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  • World of Warcraft
  • 98,749 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 906,242 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/14/2014
  • Created 08/27/2008
  • 1,856 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2.71
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About Skillet

Skillet: A trade skill window replacement

Skillet is a replacement for the default tradeskill and craft UI.

To report bugs and request new features check:
To help with Localization see:


  • Larger the the standard tradeskill window
  • Built-in queue for creating multiple, different items
  • Queued items are saved when you log out and are restored on log in
  • Automatically buy reagents for queued recipes when visiting a vendor
  • If you can craft a reagent needed by a recipe, then clicking on that reagent will take you to its recipe (same features as Reverse Engineering.
  • If the item to be crafted requires a minimum level to use, that level can be displayed along with the recipe (disabled by default)
  • The shopping list of items needed for all queued recipes for all alts can be displayed at banks, auction houses, or from the command line
  • Items needed for crafting queued items can be automatically retrieved from your bank or guild bank (by using the shopping list)
  • User editable list of notes attached to reagents and crafted items.
  • Recipes can be filtered by name, whether or not you could level when creating the item, and whether or not you have the mats available.
  • Sorting of recipes (name, difficulty, level, and quality of crafted item)
  • Tracking inventory on alternate characters
  • Item tooltips can be set to display the list of alternate characters that can craft the item.
  • Custom grouping
  • User managed Ignored Materials List
  • Complete or mostly complete localizations for deDE, esES, frFR, ruRU, koKR, zhCN, zhTW.


  • 2.71
    • Add user managed Ignored Materials table (thanks to Tarkumi)
    • Add cooldown check to queue processing
    • Add support for Enchanting Scrolls (thanks to Tarkumi)
    • Some code cleanup and minor bug fixes
  • 2.70
    • Add FlushRecipeData function
    • Fix flushalldata command
    • Add flushrecipedata command (and localization)
    • Add the WoW build number to
    • Flush recipe data when the WoW build number changes.
    • Move the dataVersion to (from db.realm)
  • 2.69
    • Add option to shopping list to include items in the bank (ticket 313)
  • 2.68
    • Another TradeSkillInfo plugin fix
  • 2.67
    • Fix TradeSkillInfo plugin (Ticket 312)
  • 2.66
    • Disable Skillet for crafting illusions, because it is allowed only from Blizz UI (Ticket 309)
    • Change "Using Bank" message to a warning (DA.WARN)
    • Locale independent fix for Blizzard's Engineering bug
    • Remove Altoholic dependent code (we do it ourselves now)
    • Fix unavailable skills in garrison
  • 2.65
    • Localize Blizzard's Engineering bug (Ticket 308)
  • 2.64
    • Add count of Auction House items independent of Altoholic (Ticket 304)
    • Increase maximum queue item count to 9999, (Ticket 305)
    • Change 1/0 to true/false for Blizzard API calls (Ticket 306)
  • 2.63
    • Bump Skillet database version.
    • Add slash command to reinitialize Skillet database.
    • Add persistent bank storage.
    • Reagent Bank added (treat it as just another bank bag).
    • Use bank reagents when processing queue.
    • Bug fixes.
  • 2.62 - Partial Reagent Bank functionality added (treat it as just another bank bag). Bug fixes.
  • 2.61 - Performance issues.
  • 2.60 - Update for WoW 6.02. Add workaround for Blizzard GetTradeSkillInfo bug in Engineering.
  • 2.57 - Fix bug reported on WoWInterface. Clicking on reagents would crash if the tradeskill for the reagent had not been displayed.
  • 2.51 - 2.56 - Bugfixes.
  • 2.50 - new shopping window with guild bank support
  • 2.45 - update for 5.4 - since patch tradeskills of alts not showing, waiting solution from Blizzard


