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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 11/02/2014
  • Created 09/13/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.10.1

About Spade

Spade makes it easier to manage your farm at the Sunsong Ranch:

  • Right-clicking on a Tilled Soil patch will display an OPie ring* containing all your seeds, making planting things a breeze. ALT-Right-clicking will display a ring containing all your seed bags.
  • Right-clicking on Parched or Infested crops will automatically use the watering can or bug sprayer if you have those in your bags.
  • ALT-Right-clicking on Growing crops will remove them from your farm if you carry a shovel in your bags.
  • ALT-Right-clicking on Untilled Soil will use the Master Plow, if it is present in your bags, to till the entire row.
  • Type /spade to view a list of plants growing on your characters' farms. When you log in, Spade will tell if there are plants ready for harvest.

You can change some of Spade's behaviour, or clear the current character's farm, by clicking the cogwheel icon in the title bar of the /spade window.

Get Spade today, and make your farming experience up to 42% more fun. You can also watch a video of Spade in action.

* OPie is not included with your Spade; download OPie today!


Spade is locale-independent, and will work on WoW clients of any locale. Its interface text is currently at least partially translated to English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean. You can help improve the localization, or translate Spade to additional languages.

Spade 1.10.1

  • Compatibility update for Warlords of Draenor.

Spade 1.9

  • The /spade tracker now displays an overview of your current character's farm, and a summary of all of your characters' farms on this realm.
    Mousing over an icon in the realm summary will show which characters have that plant on their farm.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localization.

Spade 1.8

  • You must restart World of Warcraft after you install this update. OPie integration now requires OPie Lime 9 or a more recent version.
  • New interface for displaying plants growing on your farms (/spade).
  • You can now change Spade bindings for OPie rings. There are five options:
    • Default (prefer seeds): show seeds when you right-click on a Tilled Soil plot, and seed bags if you alt+Right-click.
    • Inverted (prefer bags): show seed bags when you right-click on a Tilled Soil plot, and seeds if you alt+Right-click.
    • Only seeds: show seeds when you right-click on a Tilled Soil plot.
    • Only seed bags: show seed bags when you right-click on a Tilled Soil plot.
    • None: do not use OPie rings for planting things.
  • Spade is now configured by clicking the cogwheel icon on the /spade window. (Welcome to 2006!)

Spade 1.7

  • You can now use the Master Plow by alt-right clicking on Occupied Soil.
  • The "you have X plants ready to be harvested" login greeting no longer begins with a space.
  • OPie's automatic slice colors are now used for most seed/bag slices.
  • Marked as compatible with Patch 5.3.

Spade 1.6

  • Spade will now display a ring of seed bags when you alt-right click on a Tilled Soil patch. You can also bind this ring to another binding using OPie's Bindings configuration panel (/opie bind).
  • Spade will attempt to determine the number of plants you've planted when using a seed bag. For best results, use the bags out of combat.
  • When you've accepted a Work Order, Spade will indicate the seeds or seed bags the quest requires you to plant.
  • Minor visual fixes in the Spade tooltip and greeting.
  • Spade is now equipped with a "Compatible with Patch 5.2" sticker.

Spade 1.5

  • Spade now remembers Jogu's prediction for tomorrow's crop of the day (/spade).
  • Harvesting a plant early (e.g. Bursting plants) will now reduce the number of planted crops if no harvestable crops of the same type are available.
  • Planted Enigma Seeds now appear correctly in the tracker tooltip.

Spade 1.4

  • Spade now allows you to plant Unstable Portal Shards.
  • Spade now tracks what is growing on your farm (/spade).
  • Localization updates.

Spade 1.3

  • Spade now allows you to Alt+Right Click on Untilled Soil spots to use the Master Plow when it is in your inventory.
  • Localization updates.

Spade 1.2

  • Spade now indicates the seed you must plant as part of the Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote quest.
  • Localization updates.

Spade 1.1

  • The addon is now enabled at level 85 rather than 90.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented seed selection during the Learn and Grow II: Tilling and Planting quest.


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  • #23

    Could  /spade show number of empty slots if alt has nothing growing atm? Instead of just not listing alt at all.

  • #24

    In theory, Spade does have that data, so it could show it. In practice, I'm somewhat worried about the length of that tooltip if you have a fair number of characters on one realm -- it might get too long to work properly.

  • #26

    Perhaps a condensed tooltip option. Would it be possible to come up with one-letter, unique colored indicators that could be more dense? Maybe the icon without the name in a multi-column display or just in sequence.

    C (1) M (4)

    [_] (1) [_] (3)

    I guess if someone's got enough characters for the tooltips to get that long, they're probably going to be comfortable with a shorthand for the plants.

    I love that you wrote this. You took the code right out of my fingers.

  • #20

    doesnt work for me no ring although /spade does work.

  • #22

    Install, update, or enable OPie and then restart WoW.

  • #18

    The tracking is pretty nifty, however it doesn't handle Bursting all too well,though it does deal well with digging up a crop, so that is nice.  On rare occasion you get a Bursting that you can instantly harvest and re-plant the spot.  Got a bursting today, and i now display 17/16 planted White Turnip.  oops.

    Having the crop of the day displayed on the output window would also be quite a nice bonus.  Just record what it is the first time you have any character ask Jogu each day, and then display it for all characters when they are either on the ranch, or have the seed vendor window open.  If recording what Jogu tells you isn't possible, maybe you could have a "select the crop of the day" set of buttons pop up any time you talk to Jogu (much like the Archy Helper survey interface, or the Outland Simon Says daily quest interface)

    Last edited by xlenwolf on 12/7/2012 11:10:38 AM
  • #19

    Version 1.5 improves the tracking of Bursting plants. If that white turnip is still haunting your list of plants, you can use the /spade clear command (preferably when your character's farm is empty) to erase Spade's memory of that character.

    Jogu's prediction is now remembered and shown in the /spade tooltip. It could be nice to relate those hints to actual plants, and show you both today's and tomorrow's crops of the day, but those are features for another day.

  • #11

    Yayyy!  Thank you!  

    Now, if only I could track what I have planted on all my alts and the growing status. ; )

  • #9

    Fun was only increased by 32.33% (repeating of course)

    What do?

  • #13

    You may be suffering from diminishing returns on fun. Wait a few hours and repeat the measurements.

  • #8

    Thanks for such an excellent addon. Any chance you could add in support for cancelling forms (druid forms, ghostwolf form and so on) when attempting to till soil? This would be completely useful and allow me to continue be lazier by not having to untoggle that button on my druid =] 

  • #12

    I agree that the shapeshift error message is annoying, but I don't have a good solution for it -- the best I could do is /cancelform on the first right click and then require you to click again to actually till the soil, which doesn't strike me as particularly elegant. It seems like this -- along with the "can't do that while shapeshifted" message for some trade skills -- is an issue for Blizzard to fix.

  • #27

    There is an addon that fixes the tradeskill one without requring two presses, though. Let me see...

    There you go. He does list a combat restriction, though. Maybe you can use something in that?

  • #7

    This addon rocks! Cool

  • #4

    I love this addon, and OPie ring, have you considered doing something like this for fishing?

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