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  • World of Warcraft
  • 17,046 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 953,799 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/24/2014
  • Created 12/20/2005
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.0b
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About SmartBuff


Created by Aeldra (EU-Proudmoore)


SmartBuff is a buff addon, to cast buffs ease and quickly. All classes are supported. Bind a key, scrollwheel or use the action button and it checks if you, a party/raid member, also hunter and warlock pets, needs your buff and cast it. Use the options menu to configure it you like, as example: buffs, raid subgroups, pets, etc.
Run the mod when ever you wish, if nothing is buffed, there is no penalty or cool down.

Broker_SmartBuff plugin

FuBar-SmartBuffFu plugin

SmartDebuff is not part of this project you can download it here.

- FAQ -

Q1: How can I cast group/class buffs, instead of single buffs?
A1: Select both checkboxes, assign the classes, use following options the play around "Grp buff check", "Grp range check" and "group size"/"class size" slider
Example, if you set the group/class slider to 3 it will only buff the greater buff if 3 or more units not have it.

Q2: How can I move the frames and buttons?
A2: Use Shift-Left click and drag dem arround

Q3: How can I assign a trigger key for buffs?
A3: Use the Blizzard interface -> keyboard layout to define the trigger key for SmartBuff. Open and close the SmartBuff options frame and it will remap this key to the new SecureActionButton

Q4: How can I assign a key for debuffing?
A4: During the new Blizzard secure UI is this not longer possible!

Q5: How can I disable the scrollwheel buffing?
A5: Disable the "Buff on scroll" in the SmartBuff options frame, close it and rebind scrollwheel to whatever you want :)

Q6: How can I cast buffs in combat?
A6: If you want to cast a spell in combat, the you have to check also the "in combat" option in the main options frame (on the right of "Buff on scroll"). Be carfully with this option. In combat is no logic allowed, so SB sets your first "combat"-buff on your key before combat, but in combat it can't do any actions to prevent to cast during the restrictions. It only can show you when do you need a buff, but any time you hit the key in combat it buffs. Thats also the reason why the "in combat" is per default "off".

Q7: SmartDebuff casts the wrong debuff on a player, is this a bug?
A7: Please watch carfully in which color the debuff button is highlighted, this is very important! You have to click the button with the correct mouse click
Highlighted BLUE = LEFT click
Highlighted RED = RIGHT click
Highlighted GREEN = MIDDLE click

Q8: It does not buff anything, whats wrong?
A8: Please make sure you have selected any buff and the right classes. If you are in resting mode (Cities) SmartBuff is per default in "sleep mode" and does not cast spells, select the option "Buff in cities" to cast buffs in resting mode also.

Q9: Can I use SmartBuff in a macro?
A9: Yes, since the last blizzard added a /click command, use following command:
/click SmartBuff_KeyButton

- Features -

  • Supports all classes
  • Supports all clients
  • Checks buffs and rebuff you, raid/party members, raid/party pets
  • Setup your own buff templates (Solo, Party, Raid, Battleground, MC, Ony, BWL, AQ, ZG, Custom 1-5)
  • Auto switch templates
  • Individual setup for each buff
  • Supports group buffs: 'Gift of the Wild'/'Arcane Brilliance'/'Prayer of Fortitude'/'Prayer of Spirit', incl. group size and reagence check
  • Supports class buffs: all greater blessings of the Paladin
  • Supports self buffs
  • Supports weapon buffs (individual for main and off hand): Shaman, all poisons (Rogue), all stones and oils, incl. reagence check
  • Supports character level based buffs
  • Supports tracking abilities
  • Reminder if a buff is missing (Splash/chat/sound)
  • ReBuff Timer
  • FuBar support
  • Titan Panel support
  • Only one key is needed
  • Fast and easy to use

- Usage -

Left click: opens SmartBuff options frame
Right click: enables/disables SmartBuff

- Chat -

Type /sbm for options menu in game
Type /sb [command] or /smartbuff [command] in game
- cast buff
toggle - Toggles SmartBuff On/Off
menu - Show/hide options menu

target - buffs the current target
rbt - reset buff timers
sync - synchronizes the buff time left with the UI
rafp - reset all frame positions

- Options frame -

Right click on buff checkbox: opens buff setup frame

- Contact -

Please send me a mail or write a comment if you discover Bugs or have Suggestions.
[email protected]

- Donations -


SmartBuff 6.0b

  • Updated code for Warlords of Draenor
  • Updated buff lists
  • Updated item lists
  • Added toybox support
  • Thanks for donation: Maik M :)


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  • #116

    Hab auch einen Nil Error in Zeile: 1217

    (Nach update auf 11b).

  • #117

    Hello Aeldra,

    a realy nice addon. i love it.

    there are two features im missing. If i play my paladin toon it would be realy great, smartbuff would recognize what i buffed which guy. im mostly grouping with guys each of them want some special blessing. i cant use the class table to buff :(. For eg. one priest wants another blessing then another priest. So if if buff every guys what he wants, i want to rebuff it later without writing down...

    The second feature which would help me alot is, handling my group and me different. If i buffed my group with the needed blessings, i buff my self infight with blessing of might. out of fight i use blessing of wisdom, to help me regenerate mana faster. I dont want to buff all people in my group to rebuff.

    Do you think theres a possibility to solve that?

    Regards, Teodred@RRat von Dalaran

  • #118

    Hallo Aeldra,

    vielen Dank für das tolle MOD, ich kann mir gar nicht mehr vorstellen, wie ich meinen Schamanen ohne Smartbuff spielen sollte... ;-)

    Bei meinem Priester-Twink kann ich allerdings das "Schattenschild" nicht über Smartbuff aktivieren. Das ist ein Self-Buff, nur für Troll-Priester, ähnlich dem Blitzschlagschild des Schamanen (nicht zu verwechseln mit "SchattenSCHUTZ").

