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  • World of Warcraft
  • 21,276 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 1,694,444 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/11/2014
  • Created 06/03/2007
  • 2,345 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.2.1
Support development! **

About SpartanUI


Is designed to free your screen by moving a majority of the interface elements to the bottom. It is the new look for World of Warcraft. Originally Created by Ansu of Dalaran (aka Atriace) it is now managed and maintained by Libidos of Azgalor. You can now join the project on facebook where i will be posting polls and asking other general questions about the direction of the addon.

Required Addons

Installation Note

Disable oUF if you have it installed, This is a addon library used for unit frames SpartanUI has this built in and having a version not compatible with SpartanUI will break things.

I found a bug how do i tell you? How do i request a feature?

Simple, open a ticket on the web or right click on SpartanUI in Curse client and select "Report a Bug" Also you can now join us on facebook


Q. How do i Move my focus/party/raid?

A. As of 3.1 All frames are now movable by holding Alt and dragging no need to unlock or lock them with a command or button.

Q. I changed a option but nothing changed.

A. Some of the new options in 3.1 for Raid/Party Frames require a /reload to be done after changing them, no it will not always be like this but in order to get it out in time for MOP launch day some convenience had to be sacrificed.

Slash Commands

  • /sui (Shows options window)
  • /spin (Toggles Spin Cam)
  • /sui version (Shows which version of SpartanUI you are using)


  • Uses very little third-party code in an effort to remain self-contained
  • Almost zero-setup allows you to install and use it without tons of configuration
  • Support for almost any screen resolution, while favoring widescreen
  • SpinCam - provides a spinning camera effect when AFK
  • FilmEffects - which provide film-like grain effects on your screen
  • Party frames designed to go with the look and style of your player frames
  • Designed to use very little processor time or memory
  • All original artwork with high-res textures and 1:1 ratio for 30" displays
  • Built in reputation and experience bars
  • Integrated coordinates and zone information
  • UnitFrames that fit in with the overall design
  • Profiles - with options being rewrote SpartanUI will now support profiles
  • Minimal slash commands
  • Raid frames with healer mode and DPS mode. One focuses on a quick overview while healer mode will draw attention to those low on health and larger frames than in dps mode
  • Focus Fame and focus Target have been redesigned and are movable
  • All frames are now movable by holding Alt and dragging.

Updated translations. fixes for mini map


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  • #933

    I've missed this addon SO much! You just made my night. Quick question. Back when I used this in Wrath I could use the addon Sexymap to hide all my addon/minimap buttons. Is there anyway to get these two addons to work together again? Or do you know of any addons that will hide my buttons until I mouse over the map? Thanks for any help. =D

  • #934

    I recommend  So the story with Sexy map is the detection was actually broken in spartan and i fixed it. I am going to be changing the Sexymap interaction in the next version. As i dont want it just not doing anything if sexymap is installed.

    Last edited by wutname1 on 9/16/2012 12:12:30 PM
  • #945

    That's what I got. Thank you. =)

  • #932

    Great add-on - just 2 things I´d like to ask:

    1.) what do "enable chat tweak" and "enable buff tweak" mean?

    2.) each time I log in the box "hide zoom buttons" (mini-map) is checked - although I unchecked this box after the last login.

    Thx for any help!

  • #935

    1) I need to rename them they should read enable offset of buffs / chat

    2) Already fixed in the alpha versions for 3.1.0

    Last edited by wutname1 on 9/16/2012 1:13:32 PM
  • #930

    Quote from wutname1 »

    Open a ticket and post a screenshot (Tickets are easier for back and forth troubleshooting)

    did you mean a ticket on curse? how do i do that?

  • #931
    I found a bug how do i tell you? How do i request a feature?

    Simple, open a ticket on the web or right click on SpartanUI in Curse client and select "Report a Bug"

  • #928

    1st of all THANK YOU so much for this great addon is by far my fav and thanks for making my life in wow easier lol..I'm not compalning or anything I just wish if u could add another feature to it ,Can u please give us the option to control the debuff icons size? 

    many thanks.

    BIG BIG FAN :)

  • #929

    See the comment below yours

  • #925

    LOVING what you are doing with this addon! It has been neglected for far too long. So I usually use X-Perl for my unit frames but I have to say with all the work you have put into them these are getting just as good for what I used to use X-Perl for.

    I've got a couple pieces of feedback after testing for the last little while with the r30 release.

    1. I wasn't able to move the focus frame even after right clicking to unlock it. Not sure if I was doing something wierd but just wanted to say something in case it might be a bug.

    2. One of the only reason I used X-Perl was because of the Big Debuff feature on myself so it was easy to see if I was affected by something nasty and the Big Debuff feature to show debuffs I put on enemies as huge while other debuffs are nomal size. I don't know if this is something that would even work with the unit frames included in SUI but if it is possible and you are willing to give it a shot to add that I will love you forever :)

  • #927

    1. Alt+Drag Laughing (no need to use unlock any more)

    2. Adjustable Buff/Debuff settings and more debuff settings is totally on the to do list. Right now i am focusing on multiple Party frame styles and getting the core of Raid Frames done. Then i will be focusing on the "Nice to haves" / Deep customization of frames.

    Last edited by wutname1 on 9/14/2012 2:11:03 AM
  • #921

    The one major thing I'm having issues with is getting this artwork behind the actionbars to really fit my resolution. As of right now, changing the scale doesn't help. I change it, and eventually the ends of the art are not touching the sides of the monitor anymore, and looks out of place. I can't get them to scale effectively. I would like to have smaller art, but have roughly the default size of actionbars and the backdrops to them, because as it gets smaller, those get smaller, and when those get smaller, I can't see them...

    My screen resolution is 1920x1080. That art looks really bloated and fat on my resolution if I even want it to fit the screen right...

    Is there not currently a way to scale it cleanly, without having it look like it was cut off on the ends?

  • #923

    I fixed the cut off end in 3.1.0 the first Alpha version for 3.1 is up right now if your darring enough to use it Laughing

  • #920

    Awesome! I never wanted to get rid of spartanui and you're making it so simple to update now. :D thank you <3

    One thing: i can't get my menu bar (achievements, mounts, etc.) to show.. i checked the bartender options too, but it's not helping either.. do you know what i can do? :S

  • #948

    Press Shift + P, that will open it. But if you rather not do that, run your mouse cursor over the top of the top-right actionbar, and it will show the micromenu, which has a horse icon on it, that is your mounts and pets. Once you've ran your mouse over it, it will pop into place. It is kind of hidden until mouse over with a pop up feature.

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