  • What are the numbers in the middle and how to hide them? - It's the number of craftable items using reagents in your bag, bank, alts. Right+Click on the bag icon to turn them off
  • How to search in the item name only? - Start your search phrase with exclamation mark: !ink
  • How to search in Auction House? - Alt+Click on shopping list
  • How to retrieve items from bank? - Turn on "Display shopping list at banks"
  • How to turn off Skillet temporarily? - Shift+Click your profession button/link. It also works for View All in your Guild Tab.
  • How to use Enchanting Vellum? - Right Click on Process/Create/Create All button. You create only 1 enchanted vellum, repeat to create more
  • How to paste a recipe in the chat? - double click on the recipe list

- nogudnik - creator of Skillet, left WoW
- lilsparky - creator of Gnome Works and LilSparky's Workshop

r419 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-15 00:20:39 +0000 (Mon, 15 Dec 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/2.71 (from /trunk:418)

Tagging as 2.71
r418 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-14 02:10:59 +0000 (Sun, 14 Dec 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/UI/Sorting.lua

- Fix lua error in sorting reported in the Curse comments.
r417 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-13 18:40:36 +0000 (Sat, 13 Dec 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/TradeskillInfo.lua
   M /trunk/UI/ShoppingList.lua

- Fix lua error reported in Curse comments (extract id from link).
r416 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-13 03:16:50 +0000 (Sat, 13 Dec 2014) | 5 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua
   M /trunk/ThirdPartyHooks.lua
   D /trunk/UI/AttachList.lua
   D /trunk/UI/AttachList.xml
   A /trunk/UI/IgnoreList.lua
   A /trunk/UI/IgnoreList.xml
   M /trunk/UI/MainFrame.lua
   M /trunk/UI/MainFrame.xml
   M /trunk/UI/ShoppingList.lua

- Add patch from ticket 319, Enchanting Scroll Support (replaces functionality provided by LSW)
- Remove the last of the LSW code from ShoppingList (LSW R.I.P)
- Remove unused AttachList.* files
- Add GUI for userIgnoredMats table (IgnoreList.*)
r415 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-11 21:26:09 +0000 (Thu, 11 Dec 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Inventory.lua
   M /trunk/SkilletQueue.lua

- Fix references to Skillet.db.realm.userIgnoredMats (dummy)
r414 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-11 20:40:54 +0000 (Thu, 11 Dec 2014) | 6 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Inventory.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua
   M /trunk/SkilletQueue.lua

- For ticket 315 (and 310):
- Add userIgnoredMats table
- Add TradeSkillIgnoredMats and userIgnoredMats to InventoryReagentCraftability
- Add userIgnoredMats to QueueAppendCommand
- Update TradeSkillAutoTarget table with Warlords of Draenor items
r413 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-11 15:46:51 +0000 (Thu, 11 Dec 2014) | 4 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc
   A /trunk/SkilletARL.lua
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua
   M /trunk/SkilletQueue.lua

- Add cooldown check when processing queue
- Move ARL functions into separate module
- Move same name functions (Skillet:, SkilletData:, and SkilletLink:) together
r411 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-07 16:06:26 +0000 (Sun, 07 Dec 2014) | 7 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua

- Add FlushRecipeData function
- Fix flushalldata command
- Add flushrecipedata command (and localization)
- Add the WoW build number to
- Flush recipe data when the WoW build number changes.
- Move the dataVersion to (from db.realm
r409 | bsmorgan | 2014-12-01 15:59:28 +0000 (Mon, 01 Dec 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc
   M /trunk/SkilletQueue.lua
   M /trunk/UI/MerchantWindow.lua
   M /trunk/UI/ShoppingList.lua
   M /trunk/UI/ShoppingList.xml

- Add include bank to shopping list (tickets 293 and 313)
r407 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-29 16:05:09 +0000 (Sat, 29 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc

- Version bump for another TradeSkillInfo plugin fix.
r406 | ethancentaurai | 2014-11-28 14:39:02 +0000 (Fri, 28 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Plugins/TradeSkillInfo.lua

