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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.0
  • 936,527 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/31/2013
  • Created 12/20/2005
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 5.4b
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About SmartBuff


Created by Aeldra (EU-Proudmoore)


SmartBuff is a buff addon, to cast buffs ease and quickly. All classes are supported. Bind a key, scrollwheel or use the action button and it checks if you, a party/raid member, also hunter and warlock pets, needs your buff and cast it. Use the options menu to configure it you like, as example: buffs, raid subgroups, pets, etc.
Run the mod when ever you wish, if nothing is buffed, there is no penalty or cool down.

Broker_SmartBuff plugin

FuBar-SmartBuffFu plugin

SmartDebuff is not part of this project you can download it here.

- FAQ -

Q1: How can I cast group/class buffs, instead of single buffs?
A1: Select both checkboxes, assign the classes, use following options the play around "Grp buff check", "Grp range check" and "group size"/"class size" slider
Example, if you set the group/class slider to 3 it will only buff the greater buff if 3 or more units not have it.

Q2: How can I move the frames and buttons?
A2: Use Shift-Left click and drag dem arround

Q3: How can I assign a trigger key for buffs?
A3: Use the Blizzard interface -> keyboard layout to define the trigger key for SmartBuff. Open and close the SmartBuff options frame and it will remap this key to the new SecureActionButton

Q4: How can I assign a key for debuffing?
A4: During the new Blizzard secure UI is this not longer possible!

Q5: How can I disable the scrollwheel buffing?
A5: Disable the "Buff on scroll" in the SmartBuff options frame, close it and rebind scrollwheel to whatever you want :)

Q6: How can I cast buffs in combat?
A6: If you want to cast a spell in combat, the you have to check also the "in combat" option in the main options frame (on the right of "Buff on scroll"). Be carfully with this option. In combat is no logic allowed, so SB sets your first "combat"-buff on your key before combat, but in combat it can't do any actions to prevent to cast during the restrictions. It only can show you when do you need a buff, but any time you hit the key in combat it buffs. Thats also the reason why the "in combat" is per default "off".

Q7: SmartDebuff casts the wrong debuff on a player, is this a bug?
A7: Please watch carfully in which color the debuff button is highlighted, this is very important! You have to click the button with the correct mouse click
Highlighted BLUE = LEFT click
Highlighted RED = RIGHT click
Highlighted GREEN = MIDDLE click

Q8: It does not buff anything, whats wrong?
A8: Please make sure you have selected any buff and the right classes. If you are in resting mode (Cities) SmartBuff is per default in "sleep mode" and does not cast spells, select the option "Buff in cities" to cast buffs in resting mode also.

Q9: Can I use SmartBuff in a macro?
A9: Yes, since the last blizzard added a /click command, use following command:
/click SmartBuff_KeyButton

- Features -

  • Supports all classes
  • Supports all clients
  • Checks buffs and rebuff you, raid/party members, raid/party pets
  • Setup your own buff templates (Solo, Party, Raid, Battleground, MC, Ony, BWL, AQ, ZG, Custom 1-5)
  • Auto switch templates
  • Individual setup for each buff
  • Supports group buffs: 'Gift of the Wild'/'Arcane Brilliance'/'Prayer of Fortitude'/'Prayer of Spirit', incl. group size and reagence check
  • Supports class buffs: all greater blessings of the Paladin
  • Supports self buffs
  • Supports weapon buffs (individual for main and off hand): Shaman, all poisons (Rogue), all stones and oils, incl. reagence check
  • Supports character level based buffs
  • Supports tracking abilities
  • Reminder if a buff is missing (Splash/chat/sound)
  • ReBuff Timer
  • FuBar support
  • Titan Panel support
  • Only one key is needed
  • Fast and easy to use

- Usage -

Left click: opens SmartBuff options frame
Right click: enables/disables SmartBuff

- Chat -

Type /sbm for options menu in game
Type /sb [command] or /smartbuff [command] in game
- cast buff
toggle - Toggles SmartBuff On/Off
menu - Show/hide options menu

target - buffs the current target
rbt - reset buff timers
sync - synchronizes the buff time left with the UI
rafp - reset all frame positions

- Options frame -

Right click on buff checkbox: opens buff setup frame

- Contact -

Please send me a mail or write a comment if you discover Bugs or have Suggestions.
[email protected]

- Donations -


SmartBuff 5.4b

  • Fixed LUA errors with RealmName


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  • #148

    I was wondering howcome racials arent added? I would love to use blood fury for my orc on autobuff since it cools down every two minutes but i always forget. It would be awsome for it to kick in at the start of combat everytime it's cooled down. Great program, kicks autobuff's ass.

  • #149

    Aeldra, discovered a small bug (has to do with cd being nil) - hopefully fixed that in 1.1.


  • #150


    Error was local variable maxSkipCoolDown not being present in SmartBuff_Sarf.lua. :( Curses to all local variables! :)


  • #151

    Damn... Hoped sarf's code would fix my issue, but nope. :( Still freezes for a couple of milliseconds sometimes when I press the buffbutton.

