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  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About SpamThrottle

This addon filters the trade channel and /yells (and all other numbered channels, i.e. /1 through /99) so that any individual message is only displayed ONCE every XX seconds, where XX is a user-settable number with a default of 600 seconds (10 minutes). Repeats are filtered out, as long as the text is similar and it's been less than XX seconds since the last identical message was shown. Repeated spam typically happens when someone has made a macro advertising something and repeats it over and over - this addon ensure that you will only see the chat message once only, unless the person changes their script or macro, in which case the new message is displayed once only. You don't miss any messages, just the duplicates are removed. A fuzzy match filter is used so that even if text is only similar it can be identified as a repeat. The addon is extremely lightweight and is completely self contained.

All of the chat channels and /y are monitored, but non-numbered channels (like /g or /w) are not. Any message repeated on any monitored channel is filtered, even if the message appears first on one channel and then the exact same text is repeated on another. On a very busy server, repeated advertisements for groups and trade items can make the chat channels nearly unusable, as they are constantly scrolling with hundreds of messages per minute - but removing the duplicates can reduce the channel chatter by as much as 80% depending on the server, thereby reclaiming the usefulness of the channels.

The spam can be colored dark gray so that it's easy to ignore (and also so that you can see what the addon is catching), or can be hidden completely. You can reset the filter altogether which clears it's memory and starts it from scratch - allowing you to see all new messages that appear (once) as the filter restarts recording what has been sent, or just depend on the gapping value to show repeated messages every XX seconds. The addon has a default setting to hide all spam; to change to 'color' mode use " /st color " and to change back to hiding spam use " /st hide ". You can also turn off the fuzzy match filter so that only exact matches count, using "/st nofuzzy". Turn it back on using "/st fuzzy". And you can turn on filtering of messages containing Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters with "/st cblock" and off again with "/st nocblock" - default is off.

Credit goes to Yewbacca's ASSFilter addon, which was used as a base for some of the code here.

12/05/2009 - Initial Release

12/07/2009 - Update to handle a potential problem with the way that LUA handles comparisons with uninitialized table elements on different WoW clients, thus potentially creating an "always filter" condition on some clients.

12/08/2009 - Updated to game version 3.3.0

01/03/2010 - Patched a bug whereby the filter was firing for each chat window opening, thus every window other than General was getting marked as a duplicate.  For some people's setup this caused a problem.  Simple fix was to filter messages after they have been seen 7 times, which is the number of times this filter is called for each message.  This may require a more elegant solution in the future.

01/07/2010 - Implemented the more elegant solution to resolve above problem, using an event handler.  Added gapping capability to allow repeated messages to be shown at a user-specifiable frequency (called the gapping value).  Default gap is 600 seconds between repeated messages.  Added a variable updating code to automatically roll saved variables forward from previous versions.

02/03/2010 - Implemented the fuzzy match filter to catch very similar messages, usually as a result of trying to defeat SpamThrottle.  Made this an option so that users can require an exact match.  Also added the /y channel for filtering, since some players were trying to defeat SpamThrottle by using the /y channel in Dalaran.

16/10/2010 - Updated for patch 4.0.1.  Note that this is a working version, but point updates may be required to fix little things here and there if any issues are uncovered.

16/10/2010 - Re-upload to fix file naming problem.
03/04/2011 - Updated the game version applicability (no changes needed)
26/04/2011 - Updated to game version 4.1.
30/04/2011 - Fixed a minor error in the TOC file on the version
30/11/2011 - Updated to game version 4.3
28/08/2012 - Updated to game client version 5.0.4
06/02/2013 - Updated to game client version 5.1
03/04/2013 - Updated to game client version 5.2
27/05/2013 - Updated to game client version 5.3
03/01/2013 - Uploaded to game client version 5.4.x
18/02/2014 - Added optional Chinese/Japanese/Korean character block. Default is off.


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  • #77
    I seem to be having problems with this addon. I installed it tonight, and am having very little success with it. I have it set as /st (currently enabled), color: (Active), fuzzy: (Active), 0 to 10000: (120).

    After watching trade chat for about 10 mins, I have only seen it grey out one thing, and it was in yell. Many things are being said over and over (macros).

    I run prat and baud spam filter for addons as well (relevant addons anyways).