    Ist das ein Programm-Fehler oder wurde der Buff bisher nur noch nicht in das MOD aufgenommen? Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Du das in einer kommenden Version mal mit einbauen bzw. korrigieren könntest.

    Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüsse Bigeasy

  • #119

    I just downloaded the latest version and still notice that rogues Mind-numbing poison isnt in the bufff list. I really use this one a lot especially in pvp.

    Otherwise it does exactly what you worte it to do, for all classes. I really use this mod a lot. Great work.

  • #120

    Would it be able to add Trinkets to the smartbuff menu?

  • #121

    Laut den Patchnotes wurde die funktion "rbt" eingeführt. Ich habe es so verstanden, dass bei aktiviertem Rebufftimer der Timer für alle Buffs zurückgesetzt werden kann, indem man "/sb rbt" ausführt. Nur findet der Effekt bei mir nicht statt, und die Timer laufen normal weiter.

    Hat jemand anderes das selbe Problem?

  • #122

    how could I use poison to main weapon and 'second' weapon in Smartbuff?

    in the old version, rouge can set poison to main or second weapon, but new version move the function out....

    so, how to set smartbuff to set poison?

  • #123

    The poisons are only available in the menu, if you have one in your inventory. This applies to oils and stones also.

  • #124

    Hiya, I DLed and ran SmartBuff for almost a week now, but today it stopped buffing blessings for my paladin, it still start Aura's and Find Minerals, but don't do blessings anymore.

    I have tried deleting my SavedVariables file for SmartBuff and still no luck...

    Any Ideas?

    Edit: Never mind, I didn't have Blessings in a action bar.... I put em on a hidden one now and they work...

  • #125

    Hiya! I grew kind of upset of the lag associated with changing targets (and buffing when changing targets) and rewrote the buff-casting to be much more target friendly:


  • #126

    My son the druid says that SmartBuff won't cast Thorns while in MoonKin form. Apparently they can do that now.

  • #127

    Hallo pierre7c2,

    Bei mir das Gleiche, Stehe vor Boss, Buffs noch 1,5 Mins aktiv. Mache /sb rbt und hoffe dann neu buffen zu können, geht aber nicht.

  • #128

    Here is the good code for FR Pallys ^^

    -- Paladin SMARTBUFF_PALADIN = { }; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[1] = {"Fureur vertueuse", 30, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[2] = {"Bouclier divin", 0.165, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[3] = {"B\195\169n\195\169diction de puissance", 5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_GROUP, {4,12,22,32,42,52,60}, "DRUID;MAGE;PRIEST;SHAMAN;WARLOCK;WPET", "B\195\169n\195\169diction de puissance sup\195\169rieure", 15, {52,60}, {"Symbole des rois","Symbole des rois"} }; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[4] = {"B\195\169n\195\169diction de sagesse", 5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_GROUP, {14,24,34,44,54,60}, "ROGUE;SHAMAN;WARRIOR;HPET;WPET", "B\195\169n\195\169diction de sagesse sup\195\169rieure", 15, {54,60}, {"Symbole des rois","Symbole des rois"} }; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[5] = {"B\195\169n\195\169diction de salut", 5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_GROUP, {26}, "SHAMAN;WARRIOR;HPET;WPET", "B\195\169n\195\169diction de salut sup\195\169rieure", 15, {60}, {"Symbole des rois"} }; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[6] = {"B\195\169n\195\169diction des rois", 5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_GROUP, {20}, "SHAMAN;WPET", "B\195\169n\195\169diction des rois sup\195\169rieure", 15, {60}, {"Symbole des rois"} }; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[7] = {"B\195\169n\195\169diction du sanctuaire", 5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_GROUP, {30,40,50,60}, "DRUID;HUNTER;MAGE;PRIEST;ROGUE;SHAMAN;WARLOCK;HPET;WPET", "B\195\169n\195\169diction du sanctuaire sup\195\169rieure", 15, {60}, {"Symbole des rois"} }; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[8] = {"B\195\169n\195\169diction de lumi\195\168re", 5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_GROUP, {40,50,60}, "SHAMAN;WPET", "B\195\169n\195\169diction de lumi\195\168re sup\195\169rieure", 15, {60}, {"Symbole des rois"} }; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[9] = {"Sceau d'autorit\195\169", 0.5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[11] = {"Sceau de justice", 0.5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[12] = {"Sceau de lumi\195\168re", 0.5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[13] = {"Sceau de pi\195\169t\195\169", 0.5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[14] = {"Sceau de sagesse", 0.5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[15] = {"Sceau du crois\195\169", 0.5, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[16] = {"Aura de d\195\169votion", -1, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[17] = {"Aura de vindicte", -1, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[18] = {"Aura de concentration", -1, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[19] = {"Aura de r\195\169sistance \195\160 l\'ombre", -1, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[20] = {"Aura de r\195\169sistance au givre", -1, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[21] = {"Aura de r\195\169sistance au feu", -1, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN[22] = {"Aura de saintet\195\169", -1, SMARTBUFF_CONST_SELF}; SMARTBUFF_PALADIN_PATTERN = {"^Sceau d"};

    There was a small typo in Blessing of Light / Bénédiction de Lumière...

    Tested on the french client.

  • #129

    Here's a pain to code, but possibly useful. Any chance of adding individual named targets? In my raids, we have a few DPS warriors who want salvation; the tanks obviously don't, and I don't want to force them to click off buffs periodically, but there's not a great way to do this. I love SmartBuff, but I don't see a way to have a 5-minute individual buff on a particular named player. If it's there and I missed it, I'd love to hear about it!

  • #130

    Problem solved.

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