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Skada Avoidance and Mitigation

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.0
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  • Updated 06/24/2015
  • Created 11/01/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: 1.3.3
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About Skada Avoidance and Mitigation

A Skada plugin mode for tanks to benchmark their damage reduction performance via avoidance and mitigation.

Requires the Skada Damage Meter.
Now Fully compatible with Wow 6.x!

What the numbers mean:

The top-level module display shows total avoidance and mitigation - the fraction of attacks against each player that were either avoided (eg dodged, parried) or actively mitigated (blocked or absorbed). Mousing over any player shows a tooltip detailing their most common forms of avoidance and mitigation. The tooltip also includes with the average amount of damage blocked/absorbed for each attack which is mitigated, and the average mitigation reduction for each such attack (eg. blocks usually mitigate about 30%, full absorbs mitigate 100%, partial absorbs mitigate less). The total lines show the total amount absorbed or blocked, as a value and a percentage of the total unavoided damage.

Clicking on any player shows a full breakdown of the number of attacks made against that player, categorized by how they were avoided or mitigated:

  • Dodge, Parry, Miss, Reflect, Immune: Attacks that missed entirely due to the stated avoidance mechanic
  • Block: Attacks that were mitigated by a shield block, which generally reduces damage taken by about 30%
  • Full absorb: Attacks that were completely absorbed and thereby fully mitigated for zero damage taken
  • Absorb: Attacks that were mitigated via partial absorption - ie damage done exceeded current absorption value, resulting in some damage taken
  • Physical Hit: Melee swings and physical school attacks that were not avoided or mitigated in any way and inflicted full damage.
  • Spell Hit: Non-physical attacks that were not avoided or mitigated in any way and inflicted full damage.
  • Crit, Crush: Attacks that inflicted a critical hit or crushing blow on the target. These should be very rare in PvE for correctly-speced tanks.

Misc Notes:

  • Due to combat log limitations, absorb mitigation includes absorbs from all sources, not just self-applied absorbs. So for example with a discipline priest in the raid, players will tend to have inflated absorb mitigation.
  • Currently only direct damage attacks are recorded - DoTs are ignored, as they generally cannot be avoided or blocked and would skew the display.
  • Mitigation via armor, damage reduction talents or damage reduction cooldowns is not shown, as this information does not appear in the combat log.
  • Mitigation via spell resistance is not shown, as spell resistance has effectively been removed from player tanks starting in 5.x.

tag 1.3.3
oscarucb <>
2015-06-24 17:38:36 -0400

Tagging 1.3.3


    - toc bump


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  • #20

    Anyway you can track how much damage brewmaster mitigate with purifying brew?

  • #18
    Warrior Tanks

    This addon is great for warriors. It helps see whether you are taking more blockable vs. absorbable damage and choose mit on the fly. Also it makes it easier to adjust between fights.

    A couple problems though: Dots can be mitgated by absorb from warriors tanks so it's kinda necessary to include dot damage. Also the inflated absorbs with a disc priest really hurt the use of it. Maybe to simplify you could show melee vs physical vs magic dmg incoming dynamically?

  • #19

    Dots generally cannot be blocked or avoided (parry / dodge), and given the high frequency of small ticks,  including them would really skew the numbers and make them harder to interpret. This is why they are excluded from this display. If you just want to see a breakdown of the damage you are taking from each fight mechanic, SkadaDamageTaken already provides that quite nicely.

    This mod instead focuses on avoidance and mitigation - primarily for melee swings, but also including other direct damage attacks. Absorption is shown because it is the primary mitigation mechanic for non-shield tanks (esp DKs), although obviously there are many other sources of absorption and almost all damage is absorbable, so the numbers have to be interpreted with that in mind.

    Last edited by oscarucb on 10/23/2013 7:58:30 AM
  • #16

    I'm taking over management of this addon until/unless immerc returns.
    A fully working version is now available for WoW 5.x and Skada 1.4.

  • #17

    You rock! Thanks so much for the update. I will be testing soon.

  • #15

    I 2nd an update. Such a great addon, wish we could update it for latest release


  • #14

    Can we get an update on this? I liked it better than the new "Tank Skada".

  • #13
    Does anyone know if this add-on is still work 100% or with it being out of date not fully working?
  • #8
    does this addon still only track full absorbs?
  • #7
    will this projekt be continued?
  • #6
    Is this one skill working?
  • #5
    i got the error "Dependency missing" becouse i didn't have "Skada Damage meter"
  • #3
    I'm unclear - is this an addition to the Skada damage meter, or a similarly-named similarly-themed stand-alone AddOn?
  • #4
    It's a mod for Skada Damage Meters.
  • #1
    I don't this will not show a DK's blood shield since it may not fully absorb a hit?
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