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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 998,439 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/03/2014
  • Created 12/20/2005
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.0c
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About SmartBuff


Created by Aeldra (EU-Proudmoore)


SmartBuff is a buff addon, to cast buffs ease and quickly. All classes are supported. Bind a key, scrollwheel or use the action button and it checks if you, a party/raid member, also hunter and warlock pets, needs your buff and cast it. Use the options menu to configure it you like, as example: buffs, raid subgroups, pets, etc.
Run the mod when ever you wish, if nothing is buffed, there is no penalty or cool down.

Broker_SmartBuff plugin

FuBar-SmartBuffFu plugin

SmartDebuff is not part of this project you can download it here.

- FAQ -

Q1: How can I cast group/class buffs, instead of single buffs?
A1: Select both checkboxes, assign the classes, use following options the play around "Grp buff check", "Grp range check" and "group size"/"class size" slider
Example, if you set the group/class slider to 3 it will only buff the greater buff if 3 or more units not have it.

Q2: How can I move the frames and buttons?
A2: Use Shift-Left click and drag dem arround

Q3: How can I assign a trigger key for buffs?
A3: Use the Blizzard interface -> keyboard layout to define the trigger key for SmartBuff. Open and close the SmartBuff options frame and it will remap this key to the new SecureActionButton

Q4: How can I assign a key for debuffing?
A4: During the new Blizzard secure UI is this not longer possible!

Q5: How can I disable the scrollwheel buffing?
A5: Disable the "Buff on scroll" in the SmartBuff options frame, close it and rebind scrollwheel to whatever you want :)

Q6: How can I cast buffs in combat?
A6: If you want to cast a spell in combat, the you have to check also the "in combat" option in the main options frame (on the right of "Buff on scroll"). Be carfully with this option. In combat is no logic allowed, so SB sets your first "combat"-buff on your key before combat, but in combat it can't do any actions to prevent to cast during the restrictions. It only can show you when do you need a buff, but any time you hit the key in combat it buffs. Thats also the reason why the "in combat" is per default "off".

Q7: SmartDebuff casts the wrong debuff on a player, is this a bug?
A7: Please watch carfully in which color the debuff button is highlighted, this is very important! You have to click the button with the correct mouse click
Highlighted BLUE = LEFT click
Highlighted RED = RIGHT click
Highlighted GREEN = MIDDLE click

Q8: It does not buff anything, whats wrong?
A8: Please make sure you have selected any buff and the right classes. If you are in resting mode (Cities) SmartBuff is per default in "sleep mode" and does not cast spells, select the option "Buff in cities" to cast buffs in resting mode also.

Q9: Can I use SmartBuff in a macro?
A9: Yes, since the last blizzard added a /click command, use following command:
/click SmartBuff_KeyButton

- Features -

  • Supports all classes
  • Supports all clients
  • Checks buffs and rebuff you, raid/party members, raid/party pets
  • Setup your own buff templates (Solo, Party, Raid, Battleground, MC, Ony, BWL, AQ, ZG, Custom 1-5)
  • Auto switch templates
  • Individual setup for each buff
  • Supports group buffs: 'Gift of the Wild'/'Arcane Brilliance'/'Prayer of Fortitude'/'Prayer of Spirit', incl. group size and reagence check
  • Supports class buffs: all greater blessings of the Paladin
  • Supports self buffs
  • Supports weapon buffs (individual for main and off hand): Shaman, all poisons (Rogue), all stones and oils, incl. reagence check
  • Supports character level based buffs
  • Supports tracking abilities
  • Reminder if a buff is missing (Splash/chat/sound)
  • ReBuff Timer
  • FuBar support
  • Titan Panel support
  • Only one key is needed
  • Fast and easy to use

- Usage -

Left click: opens SmartBuff options frame
Right click: enables/disables SmartBuff

- Chat -

Type /sbm for options menu in game
Type /sb [command] or /smartbuff [command] in game
- cast buff
toggle - Toggles SmartBuff On/Off
menu - Show/hide options menu

target - buffs the current target
rbt - reset buff timers
sync - synchronizes the buff time left with the UI
rafp - reset all frame positions

- Options frame -

Right click on buff checkbox: opens buff setup frame

- Contact -

Please send me a mail or write a comment if you discover Bugs or have Suggestions.
[email protected]

- Donations -


SmartBuff 6.0c

  • Added buffs: Hunter (Munitions, Lone Wolf), Rogue (Instant Poison), Hunter (Camouflage), Warrior (Gladiator Stance)
  • Added items: WoD flasks, Oralius' Whispering Crystal, Fire-Watcher's Oath, Blazing Wings
  • Fix for LUA error: script ran too long


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  • #1518

    Needs an option to hide the default buff frame.