- Fixed TradeSkillInfo support module.
r404 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-26 14:30:58 +0000 (Wed, 26 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc

- Update version number
r403 | ethancentaurai | 2014-11-26 09:27:59 +0000 (Wed, 26 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Plugins/TradeSkillInfo.lua

- Removed deprecated function from TradeSkillInfo support module. Fixes ticket 312.
r401 | yossa | 2014-11-21 19:10:18 +0000 (Fri, 21 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua

- disable Skillet for crafting illusions, because it's broken feature and is allowed only from Blizz UI
r400 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-20 00:19:51 +0000 (Thu, 20 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SkilletQueue.lua

- Change "Using Bank" message to a warning (DA.WARN
r399 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-20 00:09:39 +0000 (Thu, 20 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/UI/MainFrame.lua

- Remove Altoholic dependent code (we do it ourselves now)
r398 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-19 23:55:57 +0000 (Wed, 19 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua

- Locale independent fix for Blizzard's Engineering bug.
r397 | yossa | 2014-11-19 21:50:16 +0000 (Wed, 19 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua
   M /trunk/UI/MainFrame.lua

- unavailable skills in garrison
r395 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-17 14:51:11 +0000 (Mon, 17 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc

- Version number change to force new package (updated localization)
r394 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-16 03:05:04 +0000 (Sun, 16 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua

- More localization fixes for Blizzard Engineering bug (ticket 308)
r393 | bsmorgan | 2014-11-16 02:51:51 +0000 (Sun, 16 Nov 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Skillet.lua
   M /trunk/Skillet.toc
   M /trunk/SkilletData.lua

- Localize fix for Blizzard WoD Engineering bug (ticket 308)


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  • #640

    having a strange one with skillet, and when i go to make an item that needs two items or more in it will often tell me i can make say 10 of the item and yet when i click on make all it only makes say 4 of that item cos thats all i have like just now i wanted to make white smoke flare it told me i had enough for 41 of them of the mats on the char and when i clicked on make all all it made and queued was 14 any way to sort this bug as its been on mine now for ages

  • #639

    I am having a problem recently with Skillet. I open the window and the bar where I select to choose what profession to display is "turned off", it kind of loses its purpose a bit.

    Please tell me this is just a bug because can't live without skillet anymore. WoW tradeskill window is fugly! Help!

    Image Removed:

  • #637

    I got this error while i created Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior (Jewelcrafting) with smelting queue:

    Date: 2012-12-12 12:30:41
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Skillet\SkilletQueue.lua line 287:
       Usage: CastSpellByName(name[, target])
       [C]: ?
       [C]: CastSpellByName()
       Skillet\SkilletQueue.lua:287: ProcessQueue()
       Skillet\SkilletQueue.lua:371: CreateItems()
       [string "*:OnClick"]:2:
          [string "*:OnClick"]:1
    (*temporary) = nil