  • #152
    • Fixed german localization (Paladin)*

    What was wrong? Didn't see any misfunctions with my Pallie (on german client).

    I'm just curious... ;-)

  • #153


    Okies it got a range check to the first player before applying the buff, could you implement a range check for all the players in a group just before the group buff cast ?

    As it is now it wastes some mana and reagents in MC since one or more players in a group could have been out of range and missed the automatic group rebuff. So in MC runs I usually have the SmartBuff off and do it manually, but it would be so great if I could use the automatic rebuff feature.

    If your thinking that it will lag the performance due to 5 range checks instead of one before the rebuff I dont think it's noticeble.

    Sidenote: I'm using the addon Healing Range Alpha set to scan the distance to the entire raid each seccond and I have no noticeble performance loss due to it's checks. If you want to peek at it's code you can find it at:


  • #154

    @DCUI Group range checks are missing, this is can cause problems. I will add the same check as in the latest beta. This works only on a range of ~30yards, group buffs have 40yards range, but its the only way to avoid an event spaming. There will be a new option to toggle this feature in the next version

    @Farook There was a mixup in localization on "Segen der Opferung"/"Segen des Refugiums"/"Segen der Rettung"

    @sarf I have to modifiy your code: - "CastSpell(spell, spellBook, onSelf)" seems not to work - SB will not go on, if a spell not can casted on a target (NPCs or not in group) - UseAction(action, onSelf) can cause problems, if you have more ranks in an actionbar, maybe it takes not the highest

    @shabador In which case it freezes, I need more Infos. Solo/Party/Raid? How many groups? etc.

    @micro23 Racial buffs are available in the latest beta version

  • #155

    This addon looks quite promising, but when I tested it last night it didn't really work properly. I noticed that often when it said it would do a groupbuff, it actually only cast a single target buff. For example, we usually have 2 melee dps group, with 1 priest, 3 rogues and 1 warrior. In those groups, a single target DS on that priest would suffice, however because I had the slider of amount of people without the buff set to 3, it seemed to constantly buff the same person in those groups with a single target buff each time I pressed the buff button. It wasn't even the priest in those groups getting the buffs, but a rogue. Could be that this is solved in the dev4, will check it out tomorrow.

  • #156


    I think theres still a little problem with the CTRA Sync. I sometimtes realize this behavior after a wipe. Let me explain what happened. First, all druids in our raid use Smartbuff beta. If we buff before a boss everything is fine and the sync works great. After the wipe we do a complete rebuff. The probability is great that another druid buffs someone I buffed before the wipe. This seems not to update my rebuff timer of this person and smartbuff tries to rebuff him 30 minutes after the FIRST buffing. Just a little example to make it more clear (hopefully): Lets assume 5 players: A, B, C, D, E. I buff A and B before the wipe, we wipe and we do a rebuff, another druid buffs A and B and I buff C, D and E. The problem is that 28 minutes (the rebuff time) after the FIRST buffing I get a message to rebuff A and B. Actually I think I should get a "sync message" via the sync function that A and B are buffed by the other druid that should update my rebuff timers. The problem is that this behavior doesnt seem to be 100 % reproducable (maybe its just because you need several people to do exactly what you say to test this out)

    Maybe you could add a debuff function to see the people on your "bufflist" and how long the buff lasts. Maybe even who buffed them. That way I could try to find out what is wrong. :)

  • #157

    Hmm. CastSpell(id, book, onSelf) should work unless you have addons that hook it and does not take a third parameter.

    I have noted, however, that it seems like 1.12 dev2 is causing a minor glitch in the checking of buff durations - namely, that it checks the players buffs and then rebuffing party members based on that. I'll try 1.12 dev4 and see what I can make of it ^^


  • #158

    Shaman lightning shield and weapon buffs don't seem to work on german client.

  • #159

    Relatively easy request--

    Could you add "Shadow Ward" for warlocks? It's not often you'd want it continuously buffed, but for some fights it would really be nice to have the constant reminder.

  • #160

    Ace-Forum: Download:

    I wonder if the sync function for CTRA could also be added for oRA2-users (like me).

    After using it for some time now I have to say it's much better than CTRA.

    Or does this sync function work with any RaidAssist-Mod anyway?

  • #161

    @Farook No, it will not work for oRA2. SB uses the buff table from CTRA to "detect" the incommingbuffs. The oRA2 table is local and not accessible for other addons.

    @vputz I will check it and add it in a next version.

    @General Wurst On my client it works, maybe you tried to buff in a city and SB is per default not buffing in cities.

    @Sarf CastSpell has no third parameter, or it is not documented

  • #162

    SB checks for BG before checking for raid, thats not very practical since we are *forced* into raids now, meaning we never ever get the BG settings.

    Sarf knows what he is saying, there is 3 parameters to CastSpell, remember Wow Wiki is user maintained it's NOT the documentation.

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