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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.1.0
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  • Updated 11/29/2012
  • Created 10/29/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: MIT License
  • Newest File: SmartTargeting 1.14

About SmartTargeting

SmartTargeting automatically swaps your key bindings for "target nearest enemy" and "target nearest enemy player" when you enter/leave a battleground, arena or outdoor PvP zone (such as Wintergrasp). It's oblivious to whether you're using <tab> or any other key for targeting enemies. This addon is based on TabBinder. Another similar addon is SmartTabTarget.

The "<Entering ...>" text in the image will not be shown, it's just there to illustrate that the player entered a PvP/PvE zone,


There is not really any configuration for this addon beyond disabling notifications (see commands section below). The addon is small, uses nearly no resources at all and (should) just work out of the box.


In PvE I've set up <tab> to "target nearest enemy", and <shift-tab> to "target nearest enemy player". When I now enter Wintergrasp/Tol Barad, a battleground or an arena then these two will be swapped so <tab> will "target nearest enemy player" and <shift-tab> will "target nearest enemy".


Two slash commands have been added to the addon to allow easier control.

Command prefixes: /smarttargeting or /st

Commands: (examples using /st prefix)

/st - passing no command will force swap the current key bindings.

/st quiet - will enable/disable the notifications of key binding swaps.


  • If you want to change the key bindings permanently (say, going from using TAB and SHIFT-TAB to for example T and SHIFT-T) then this must be done using the Blizzard Key Bindings UI (if this doesn't make any sense to you, you probably don't need to worry about it).
  • You should not run other addons changing key bindings for targeting nearest enemy/enemy player at the same time as SmartTargeting, they may interfere with each other.

Differences from TabBinder

  • SmartTargeting swaps "target nearest enemy" and "target nearest enemy player", TabBinder only sets the key bindings. This means that if you got a key binding for both targeting functions, you'll lose one of them as you move into a PvP-zone with TabBinder.
  • Improved battleground detection, TabBinder had a list of battleground names, but there's a function you can use instead to detect if you're in a battleground. This means that SmartTargeting should work with new battlegrounds and while it still print messages in English, it should work with non-English clients.
  • If you're in combat when you enter/leave a PvP zone, then SmartTargeting should set your bindings as soon as you leave combat (you're not allowed to change keybindings while in combat), TabBinder doesn't do this.

Differences from SmartTabTarget

  • SmartTabTarget is much more customizable than SmartTargeting, although its code is also significantly larger than SmartTargeting.
  • It appears that SmartTabTarget only sets what the <tab> key should target, and that it won't swap "target nearest enemy"/"target nearest enemy player" keys like SmartTargeting. This means that <tab> must be used to target enemies (which often is what most people want), and that you can't have a key to "target all enemies" while in PvP zones nor a key to "target all enemy players" while in PvE zones (you can, but it will be lost when you move between PvP/PvE zones).


  • Update for 5.1.0.


  • Update for 5.0.4.


  • Fixed World PvP zones (Wintergrasp/Tol Barad) bugs; flagged as combat zones when no battle is in progress (i.e. Ironclad Garrison/Wintergrasp).
  • Combined database entries.
  • Databases will be reset.


  • Re-added quieting functionality.
  • Slash command to enable/disable quieting. (/st quiet).


  • Update for 4.3.
  • Added slash command to force swap bindings.
  • Re-wrote code to hopefully optimize runtime performance as much as possible.
  • Remove option to silence the addon.
  • However, output has now been reduced to only give a message when bindings are swapped; removed output when bindings are stored.


  • Update for 4.2.


  • Updated for 4.1.


  • Made it possible to turn off notification of switching key bindings for targeting.


  • When user only had one key binding, addon would spam a message about setting key bindings when in a battleground, this should now be fixed.


  • Removed message about not being able to change key bindings while in combat, this caused spam in some situations, especially Tol Barad.


  • Should swap key bindings upon starting/ending Tol Barad battle. Currently using an event that is sent much more than necessary, but the code that checks if key bindings needs to be swapped is not CPU intensive, so it won't be noticeable. When I find a better event to listen for I'll release a new version.


  • Seems like the fix in 1.3 didn't help. I've now taken a different approach that should solve the problem, but this change unfortunately means you'll have to change the key bindings using the Blizzard Key Bindings UI when you want to permanently change the key bindings. Since almost, if not all of you use the default UI for changing key bindings permanently, I believe this will not be a problem.