  • #1517

    Seems kinda buggy on my lock.  I had Demon Armor set for solo and Fel Armor set for party, but whenever I'm in a party it puts Demon Armor on me.  Derp derp.

  • #1516

    the same behavior that happens out of combat, for example, i can buff the tank with earth shield, and then myself with water shield, is disabled by blizz in combat, correct?


  • #1515

    DK Presece's dont work if I alredy have one on. If I change spec and have no Presence it works, but if I have it set for say Unholy and manualy change my prsenece to Blood it won't prompt me to change it.


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #1514

    Im getting this error all the time. Need to restart wow, only to get it again. I updated it 3 times without luck.


    Date: 2012-04-21 20:38:52
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua line 2236:
    attempt to concatenate local 'icon' (a nil value)
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: ?
    SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:2236: SMARTBUFF_SetMissingBuffMessage()
    SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:2138: SMARTBUFF_BuffUnit()
    SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:1592: SMARTBUFF_Check()
    SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:619: SMARTBUFF_OnUpdate()
    [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1:
    [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1
    Swatter, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot)
    AucAdvanced, v5.13.5258 (BoldBandicoot)

  • #1512

    Frost Mage: Summon Water Elemental, should be the same as the DK pet

    Last edited by scotepi on 2/27/2012 10:12:12 PM


    find me on twitter @scotepi

  • #1511

    I love the scrollback buffing, but I am having a small issue. Even though I rebound the zoom out option to shift + scrollback, with smartbuff addon enabled the view still zooms out with a scrollback (as well as buffing). Zoom works correctly with my new keybinds once smartbuff is disabled though. This is particularly annoying in fights where I like to control my camera distance specifically. Is there any way to get around this zoom issue?

  • #1513

    yes there is a way around it...uncheck all the mouse scroll to buff options in the smart buff configure window.  Then open the wow key bindings window.  Set you camera zoom to home and end keys or page up/page down keys (or whatever).  Then near the bottom of the key bindings window list you will find smart buff options.  Set the trigger in there to mouse down (or up).

  • #1510


    A small suggestion: Maybe you could clean up the "sub group"-feature, in the feature-description here on curse, and in the addon.

    Thereare no singlebuffs anymore, and no group-buffs, so the whole group-feature should be needless.

  • #1509

    I'm having  a problem with buffs that buffs the party and self. Examples are the paladin blessings and the druid Mark of the Wild. I have it selected in the list but it never show up for me to click on. I do make sure to have me and the party clicked on in the list. I just don't change instance as I do not want to go through all the work of a long list when I can just pick one and use it. I just do solo, party and bg ya know? I have verify spells that only work on self work just fine. The DK bone shield work great as well as other spells like this too.

    Last edited by dragon4e on 2/1/2012 11:45:29 PM
  • #1507

    Heyo, Love the addon. I've been using it probably since you made it public.


    This is a question, maybe a request. Focus Magic and Dark Intent - I have no idea how to set them up so that SB only puts it on 1 player.

    In parties it doesn't seem to give trouble but in raids I get multiple hits on who it wants to be cast on.


    Any help would be appreciated. 





  • #1508

    For parties I usually set focus magic to the healer since I know there is only one of them.

    For Raids, I select Focus Magic and then in the window to the right I click on the big A.  I target someone and then click the + sign.  This puts their namein the list and will buff just them.  I have to remove/add names from the list.  At least this way I have it on someone and rebuff it as needed.

    Last edited by s-conley on 1/17/2012 5:45:41 PM
  • #1506

    Would be awesome if we could redirect the notifications to other scrolling combat text addons like mik, parrot, etc.

  • #1505

    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua line 2236:
       attempt to concatenate local 'icon' (a nil value)
       [C]: ?
       SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:2236: SMARTBUFF_SetMissingBuffMessage()
       SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:2138: SMARTBUFF_BuffUnit()
       SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:1592: SMARTBUFF_Check()
       SmartBuff\SmartBuff.lua:619: SMARTBUFF_OnUpdate()
       [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1:
          [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1


    I only get this error playing my warlock. After that SB seems to be deactivted and I have to reload or restart... Frown

  • #1504

    Shaman weapon buffs are a little bit tricky...
    1. Please make sure you have correctly set the "main" / "off" hand checkbox for the weapon buffs
    2. The main hand buff needs to be above the off hand buff in the list. You can drag'n'drop the buffs to order them.

    Hope this will help you :)

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