    What am I doing wrong?

  • #72

    This is an example of the spam I mean, neither ST or Bad Boy block it.
  • #73
    This is possible to block by not allowing multiple messages within a set time period, but it would significantly impact regular communication. So, unfortunately, there isn't anything you can really do about this. I thought BadBoy had an option to block multiple messages within a short period, I'll have to check that.

    Of course you would only see the first time they did this with SpamThrottle, until they alter change their macro'd message enough to get past the fuzzy filter. Then you would only see the changed lines.
  • #70
    Is there any way you can add a feature to block this type of spam:

    5.5K GS

    People on my server are actually retarded enough to do this multi line spam, it's really annoying.
  • #76
    With Spamthrottle this becomes funny! First you see

    LFM ICC 25
    Need 2 tanks 4 healers 3 dps
    5800+ GS!
    Link Achievement

    Then when they change you will see

    Need 1 tank 1 healer 2 DPS

    Then you are like WTF? for what? Haha
  • #69
    Actually I was thinking the same thing aartemis was.

    I was thinking it would be great to have the ability to catch by detecting specific string. Say a person uses "====" in their spams. It'd be cool if there were options to make it so if this string was detected in the chat text that peron's block of text would not appear.

    As a programmer I wrote some basic logic behind such a filter...

    Basically you just have to build a string tokenizer which scans a line of text for a specific string. If that string is found then all chat from that user who spammed that line of text is temporarirly not displayed in chat.

    Here's some generic pseudocode I created to do just that
    Read a line of text
    Compare username with a list of spammers
    If there is a match read the next line

    Otherwise store the text in a string
    Store the username who sent the text

    Loop through the string looking for a key phrase
    If the key phrase is not found go to the next key phrase and continue looping
    If there are no more keys to check for go to the next line of text

    If the phrase is found then flag the the username as a spammer
    Store the username and a time index

    Block all text from this user for a set period of time
    Add the timeIndex to blockPeriod to calculate a time when the filter is turned off

    You may even want to include the option to permanently ignore all text from a user once a key phrase such as "anal" is found.

    This would work to greatly reduce trade chat spammers.

    The key phrases could be put into a database format and so could the usernames for that matter.

    Happy programming...
  • #71
    There is already addons for that. They are called BadBoy and have plugins for what you want to hide. The original reports gold spammers, the next CCleaner, hides all the anal spam etc; Levels, will hide people under a certain level that you set so you dont have lvl 1s spamming you (it won't ignore guildies) and Guilded will block those annoying Guild recruitment messages in Trade if you are in a guild. Here is the link to BadBoy. The plugins are found in the description.
  • #68
    can spam thorttle controll emote spam? if not, that is a nice feature to add.
  • #75
    It is possible, but I've chosen not to do that due to impact on communication that it causes (there are some cases where it can cause problems.) Emotes have a short range, so the cost/benefit ratio is effectively poor to do this.
  • #67
    wonderful add-on. have you thought about adding a feature where you can automatically block messages that contain user-defined words? for instance, on our server, the 12 year olds periodically flood the trade channel with "anal" this or "anal" that.
  • #74
    I've deliberately chosen NOT to add that, and keep SpamThrottle lightweight and as independent from other addons as possible. I'm trying to avoid feature creep that you typically get with addons. Grab BadBoy to block that kind of spam.
  • #66
    Thanks Shadowztar - that tip is much appreciated!
    -- Orukxu
  • #65
    Well all WIM users read here:

    As Rokiyo sayed: Go into WIM's settings for Chat. Under Custom Chat, untick the Enable box.

    It will fix the problem, so no reason to change about WIM conflict!! And i also use Chatter and have no problems at all after do what Rokiyo sayed it's just great!!

    Thanks alot for this great Addon it's a Addon i cant live without!!!

    Best Regards Shadowztar

  • #64
    Hi Orukxu, this is one of the best Addons i have ever seen!!! But it's so sad i cant use it while useing WIM addon, and i will be sad if i have to uninstall WIM to use Spamthrottle so is there any chance u can fix so it will work together!!???

    Best Regards Shadowztar!!
  • #63
    Hey, I've just recently installed this.. but whenever I have it on it removes all chat from Trade... Is this a problem being fixed? Or does this program conflict with the BadBoy addons?
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