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  • World of Warcraft
  • 251 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 21,182 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/19/2014
  • Created 10/30/2010
  • 89 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.3.4

About SorhaQuestLog

SorhaQuestLog is a basic Quest/Achievement addon similar to MonkeyQuest and nQuestLog.
It allows the display of quests and achievements on the screen in an configurable way.

Options panel is accessible using /sql or /sorhaquestlog


Core Features:

  • Individual Minions for Quests, Achievements and Scenarios
  • Auto Show/Hide options when entering instances, arenas, combat, pet battles, the outside world etc.
  • Can hide the default blizzard quest frame
  • Handles blizzards remote quests
  • Borders and background for minions
  • LDB Module

Quest Log Minion Features:

  • Expandable/collapsible zone headers
  • Auto collapsing/expanding zone headers as you change zones
  • Hide Zone headers when all their quests are hidden
  • Expand collapse menu available using alt-right-click on a zone
  • Hide quests by right-clicking the quest or by selecting it from its zone headers right-click menu
  • Hide completed objectives
  • Can completely hide quest tracker when tracking no quests
  • Hide or re-size item buttons
  • Colour objective texts and statuses by completeness(gradual) , state(done/undone) or choose a custom colour
  • Colour quest titles and level texts by level, completeness(gradual) , state(done/undone) or choose a custom colour
  • Changeable fonts, font shadowing and font sizes for Zones, Quests and Objectives
  • Adjustable indentation for quests and objectives
  • Option to display only the quest details pane of the quest log when left-clicking a quest. (Alt left click to get the full quest log panel)
  • Control left-click a quest to set it as the active quest for blizzards minimap tracker
  • Alt + Ctrl left-click a quest to abandon it. (Can disable confirm dialog in options)

Achievement Minion Features:

  • Customizable text by choosing fonts, sizes, shadowing and colours.
  • Customizable textures for progress bars
  • Optional progress status bars for the achievements that can have them
  • Option to limit the number of tasks displayed per achievement

Notification Features:

  • Customizable sounds for quest/objective complete and quest starting item picked up notifications.
  • Choose custom sounds for quest completions and objective completions
  • Re-direct the objective completion messages elsewhere with LibSink

Recent Changes

New since v1.3.4

  • Bonus timers on Scenario Minion
  • Vertical text padding options for quest minion

Other Stuff >.>

Bug reporting and Suggestions
You can report bugs or suggestions using wowaces ticket system at:

If you want to help localize SorhaQuestLog you can do so using the wowace localization section at:

Known Issues:

  • After the second time you log in the default blizzard tracker no longer displays achievements.

r105 | sorha2 | 2014-02-19 06:26:50 +0000 (Wed, 19 Feb 2014) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v1.3.4 (from /trunk:104)

Tagging as v1.3.4

r104 | sorha2 | 2014-01-08 13:48:03 +0000 (Wed, 08 Jan 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Core.lua

-Recommit for packager

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  • #89
    All good saw it already over on the forums :)
    Been working on it, just raiding/RL using a lot of my time.
  • #85
    I love this addon but I'm having a minor problem though, SQL is making ButtonFacade lose it's capability of modifing the skins of all my buttons (action bars, outfitter, etc). I'm sure the culprit is SQL because when I turn it off, BF works properly again... Any ideia of what's happening?

    Thank you for this great addon!
  • #86
    Now that's an odd one. SQL does contain the libButtonfacade library(just currently not used)

    So either SQL has a more updated version which no longer supports your skins or something really really weird is happening.
    I use bartender with Renaitre button facade textures no problem.
    Apart from making sure the other addons are updated you could try this:

    Inside Addons\SorhaQuestLog\SorhaQuestLog.toc there is a line saying
    Delete that entire line then go into Addons\SorhaQuestLog\libs\
    and delete the LibButtonFacade folder.

    See if that changes things, as that would stop SQL's version of the library being used :)
    (You will have to restart wow after doing so btw)
  • #90
    You were right, I was using an older version of Buttonfacade, I had to go to wowace to update it but it's working just fine now!

    Thank you very much for all the help!
  • #82
    This is a cool addon! The only improvements I can think of are features that the default quest tracker offers:

    -Ability to automatically hide completed/goto quests in the tracker

    -Ability to only show quests in your current zone (automatically hiding headers for other zones instead of just minimizing them)

    -Ability to sort quests by proximity to objectives

    Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • #83
    -Ability to automatically hide completed/goto quests in the tracker
    Can look into that one

    -Ability to only show quests in your current zone (automatically hiding headers for other zones instead of just minimizing them)
    This would take a little more work but I can look into it

    -Ability to sort quests by proximity to objectives
    This one would require a lot of work to do as the way I get quest data by zone doesn't work with the way that's done :(
  • #84
    If the first two were possible the third would be much less important anyway :)
  • #87
    -Ability to automatically hide completed/goto quests in the tracker
    This will take a lot longer then I had hoped as I need to restructure lots of things.
    Currently CAN make it auto hide them... but then it will refuse to ever let you unhide them :P
  • #78
    I noticed a drop in 20 fps using this addon. Know why that happens? In the meantime I am looking for a replacement.
  • #79
    O_O That is rather odd.
    I just ran a few tests on 3 characters with it on/off(As well as having only it on or nothing on)
    But I couldn't get an FPS drop like that :(

    The only things that happen per-frame so to speak are checks on are:
    -If its time to update the achievement minion and there is timed achievements (0.5 seconds)

    -If its time to update the timed quests minion (0.5 seconds)

    -Update item buttons range indication (This is less heavy then blizzards version)

    -Update remote quests buttons if they are just appearing. (This IS blizzards version :P)

    Most the rest of the code is executed based on events which only happen when something happens (You enter combat. Collapse a quest zone. Do a quest objective etc)

    At best you could try disabling each minion to see if there's a spike on any one of them.
    Other then that I have no idea sorry :(
  • #80
    I did have the winter veil achievements open as well, but when I disabled your addon and used blizz's own, my fps did go up substantially... too bad you couldn't reproduce it ;-) Then it must be me :)
  • #81
    Well if you ever use SQL again and can figure out what causes it feel free to tell me ^_^
    Yay bug hunting :O
  • #76
    When I was recently in deadmines, the quest completion pop-up when I killed a boss wasn't happening; there was no indicator in the quest watch minion. Might want to check that out?

    GREAT addon. I really like it.
  • #77
    Still trying to chase down the bug that makes the remote quest minion (The little minion for showing those) not update.

    Its annoyingly tricky to test because a lot of the complete ones are bosses etc.

    Thank-you ^_^
  • #74
    Just wondering, does this support the newer way of accepting/delivering quests? For example the quest when you enter Orgrimmar for the first time after installing cataclysm?

    I was using Questguru before and I wasn't able to finish those quests because of the tracker, therefore I'd like to know this before installing :)
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