  • When leaving a dungeon/battleground and entering a zone where the player immediately is in combat caused Smarttargeting to swap keys incorrectly. This has been attempted corrected with this release.


  • Fixed a bug with binding keys being swapped around when [involuntarily] logging out in a PvP zone and reenter in a PvE zone.


  • Less chance of it swapping wrong (making you target all enemies in PvP zones with preferred targeting key and only target enemy players in PvE zones with preferred targeting key).


  • Initial release.


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  • #14
    Time for a replacement addon

    As this is not being updated, I searched elsewhere and fortunately there's another one here on Curse.

    Simple and functional out of the box, but configurable if you so desire.



    Due to the total awesomeness that is Blizzard's Cataclysm PVP (ie - it's FINALLY finally balanced), I've gotten back into PVP. Shame you gave up so fast.

    Last edited by thejake420 on 1/21/2012 3:01:31 PM
  • #16

    So regret that balanced pvp in wow comment yet?  If not, we aren't playing the same game.


  • #19





    -T R O L L

  • #17

    No, not really :)

    Although I heard that you can cap conquest points by only doing random battlegrounds now (although you can't increase the cap?), so that's one step in the right direction. Also heard they're finally getting rid of minimum range from hunters in MoP, as well as making it possible for all hunter specs to get Silencing Shot and Readiness, that sounds like a huge leap in the right direction, but I've been fooled by such promises before. I did some math at the time I left, turned out that in top 2000 players 3v3 arena all classes were pretty evenly balanced from 9% (rogue) to 13% (priest) when you added weights (i.e. balanced it out as if there were equally many players of each class). Only exception was hunters, who had a 3% representation (cue mandatory "but everybody knows people who play hunters got no skill and sucks balls!"). Maybe it's different now, but being told by guild mates that they'd rather have me play another class in arena was... not amusing after being loyal to the class since vanilla WoW.

    If guildies pester me really hard they might convince me to return, because that really is the only thing I miss from the game, the people I played with, and they stubbornly refuse to play anything else.

  • #15

    SmartTabTarget (which I also link to in the description, by the way) is even older than this addon, it's not been updated since 2010! I wouldn't expect the author of that addon to update it for 4.3. Nor will I update this one, I don't know how balanced the game is now, but Blizzard showed very well how high priority PvP had, that is, next to no priority at all. Even if they add monks and pandas, it's too late for me, I have no reason to believe they will put effort into balancing PvP whenever it becomes unbalanced. There are some other promising titles on the horizon (Firefall, Guild Wars 2) who seems to focus more on PvP than WoW, if I'm returning to a MMO those are more likely to draw my attention.

    Now how can I make curse stop pestering me about offers of "Curse Premium" and other notifications... I only keep the account so someone can easily continue this addon if they so desire.

  • #13

    Could you make this addon say in the raid "Targetting *user*"

  • #12
    Thank you for this great addon and ty for upgrading so fast.
  • #9
    Could you add an option to completely eliminate any text output from the addon? It's really spammy.
  • #10
    A fair request. I'd prefer to keep the addon completely free from any configuration, although it's possible I can add some minimalistic code to make it possible to disable text output.
    As for now, you can open "SmartTargeting.lua", look for any lines starting with "print" and just remove them, that will remove the text output :)
  • #11
    I've uploaded a new version where you can completely disable output from SmartTargeting (see the description on how to do this, note that you must have version 1.8 for this to work).
    If however you were using 1.6 then this version had a bug (as someone reported in the comments below) which caused it to spam notifications about changing key bindings, this was fixed in 1.7.
  • #5
    I got a 'problem' when im in a BG it spams every second the line:

    Tab set to enemy players, Tab set to all enemies.

    I have no idea where it comes from or how to fix it tho.
  • #6
    yep i'm getting this error spam also.
  • #7
    Thanks for reporting this. I found the error, you both got only one key binding (I always run around with TAB for nearest enemy and SHIFT-TAB for nearest enemy player in PvE, you seem to only use TAB for nearest enemy and then no binding for nearest enemy player in PvE).
    This was of course a bug and I've uploaded a new version where this should be fixed, it should be available for download within a day or so :)
  • #8
    Ah nice, i was already checking key bindings ye but couldnt really find the problem. Thought it was maybe the old tab addon i had but wasnt.

    Thanks for the fast fix!
  • #1
    can u please make an option that keybindings are changed only when u pvp flagged?
    i know its not desired by most ppl, but for me it would be far more better than how it works now

    or at least change keybins in tol barad after battle to pick all
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