  • #238

    It could be my addon ItemLevelDisplay (or, at least, it does exactly what you are asking for).
    Check it here

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