      DetailedCloudsFix, v50100.1
      Swatter, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
      AckisRecipeList, v2.4.3-7-g83f36f4
      AddonLoader, v2.0.1
      Armory, vv10.3.0
      ArmoryGuildBank, vv10.3.0
      Auctionator, v3.1.0
      Blipstick, v5.0.1.12
      Breakables, v1.3.8 (Revision: 74)
      Buffet, v5.0.1.39
      ClassMonitor, v3.4.6.1
      ClassMonitorConfigUI, v1.1.2
      Click2Cast, v50100.1
      Cork, v5.0.1.49
      DSM, v2.2a
      EasyMail, v
      ElvUI, v5.08
      ElvUIAddOnSkins, v1.06
      ElvUICastBarSnap, v2.09
      ElvUILocPlus, v1.73
      ElvUINameplateCastInfo, v1.0.3
      ErrorFilter, v2.7
      FasterCamera, v1.3
      FishermansFriend, v
      GatherMate2, v1.23.1-1-gfcda473
      GatherSageCT, v4.6b
      GnomishVendorShrinker, v5.0.1.15
      HealersHaveToDie, v2.0.4
      ImprovedOptionsFrames, v1.4
      ItemTooltipCleaner, v5.1.0.45
      LootConfirm, v1.00
      LowHPAlert, v2.11
      MacroBank, v1.11
      MillHelp, v2.0.12
      MillHelpGlyphs, v2.0.12
      MiniLoot, v1.8.4
      NeonChat, v
      nibSpellAlertConfig, v0.32 r3
      Pawn, v1.7.3
      PetBattleDump, v1.01
      REPorter, v0.8.2
      RETabBinder, v1.2.5
      SexyCooldown2, v1.0.2
      Skillet, v
      SpecSwitcher, v1.03
      SpeedyLoad, v2.0.1
      Spy, v
      SquareMinimapButtons, v1.02
      stAddonManager, v1.2.5
      TellMeWhen, v6.1.0
      TheLowDown, v2.0.3.346
      TomTom, vv50100-1.0.1
      TrainAll, vv1.0
      VendorValue, v3.1
      wakeup, v1.4
      WoWPro, v2.4.0A
      WoWProAchievements, v2.4.0A
      WoWProDailies, v2.4.0A
      WoWProLeveling, v2.4.0A
      WowProProfession, v2.4.0A
      WoWProWorldEvents, v2.4.0A
      WSUFMover, v
      BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.1.0.50100 <eu>

  • #636

    Will retrieve from guild bank ever be an option?

    Thanks for this great addon !

  • #635

    So....when can we expect an update for this wonderful addon to 5.1?

  • #634
    Can't retrieve from bank

    I have ticked the option to "Display shopping list at banks", but it doesn't. I open my bank and nothing happens. Even if I manually open the shopping list, there is no way to retrieve those items with a click. Any idea what's happening?

    Edit: Based on a similar-sounding open ticket on the Ace site, I checked "Display shopping list at guild banks" and un-checked the one for non-guild banks. Suddenly it worked at my personal bank! The list appeared and it even had a "Retrieve" button that was missing when I manually displayed it. So, I got it working, but there's apparently a bug in the system.

    Last edited by TaliaMokani on 11/29/2012 12:53:59 AM
  • #633

    having a problem with this addon since the release of 5.1 because it is out of date and i am unable to load out of date addons...any ideas?

  • #632
    Skillet Retrieve from Bank can't count

    When Skillet retrieves items from one's bank, it doesn't bother starting from the smallest stack... it just uses the first available.  This can often leave several small stacks that end up wasting space in the bank.  

  • #631

    plz add broker icon or minimap icon for access Skillet for no need use profession icon. Is strange use profession icon becouse in Skillet u access any profession no this prof u click.



  • #630

    After click in glyph:

    1x [ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN] O AddOn "Skillet" tentou chamar a função protegida "CastGlyph()".
    !BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:587>
    <in C code>
    Blizzard_GlyphUI\Blizzard_GlyphUI-1.0.lua:527: in function "GlyphFrameSpell_OnClick"
    <string>:"*:OnClick":1: in function <string>:"*:OnClick":1



  • #628

    Is there a way for it to track my skill level in the various cooking Ways? Or at least to show which recipe belongs to which Way?

  • #629

    Yours doesn't?  I know mine does on my cook, along with my current progress in each Way.

    Life:  A sexually transmitted disease with no cure and 100% mortality rate.

  • #627

    Is there a way to get some sort of status message or (even better) a progress bar when it's scanning or whatever it's doing when you first open the tradeskill window?  It's frustrating to just sit there waiting and not know how much longer it's going to take before I can actually use my profession.

    Life:  A sexually transmitted disease with no cure and 100% mortality rate.

  • #626

    Best addon for profs, but has one problem, vry slowly... =/


  • #624

    I've found that when I downloaded the september 28th update, I had access to separate Pandaren 'Ways' of cooking, but since I updated it with the October 16th update, I havn't been able to get them back. What happened?

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